November 12, 2019

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Friday, 07 March 2014 19:00

Portugal: Interview with Rui Andrade (NF 11, 12, 14)

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In Portugal, the return of the Festival da Canção has proven somewhat popular amongst the local and the international audience and therefore, it comes as no surprise that everyone is awaiting to see what RTP, the public broadcaster has in store. has had the pleasure to speak with Rui Andrade, one of the competing artists, who is hoping to become the first male since Rui Bandeira in 1999 to represent Portugal in the continental competition. The male singer/songwriter is known in Portugal for taking part in a number of reality shows, along with starring in musical theatre shows. He is hoping that following two third place finishes, it is his time to shine and take the spotlight having been close in 2011 and 2012.

Earlier this year, you were selected as one of the ten (10) artists taking part in the Festival da Cancao with a song offered by Marc Paelinck, a well known Belgian songwriter and producer. How did you get in touch and how did this journey commence?

So, I met Marc, through my international manager, Olivier Vanhoutte ... He liked my voice and my attitude on stage ... and offered me this song ... when I heard that song for the first time, I cried for hours… and always believed: “This is the song that will take me to Eurovision”… :)

In the media, you have gone on record stating that the song will be in the genre of a ballad, but different to what has been presented by Portugal over the years. What is different and what can the public expect on the stage during the semi-final and hopefully the final?

The people can expect my voice, my strength, my desire to represent Portugal in the Eurovision, all this combined with a beautiful melody, and lyrics that bring tears to our  eyes or a huge smile ...

In recent months, several eurostars such as Ruslana, Zlata and Anna Vissi have decided to openly endorse your participation to represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest. How do you feel about such a matter, does it add any extra pressure?

The support I receive didn’t really add to my tension ... only the will and the   that my work is recognized by people who already lived the dream I want to live ... Some of these videos of support were received by me with  tears in my eyes ... And I leave here a special thanks to all those who support me in this participation in the Portuguese national final ...

Marc Paelinck is a renowned songwriter who has already been to the Eurovision Song Contest on at least four (4) occasions and has worked with a variety of Maltese artists such as Domenique, Raquela and Chiara, the Queen balladeer. What do you think of the music scene in Malta and have you met any of the stars mentioned above?

I already knew many of the works of Marc before I met him, because I'm a eurofan ... And obviously I got to know even more songs and works after meeting him ... I have to admit that I am completely captivated by Marc’s lyrics and ... I'm so happy I’m going to sing this song written by him, and this is the song that can bring  me, I hope, to Eurovision ...

When did your passion for the Eurovision Song Contest start, and are there any artists in particular to whom you look up to and maybe one day wish to collaborate with?

My dream of representing Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest, began when I was only a child ... but I felt I wanted to achieve this dream, with a specific song, ironically the song that France took to Copenhagen in 2001 in the voice of Natasha St Pier,  "Je n'ai que mon âme" ... 

Since then, there have been various eurovision stars that made me dream about possible collaborations…. I remember the most recent, the fantastic Zlata Ognevich, who charmed me in his interpretation of “Gravity”. I also remember the powerful Ruslana, the fantastic Helena Paparizou, and many others :)

How could fans from all over the world, including our Mediterranean Island of Malta follow the latest updates about your musical career?

You can follow my work via my facebook page, the videos posted on youtube ... And, I hope, that my work will be followed even more closely, after getting my passport to Copenhagen, and who knows, there is an album for release :) who knows J that’s my dream!

Would you like to say something to our readers and your fans at

I have to thank all of the escflashmalta team for their support and for giving me the opportunity to show my work to the  Maltese people, and  all of Europe in general to get to know me better ... I hope you enjoy my song, and I hope to visit and meet Malta very soon ... Thanks ... a big Kiss ... Rui Andrade :)

Last modified on Friday, 07 March 2014 19:13