November 14, 2019

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As reported exclusively earlier this week by ESCflashmalta, yesterday was an important day for Maltese artists and this is due to the fact that three individuals were competing abroad for the main places. The artists were none other than Dominic Cini who was competing in Ukraine along with Romina Mamo and Gloriana Arpa Belli who were competing in the Universong Festival held in Tenerife, Spain.

We have just learned through Clinton Paul's page on social networking website Facebook that Romina Mamo and her song "The Final Kiss" written by the same Clinton Paul and television personality Deo Grech finishing in a very respectable second place continuing the trend of success within this musical showcase.

The top prize of the evening went to the other Maltese in the festival namely Gloriana Arpa Belli who was competing with the song 'Love Was Made of Clay' written by Doris Chetcuting along with Renato Briffa. ESCflashmalta has just been in contact with Gloriana and confirmed that the Maltese artists did the double - first and second.

ESCflashmalta would like to congratulate Gloriana Arpa Belli and Romina Mamo on their great success, they certainly made Malta proud and also to the people who aided them including Clinton Paul and Renato Briffa respectively.

Source: Maltese Artists in Tenerife

The world of reality television is growing quite rapidly here in Malta and once again, the station heading into the right direction is Net Television  who is currently making a call for singers, impersonators, actors, imitators, dancers, magicians and illusionists amongst others. This will be a slot which will be held during the program "Sas-Sitta" which is presented by Mireille Bonello and Ray Attard.

So the question one should ask is whether you have any particular talent because if you do so and are between the ages of fourteen (14) and twenty-five (25) and wish to win a number of attractive prizes and opportunities. If so then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Send your details to Spiteri Lucas Entertainment on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because as from this October we’re giving you the opportunity to take part in Passport 2 Showbiz, the new talent show during Malta’s Best Weekly Magazine Programme – Sas-Sitta on NET TV.

Source: Press Release

Friday, 06 August 2010 06:30

Malta: Auditions for Animae


Within the last couple of months, one of the rising talents in Malta has surely been Animae. This name belongs to a Gospel Group which originated thanks to the initial ideas of Glen Vella and Pamela Bezzina.

The group which still consists of it's founding members is always growing and changing and that is why a call for auditions is being made. The poster which the group have published onto the social networking website Facebook states that they are looking for male singers who could be either tenors or basses from the age of 18 till the age of 35.

Source: Facebook

One of the main events that the people are getting accustomed to is surely the Rockestra which was inaugurated last year to great success. The event is always organised in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund in order to help whoever is in need within the organisation of which the President of Malta, George Abela is the main patron. Last years' event had a start studded line-up including two time Eurosong participant Raquela who has been having a sizzling career thus far having performing with world renowned artists Gigi D'Alessio and Joseph Calleja apart from rocking the MFCC stage with her 2009 Malta Eurosong entry "Cross Roads" as well as Claudia Faniello who will be scaling new heights in a couple of months with her new album out soon.

This years' event will be bigger and better than last year actually with a whole variety of musical acts including former Eurosong participants Neville Refalo and Petra Zammit amongst others. The show which is set to take place on the 11th September 2010. All of the proceeds from the tickets will go directly to the Malta Community Chest Funds. The standing area of the event costs 10 Euro for adults and just 2 Euro for children whilst the seated area costs 15 Euro for adults. It will surely be an event to remembers. Speaking to conductor of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra namely Sigmund Mifsud, he stated the the event features a great mixture of pop-rock along with the orchestra and is surely is scintillating event for all of the family. Tickets can be booked online through

Source: Rockestra

The Maltese music scene is becoming even more impressive as the years go by and this is because the mentality is changing and progressing in a way where professionalism is key. The young fresh artist which is set to take over the scene by storm will be none other than Claudia Faniello whose single "I Hate This Song" will be included within her album entitled "Convincingly Better".

The launch of her new album will be taking place this Friday the 20th August within the Coca-Cola factory in Qormi, Malta. Entrance to the event will be free of charge and open to anyone so that all of her fans will get the opportunity to be present. As far as album launches go, this will surely be a different one because despite having a live set due to the fact that she will be performing some songs from her debut album written by both local and foreign songwriters. The material which the singer will be publishing is going to be sold at the launch with a reduced price with some of the proceeds going to the Malta Community Chest Fund which aids people in need.

In the meantime, Claudia Faniello is gearing up with regards to promoting this album having made the front cover of WOW! Magazine speaking about her problems with Bulimia and low self-esteem within the early and late teens as well as opening up a youtube channel which will be featuring never released material like for example "The Making Of". You can view this channel by clicking through this link here. The promotion of the album is being aided by Cap-Sounds thanks to an A&R link which anyone can access just by clicking here. Claudia Faniello first got onto the scene thanks to the Malta Song for Europe back in 2006 and therefore, fans state that she should not forget her roots and do her best to mark a return to next years' selection within the same style of the album. will be on hand to bring you exclusive pictures and possibly videos from the event so make sure that you continue to tune in as we bring you everything in relation to Malta within the Eurovision Song Contest, Maltese artists, foreign selections and more.

Source: Bubbles Media & Entertainment

The local media is always in a frenzy when leading up to either the national selection or the actual competition abroad. One of the programs which is keeping us posted with the latest news is surely 'Eurovision News' shown on ONE Television presented by Wayne Aquilina who manages to tell us everything that takes place within that current week with regards to Glen Vella and his entry 'One Life'. Below you can find what this weeks' edition of the program will be dealing with.

This week during Eurovision News, Glen Vella and his promotional campaign abroad is given the prime attention. Our representative also got the chance to meet up with former Eurovision Song Contest winner, Anne Marie David who won for Luxembourg back in 1973 with the song 'Tu Te Reconnaitras' and was in Malta on a one day visit. In the meantime, the betting odds for this years' event will also be tackled as a rundown of the favourites is taken up whilst another give songs will be previewed so that the viewers can become better acquainted with the entries int his years' event.

Make sure not to miss this weeks' edition of Eurovision news which is broadcasted on ONE Television, produced by MediaBox and hosted by none other than Wayne Aquilina.

Source: Press Release (Wayne Aquilina)

She has managed to come a long way – few might remember Claudia as being the shy yet bubbly teenager who made her official debut to the music industry when she took part in the talent show, hosted on Net TV called Hot Spot. Despite the fact that she did not manage to win the talent show, she still made it into the final rounds. Throughout the series, she was always known as Fabrizio Faniello’s younger sister, but just two years later she was entrusted with a song for Malta Song for Europe and despite not making it through with that particular song, the composer namely Ray Agius gave her the opportunity to perform an entry initially submitted by Olivia Lewis bearing the name "High Alert".

Claudia’s career started with her being in the shadow of her older brother who had represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2001. In the Malta Song for Europe, Claudia, the individual who idolised her brother was now competing against him, and it was surely another success for the Faniello’s. Claudia was one of the singers tipped to do well, and her debut at the Maltasong For Europe could not have started better presenting a very strong song and a brilliant presentation, but on that day, Claudia was overshadowed by her brother who managed to win his right to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time, with the song ‘I Do’.

2006 also had a positive outlook for Claudia as she managed to triumph in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the song ‘Ma Nafx’. Claudia also had another song in that festival which was later withdrawn and was used as of the songs that Claudia sung in Italy during the San Remo festival activities which was another success for the budding star. In 2007, Claudia faced a storm, after Fabrizio’s disappointing result at the Eurovision, Claudia had to face critics and show that although the Faniello’s are siblings they are two different artists. The self penned ‘L-Imhabba Ghamja’ failed to make it to the final stage of that year’s Maltasong, but this made Claudia come back even stronger.

Daunting a new slimmer look, the 2008 Malta Song For Europe was an unforgettable experience for Claudia, which established her amongst one of Malta’s finest singers. The song ‘Sunrise’ showed a side of Claudia the local public were unaware of. The soft romantic ballad surprised everyone; presented with a floral length purple gown, accompanied by a piano and Claudia’s strong haunting voice won over the judges’ votes and managed a decent third from the televote. The song penned and composed by Ray Aguis ended a respectable third overall but this was not the only success for Claudia in this festival. The upbeat number ‘Carravaggio’ was something fresh, and it seemed that Claudia enjoyed singing every second of this song. The song penned by Godwin Sant and composed by Ray Aguis managed to win the runner up spot at that year’s Malta Song; resulting in Claudia winning both 2nd and 3rd place after Morena’s ‘Vodka’.

Being one of the absolute favourites to win the local Eurovision crown, Claudia ended a respectable 4th in 2009 with a ballad by the same duo that got her the runner up finish at the previous Malta Song. ‘Blue Sonata’ was another crowd favourite but the judges overlooked it's potential. 2010 saw Claudia being shortlisted in the ‘Giovani’ section in the ever popular festival of SanRemo, but unfortunately the song ‘Guardami’ failed to make it to the final stage of the competition. Still, this was definitely another experience that Claudia will cherish. Once again, in the same year Claudia was once more one of the favourites for the Malta Eurosong but even though internet polls suggested that the win was for her to take, things developed differently on the final night and Claudia ended in the 8th position with ‘Samsara’, a song penned by Gerard James Borg and composed by Philip Vella. This was one of Claudia’s worst results, but once again she got back to work; this time with the aim to accomplish her dream and finish her debut album.

With the release of the single of ‘I Hate This Song’ in early August along with the release of a professional video, Claudia paved the way to launch her debut album ‘Convincingly Better’ on the 20th of August. These are only some of the highlights from Claudia’s relatively short career, as she also represented Malta in a number of festivals abroad and managed to release another music video for the popular ‘Wild Flower’.

The once shy teenager broke from its shell and certainly moved on and developed her own sense of style. Claudia will certainly continue to ride high on the local airwaves and hopefully will soon hit the international scene too. Things look bright for the local starlet; hard work always pays off in the end.

Here are we once again to update you, fellow local scene followers, updating you with this weeks’ top hits from the Maltese islands! Nathan D continues to count down the local hits on his show through Bay Radio on Saturday afternoon between 13:30 and 14:30.

Fellowfish’s ‘All the way madness’ seems to be making its way to the top 10 positions of the chart. A mellow song, good lyrics, and magnificient blend of voices. A top favourite indeed and I guess it can make it in the top 10 by next week. Just the perfect song to listen to after a hectic day at work. Great work Fellowfish! Another listen to Jean-Claude’s ‘April Symphony’ this week, which unfortunately lacks to make it to the top positions of the chart, underlying the fact that’s it’s been three weeks in a row since this song has been played on Maltese radios. It’s a simple song, which lyrics blend perfectly with the simple ‘symphony’.

A new single this week from the playlist, from Mathematikal. ‘That Kind of Girl’ from their new work; Nightbreakers. “It’s the title they choose as most appropriate for a new 5-track EP. It denotes the severely broken sleep patterns, the drawing inspiration from the darkest hours of night, and the striking a balance between feeling cosmopolitan and living in the middle of nowhere. It incorporates the mandatory nods of acknowledgement to funky melancholia, the persistence in treating synths and guitars as equally powerful riff-machines, and the vocal lines from outerspace”

New entry, ‘Relentless’, sung by Cheess and Vandroo, has reached position number #10 this week after being quite popular in the last weeks. It has a very clubby sound, which seems to be popular with the Maltese and maybe one of the last club hits this year. Another new entry this week at position number #9 is ‘Look down below’ sung by Nosnow/Noalps. They have just been awarded ‘Best Image’ award and ‘Best CD Sleve’ at the recent Malta Music Awards and they are also nominated for ‘Best Band’ award for next week’s Bay Music Awards. Their single strucks you immediately and I hope that this song rises even more in the chart in the coming last weeks of the year.

New entry three weeks ago, the best male artist of the 2011 Malta Music Awards in the form of Aaron Benjamin, whose track entitled 'Let's Dance', makes its mark at position number #8, going down two positions. And here’s my current favourite song; The group Funk Initiative, who have changed their style completely with their second track entitled 'The Liberators', have gone up another position this week and it seems that the Maltese are enjoying this kind of twisted classical musical with that modern touch. This week, position number #7 is all theirs! A band who is nominated for the Best Band award in this year’s BMA’s. Three Stops to China with their latest track 'Enemy Club Song', have dropped down position number #6, after two weeks enjoying the top position and last week’s position number #3.

Talitha & Jesper Ejrup have managed to rise to position number #5 this week after entering the chart last week at position number #8 with the single “Why”. A catchy song with simple lyrics. Perhaps it can have an instant drop-down if the entries of this week rise or far more, if new entries reach the chart. We’ll wait and see. Red Electrick in collaboration with Ray Mercieca of the group ‘The Riffs’, have continued to rise in this weeks’ chart, making it to position number #4 with a track which bears the name 'It's A Shame'. This rock song was a new entry three weeks ago. One should point out that Red Electrick are nominees for Best Band and their song ‘Elusive’ is also amongst the nominees for Best Song in the upcoming Bay Music Awards. Great rock song indeed!

Corina ft. Toby with the track 'Someone New', which has been in the chart for quite some time, has gone down one position this week. ‘Someone New’ is in position number #3. Two weeks’ ago only new entry, which was already enjoying position number #9 goes up another three astonishing positions and this week occupies position number #2. ‘Reach out’, sung by Lindsay Pace, in collaboration with Toby is Bay’s official song for this festive season, dedicated to ‘Bay Kids’, especially putting forward the importance to aid others during these particular days of the year. Lindsay is nominated in this year’s Bay Music Awards for the Best Solo Artist and also for the Best Song (with her song ‘Lovesick). The Bay Music Awards will this year be held on the 12th December, eve of a public holiday.

Having come into the chart four weeks ago, the group Dolls for Idols manage to keep position number #1 with their new track 'Rave N Roll', after being in position number #4 two weeks ago and position number #2 two weeks ago. They are Best New Comer nominees in this year’s BMA’s.

Bridget Bone and Of the Owl have lacked to keep their respective positions and were replaced by the new entries this week. Will they make a return or will the new ‘listen-to’s’ make their way up the playlist? So stay tuned to ESCflashmalta for the latest updates in Malta’s top 10 chart and also regarding new hits from the Maltese scene.

Source: Bay Radio

Yesterday evening marked the beginning of a new journey for Claudia Faniello because she launched her debut album bearing the name of "Convincingly Better". As part of our special coverage throughout the week, reviewed her illustrious rise to fame including her first television performances, her Malta Eurosong trials, her foreign festival endeavors and most recently, the launch of her debut single. The artist is surely set for success in the very near future and should be in the elite list of individuals who have managed to become big both nationally and internationally.

The album launch which took place at the new bottling plant of the General Soft Drinks Company Limited was part of a fund raising activity for the Malta Community Chest Fund entitled "GIVE". At around eleven in the evening, Claudia Faniello took to the stage in a short black dress to perform a string of tracks from the new album including the tracks, "I'm Dangerous", "Walk With Me", "Guardami", "Convincingly Better" and "I Hate This Song". The album shows a new side of the artist, a side which she definitely enjoys because the way in which she interpreted the songs was something out of this world. Following her performances, she met with the people and sold the album, part of the money going as a donation to the aforementioned charity. In the meantime, you could also buy the album online through this link here.

As a special treat and an end to our special focus on Claudia Faniello this week, we are going to open up a competition in which, YOU can be the winner of one of the five debut albums that we have been given by the management of Claudia Faniello. The simple question that is being asked is none other than "When did Claudia Faniello achieve her best result at the GO Malta Song For Europe?" All answers should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. till the 31st August 2010 with the winners set to be informed by email on the 1st September 2010. Make sure to send your mobile number as well as your postal address.

One of the most anticipated events on the Maltese musical calender surely has to be the Konkors Kazunetta Indipendenza which is an open air event held in the Floriana Granaries during the Independence festivities. Several local stars participate in the event promoting Maltese culture and lyrics. It is expected that this years' edition will be bigger and better and this is due to the fact that the festival is moving within its twentieth year and therefore, this marks a little bit of a milestone.

We are in an exclusive position to reveal that this years' edition of the Konkors Kazunetta Indipendenza received a total of 103 Entries, 14 of which have been submitted within the Teen Category, showing a decrease of 18 submissions from last year whilst a total of 89 entries were submitted in the Established Category, a decrease of 4 from last year. I believe that the reason for the decrease all owns up to the lack of studios in Malta and also the Secondary and post-secondary level education exams which are currently taking place. Next Saturday, the songs which have been submitted within the Established Category will be witted down to 50 and those chosen will perform live in front of a different panel of judges later on where the final decision are then made known.

Source: KKI Committee