November 15, 2019

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Monday, 28 January 2013 06:10

MESC 2013: A Review of 'Us Against the World'

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The European Broadcasting Union in conjunction with SVT, the broadcaster responsible for hosting this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest unveiled their theme art along with their slogan, We Are One a couple of days back and the artists of the national final, here in Malta had a number of promotional activities where they enjoyed the company of each other on television, by virtue of playing games which required teamwork and even performing medleys. It is important that apart from individual promotion, there are such group affairs because otherwise, the experience would not be maximized in the best possible way. The editorial board of nevertheless, has mentioned the contestants together on various occasions but our professional panel of critics evaluated each track individually before ultimately selected their most favourite entries in a typical Eurovision Song Contest vote. The final result will ultimately be revealed on the programme Sas-Sitta produced by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment and aired on NET Television where someone will be taking home a trophy. The twenty-second entry is entitled Us Against the World, composed by Boris Cezek to the lyrics of Dean Muscat with vocals provided by Gianni.

Gianni, noted in the competition as the oldest competitor but nevertheless, with a fresh outlook and somewhat of a young attitude. His experience in the local music scene is vast and once more, he is a veteran in his own right, having started playing in a band in 1987, when he was just fifteen. As a matter of fact, it was none other than Filletti and Friends whose lead vocalist is one of the most notable names in the country. In 1992, Gianni formed the band rug which involved Gilly on drums, Eric on bass and Anthony on Keyboard and suddenly, they were touring all over the islands in venues which were somewhat unimaginable at times. The idea of starting a band was met with huge success, pointing out that Rug still have a sizeable following especially due to their realistically explicit tracks, some of which have also been banned from radio. In 2000, as a soloist, Gianni submitted an entry in the Malta Song for Europe competition entitled My Friends which managed to find its way into the final round and finish in thirteenth place. After that, he only decided to return to the competition last year with the song Petals on a Rose co-written between Trevor Fenech, Robin Abrahamsson, Amir Aly and Maciel Numhauser finishing in a sublime fourth place, whilst obtaining the second highest amount of votes from the public.

The pop/rock genre has become somewhat increasingly popular at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and considering that this is the style that has reflected Gianni’s character for a very long time, it is definitely not amiss for another performance. The entry entitled Us Against The World speaks about the individual who has to live up to the actions that he does in everything life and must join forces with someone else, and take on the world together. It is quite intriguing to note that there is a romantic story behind the heroic effort but the preview video stands out from the rest just for the simple reason of having a giant planet earth in the middle of the setup. The songwriters of this entry are newcomers to the local competition but nevertheless, have worked in the music scene for quite some time. The composer is none other than Boris Cezek whilst the lyricist is Dean Muscat. Their other entries entitled Tomorrow and Perfect Day performed by Gianluca Bezzina and Janice DeBattista have already been presented. Boris is a stunning producer and has worked with the likes of Miriam Christine, Kristina Casolani, Ivan Filletti and Thomas Hedley amongst others whilst Dean has also worked with former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Thea Garrett, Raquela and the Big Band Brothers amongst others.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 56%

Sharon Vaughn: This sounds like an extremely commercial track by a indie band from the United Kingdom!

Martin Isherwood: Strong title. Good chorus. Lyrics are strong. Nice to see McFly senior having another crack at it, although it feels like a song for a younger performer.

Stano Simor: Another song that is very melodic, but not completely sits in Eurovision genre. Anyways it’s a one of the few presentations, where is the whole band on stage. Harmonies in the bridge are very specific and have a positive impact on the final chorus. Gianni and his team need to work on their stage image. 

Roberto Meloni: I have the feeling, that he tries to look younger than he actually is and that is not fine for my taste. One Direction style in terms of presentation and in my opinion, this should not get through to the final.

Lina Eriksson: I like this, especially the lyrics. I don’t know how good a chance it will stand in the ESC though. Production wise the pre-chorus ruins it a bit for me. Could work on the radio.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services,

Last modified on Monday, 28 January 2013 06:15