February 19, 2020

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 22:37

Hungary: Rules for National Selection Published

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1994 has to be noted as a pivotal year for the annual Eurovision Song Contest due to the fact that two countries which entered for the first time; Poland and Hungary would achieve a stunning debut result, which up to this moment in time remains to be their best ever finish. Hungary confirmed their entry into the 2013 competition to be held in Malmo, Sweden just days after the event came to a close as the country managed a second final in a row with Compact Disco and their entry Sound of Our Hearts who had succeeded Kati Wolf and her track What About My Dreams? The results in the final have not been something to write home about but convincing them to stay had already been an issue especially following their one year absence in 2010 having not qualified in both of the previous two years. No changes have been made by MTV to the selection process which was officially unveiled yesterday evening.

In fact, the selection known as A Dal will officially commence with a submission deadline set forth until the 20th December 2012. All of the tracks have to be in Hungarian, even those songs which are originally sent in English as the rule is that the performance on national television has to be in the language of origin of Hungary. When it comes to the winning entry, the broadcaster reserves the right to choose the language and also replace the singer for any of the selected entries if they deem it necessary. All of the applicants have to send their entry on a CD or a DVD including pictures of the artist, composer, lyricist and also a copy of the lyrics in English should they be application. Attached to the form there should also be the lyrics, the video clip if it exists and a statement that they read and understood and thus will abide with all of the respective regulations as set forth by the broadcaster. Any who is interested in submitting their entries, should do so at the following address; Eurovíziós Dalfesztivál, MTVA, 1037 Budapest, Kunigunda útja 64. During the live shows, there will be four male and one female juror, one of which will be the lead singer of Compact Disco in order to replace Kati Wolf. Stay tuned for more information about Hungary in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: MTV


Last modified on Wednesday, 24 October 2012 22:51