December 09, 2019

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 00:30

Malta: Interview with Lyann Iles (FiKM 2013)

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(2 votes) has been granted permission to speak to the local artists competing within this years' edition of the International Festival of Maltese Song, fourteen in total. Apart from speaking to them about their careers thus far, it is pivotal to denote that we have focused on their participation within this competition in particular and their stance on Maltese being passed onto future generations through the medium of song. The order in which these interviews are being presented does not reflect the running order of the competition which is yet to be determined. Lyann Iles is the fourth artist and she will performing the song Ħolma which she penned to the music of Paul Abela.

Lyann, you are almost a complete newcomer to the local music scene, noting that your only experience came just a couple of weeks ago within the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza where alongside Kimberly, you participated in the Teenage Talent category and finished in first place. The song that you had the opportunity to perform was Kliem Maġija which you co-wrote with Minik. Tell us of your experience within that competition and what you plan to achieve as a soloist through the International Festival of Maltese Song?

My experience in the KKI 2013 was definately a positive one, which served as an amazing teaser for me for the upcoming festival, the FKIM 2013.  Looking forward to participate as a soloist this time...even though I am definately not alone in the preperations...a huge team is involved!! Singing in the final night at MCC with all the other singers, both established and newcomers is already a huge achievement to me and only plan to give my bestest performance and enjoy this experience throughout!!

A nations’ identity could be best described through the local music industry and yet the International Festival of Maltese Song came to an abrupt end in 2002 following a second victory by Lawrence Gray with the trackEklissi. You are one of the finalists in a competition which had been so eagerly anticipated by songwriters, producers and journalists alike. How does it feel knowing that such a competition is marking the return of a brand identity and that you’re one of the individuals who will be helping create brand new memories?

Obviously I am very happy to be forming part of this huge comeback!! Presenting a whole maltese package as a song...portrays maltese singers with their true identity...and i feel very priveliged to form part of this national event!

The song that you’ll be performing within the International Festival of Maltese Song bears the name Ħolma and it is yet another co-write, but this time with Paul Abela, one of the most respected musicians in the country. Would you care to explain to our readers what your song is about and what genre it encompasses?

The song Ħolma is a simple yet classic ballad...however having a modern twist to it!! The lyrics are basically a narration coming from a girl who has had a heart breaking experience in the past and thought that true love was only a thing existing in dreams...however suddenly this boy comes into her life  and starts to prove the contrary, that true love does exist and turns dreams into reality.  Feeling sceptic at first the girl finally lets this boy into her heart and finds herself living in this dream!!

As a music competition, the International Festival of Maltese Song was the first to promote the national language through the medium of music, eventually followed by L-Għanja tal-Poplu and Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. With the Public Broadcasting Services supporting the event, it makes it only second to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Do you believe that there’s a place for this competition within the local music industry and do you support it’s continuation in the years to come?

Of course I truly believe and support the continuation of this festival! I believe in the true importance and pride of maltese singers..writers and composers...of producing and performing a song in maltese. This is a 100 per cent pure maltese talent and I will definately support it throughout!!

This competition will mark your solo debut into the local music scene and looking back at the initial submission process, one would denote how certain established performers, including the likes of Romina Mamo and Jessika were left out of the field following the second phase of the competition where some artists were asked to come in and perform their entries live in front of a panel of judges, including yourself. How does it feel knowing that you had to prove your talent before getting through?

First of all I still congratulate all the singers even those who did not make it to the final, because I am sure that they gave their utmost in the production of the song! I feel much more than happy to be forming part of this national event...and would like to thank all the judges who believed in me and all the other new comers in the music scene...who gave us the opportunity to compete in this massive festival!!

Would you like to say anything to our readers at

I would like to congratulate all the others who made it to the finals...and a big good luck for the final night!! Thank You to everyone for being massive supports of the industry!

Last modified on Sunday, 20 October 2013 23:42