February 20, 2018

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Monday, 27 August 2012 09:00

United Kingdom: Blue Gearing Up for Album Release

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The British Broadcasting Corporation sough to alter yet another disappointing result in the 2011 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and therefore appointed none other than the British Boyband Blue to carry the hopes of the country in Dusseldorf, Germany yet it is quite intriguing to note that for the very first time ever, there was no song selection and the record label alongside with the chosen representatives chose the entry themselves. Ultimately, the promotion was very strong noting that they traveled all around the continent and achieving an astonishing fifth place in tele-voting only to rank in twenty-second place with the jury and thus pushing them out of the top ten to finish in eleventh place at the end of the evening following what seemed to be an extremely below par performance of the track I Can which was a hit song in Germany, Austria and Switzerland reaching number #7 and #8 respectively.

The track which was also a minor hit in the United Kingdom and Ireland where it charted at number #16 and #32 respectively was the promotional single of their yet untitled fourth studio album which they are currently working on with none other than producer Red One who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Pixie Lott and Enrique Iglesias amongst others. The very fact of the matter remains that Blue have a lot of expectations to live up to now especially after their first three studio albums peaked at number #1 in the British Charts. Speaking to Digital Spy, Simon Webber stated 'It's taken a year and it has been a long process but we feel it's the strongest one we have done. The single will be out in October and the album will follow in 2013. We have one collaboration on there at the moment and are looking to add another one or two.'

In the meantime, it has also been stated by the producer Red one that this is the best boy-band album that he has heard since Millennium was released by the Backstreet Boys back in 1999 and therefore, things look rather positive for the group who took the baton and represented the United Kingdom in Dusseldorf, Germany. The group have already performed a brand new track entitled Hurt Lovers whilst in China earlier this year. It is believed that this will be the lead single of the album but there has been no confirmation of this news although you can listen to the track as performed during that same concert through viral website, Youtube. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com in the coming days and weeks for all of the latest news with regards to stars of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Digital Spy


Last modified on Monday, 27 August 2012 09:05