January 17, 2020

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 16:45

Croatia: HRT Reveals Song Title

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Nina Badric was internally selected by HRT, the Croatian broadcaster to represent the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, banking on her popularity in the Ex-Yugoslavian states but there were quite a couple in the same semi-final and the votes swayed in different directions whilst things did not look up initially following vocal issues including surgery for the performer. Ultimately, the song she performed entitled Nebo finished in twelfth place within the semi-final. 2013 is set to be a completely different year because, they will be going extremely traditional in their choice by virtue of selecting a Klapa. As a matter of fact, the performers are being selected but the track has already been commissioned, and written.

The chosen entry seems to have been entitled Mizerija which as you might have guessed translates into Misery or Sadness, therefore giving the idea of an emotional track. The songwriter is Goran Topolovac who comes from the town of Duga Resa. More details about the performers as well as the track will be revealed in the coming weeks. HRT has been thinking about the process for quite some time and in order to be sure of the specifications, they also have a reserve entry bearing the title Cili Svit Za Bili Cvi. The best result for the country was a fourth place achieved in 1996 and 1999 with Sveta Ljubav and Marija Magdalena. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the Croatian entry in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: HRT


Last modified on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 16:45