November 20, 2019

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Here we are, counting down Malta’s Top 10 in the last week of  the year 2011. Great classics in this week’s top 10, with just one new entry, from Fellowfish at position number 10. The song, “Ordinary Madness”, got its first listen on Bay radio a month ago, and it seems to have started gaining popularity with the listeners. It’s a very relaxing song which style contrasts its lyrics; the every-day rush of our lives. The frontman of this ‘new’ band is none other than Keith Anthony, the male half of popular Gozitan band Chasing Pandora.

While that band is working in the background on what to do and where to go next, Anthony has also been keeping busy with his own side-project, a trio also featuring Christophe Ladret on percussions and Kristian Vella on guitars. The single is actually the title track of our upcoming album, which will be released very soon. It is “a subtle and sublime mix of social observation and light-hearted melody, promising to evoke new ideas and feelings beyond the ordinary”. The new band’s music is described by its frontman as “eclectic, with influences from contemporary artists such as Iron and Wine, Fink and Ben Harper”.

Another popular entry regains the 8th position this week; “Relentless” from Vandroo feat. Chess. It always was an in-out song but at least, it finished the year in a positive position. A quite-recent song from the group RiSE, “Star”, has gone down one position from last week, ending the year at position number 7. Formal number 1 song from Dolls for Idols, “Rave n’Roll”. Rock songs seem to have been quite a popular genre this year in the Maltese scene and during these 52 weeks, various rock songs have made it to the top 3.

No Snow/No Alps have maintained position number 6 this week, with the song “Look down below”. I don’t know for which reason, but this song gives me such a good feeling when I listen to it. It has a very versatile upbeat and a very catchy refrain. Great position to end the year No Snow/No Alps! And here it is, the crazy song which personally, I see it as Malta’s “I’m sexy and you know it” beat. Mathematikal distinguish themselves with this 80’s kind of electronic music, which seems to be regaining popularity in Malta thanks to this song. “That kind of girl” ends the year at position number 5, rising in position from last week. Corinna feat goes down one position this week, ending the year at position number 4 with the song “Someone new”.

Finally, cheers to this week’s top 3! At position number 3, Funk Initiative, with ormai their 2011 classic single, “The Liberators”, which rose one position from last week. Red Electric & Ray Mercieca secured position number 2 and last but not least, at position number 1, <drumroll> … Bay’s 2011 charity song, “Reach out”, secures for the second week position number 1, thus ending the year on top.

Also featured in this week’s chart countdown, we got another listen to a couple of popular songs which made it to the top positions of the year 2011. These included BMA’s top awarded band, Airport Impressions’s song, “Elusive”, which personally, is my favourite single from this band, “Forward to yesterday” from Wintermoods, “Far into the night (into you)” from No Snow/No Alps and last but not least, “Jackie the Stripper” from Bridget Bone, who were nominated for the “Best New Comer” Award during the Bay Music Awards. Stay tuned to escflashmalta for new updates regarding the Maltese music scene! Happy New Year once again, dear readers! :)

Source: Bay Radio

The Maltese Islands are currently being swept through a nasty heatwave but with beaches all around and music playing loud, it seems that no one really minds. For yet another week, we are bringing you the latest successes from the local music industry as counted down on the charts every Saturday on 89.7FM Bay Radio by Nathan D, one of the regular contributors to ESCflashmalta over the past couple of months, working on a set of expert reviews for both this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and also the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest. For yet another week, there have been new additions, shakers and more whilst new songs also made the radio stations' play-list making them eligible to chart this week so that will also be quite interesting. A run down of the current charts will be given below so read closely.

Keeping in with the system we have developed over the past couple of weeks, let's start off with the new entries within the chart and we are proud to say that we have two for this week. The first song which has entered the chart immediately after making the play-list cut is Lyndsay's new track 'Love Sick' which we featured yesterday. With a host of appearances on television programmes across the board, this was bound to achieve radio airplay success and so it does at position number #8. Joining her as a new entry are a band who go by the name of Two Time Shooter whose recently released 'Heathers Rope' makes the cut at position number #10. Both songs are diverse and it shows that the listeners of the station are quite different making 89.7FM Bay Radio, one of the most successful in creating diversity even along the lines of local music.

In the meantime, there are number of tracks which have not moved occupying their positions from last week and these come in position number #1 still occupied by the group Wintermoods and their remix of the song 'Sun Won't Shine' which has been dubbed as one of the best ever released tracks from them. Also retaining her position at number #4 is former Malta Eurovision Song Contest participant Raquela whose infectious song 'Entertain Me' continues riding high. Still at position number #5 are the group Three Stops To China with their song 'The Courtney Effect' which they have been promoting through a number of gigs over the past couple of weeks and last but not least, there is also another song keeping it's place at position number #9 in the form of 'Destiny' performed by N'Heaven Feat. Emma Lock. All the songs have managed to stay where they are although all of them except for Wintermoods will be hoping to continue rising over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Going up, up, and away, reaching the success they have been longing for are three tracks this week. In fact, let's commence from the bottom of the chart to see which entries are rising from below. At position number #6 there is the group Funk Initiative led by Gianluca Bezzina, brother of well known artist Dorothy Bezzina, whose song 'Paris' continues to lead an upwards spiral in local bands. Also joining them in the rise to fame and glory are the well known band Airport Impressions whose recently launched single 'Retro Star' manages a position number #3 and looking well the contender for next weeks' top spot having competition from the next song actually entitled 'Bottled My Teardrops' by Davinia which is at position number #2 this week. The genres are all somewhat different actually and again, this is what makes it very interesting. In the meantime, there is only one song which has fallen this week and that is none other than 'Memories' by The Crowns, a former number #1 on the charts but now at position number #7 spending quite some time on the charts now making their way for new acts.

Source: Bay Radio

Two acts around the world who are currently dominating the charts all over Europe are none other than Adele and Amy Winehouse but their influence over the rest of the world is somewhat important to note various genres which will be taking up the limelight in the next couple of weeks. Over here in Malta, the music is quite different with pop/rock headlining most of the material on the charts taking precedence over general pop, dance, techno and even so funk. Airplay in the small nation laid in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is always of utter importance and that is the way that Bay 89.7 Radio rolls. Over the course of the way, a number of tracks released by local acts are asked for by people and then Nathan D announced the most asked songs during the week in top ten order. The material has been improving over the course of the past couple of months and it seems like the division of the music industry in Malta is ending with artists from the local national selection managing to make the cut.

This week, we have decided to kick off the chart update with the songs that have once more been going down the charts and therefore losing support amongst the listeners at home. At the lower echelons, kicking off at position number #10, the former leader of the chart namely 'Sun Won't Shine (Remix)' performed by the group Wintermoods could be found but moving on upwards, one could also note none other than the remake of the song 'Ain't Nobody' sung by Joseph Armani and featuring this years' Eurovision Song Contest representative Glen Vella. The entry went down to position #7 in this weeks' update and seems to be heading out of the chart quite quickly. The only other track to go down from the chart at this stage is none other than another former leader in the form of 'Retro Star' which was launched a couple of weeks ago by Airport Impressions and led for a total of three weeks.

There are a number of tracks which have gone up the chart though this week as always and that also means that they are gaining support from people through airplay and requests. At the lower end of the chart, the first track to manage to climb at least one place is the one in position number #8 occupied by JJoy and 'King of the Night' but slightly above it, the singer Ivan Filletti manages another hit following an earlier one in recent weeks by climbing up to number #6 with his latest release 'Wheels'. There are another two tracks which have risen within the chart, with the first entitled 'Never Meant' which is sung by Carlo Gerada Feat. Scott Walker & Chess now found at position number #5 whilst at the upper echelons of the chart, at position number #1, one could now find the group Funk Initiative with the song 'Paris' which has been released for quite some time but taken it's time to gain full and maximum popularity.

The last batch of tracks which are yet to be mentioned are those which are either new or have moved any chart positions. In fact, keeping up with the demands of the people are Mikaela, the winner of the best new artist at last years' Malta Music Awards and also the winner of the Vodafone Upcoming Artist organized by trumpeter Sigmund Mifsud. The track which bears the name 'Hear Me Out' could be found within last weeks' position, that of number #4 whilst Lyndsay Pace has managed to keep up her position at number #3 with the track 'Love Sick' which has been performed in an array of programmes in Malta. One brand new track made it to the charts this week in the form of Saving Alexis and the song 'High On July' which could be found at position number #9.

Source: Bay Radio

The Public Broadcasting Services are currently extremely busy preparing to host the 2012 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest because apart from showcasing the best in local talent when it comes to the actual competition which in turn comprises of a total of twenty-four competitors, there is also the question of the people who will be starring as guests during some of the most nerve wrecking moments of the evening. The promotion of talent is vitally important and that is why we are exclusively in a position to reveal that the final is set to be opened by the cast of the popular musical drama 'D.R.E.A.M.S'.

The choice was made quite quickly and this is because it comprises of some of the most astounding talent in the country at the moment when it comes to both acting and singing. The series which is aired every Monday night is the work of Rewind Productions with the script written by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa. Due to the fact that it includes a song weekly, there was the inclusion of music through Maestro Ray Agius. The same aforementioned individual is competing with the song 'Answers With Your Eyes' by Amber which he wrote alongside Alfred C Sant. This was the same songwriting duo which represented Malta back in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Keep Me In Mind'.

There are a number of cast members who have been called for and they will be performing a medley of songs that have already been heard on television maximizing on the promotion of the show which has achieved rave reviews locally by people who have not only enjoyed learning the lessons conveyed through the music but also the actual track. The performances will be presented in the best possible wayand it will surely be a spectacle to set the mood for the biggest stage in Malta. Make sure to watch the 2012 Malta Eurovision Song Contest on the 4th February 2012 staged from the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali. Stay tuned for more news exclusive news only from

Source: ESCflashmalta

A quiet Sunday evening, everyone is looking back at the weekend that they have enjoyed with friends and family and also looking to the week ahead. A number of people take in their final opportunity to relax, sit in front of the television and watch something which they will surely enjoy. One of the prominent shows is surely the music drama series aired on NET Television bearing the name 'Déjà Vu'. The production is led by popular host and actress Eileen Montesin, who brings about real-life situations which people endure putting things into a perspective and giving individuals the possibility of encountering them in the best possible way.

This week marks the fifth episode of the series and we are going to be noticing that one of the characters, mainly Luke (Francesco Catania) will be losing his temper due to the fact that he feels like his girlfriend Sally (Tanya Bonnici) is falling into the tempration for another male (Kurt Calleja). His boss in the meantime, is not too happy with his getting to work later than usual whilst his mother (Tessie Fedele) is seemingly worried why he did not go straight home after school. One could easily notice that he is under a lot of stress and pressure at the moment and this is surely getting to him. In the meantime, at St.Louis College, two members of the staff being Wayne (Ronald Briffa) and Aleando (Dominic Cini) are still competing for which one of them eventually manages to get far with Hazel (Clare Agius) but it seems that Aleandro has the edge and Wayne is not too happy with this.

The Headmistress of the school, Louise (Mary Spiteri) decides to call a meeting at her house and also invites the Mayor (Mark Haber) but when he ends up returning back home very late at night, his wife (Tereża Gauci) is not too happy and problems arise. Focusing on another story-line, attention is turned to Josie (Eileen Montesin) who sees another vision when she touches another person. Who will this person be and what do these visions actually mean? Well, one can only find out how things develop through watching the episode therefore make sure, to watch 'Déjà Vu' on NET Television as from 20:30 CET onwards. Amongst the people with musical credentials starring in the episode this evening are former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Mary Spiteri, former Eurosong competitor; Dominic Cini, hosts of the Malta Song for Europe; Clare Agius and Eileen Montesin, Junior Eurosong finalist; Christine Haber and this years' second runner-up at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest; Kurt Calleja.

Source: Press Release

The most anticipated annual summer event, the 2011 Farsons Great Beer Festival kicked off last Friday and will be on till the end of the month. Each and every year the festival brings together some of the best local stars along with upcoming artists that entertain the crowds present for the ten days festivities at Ta’ Qali. All those in attendance can enjoy the entertainment offered on both the main stage and the rock stage whilst sipping down their favourite beer.

The Beer Festival manages to bring together the two main areas of the local music scene, as one finds a mix of music that varies from pop, rock and alternative – the mix includes the singers who are more associated to local contests to singers and bands who their main focus is hitting the radio airwaves. This amalgamation manages to attract different crowds to the beer festival and that is the reasons why the festival is a huge success, each and every year.

The schedule on the Main Stage for this year’s Beer Fest is the following:

The schedule on the Rock Stage for this year’s Beer Fest is the following:

Source: Farsons

The launching of a collection of songs within an album is one of the highlights in any musicians' life because presenting your work to the general public in a compilation will surely always go down well with the general public at hand. Last night, within the intimate venue of the Baco Noir Terrace at Cavalieri Hotel in the city of St.Julians, singer/songwriter Mark Spiteri Lucas launched his debut album entitled 'Ħajti', a collection of songs which he has composed alongside Paul Ellul, Joe Chircop, Rita Pace, Mark Tonna, Deo Grech, and Mario Fenech Caruana during different phases of his life, be it either good or bad but always with a positive outlook on the way life would eventually then pan out. It is actually very important to have such an outlook so to speak as it helps the individual to carry on and reach for the highest heights in life.

Speaking to the assembled media and distinct guests including a number of the artists which Mark is showcasing on this collection of songs including former Eurovision Song Contest representative Debbie Scerri along with former Malta Eurosong finalists, Klinsmann, Nadine Axisa, Julia, Priscilla Psaila (Kaya), Ruth Portelli, Godwin Lucas, Leontine and Neville amongst others, Mark stated that Maltese music is losing its voice within the industry and this was very unfortunate. The opportunities to present the Maltese language on the musical end of things are dwindling and the backing of a number of radio stations has been pulled out. This is very disappointing according to Mark and he went onto state that we have to make sure that radio stations play Maltese music, anything, not only his material of course. During the elaborate and enchanting evening, Mark played the keyboard as a number of artists joined him to perform parts of the songs that have been added to the album before performing something himself as well.

I have personally delved into the album myself and I must say that the line-up is far more impressive that I would have imagined it to be actually. The songs which Mark Spiteri Lucas has presented to the public have proved to be hits over the years placing in a number of local festivals with songs such as 'Ġaħan Tibkix' performed by Julia at the Għanja tal-Poplu finishing in third place and 'Lilek Biss' sung by Kaya during the 2009 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza finishing in second place. In my opinion, the stand out track within the album is none other than 'Fejn Staħbejtli', the song which saw Ira Losco win her first festival and act as a stepping stone for her victory during the 2002 Malta Song for Europe. The song which Mark cites as one of his highlights as a composer was written in only thirty minutes and still remains one of the more contemporary Maltese songs whenever played. Mark did a charming rendition of the track, giving it his very own touch. All in all, I cannot help but say it but this album is a must have and my rating, a definite ★★★★★. Well done to all those involved to have made this album and last nights' launch possible.

Source: Press Pack

The ever growing importance of reality television programmes is proving to be quite demanding noting the success of Pop Idol, X Factor or The Voice for example but in Malta, the aim over the years is to present new talent to the viewers at home and that is something which the reality show 'Don't Stop Me Now' hosted by Eileen Montesin has managed to achieve over the past couple of weeks. The second series of the show which is being aired on Television Malta (TVM) is actually garnering large audiences as Ann Marie, Carl, Corinne, Derrick, Letizia, Raisa, Ramona, Shirley, Therese and Ylenia all fight for the points awarded during the show. Last week was an extremely special programme with duets but this week, the participants will be testing unfriendly waters as they deal with the theme of country.

As the participants perform their tracks as chosen in accordance to the theme, it is very much important to impress the judges present which are none other than former Eurovision Song Contest representative Moira Stafrace, musical performing artist Ray Mangion, and media personality Catherine Mifsud. Apart from performing the acts also get a chance to engage in an extra-curricular activity with Christine Haber. For yet another week, this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest runner-up Richard Edwards will be returning for a duet performance with none other than Shirley Evans, hoping to achieve the extra five (5) points given in accordance to the performance. A special surprise has also been planned by Eileen Montesin but this will announced during the programme which airs tomorrow night on Television Malta (TVM) after the eight o'clock news.

Source: Press Release (Frederick Zammit)

The festive season was over relatively fast and has been done away for quite a couple of days noting the beginning of a brand new year, one which many will hope is better than the previous one. The television season though does not change for the time being and with winter being relatively predominant in terms of weather, people might like to spend their Monday nights cosy at home in front of the television with a mug of tea or coffee in their hands. The show that they should opt to watch is the musical drama series known as 'D.R.E.A.M.S' produced by Rewind Productions. Since its launch, it has maintained strong audiences and Television Malta (TVM) is surely proud to have taken up this series as part of their broadcasting schedule for autumn and winter of 2011/2012

Last week, the story-line that garnered the most attention was surely the one of Samantha Hearts (Samaryah Sammut) who many remember to be almost dead in the college grounds. There is an unexplained mystery surrounding the incindent but then again, the individual who found her being none other than the snobbish and troubled Jasmine Vassallo Grima (Rachael Tedesco Triccas) was quick to point her finger at Professor Clive Cortis (Dorian Micallef), one of the teachers who was having an affair with the young teenager. The police tipped by Jasmine would like to interrogate Professor Clive but when they have no conrete evidence on him, he is released. It seems though that the girl does not give up and a video of the two bickering in the college gardens is sent to the police giving them substantial evidence. It will be quite interesting to see how the story does eventually evolve. Also an interesting point last week was when Maria Sultana (Marie Claire Sammut) returned to school with a completely brand new look due to the fact that Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese) had insulted her verbally and also Emma Vella (Kayleigh Cassar) who has joined Finnigan (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) and her evil schemes of stealing.

This week the story continues from where it left off last week actually but one of the main issues at this stage is surely the notable change in Maria Sultana who has gone against her principles in order to look better in the eyes of the people at school. The lesson to be learned at this stage is that 'everyone is normal in his normality'. There are a number of characters who go about this idea in order to promote the well being of the individuals at hand. In the meantime, another character in the form of Brandon Cutajar (Jean Pierre Cassar) returns to school for the very first time since being suspended for stealing the exam papers to get the grades needed to join the basketball team. On his return, he has to make a choice between Jade and Antoinette (Annalise Psaila). There are a number of relationships which find themselves in troubled waters as well including the one between Clive and Claire Cortis, Robert (Andre Penza) and Gloria Soler (Joanne Busuttil) and last but not least Peter Fava (Johann Curmi) and Jessica Spiteri (Maria Louisa Wiffen). It will be quite interesting to see how things will eventually develop.

This television series is the original work of Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber who in turn write the lyrics to all of the tracks performed as opposed to the music which is written by Ray Agius, the man who wrote the last two winners of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' as well as the Maltese Eurovision entries in 1995 entitled 'Keep Me In Mind' and in 1997 bearing the name 'Let Me Fly'. A number of supporting members of the cast have stunning musical credentials including former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Nicole Azzopardi and Daniel Testa, former Malta Eurosong finalist and host; Ruth Sammut Casingena, former Sfida Contestant Rachel Genovese, Malta Eurovision 2012 hopeful Rachael Tedesco Triccas and the ever so stunning winner of 'ID'; Analise Psaila. Therefore don't forget to tune in to Television Malta (TVM) this evening after the special broadcast from the Maltese Parliament at about 21:20 CET for another episode of 'D.R.E.A.M.S'.

Source: Press Release, Jessica Vella De Sauveterre

The ever growing local music industry has seen a number of acts prove themselves to be worthy of the scene and in recent years, one of the acts to gain recognition has surely been Josmar having appeared at the 2009 edition of the Malta Eurosong competition with his self-penned entry 'Circus' before making headlining appearances at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza also within that same year with the song 'Rendez-Vous' and the following year with '5 Minuti'. This time round he is ready to launch himself in the best possible way with his first official single.

The brand new single which Josmar has just released is entitled 'I want u 2 know' and it was performed just a couple of weeks ago during the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest. Written and produced in the United Kingdom by none other than Paul Evans, Josmar hopes that success with the r'n'b track will be achieved especially noting the fact it will be released both locally and internationally. This track is also lifted off the debut album of the single which will be released early next year under the title 'Loud'. Josmar is working closely with Zube Records in collaboration with Generation Media. ESCflashmalta will keep you posted with the latest developments as soon as they will be made available.

Source: Press Release