November 19, 2019

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Thursday, 24 January 2013 18:56

Finland: Arion and Krista Head to the Final

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YLE, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest has somewhat taken part for a relatively long time without achieving success but all this changed in 2006 when the group Lordi emerged as the victors with the track Hard Rock Halleluljah. Since then, qualification has almost been assured every year but it seems that luck is not on their side when taking up the past three editions in which the nation has failed to qualify on two occasions including last year when they were represented by Pernilla Karlsson and her track När Jag Blundar. This year, the selection process has been praised by several critics and the song quality in the first heat last week was definitely well received seeing to the qualification of We Could Be True by Mikael and Colliding Into You by Diandra.

This evening, another six entries will be presented, out of which two will qualify directly into the final stage of the competition. The venue chosen is The Circus Nighclub in Helsinki and the result will be decided like last week in a combination of tele-voting and jury voting. The panel of judges on the other hand is made up of Toni Wirtanen, Redrama, Aija Puurtinen and Tomi Saarinen. The male and female duo who are taking care of the preselection process are none other than  Ile Uusivuori and Anne Lainto. The official website of the Eurovision Song Contest will be offering a webcasr of the show as it did last week and this could be accessed through this link. In the meantime, you could denote which entries will be performed this evening through the running order published below. It should be an intriguing set of entries once more.

Atlético Kumpula - Paperilyhty

Atletico Kumpula  presents the song paper lantern. We see six men on stage. They give us a quite traditional song. It reminded me of naplitan style of music. At the begininng the singer just talks to the audience. As a stage presence they give us a traditional view of a band. Actually; there is nothing new in this song; and personally i think that is not a good choice for eurovision. However; it is a sweet song.

Krista Siegfrids – Marry Me 

Krista presents the song marry me. The singer wears a wedding dress. Three men are wearing as grooms and are dancing together with the singer doing quite a good choreography together with the wedding flowers. Quite an original and different song. It may do well at the Eurovision Song Contest, which is being held in the Swedish city of Malmo.

Lucy Was Driving – Dancing All Around The Universe

The band lucy was driving gives us a rock song. The colour used on stage is black. As a set on stage there is a typical band performance. The song reminds me of coldplay style of music. It is a song that is easily forgotten. A good performance.

Arion – Lost

arion gives us a rock song. Omce this song starts, it reminds me of the song fight of natalia barbu for Moldova back in time. Although I noticed this similarity; it is a good rock song. An amazing performance with a very good stage presence. A good contender.

Elina Orkoneva – He’s Not My Man 

Elena is wearing a cream glittery dress. She is accompanied with 2 backing vocals that are clapping with the song. There is a drummer and  2 guitarists. As a chaerography the singer and the backing vocalists do the same moves in certain parts of the song. A confident performance and a very different song. A great applaus from the audience.

Great Wide North – Flags

Great Wide North is another band. This song reminds me a bit of the olsen brothers that won the eurovision in Stockolm for Denmark back in 2000. Three guitarist together with the lead singer and a drummer at the back. It is a pleasent song.

The Show (Part 2)

Well, the hosts are back on stage and explaining that tele-voting, accountable to 50% of the final result this evening is open and thus a recap is shown reminding the people of the performances witnessed this evening. The level was quite good and Finland might be in for a really good result. Hope that you are also following us on Twitter (@escflashmalta) as our Editor-In-Chief comments on the songs there as well. Interviews with the artists backstage are currently ongoing and one has to look this informal feeling to a selection, making it warmer in terms of production. The jury votes have been announced and Arion was somewhat the clear winner but nevertheless, in second place comes Great Wide North leaving Krista in third place. This should be interesting! WHOA! Surprising result as Krista is the first through to the final with her entry Marry Me followed by none other than Arion with the track Lost. The remaining performers competing for the final slots will take part in a second chance show coined as a semi-final next week.

Last modified on Sunday, 03 February 2013 20:21