December 10, 2019

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 07:00

MESC 2013: Reviewing the track 'Wonderful Today'

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The package has always been coined as to being the element which the public and the jury must select to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest and one cannot deny that this element has not been analysed thouroughly by nations who have achieved success in the past. It has long been said that some nations who have not achieved positive results in recent years, are trying to turn back the time and check what they had done but nevertheless, times are changing and past formulas might not be the way to go and that is something that the Public Broadcasting Services has taken up in recent years, denoting a change of strategy with sheer professionalism becoming the element behind the actual selection process. Each of the competing acts in this years’ Malta Eurovision Song Contest have achieved promotion through both television and radio, whether individualistic or as a group altogether. Our portal in the meantime, has been looking at all of the tracks through a series of professional critiques by people who barely require an introduction within the international music market.  The one with the highest score will be given an award on the popular show Sas-Sitta which airs on NET Television. The final review of the series will be focusing on Wonderful Today, composed by Wayne Micallef to the lyrics of Richard Micallef with the vocalists being Richard and Petra

Introducing this duet, many people will realise that both Richard and Petra are already competing in the competition as soloists and therefore, having an additional track might not help with the overall giving of votes, both with regards to the jury and the tele-voting but the genre does differ in the tracks and this is due to the fact that they bring completely different vocals to the table which when come together form a vocal harmony which is beautiful.  Richard Edwards has become one of the most popular performers in the country having managed to finish third in tele-voting for two consecutive years with Finally and Look At Me Now which were both co-written with Jan Van Dijck, ultimately placing in second and sixth place respectively whilst Petra has been away for the competition in the past year having been a finalist in 2008 with Street Car of Desire composed by Elton Zarb to the lyrics of Rita Pace, in 2010 with the track All I Need composed by Andrew Zammit with lyrics by Keith Zammit and of course in 2011 when she had managed to get through with the song Unintentional, where she had gone back to her songwriting roots working with Elton Zarb and Rita Pace once more. The genres are absolutely different as already noted above but nevertheless, both have built strong reputations in the business. Since coming together as a romantic item in the past couple of months, several people have been wanting a duet and thus came the idea of this entry, Wonderful Today

The focus here is definitely on the entry that they are presenting as a duet rather than their solo performances which have already been analysed thouroughly by our professional panel of critics earlier on in the series. Wonderful Today could be best described as a pop/rock track with that little bit of a country twang which definitely suits both vocals equally. What is rather impressive about this entry is that there is a merge of vocals rather than someone trying to sound better and that is why, it is a vocal union.  The presentation is going to be crucial and many have come forward telling the editorial board that Richard has to calm down when it comes to the entrance because in the preview video, it looked as if he was set to start shouting at Petra and thus, it would not look good on screen. Nevertheless, I have no doubts that the professionalism of these artists like most of the other performers in the local music scene will see to it that certain issues will be ironed out. The songwriters of this entry are of course, the Micallef brothers who have written a number of tracks for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in the past including Take Me Back Again in 2003 and It's Up to You in 2005. They will also be competing with two this year. It is quite unfortunate that Wayne could not participate as a solo artist this time round due to personal issues but nevertheless, his contributions are somewhat well noted.  

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 62%

Sharon Vaughn: A Monster chorus. The verses don't match up to the choruses but the singers are amazing and sell this song.

Martin Isherwood: Nice idea for the chorus. Lyrics work ok despite the title. Voices are good. Competent but hardly distinctive in any way.

Stano Simor: Petra and Richard are extremely good singers. But the song did not touch me at all. It belongs to the average song of this competition and I think it will have a hard to enforce. We'll see, fingers crossed.

Roberto Meloni: Good singers! the song sounds a bit “old fashioned” but I like the combination of the voices and their complicity on the stage. 

Lina Eriksson: Maybe this song would have worked better as a solo-artist song? But then again I always have a hard time liking duets. As always I adore Richard but having Fall like Rome still playing in the back of my head….well this just isn’t as good.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services,

Last modified on Thursday, 31 January 2013 11:44