December 10, 2019

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Thursday, 24 January 2013 01:05

MESC 2013: Reviewing the track 'Tides of Illusion'

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Politics has played an extremely important role in several industries and the real reason behind the Eurovision Song Contest was to unite the continent through the power of song. The idea was well respected and in a matter o years, there were more countries intrigued by the concept and wanting to compete against their continental neighbours. Artists have gained recognition from the event whilst others who had already been popular have also sought to compete in recent years, giving the event more credibility. In Malta, venturing into the unknown is not easy and therefore artists are going to take up the event which gives them the most exposure and that is certainly the Malta Eurovision Song Contest which received major publicity on television and radio broadcasters under the cap of the Public Broadcasting Services. The programme Sas-Sitta on NET Television on the other hand is working closely with as a number of awards will be presented to commemorate the competition. One of the aforementioned prizes will be a critic award based on professional reviews and points given by international members of the music business, ones which have worked with some of the most astonishing names in the industry. The eighteenth review is of Tides of Illusion composed by Jason Paul Cassar, penned by Mario Farrugia and performed by Ylenia. It will be performed in slot number 2.

Ylenia, one of the youngest people in this years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest has a wealth of experience behind her most notably at the Malta Junior Eurosong on three consecutive occasions, starting in 2008 with I Can’t Live Without It finishing in fourth place, in 2009 with My One True Passion managing the first runner-up position and last but not least in 2010 where she competed with the track Shout It Out! reaching third place. The following year, Ylenia decided to put her name forward for another competition, this time entitled ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, hosted by former Eurovision Song Contest commentator, Eileen Montesin on Television Malta. Despite the tough competition she faced, she was the clear favourite from day one and emerged as the winner at the end of the series. Last year, she had the opportunity to perform as a backing vocalist during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest to none other than Kurt Calleja and his winning entry This Is the Night. Unfortunately, due to performance restrictions, she was replaced at the very end by Amber who is also competing in this years’ competition with another entry. Ylenia is never too far away from music considering that she is reading for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and History of Art at the University of Malta, keeping her in line with everything.

Tides of Illusion is definitely not the type of entry that I was expecting from Ylenia as she debuts in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest but it seems that this genre fits in appropriately and thus gives her that added edge which is needed to stand out in the competition. It is important to denote that there have been several comparisons to the winning entry of Euphoria but then again, it is quite irresponsible and thoughtless when keeping in mind that dance tracks have been around for quite some time with the eighties and the nineties somewhat booming. Indeed, they have become popular once more these past few years but that doesn’t make each entry in the national selections based on that particular entry. The songwriters for this entry are Jason Cassar and Mario Farrugia and this is their third entry together in the competition following the 2009 song Where Was I? performed by Jamie Tonna and the 2010 entry Once In a Lifetime sung by Nadine & Clifford. On the other hand, Jason Paul Cassar was the brains behind two entries which represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest including The One That I Love sung by Chiara in 1998 and My Dream performed by Thea Garrett in 2010 alongside lyricist, Sunny Aquilina.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 61%

Sharon Vaughn: Very obviously in the vein of Euphoria. She is a wonderful singer with a great falsetto vocal ability. I would love to hear her on another type of song other than this style. It really throws me that this is so close to Sweden's winning song.

Martin Isherwood: Not sure what a tide of illusion is or that it works as an image. Lots of words but little said. Nice voice although feels auto-tuned. Strong melodies. Takes time to get going as a dance track. Production feels a little dated. Could stand a chance overall but the competition tends to move on from previous years and this doesn't. Emulates last year's overall winner.

Stano Simor: Young, friendly, talented and full of energy. This is a necessary ingredient for the type of competition that is Eurovision. Ylenia works very well with the camera, too. She has a very good voice. Chorus vocal line is just not strong enough. It’s like a pre-chorus after which I am waiting a chorus, which does not come. General as a package though, I evaluate this very positively .

Roberto Meloni: This song clearly sounds Maltese in terms of production. On the other hand, this is an artist who performs well but this track is too far from being another exceptional entry that was indeed, 'Euphoria'.

Lina Eriksson: I like Ylenia's voice which reminds me a bit of Agnes (Release me).  I like this song. Still, melody and lyrics are better than the actual production. 

Source: Public Broadcasting Services,

Last modified on Thursday, 24 January 2013 01:12