February 21, 2018

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Thursday, 17 February 2011 00:10

Tonight: Maltese Drama 'Deceduti' Goes Eurovision Again

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It seems that the local drama ‘Deceduti’ has caught the Eurovision Fever like most of the Maltese public, as for the third week running the episode will feature a Eurovision related item. The Eurovision aura is still ongoing and most people are still discussing one of the closest results in recent years, with a number of people approving of the result whilst others mention different songs which they thought would end up as this year’s Malta Eurovision representative.

Glen Vella will be the person heading for Dusseldorf when May comes with ‘One Life’ composed by Paul Giordimania and written by Fleur Balzan. It seems that after Thea Garrett’s guest performance three weeks ago, and a Eurovision special of previous Maltese representatives, it has been confirmed to us by Take 2 that this year’s Malta Eurovision winner will be making a guest appearance in this week’s episode of ‘Deceduti’.

It will be quite interesting to see how Glen will come into this comic plot. Thea Garrett featured as herself in trying to help the ever so popular character of Gladys to sing her song in the Malta Eurovision finals whilst one of this year’s hosts Valerie Vella featured in another guest appearance when she went to interview Gladys. Both Keith Demicoli and Glen Vella will feature in this week’s episode which will surely be received as much as the others were. Gladys interpretation of 'Loving You' to the popular music of Abba's 'Waterloo' also made a hit with all the viewers.

The spoof video of previous Maltese Eurovision entrants which was aired last week was well received by all Eurovision and ‘Deceduti’ fans and its recreation at the MCC which was aired at last weekend’s contest sent both locals and foreigners in fits of laughter. - you can see this here. It seems that the local drama will continue to ride high on popularity and the fact that it is keeping itself up to date with current issues will continue to boost its popularity. In the meantime, 'Xarabank' will host a programme with this year's winner this Friday whilst on Saturday, Glen Vella will be one of the main guests on ONE's 'Bla Agenda'.

Source: Take2 Entertainment

Last modified on Thursday, 17 February 2011 21:32