September 19, 2019

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Monday, 02 April 2012 22:39

Exclusive: Claudia Faniello Joins Escflashmalta Guest Commentary

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It has been quite the interesting season this year, especially with the lead up to the annual Eurovision Song Contest proving to be quite unpredictable most of the time with surprise victories all of the the continent including Russia, The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Malta amongst others. We have sought to make the experience as whole even more entertaining and that is why, we are preparing sublime coverage of the actual two weeks which will see the people in Europe even more interested in the ongoing process of rehearsals, press conferences and also interviews. When it comes to the actual shows, we have enlisted three incredible artists to help our team with the respective live commentary. In fact, we have already confirmed Raquela as the guest commentator for semi-final one whilst Simon Casey will be taking up the second semi-final. For the final, we would like to reveal the musical styling of Claudia Faniello who did the same thing just two years ago in 2010.

Since bursting out onto the local music scene, Claudia Faniello has been reaching new heights of success and one has to remember that she started on a local competition entitled Hotspot which aired on NET Television, also the beginning of the career for Cliff Zammit Stephens, Eleanor Spiteri, and Annabelle Debono amongst others. Following her initial participation in the Malta Song for Europe with the Ray Agius penned track High Alert originally performed by Olivia Lewis, she has not looked back, going onto win the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza the following year with the track Ma Nafx (I Don't Know). She has twice finished as the runner-up of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the first in 2008 with the track Caravaggio and the second earlier this year with the song Pure. She is still the peoples' darling this year and the choice of Kurt still amazes everyone especially due to the fact that the public is still not behind him completely but warming up to him in general. Nevertheless, Claudia is moving forward and with a brand new brand which she spearheads entitled The Common Talk, she will surely reach more and more success. We are proud to have Claudia Faniello on board for yet another year.