February 19, 2020

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Friday, 11 October 2013 08:24

FiKM 2013: Interview with Dorcas Debono

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escflashmalta.com has been granted permission to speak to the local artists competing within this years' edition of the International Festival of Maltese Song, fourteen in total. Apart from speaking to them about their careers thus far, it is pivotal to denote that we have focused on their participation within this competition in particular and their stance on Maltese being passed onto future generations through the medium of song. The order in which these interviews are being presented does not reflect the running order of the competition which is yet to be determined. Kicking off our feature is newcomer Dorcas, who will be performing the track Din Jien composed by Minik to the lyrics of Rita Pace.

Back in 2008, you had managed to get through to the semi-final phase of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza within the Teenage Talent portion of the competition. The song that you had performed entitled Stilla was composed by Kaya to the lyrics of Rita Pace. It has been around five years since that experience, but considering that it was one of the premier festivals in the country, it should surely stick to mind. Hence, what do you recall from back then and if you had the opportunity, would you have done anything differently?

That was my very first festival on a good level i can say. At that time i was only 15 years, from that time i have matured a lot regarding music. It helped me though i was very new that time , it was a very nice experience even though i didn’t managed to make it to the final but for me it was already a big step to make it to the semi final along the others. Obviously if I had to get through the same experience again i will change some things but overall I am happy with what i did back in the 2008.

Lawrence Gray and Georgina Abela are two of the former winners of the International Festival of Maltese Song having triumphed in 1998, 2002 and 2001 respectively. By participating in this years’ edition, following an absence of eleven years, you alongside another thirteen artists have the possibility of being handed that elite trophy which would see you rise to the top of the local music scene. Knowing that there is such a possibility, how does it feel and what ventures do you have in mind in the next couple of months?

I am really happy that I made it to the final with the other 13 artists. I couldn’t ask for more for sure If I had to win this prestigious festival and be on top of the local music scene which I think every singer will aim to reach this target, for me it’s my dream and i would be really happy. So for the next months after this festival is over I will start immediately working on more original songs which can lead me to another prestigious festivals here in Malta. 

In this years’ edition of the International Festival of Maltese Song, you are presenting an entry entitled Din Jien composed by Minik to the lyrics of Rita Pace. Would you care to explain to our readers what the lyrics speak about what genre the song encompasses?

The Song Din Jien is a very strong Ballad which is composed by Minik and a very nice lyrics penned by Rita Pace. The song speaks about this women that she’s not accepting herself and she’s not happy for what she is, she looks in the mirror and don’t accept her reflection but after all the song has a very positive message because  she starts accepting herself and live for what she is and not for what others think about her and she changed her a life to a positive one. I hope that the message will deliver to all those who will be listening to my song because surely it can help many people that they are passing from the social problem.


As a music competition, the International Festival of Maltese Song was the first to promote the national language through the medium of music, eventually followed by L-Għanja tal-Poplu and Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. With the Public Broadcasting Services supporting the event, it makes it only second to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Do you believe that there’s a place for this competition within the local music industry and do you support it’s continuation in the years to come?

Yes, for sure there is a wide place for this prestigious festival because it promotes local music and local artists, it gives the opportunity for the singers to perform with the national language and a big space to all local composers and writers. Thanks for the hard work of the committee we are getting a very good promotion. I believe that this festival has to keep on going and I will keep on supporting for sure through the next years.

As the youngest participant in this years’ edition of the International Festival of Maltese Song, it must feel slightly daunting to take to the stage of the Mediterranean Conference Centre where you have the opportunity to perform with a live band under the direction of Maestro Sigmund Mifsud. What are you looking forward to most within the competition and how are you preparing?

It was my dream that someday i will perform at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, it’s a big honour that I have the opportunity to sing with live band which will be directed from the Maestro Sigmund Mifsud. Obviously I am really looking forward for the Final day to perform my song along with my team. Preparations are going very well, I am really working hard to give a very good product on the night.

Would you like to say anything to our readers at escflashmalta.com?

First of all I hope you will like my song and especially my final performance and  don’t forget to watch this prestigious festival on the 9th Novembr, If possible come and join us and watch live for the Mediterranean Conferance Centre which without any doubt it’s going to be a festival to remember and off course keep on supporting the music scene and local music artists.

Last modified on Friday, 18 October 2013 09:46