December 16, 2019

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Last week, the first show was aired and the first set of songs were also performed on the show with their videos quickly made available online after the respective performances. We hope that enjoyed the show hosted by Deo Grech and Natius Farrugia last week and also hope that this will won't be any different.

The focus of ‘Celebrity Weekends’ will now turn entirely to the Summer Hit Song Contest were the singers will interpret the full song for the very first time in public. From last  week onwards, the public can start voting for their favourite song as a clip of all the songs will be aired in different times of the day. Six songs will be featuring in the next two upcoming programmes whilst after that the celebrity duets will commence.

Celebrity Weekends aires every Saturday afternoon on ONE TV. The six songs that will be sung this week are the following;

Hysterical - Joanna Attard

Composer: Elton Zarb
Author: Rita Pace

Stay - Ina Robinich

Composer: Andrew Zahra
Author: Rita Pace

Someday, One Day - Marie Claire

Composer: Mark Scicluna
Author: Billy J. McBee

Ale'O - Malcolm Pisani

Composer: Minic
Author: Billy J.

Labyrinth - Christian

Composer: Philip Vella
Author: Mark Amaira

Silver Rain - Luisana Bartolo

Composer: Philip Vella
Author: Luisana Bartolo

The local music scene away from the annual Eurovision Song Contest is growing with each passing day and one of the bands who have been making a name for themselves in the past couple of years are none other than Cable 35 who are best known for their debut single 'Harry' and their sensation followup 'Boogie Man' which you can still hear either on local radio stations as they go through their play-lists or through the groups' official myspace page. They are now getting ready to compile all the songs together in one long play, an album.

The band who hold their fans in the best possible regard have decided that this launch should incorporate them as well and that is why, an event held within the city of Paceville within the club V-Gen will be taking place. The group  have decided that the day will be on Tuesday 28th June 2011 and that they won't be alone in promoting this album because they have called onto two special guests in the form of 'Three Stops to China' and DJ Davide Zane. The fee for entrance is €7 but should you wish to enter and purchase the album, the fee will be €12 instead.

Source: Facebook

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been bringing you the regular updates of the only local music chart within the Maltese Islands and there have been quite an interesting amount of artists making their way into the chart, with some of the songs reaching the position people expect them to reach whilst others fail to live to such expectations. It seems that over the past two weeks, things have changed a lot with some entries leaving the chart, and another batch entering whilst the positions continue to change week after week providing more excitement to those listening in to the show every Saturday afternoon from 13:30 till 14:30 on Bay Radio along with Nathan D. It is extremely important to note that the positions are decided through an accumulation of airplay throughout the week of local songs.

This week was quite a quiet one with regards to brand new entries because there was only one which has made the cut into the top ten actually with N'Heaven Feat. Emma Lock and their song 'Destiny' debuting at position number nine. In the meantime, as it has been known over quite a number of weeks, there are a couple of new songs which debut during the show and this week one could easily recognize the remix of this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest entry 'Love Me Like Your Money' performed by Kelly Schembri as well as the new song by Glen Vella which is a cover of the song 'Ain't Nobody' originally performed by Chaka Khan. It seems like there is a trend that festival singers are developing a sound for the radios apart from making a name for themselves within the ever so popular nationally held promotional contest which sees the best talent taking to the stage with the aim of representing the nation at the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

In the meantime, going through the songs which have seen a steady rise over the past week, there are quite a number of stunning tracks starting off with the group Wintermoods whose latest effort entitled 'Sun Won't Shine' has now peaked at number #1 following an array of weeks at positions #2 and #3 respectively. The next song which has gone up over the past couple of days is 'Bottled My Teardrops' sung by Davinia which now stands at position #3 closely followed by former Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalist Raquela whose Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat track 'Entertain Me' peaks at number #4 this week. The next two positions in the chart also feature entries which have risen because in position number #5, one would find the group Three Stops To China and their track 'The Courtney Effect' whilst the latest single of Airport Impressions entitled 'Retro Star' launched at Numero Uno days ago manages to climb to #6 looking for a higher position in the next couple of weeks. The last entry to continue rising is found at position #8 with Funk Initiative's 'Paris' occupying the spot.

With the positive also comes a negative aspect and there are a number of tracks which are now heading down and out of the chart making the way for new acts and entries. One should guess that the most notable is none other than the leader of the chart for the past two weeks coming from The Crowns and their song 'Memories' which has not fallen to position #2 keeping adrift to the top part of the chart. Also going down following their peak last week are Bridget Bone whose song 'Monkey Role' is now down to position #7. One last song which has taken a tumble and heading out following a very short stay it seems is 'Memories' by the group Cable 35 who have just launched their debut album in the past couple of days. The next update will of course be next Saturday and we will be keeping you posted. Check out the whole show through the media player below.

Source: Bay Radio

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been keeping tabs on the latest chart updates as brought to you live each Sunday afternoon by Nathan D on Bay Radio. We have seen the rise of two of the featured acts on our very own web-portal being none other than Relikc and The Crowns but the number of acts getting airplay is astounding at the moment with a new number of songs making the play-list of the same aforementioned station.

In this latest chart update, there has not been a lot of movement true as the number one spot has been held by none other than the group No Snow/No Alps and their song 'Far Into The Night (Without You)' but the new number two position has now been taken up by The Crowns whose debut single 'Memories' is doing extremely well with the listeners. Also rising this week a position of one spot to number three is the song 'Sun Won't Shine' by the ever so popular group Wintermoods. Other songs and acts on the rise surely include Bridget Bone now on at number five with the song 'Monkey Role', Permanent State Feat. Taya Cade with their track 'Really Care' at position number seven and Relikc's 'Take The Blame' which climbs up one spot to number nine in the latest update.

In the meantime, this week also saw the downward spiral of two acts in particular, the first being that of Ellie and the Oscars whose song 'Dancing in the Rain' a former number one has now gone down to number four as well as the song 'Sticks and Stones' by Ivan Filletti, also a former number one that has gone down to number ten, moving out of the list. The only new entry comes in at number eight with Airport Impressions front Errol joining forces with one of the most important individuals in the local club scene Toby on the track 'Tomorrow'. In the meantime, Nathan also played one of the latest songs to make the play-list of the station which is none other by Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalist Raquela whose track 'Entertain Me' composed by Boris Cezek and penned by Dean Muscat surely set to make a hit.

Source: Bay Radio

Each artist has an aim to get radio airplay in Malta but it is a matter of the song genre on whether the song would get play-listed along with other contemporary tunes. In fact over the past couple of weeks, we have been seeing artists adapting well to release material for the radio and for festivals and this seems to be working up till now. In the meantime, in the recent update of the Bay Music Charts hosted by ESCflashmalta Guest Commentator Nathan D every Saturday afternoon, it seems like two recently features groups have cracked the charts.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been bringing you news from the local music scene, the one without the connection of the Eurovision Song Contest and we brought you introductory articles about new singles by The Crowns and Relikc. Just weeks after the material appeared, both acts make the only chart based on airplay here in Malta. Starting off with the first group mentioned, the Crowns who released their debut single 'Memories' is currently at a peak of number three (3) missing out on one of the top two positions held by No Snow/No Alps and Ellie & The Oscars but one should note that all of the top four have managed to climb in the past week seeing Ivan Filletti fall from number one (1) to number five (5).

In the meantime, the new up and coming group Relikc have also hit the Bay Charts for the second time  as the followup to 'Rollercoaster' meaning their new single 'Take The Blame' for which a music video will be released very soon. The group are currently in position number ten (10) which they have kept for two weeks. It will be interesting to see whether they will climb higher now although I must say that this is a huge success as people are requesting the songs on the radio, the most contemporary one in Malta. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck in the Charts and encourage you to listen to Malta's Top Ten on Bay Radio hosted by Nathan D every Saturday afternoon from 13:30 till 14:30 CET.

Source Bay Radio (89.7FM)

Over the past week, the programmes that will be headlining the summer schedule commenced and it seems like one of the most popular will be none other than 'Don't Stop Me Now', a reality singing competition in which a number of upcoming artists will be taking to the stage performing each and every week judged by three experts and mentored by one of the most wanted artists in Malta at the moment namely Richard Edwards, the first runner-up at this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest. The show which is hosted by none other than Eileen Montesin as well as Christine Haber is moving within it's second week.

This week will be very much similar to last week because the remaining performers will take to the stage to perform the song which they have prepared and then at the end, there will be an announcement which will see just ten (10) chosen to go through to the finals and therefore have a chance to win this years' competition. One should note that the first edition brought about a number of today's' stars including Francesca Borg who was a guest during last weeks' show as well as Kurt Calleja, the second runner-up at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and guest during this evenings' showcase. At the end of the programme, there will be another performance by Christine Haber as she tackles the song 'Never Had a Dream Come True' made popular by S Club 7.

Source: PBS, Frederick Zammit

One of the aims of our web portal is to bring you the best of local talent within all fronts and one of the rising groups with regards to the scene is none other than the ŻĦN Symphonik Choir which includes a number of distinctive names including former Malta Song for Europe semi-finalist Jean Claude Vancell as well as the lead singer of the band Salt namely Janice Debattista. The upcoming group is currently preparing a concert in aid of charity, one which will be wholeheartedly supporting.

In fact, tomorrow will mark a press launch at The Point Shopping Complex in Tignè, Sliema where the ŻĦN Symphonik Choir and Equal Partners Foundation will be announcing further details about the concert, the aims that they plan to reach as well as the worthy and noble cause for which they are organizing such an event. The choir will be performing a selectio of songs which they plan to perform during the concert in between speeches. One should note that Parliamentary Secretary Clyde Puli responsible for Youth & Sport. We will be keeping you posted about the event as it develops.

Source: Press Release

One of the most anticipated seasons within a year is surely summer especially when it comes to speaking about music in general with a number of events headlining the towns and villages in Malta. It is actually a particular period when people of all types come about together to celebrate their love of art and culture. One of these events is the concert of world renowned Maltese tenor, Joseph Calleja, one which has been taking place on the Granaries in Floriana every year since 2008.

This years' concert will definitely follow in the footsteps of the predecessing years noting that Calleja has been headlining these events along with special guest stars in the form of Dionne Warwick and Riccardo Cocciante last year and Michael Bolton the year before. In the meantime, local stars such as Raquela and Chiara have also performed with him during the same aforementioned concert. Moving onto the present though, many people have been getting ecstatically excited about the two names this year with Hayley Westerna and Lucio Dalla are set to make foot onto the stage and perform in Malta for the very first time.

The Soprano Hayley Westerna is actually one of the worlds' leading sopranos taking her home nation of New Zealand by storm before becoming somewhat of a global sensation releasing her debut material entitled 'Pure' at just sixteen (16) years of age managing to reach double platinum and holding the record for the fastest selling debut album from a classical artiste, making it to the top 10 in the pop charts of 11 countries. She has continuously managed to sell more than four million of her albums. Joining her is the Italian sensation Lucio Dalla who is a true icon for Italian music and for the classical genre in general. He has released numerous singles including 'Attenti all’Lupo', 'Com’e` Profondo ‘l Mare' and 'L’Anno Che Verra' amongst others but what he is famed for is the song 'Caruso' which has sold more than nine million copies in total.

This will surely be a concert which many will be wishing to attend and therefore, we have been in touch with the promotional director for NNG Promotions namely Anton Attard with regards to a competition for our readers and I can exclusively announced that we have six general standing tickets to giveaway to the people who can answer this question correctly:

"When Was Joseph Calleja Born?"

The competition will continue to run until the end of the month actually with all of the correct answers to be considered through a draw which will be conducted by the editorial team. Please send your answers to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. whilst in the meantime, those who would not manage to win, make sure to get your hands on the tickets by visiting the page of NNG Promotions. On the 9th July, a leading tenor and two great stars will take to the stage for the show of a lifetime, be a part of it, don't miss out!

Source: NNG Promotions, Anton Attard,

Sunday, 06 February 2011 15:24

Malta: Jazzin' It Up


Jazzin’it up is a concert that targets all those jazz music lovers who are in need of some jazzy vibes during the coldest month of winter. This jazz concert, which is being organized in collaboration with the Casino Maltese, will feature Malta’s leading jazz trumpeter Adrian Brincat more known as Ir-Russu together with three other pioneers in the jazz music scene: Mro. Dominic Galea on piano, Joe Bibi Camilleri on percussion and Simon Sammut on bass. And a touch of feminism will be added by the jazzy talented singer Claudette Pace.

It will take place on Saturday, 26th February 2011 at 20.00 hours in the renowned Ballroom Suite of the Casino Maltese situated in Valletta’s Republic Street. The idea of Jazzin’It Up! was conceived following ir-Russu’s award with distinction of a Diploma in Jazz by the London College of Music. It is now high time for Adrian to give something back to the public by a concert of his very own.

Jazzin’It Up! will in fact take the audience through a 90-minute journey of jazz standard tunes transposed in different jazzy styles including bebop, swing, funk, latin and cool jazz. Adrian Brincat is a full-time soloist trumpeter with the Armed Forces of Malta Band and has been invited to participate in a good number of concerts organized by several entities including the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also a familiar face on local television.

Tickets are now out for the price of €8 only. Tickets can be bought from Café Jubliee of Valletta and Gzira or by phoning on ticket hotlines 9942 2291 or 7906 4311. For more information, one can visit Adrian Ir-Russu Brincat fan page on Facebook .

Source: Press Release

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 07:26

KKI 2011: Tonight on Indifest


The anticipation for the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza continues to grow with each passing day especially when taking into account that this years' edition of the event is actually the twentieth anniversary since the actual music competition began and therefore headlining somewhat more of a spectacle. This years' crop of artists is somewhat varied in the best possible ways with newcomers and established names taking to the stage but what is most important is that the full package is somewhat strong. Leading up to the event is the showcase Indifest which will be aired for yet another week this evening.

This weeks' show which is hosted by Elaine and Charles Saliba on NET Television will be featuring an array of performances this evening with the acts from the 'Established Category' being none other than former Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza winner, Mike Spiteri who will be performing his song 'B'Rieda tal-Azzar' written by his long-time musical companion Ray Agius whilst the second act, Norbert Bondin is a newcomer to the music scene replacing Danica Muscat as the performer of the song 'Int Tkun Hemm' written by Philip Vella. In the meantime, the 'Teenage Category' for this week will be featuring none other than Michela Dalli whose song 'L-Istorja Tagħna' composed by Dominic Cini and penned at the hands of Keith Zammit currently ranks fifth in the tele-voting portion of the competition.

With the twentieth edition looming, the past winners are being called upon to make appearances on the show and this evening, one will surely be interested in seeing one half of the duo that won the event back in 2003. I am speaking about none other than Roger Tirazona whom alongside Nadine Axisa accomplished the feat with the song 'Inħarsu 'l Quddiem'. The accomplished performer known for his role within the group Trilogy who managed to reach two successive top three placings in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Also in this weeks' programme will be none other than the Vogue Dancers with a brilliant routine once more. Tune in to NET Television this evening after the news for yet another fun filled evening with Indifest.

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza Committee, Toni Busuttil, NET Television