December 11, 2019

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Thursday, 24 May 2012 21:24

Eurovision 2012: Malta in the Final as the Final Running Order is Revealed

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Years of traditions have seen the Eurovision Song Contest grow into the spectacle that it has become in the present times and it is quite amazing to see that such a small country such as Malta can still qualify to the finals of the esteemed event when making sure that there is the right promotion, the right team and of course the right song and that is why, we would like to congratulate everyone who was on stage and behind the scenes during the performance and made sure that it was completely flawless. In the lead up to the competition, there had been a lot of talk that this could really be one of the better years for Malta and Kurt Calleja along with his team got through thanks to a performance of the song This Is The Night written by Johan Jämtberg, Kurt Calleja and Mikael Gunnerås.

The first hurdle is complete and therefore, it will be quite interesting to see which part of the draw, Malta will be performing within at this stage of the competition noting that Malta has been absent from the final since 2009 when Chiara had managed to qualify in sixth place with the song What If We. The reality is that Kurt and his team do not need a lot to improve on the twenty second result achieved that year and we believe that with the same performance, he can definitely place well.

The full list of qualifiers this evening included none other than Lithuania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, Sweden, FYR Macedonia, Norway, Estonia, Malta and Turkey. We are awaiting the start of the press conference in order to see how the final running order will look like in the long run. We have spoken to Anton Attard, the Maltese Head of Delegation who is delighted that we have qualified to the finals telling us; They deserve it and we will now be working hard for Saturday evening.

Draw for the Running Order

01. United Kingdom

02. Hungary

03. Albania

04. Lithuania

05. Bosnia & Herzegovina

06. Russia

07. Iceland

08. Cyprus

09. France

10. Italy

11. Estonia

12. Norway

13. Azerbaijan

14. Romania

15. Denmark

16. Greece

17. Sweden

18. Turkey

19. Spain

20. Germany

21. Malta

22. FYR Macedonia

23. Ireland

24. Serbia

25. Ukraine

26. Moldova 

Last modified on Thursday, 24 May 2012 22:28