November 20, 2019

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 11:41

Malta: Sophie Returns to Music


One will always remember that beautiful witty girl who appeared on our screens back in 2006 competing within the Junior Song for Europe. In the end she managed to achieve first place and then went on to represent Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Bucharest, Romania. Despite a mediocre result, Sophie has managed to go on to achieve great things, signing with a record label, releasing material onto the local and foreign scene before taking a little time out of the spotlight focusing on other projects but now, she's back.

16 year old Sophie has been working underground for the last 11 months. Recently she returned to the Music scene and is now very quickly making good progress in her music career, supported by the team at Thru The Mill the company in the UK she appointed in February to manage her.

Just to bring you up to date with what has been going on with Sophie s life. 2009 was a year where she took time out to review her career and plan more for her future. Now with a clearer road ahead, but with the same will, determination and talent she has always had, Sophie is back and everyone is excited to see and hear what’s next?!
Sophie’s new UK Mangement Company have kept her busy in the studio, making the best music she has ever made, with most tracks for her forthcoming album to be released in summer 2011, already at a very advanced stage, she is now back focusing on live appearances.

So far she has appeared at Swieqi Day, Independenza, Notte Bianca and Birgu Fest, Meanwhile Sophie has also been asked to review songs for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which of course she is no stranger to, having taken part in the competition when it was held in Bucharest in 2006.

Sophie says “ being involved in Junior Eurovision 2010 like this has ignited a spark in me and along with my Musical Director Elton Zarb we have written a song which we are considering entering for the Eurovision Song Contest, we seriously believe that it could be very strong as an entry for Malta”. Over the last twelve months Sophie has learned a lot about the music industry not just as a performer but also as a business woman, she has set up her own music publishing company Totally Sophie Music Ltd, as she reflects on moving into the commercial side of music, Sophie muses “ not only do I think that Totally Sophie Music will be good for me, I’m hoping we can discover new and develop existing talent in Malta, by giving them greater control over their own futures and finances.

“I am fortunate that I am very well advised professionally and legally now, but the music business is notoriously tough and not all artists get what they are due, hopefully TSM can help change that”

So what’s next for the sixteen year old singing sensation, putting together her own band maybe, that venture back into Eurovision or maybe on the back of a starring role in a recently made film for German TV, more acting, Sophie is quick to answer “ All of those things if I have the chance, as long as I can entertain people then I’m happy” Sophie is ready and planning a big year in 2011. To keep up to date with everything ‘Sophie’, check out her website just by clicking through this link here.

Source: Press Release

Tuesday, 19 October 2010 04:38

Malta: Starring in Australia


In recent years, the extremely large Maltese communities within the nation of Australia have been getting some good local entertainment due to the fact that a number of local singers have been coming and going to the continent to give shows there. Normally the locals there are treated to different styles of music, but this time round one can say that they will become accustomed to a specifiic genre.

In recent days, two well known artists namely former Eurovision Song Contest entrant Debbie Scerri whose performance of the song "Let Me Fly" netted ninth place for Malta along with former Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza winner Mark Tonna who is also remembered for his comeback earlier on this year; they both flew away to Oceanic Continent to entertain the locals their. Such a tour normally encompasses visits to a number of centres in which the now Maltese Australian people hang out regularly. In the meantime, another well known artist was set to embark on an Australian tour and that is three time Eurovision Song Contest entrant Chiara whose beautiful and melodic voice will truly serenade those present to watch her perform.

Source: Facebook

Going back a couple of years, a local would surely remember the annually held "Għanja tal-Poplu" festival which was a showcase of local talent within the Maltese language as previewed in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. Things have always been changing within this showcase yet it might be regaining some of it's composure following some more changes within it's regulations. This evening will mark the 2010 edition of the event which will surely be an entertaining one.

This years' Għanja tal-Poplu will be taking place within the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Phoenicia and it will be broadcasted live on ONE Television through the programme "Bla Agenda" which is normally fronted by former Maltasong Board Chairman, Norman Hamilton who is also a consultant for the current team in charge of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. The showcase will be presenting fourteen entries, all of which were chosen by an undisclosed three member panel of judges. Find the running order of this evening's show which is set to be presented by Deo Grech after Vanni Pule pulled out at the last minute for personal reasons. Walter Micallef will surely be a great interval act for those present in the hall and the viewers watching the show live on ONE TV.

Running Order:

  1. Sur Wara Sur (Antonio Olivari / Stephen Ferrito) - Tale Kwali
  2. Fejn Int? (Mark Agius) - D-Seven
  3. Mill-Għajnejn tat-Tifla (Corazon) - Corazon u l-Ħbieb tal-Qalb
  4. Il-Palma (Natasha Turner / Augusto Cardinali) - Marie Claire Attard Bason
  5. L-Għanja tal-Għażżien (Danjeli & Justin Galea) - Danjeli & Justin Galea
  6. Rimors? (Vince Zammit / Charlie Dalli) - Lyndsey u Angodika
  7. Tifkiriet (Teddie Zammit) - Teddie Zammit
  8. Hemm Dawl (Frank O'Neill) - Frank O'Neill, Christabelle Curmi & The Miners
  9. Lil Missirijietna (Robert Farrugia / Plato's Dream Machine) - Plato's Dream Machine
  10. Qabżitli c-Cinga (Charlie Dalli) - X-Tend
  11. Rakkont ta’ Omm  (Deo Grech / Heathcliffe Balzan) - Petra Zammit
  12. Bażar (Antonio Olivari) - Justin u Antonio
  13. Kamra Bla Hitan (Dario Bezzina) - Dario Bezzina
  14. Indunajt (Rita Pace) - Rita Pace u L-Ħbieb tal-Ħbieb

We have come to learn that during rehearsals, the sound might not have been as optimal as it should be for a festival of such a calibre but these technicalities are actually being fixed upon as we speak. The Team at ESCflashmalta would like to wish the Organisers as well as all of the competitors the very best of luck this evening and hope that the best songs get the top prizes in this years' competition.

Source: Għanja tal-Poplu


One of the up and coming international festivals that has commenced just last year is the Golden Melody Song Festival which takes place in the city of Cyprus noting that the organising group behind it also bears the same name 'Golden Melody' aiming to present some of the best talent in the world within a Meditteranean Culture. Last year, the song contest took place for the very first time in Nicosia with the winner being Andreas Konstatindes. Maltese participation was also present then.

In fact, last year, each nation could have more than one song and I would like to send over my congratulations to our four finalists who were as follows; Rosman Pace with the song 'One Million Ways' written by himself, Romina Mamo with the song 'One Thousand Mirrors' composed by Philip Vella and penned by Deo Grech, Jason Scerri and his self-written composition "This Must Be Love" and last but not least the song "Smile" performed by Neville to the music of Jonas Gladnikoff and lyrics of Natasha Turner. This year, each nation only has one song and in fact, despite quite an impressive eight (8) artists from Malta submitted an entry, J.Anvil is the one to have made the cut.

Our presence in the contest which will be taking place within the next couple of days will be spearheaded by singer J.Anvil, a respected name who has been within the Malta Eurosong competition a total of four times so far, with participations coming in 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011. The song which will be performing in Cyprus is entitled "Aphrodite" and it has been composed by Andrew Zahra with lyrics by Deo Grech. The backing as well as the recording was done at Freetime Studios by none other than Elton Zarb. You can find more details about who will be competing against Malta through this link here.

Source: Golden Melody Song Contest 2011


The Maltese music scene is a developing one and one of the showcases which the local acts have apart from the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Għanja tal-Poplu and the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest which has also been undergoing an element of alteration in order to make sure that it peaks just at the right time. The organiser of the event, Deo Grech has managed to put this event in our calender and one must note that it gets better with each passing year.

This year, as you might have already noted, the main change in the title is going to reflect on the background of this edition with the main aim for the judges being to find the next song which can be a huge summer hit on the Maltese Islands. Like the Eurovision Song Contest, each song cannot have been performed or released in Public prior to the 1st September of last year whilst there is no language barrier with lyrics being either in Maltese or English or even a mixture of both. Many new regulations have been set for this year and there are also prizes for the top three songs out of the twelve finalists but I will let you read the regulations yourselves by "clicking through this link".

Source: Deo Grech

One of the brightest moments following a national selection is surely the success that an artist manages to reach so that it could be a process of definition and continuing. In recent years, this has been the case with Claudia Faniello, one of the leading ladies in the local music scene. Having performed the song "Movie In My Mind" during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011, she is already moving forward with two new projects showing her success within the musical world.

Firstly, a good friend of our website, ESCflashmalta, Matthias Petermann who is in turn the musical director of the ESC Radio recently gave the go-ahead that the song which she presented in Malta for this years' Eurovision Song Contest will be getting airplay on the 24 hour broadcast which features entries from all of the national selections and also those which went to the Eurovision Song Contest. The songs of the selections are selected though and only a crop make it through. It is now confirmed that "Movie In My Mind" has made the cut.

As for her second project, Claudia Faniello has made the song "Movie in My Mind" available as an iTunes download and updated her official facebook page with a new welcome page for her fans.

Source: Claudia Faniello's Fan Page

As we have announced earlier, J.Anvil was competing in one of the up and coming international festivals that has commenced just last year – this carries the name the Golden Melody Song Festival which takes place in Cyprus. The 'Golden Melody' aims to present some of the best talent in the world within a Mediterranean Culture. Last year, the song contest took place for the very first time in Nicosia with the winner being Andreas Konstatindes.









Last year, Malta had four finalists in the selection; these included Rosman Pace, Romina Mamo, Jason Scerri and Neville Refalo. J.Anvil was the only Maltese in this year’s selection and it seems that his entry ‘Aphrodite’ was well received. This year, each nation only had one song and in fact, despite quite an impressive eight artists from Malta submitting an entry; J.Anvil was the one to have made the cut with a song composed by Andrew Zahra to the lyrics of Deo Grech.

The song ‘Aphrodite’ has done really well throughout the past days as it managed to achieve a strong result for our country. J.Anvil’s interpretation managed an incredible second place finish for Malta and the song only finished six points behind Seyran Ismayilkhanov, who won the contest for Azerbaijan with ‘Ganatsiz Melekler’. France, a well renowned country for it music richness finished in third place behind Malta. The song was written by none other than Anne-Marie David, the 1973 Eurovision winner who was in Malta recently. ‘Je N’ai Jaimes Su’ the French entry was interpreted by Fanny Egea.

The song composed by Andrew Zahra to the lyrics of Deo Grech received very positive reactions and so did J.Anvil’s interpretation. In fact the whole Maltese delegation received a great feedback from different delegations at this festivals and some of the delegations present at the ‘Golden Melody’ will be the ones that will be heading their countries in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, so that certainly augurs well for our country especially keeping in mind that 20 countries were competing for the top prizes. has been in contact with the Maltese team abroad and all of them are ecstatic about the great result achieved and the positive feedback. J.Anvil has been within the Malta Eurosong competition a total of four times thus far but this festival will certainly be another highlight in his career. On behalf of the editorial board and all the fans, I would like to wish all the team heartfelt congratulations to J.Anvil, Deo Grech and Andrew Zahra.

Source: Golden Melody Song Contest 2011

Just weeks after her music workshop in Germany, Thea who represented Malta in the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest has launched one of her songs recorded during Easter holidays, on the 15th May during her guest performance at The Malta Fashion Awards held at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali which will be shown on television this Saturday 5th June at 20:40 CET.

Versatile in her style, ‘I’m Your Fan’ is yet another original song composed purposely for Thea to suit her young and dynamic image, aiming at keeping both national and international fans attracted to her music. Accompanied by eight professional dancers on the night of The Malta Fashion Awards, Thea is well on her way with her preparations for an outstanding performance choreographed by Stuart Vella to celebrate the launch of this German produced tune. Thea’s image is at the responsibility of Style director Luke Engerer in coordination with Hair Stylist Cut Coiffeur and Make Up Artist Lorna Muliett.

Synonymous with RnB, Thea has been working closely with her German music producer and song writer to release new and original songs with a unique and different style. ‘I’m Your Fan’ is an Rnb funky Pop tune with a friendly and familiar sound to meet everyone’s taste.

Source: Press Release

One of the local Maltese artists being Neville Refalo is currently competing with several other artists at this years' edition of the Song of the Mediterranean being held in Budva, Montenegro. The song which is in contention for victory is entitled Silver and is written by the singer/songwriter Clinton Paul.

Yesterday evening, Neville Refalo got to know that he and another twenty three (23) acts have made it to the final round of the competition. The final will be taking place later on this evening. Below you may also see the list of competing entries in this years' edition noting also some former Eurovision Song Contest participants.

1. Assa Voce - Zauvjek
2. Sandi Cenov (NF Croatia 2006) - Da mogu biti njen
3. Lejla Hot (NF Serbia 2008 and 2009) - Zar me je tako teško
4. Joce Panov - Ljubovna Religija
5. Nina Petković - Ne odustajem
6. Igor Cukrov (Croatia 2009) - Moja draga
7. Pilar - Calati Giunco
8. Klapa Portun - To si ti
9. Ana Stanić - Pravo na bol
10. Neville Refalo (NF Malta 2005) - Silver
11. Boba Stefanović (NF Yugoslavia 1970 & 1973) - Moja crna orhideja
12. Bojan Marović (NF Serbia 2005) - Svaki korak tvoj
13. Extra Nena (NF Yugoslavia 1992) - Crveni tepih
14. Slađana (NF Yugoslavia 1981) i Dado (ESC 2007) - Kad reči zastanu
15. Maja Nikolić (NF Serbia 2004 & 2006) - Nisam više tvoja
16. Retro Party - Ćiribu Ćiriba
17. Paula Jusic - Samo sjećanja
18. Black Jack - Srce moje garavo
19. Marijana Zlopaša - Katanac
20. Ibrica Jusić (NF Croatia 2004, 2005 & 2008) - Što si sanjala
21. Klapa Ragusa - Pismo mila k njoj poteci
22. Kaliopi (ESC FYROM 1996) - Ja nisam kao ti
23. Vlado Kalember (Yugoslavia 1984) - Ostani tu
24. Feminnem (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2005 & Croatia 2010) - Srce se bori

This is another milestone in Neville’s career following last year’s success in the Universong International Festival held in Tenerife, Spain and lately The Golden Melody International Festival held in Cyprus last March. He will also participate in another festival in Italy next summer. On behalf of the whole team at we would like to congratulate Mr.Neville Refalo on such an achievement. We will be keeping you updated about the results later on therefore keep checking about.




Local singer Marvic Lewis has been out of the limelight for quite some time actually having achieved success with her first album which bore the name "Indigo Struck" as well as her premier video "Scarecrow". In the last couple of months, she has been putting the final touches on her new album which will be entitled "These are the Roots".

Marvic Lewis first came onto the scene thanks to the Malta Song For Europe having entered both as a soloist and in a duet with sister Olivia Lewis who represented the country back in 2007 with the song Vertigo. She changed her style completely, writing new material with fresh musical attributes. In 2003, Marvic Lewis obtained the stage name Indigo and ended up working with a number of artists whose genre who quite different from what the people where used to. She worked with bands such as "So Chronic", "D Muffin", "Tribali" and "Megapulse".

The new album started being produced in 2008 and it is almost complete. This second album which will be featuring a number of brand new songs with her being the composers, will be released in the beginning of July. This material will be featuring a new musical style along with a beautiful accompanying album art.

Source: Malta Right Now