September 15, 2019

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Friday, 01 February 2013 05:00

Italy: Local Tabloids Name Potential Entrants

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RAI, the Italian broadcaster responsible for the nations' participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has been slowly increasing the enthusiasm put into the event denoting that the selection of the artist is coming down to the popularity and the talent rather than just one of the two. It seems that the pressure by the public is towards Marco Mengoni who was the winner of the third edition of the X Factor in Italy. Nevertheless, he achieved more success in the years after, managing to hit the number #1 position in the charts with Solo 2.0, his debut album released in 2011. The year before, he submitted a song entitled Credimi Ancora to the Sanremo competition, finishing in third place, with the single peaking at number #3 and being his first major success.


The Italian tabloids are pointing towards the strong possibility that it will be Marco Mengoni because of the public demand and negotiations are underway between RAI and his management from Sony Music Italia. Nevertheless, there seems to be two backup options with no respective order but nevertheless, featuring two females. The first from these is none other than Annalisa Scarrone who achieved fame following her first runner-up finish in the programme Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2010. She has gone onto release two albums, Nali peaking at number #2 in 2011 and Mentre Tutto Cambia going up to number #9 in 2012. The final name being mentioned is that of Malika Ayane, who was discovered back in 2008 and has gone onto major success with all of her three albums; Malika Ayane, Grovigli and Ricreazione which peaked at #9 and #2 respectively. The announcement from RAI will be made during the final night of the Sanremo competition although it is highly expected that the entry to be performed in the Eurovision Song Contest will be extremely different. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Eurofestival

Last modified on Friday, 01 February 2013 05:04