January 18, 2020

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Saturday, 26 May 2012 15:20

Eurovision 2012: Order for Voting Established

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This years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is really proving to be quite interesting especially due to the fact that there is no outright winner especially following last nights' dress rehearsal which saw two of the leading countries being Romania and Sweden failing to live up to their respective expectations and encountering some issues during their respective performances. Nevertheless, the way that the voting has been panned out by the European Broadcasting Union based on the jury votes is actually quite intriguing and therefore could see any country head out into a strong lead early all although it is quite funny that the Nordic countries have been set aligned from the middle of the scoreboard towards the very end which might mean that Loreen and Euphoria for Sweden did very well last night. 

Malta will be represented by newscaster Keith Demicoli this evening having already had his fair share of experience in such occasions related to the Eurovision Song Contest being the host of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 and 2011 alongside Pauline Agius and Valerie Vella whilst also being the Head Judge during this years' competition which saw Kurt Calleja win the right to represent Malta in this years' Eurovision Song Contest with the song This Is The Night. Malta will also be voting in the ninth position this evening so make sure to vatch a glimpse of how the voting will turn out in the long run because it proved to be quite an exciting evening. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com this evening as we follow the show live with commentary by Marc Calleja Bayliss as well as guest commentary by Swedish songwriter Magnus Kaxe as well as top local performers Sophie and Christabelle. The spokesperson for each country is also in brackets.

  1. Albania - (Andri Xhahu)
  2. Montenegro - (Marija Markovic)
  3. Romania - (Paula Seling)
  4. Austria - (Kati Bellowitsch)
  5. Ukraine - (Aleksey Matius)
  6. Belarus - (Dmitry Koldun)
  7. Belgium - (Peter Van de Veire)
  8. Azerbaijan - (Safura Alizadeh)
  9. Malta - (Keith Demicoli)
  10. San Marino - (Monica Fabbri)
  11. France - (Amaury Vassili)
  12. United Kingdom - (Scott Mills)
  13. Turkey - (Ömer Önder)
  14. Greece - Adriana Magania)
  15. Bosnia & Herzegovina - (Elvir Lakovic Laka)
  16. Moldova - (Olivia Fortuna)
  17. Bulgaria - (Anna Angelova)
  18. Switzerland - (Sara Hildebrand)
  19. Slovenia - (Lorella Flego)
  20. Cyprus - (Loucas Hamatsos)
  21. Croatia - (Nevena Rendeli)
  22. Slovakia - (Mária Pietrová)
  23. FYR Macedonia - (Kristina Talevska)
  24. Netherlands - (Vivienne van den Assem)
  25. Portugal - (Joana Teles)
  26. Iceland - (Matthias Matthiasson)
  27. Sweden - (Sarah Dawn Finer)
  28. Norway - (Nadia Hasnaoui)
  29. Lithuania - (Ignas Krupavičius)
  30. Estonia - (Getter Jaani)
  31. Denmark - (Louise Wolff)
  32. Ireland - (Grainne Seoige)
  33. Latvia - (Valters Fridenbergs)
  34. Spain - (Elena S Sánchez)
  35. Finland - (Mr Lordi)
  36. Georgia - (Sopho Toroshelidze)
  37. Italy - (Ivan Bacchi)
  38. Serbia - (Maja Nikolić)
  39. Germany - (Anke Engelke)
  40. Russia - (Oxana Fedorova)
  41. Hungary - (Éva Novodomszky)
  42. Israel - (Ofer Nachshon)

Source: Eurovision.tv

Last modified on Saturday, 26 May 2012 16:21