December 07, 2019

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Saturday, 12 January 2013 01:45

MESC 2013: A Review of 'Let Your Heart Talk'

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Malta will be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the twenty-sixth year according to the record books and the results have been rather varied during this period noting that there have been first and second runner-up finishes along with a number of top ten placings but non-qualification has also been on the cards as of late even at times when the nation had been tipped of making it through only to be disappointed on the evening by a dismal performance. The Maltese preselection which has been coined as the Malta Eurovision Song Contest has always been really intriguing and some of the best talent turns up to try their aim to represent the nation and indeed, promotion is key, hence the investment of the Public Broadcasting Services in radio and television exposure. IN the meantime, is carrying out a set of professional reviews with the points awarded through a Eurovision system seemingly unveiled a winner through the programme Sas-Sitta on NET Television just days after the competition comes to an end. The sixth entry to be reviewed is Let Your Heart Talk performed by Franklin, composed by Ray Agius and penned by Alfred C Sant.

Franklin is a relatively up and coming performer in the local music scene noting that his fame came about throughout the summer months by virtue of competing in the reality talent show known as Don't Stop Me Now hosted by Eileen Montesin on NET Television with one of the four resident judges being none other than 1994 Eurovision Song Contest representative; Moira Stafrace. At the end of the series, the male performer had been dubbed as one of the artists to watch out for in the future especially having had the opportunity to performer a duet with another former representative in the form of Ludwig Galea during the final. He was revealed as the winner and that was just the beginning of the fan craze behind the performer that has become Franklin. It is important to denote that despite not taking up singing in recent years in favour of other skills such as modelling, Franklin was one of the finalists in the Malta Junior Eurosong competition a couple of years back, with the track Give Me Time which had only managed to finish in fifteenth position out of the sixteen that were eventually competing during the evening. Nevertheless, Franklin then and now is completely different and this shows through his extremely wide vocal range performing on the weekly show Ħadd Għalik which is produced by Where's Everybody and hosted by Angie Laus.

Franklin had originally spoke of his intentions to participate in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest to before it was revealed that he had indeed submitted two entries to the competition and was somewhat blessed to have been selected as one of the semi-finalists that will be competing at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali on the 1st February. The entry that he will be presenting entitled Let Your Heart Talk is well written to show off his vocals and somewhat reminiscent to some of the best songs released by Leona Lewis as heard above in the form of Here I Am but it is more a case of staying true to his main genre. Songwriting credit in this entry goes to Maestro Ray Agius who is responsible for the music and Alfred C Sant who took care of the lyrics. Both individuals have been to the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions, the latter having penned the track Keep Me In Mind (1995) and In a Woman's Heart (1996) and the former having been the composer of Let Me Fly (1997) and Keep Me In Mind (1995). They have worked with a number of artists through the years as a team including Amber, Claudia Faniello and Lawrence Gray amongst others with a number of runner-up finishes in the local competition, the most recent being last year with the track Answer With Your Eyes performed by the aforementioned Amber who has decided to work with a new team in 2013.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 64%

Sharon Vaughn: Impressive song … really impressive singer. Well done.

Martin Isherwood: Chorus pretty but unremarkable. Nice voice with a good range although tuning wobbles in a couple of places. Nice overall but not really special enough to win.

Stano Simor: Franklin has charisma and good voice. This is a good song within it's genre, but a bit old-fashioned. The song is unnecessarily difficult. Falsetto is still not strong enough. Definitely looks good on stage, and that is quite important.

Roberto Meloni: This is the type of song that would suit a musical but I am not sure about it competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. His vocal skills are unremarkable, although the end looks like a tribute to Whitney.

Lina Eriksson: A really beautiful ballad with lovely lyrics. Franklin is a great technical singer. I think this song can sure appeal to Europe. 

Source: Public Broadcasting Services,

Last modified on Monday, 14 January 2013 03:05