May 25, 2019

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Monday, 24 September 2012 15:14

United Kingdom: An Unknown Talent is Discovered

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Sweeping statements tend to hurt credibility of any individual within his respective line of work but then again, it has been noted on various occasions that there is a lot of local talent found in foreign waters due to the fact that several Maltese people had left the country many years back and thus ultimately creating their own respective families abroad where they would find their soul-mates. It seems that one of the latest discoveries in terms of artists in the scene is none other than Lauren Aquilina, a talented seventeen year old who is still breaking out with a raspy vocal very much in the vein of Birdy whose debut album Skinny Love reached number #1 in Australia, Belgium and The Netherlands as well as number #5 in France and #13 in the United Kingdom. Following the incredible vocals of Ira Losco, Natalie Gauci, Kevin Borg, Joseph Calleja, Fabrizio Faniello, Kurt Calleja and Chiara whose albums and singles have hit the charts abroad, here comes someone else, a completely new name and one which will definitely not remain unknown for too long.

Lauren Aquilina comes into the British music scene with the original track Fools which will be the debut release of an extended play which will be following in just a couple of weeks with October being the date put forth on the official Facebook page of the performer. The young teenager is extremely talented, so much so that a management has taken her under their wing and will be working to make sure that she receives all of the promotion possible. Malta has been looking for a fresh vocal who would be willing to do the honour at the Eurovision Song Contest and I must say that this would be a great representative, achieving what could be an extremely positive result but that is up to the people and the jury to decide in the long run. We are proud to carry her debut single which we urge you to purchase through iTunes and wish that you stay tuned to for more news in the days weeks to comes.

Source: Official Facebook Page

Last modified on Monday, 24 September 2012 15:31