January 18, 2020

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Sunday, 03 February 2013 12:10

MESC 2013: An Analysis of the Final Night

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The Malta Eurovision has come to an end - a surprising one for the majority of the people for different reasons. The first congratulations has to go directly to PBS who took on board the comments by the public and ensured that the problems that hampered the performances in yesterday’s show where a thing of the past. The show was one of very high quality and for one of the few times, if not the first, that the winner was announced before the strokes of midnight. The show was thoroughly planned and the timing was well scheduled. The audience loved the opening act by DREAMS – the same act opened last year’s showcase and it was heavily criticized but the choice of songs and presentation left the desired effect as it was done professionally without any glitches whatsoever.

The presenters once again kept things light and although some might have criticized Gordon Bonello for his light hearted rhymes they were seen as cute and in most cases they were cleverly funny. Once again, it was up to Elaine Saliba to carry the heavy weight for tonight’s job and for the second consecutive night she did a job well done. The short interviews before each act were nicely planned and fitted the show whole heartily – although some singers could have done with better questions. The interval was possibly the best ever we have had in a long time. Gorg & Pawlu started off proceedings with their hit Hot & Famous, the Swiss representatives, Heilsarmee followed with their Eurovision entry and Kurt Calleja closed off proceedings with a medley of popular hits where he included some songs from his repertoire.

The results started off with the public opinion which saw Kevin Borg winning the full points from there, followed by Gianluca Bezzina who was clearly the second favourite behind Kevin – something which was also evident in the hall. Chris Grech followed in third place and his applause in the hall clearly indicated beforehand that he will do well with the public. From the comments on the web and the comments in the hall, these three names were seen as the main contenders for victory. Davinia Pace was surely the surprise of the evening as she finished in a distant third place collecting a number of high points from the jury which propelled the new comer to the competition up to a second runner-up finish after a very powerful performance filled with energy and dominance throughout.


The jury votes were very close to the public in terms of their votes in general; the only difference which proved to be a pivotal one in terms of the results was that the outright favourite with the jury was Gianluca who garnered the full points from all the jury with the exception of one judge who put him in second place. These were enough though to put him ahead of the rest of the pack with Kevin finishing a relatively close second but in May it will be Gianluca who will be flying the Maltese flag for Malta. The song was never the outright favourite but throughout the week it garnered popularity and was clearly seen as the entry that can cause the upset on the night. This became more evident during the semi-final night and things just got brighter for Gianluca from then on. 

The win was somewhat reminiscent of Thea Garrett’s win back in 2010 as this was Gianluca’s first time ever in the local competition. He is well known for being the front man of the band Funk Initiative and he has also performed with the choir Voices. Gianluca will become the third straight male singer to represent the country which is another first for our nation as past winners were dominated by females. One of Gianluca’s backing vocalists has already had a taste of Eurovision, as exactly ten years ago she was part of the winning team with Lynn Chircop’s ‘To Dream Again’ – perhaps someone should book her as their backing singer for 2023, you never know it might work. Gianluca’s entry ‘Tomorrow’ is receiving good feedback from abroad and his charisma will see him through this meaningful experience. 


Tomorrow has the feel good factor, so good that you get instantly hooked to its rhythm and find yourself humming along even thought you might not know the exact words. The entry can also be described as fresh with a positive outlook. The simple lyrics and the simple musical structure give the entry a great feel whilst Gianluca performs as he is narrating a dialogue and the whole act looks like it has been set up to perfection. Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek, the songwriters were the most successful team in this year's Malta Eurovision with three entries in the final and although they are new to the Eurovision scene they have experienced plenty of success on the local airwaves.The team from here onwards will start their hard work in order to ensure that Gianluca gets the best possible coverage in Europe and also by having a great performance in Malmo, Sweden. Hard work pays off and being a doctor by profession he knows that if he works hard things will eventually come as you shouldn’t leave things you have to do today for ‘Tomorrow’.

Source: Emil Calleja Bayliss (image)

Last modified on Monday, 04 February 2013 11:00