December 13, 2019

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Friday, 22 February 2013 21:18

Ireland: Eurosong 2013 - LIVE

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During the nineties, Ireland was the envy of several countries which competed in the Eurovision Song Contest having managed to win on four out of ten occasions, but their victory achieved by Eimear Quinn and her entry The Voice in 1996 would remain their last up to this point. For the past three years, the country has been quite successful, noting that Jedward and Niamh Kavanagh has managed to get through the semi-final hurdle with the former even managing a top ten position. Tonight, following two attempts by the brotherly duo, a brand new artist is chosen to fly the flag for Ireland, one which will either represent pop, ethnic or dance.

RTÉ will be hosting the national final known as Eurosong 2013 through The Late Late Show as has been the case for quite some time. In 2011, the broadcaster sought to maximise their respective resources by virtue of invited known professionals in the music industry to select the artists and the songs they would present in the selection themselves. This year, there was a lot of investment in each entry noting that official videos were shot following the internal selection process of the professional personnel including; Mairead Farrell, Shay Healy, Mark McCabe, Niall Mooney, and Stuart O'Connor. The host for the selection this eveing will be Ryan Turbidy and there are a number of guests set to take to the stage including 2006 Eurovision Song Contest winners; Lordi. Tune into the show through the official website.

A brief discussion is going on before they kick start their selection and it seems that Ireland has high hopes for this year's competition. They believe that for them to win they have to have the best song in that genre and whoever wants to win has to act like they want to win. One of the commentators was not really nice on commentating about the songs chosen thus far. He didn't say anything but indicated that the competition thus far is rather weak. Most Eurovision fans agree with him but there are three countries which are seen to have strong entries although they might not challenge for victory - this includes our own entry Tomorrow.  Will Ireland find the magical forumla that got them so many wins in the ninties? 

Running Order

Inchequin – Son Kez / The Last Time

Can't really get what this song is about. The performers seem to come from all over Europe, including Turkey which won't be taking part in the selection. The staging is Irish, the music has some great elements when the instrumental parts get on but when they start singing is like they blabbing through this ethnic dance number. The six members look odd together and I can't get this Turkish Irish fusion. They commentators are praising them and they get a good reaction from the audience but I can't see what were they thinking. One said it's got something! I think they might be slightly high tonight and their expectations are a bit too much if this is anything to go with.

Aimee Fitzpatrick – Crashing Down

The birthday girl is accompanied on stage by the 1994 winner Paul Harrington along with three backing vocalists. Her vocal rendition is perfect. Simplicity is the key in this number and it seems to work wonders. The staging is beautiful and considering that this is Ireland, few would be surprised if this triumphs tonight. It actually miles better than the previous number although the song itself seems to lack that special something but it might possibly be the best chance Ireland had this year. The soft song has touching lyrics and with the number of uptempo songs being chosen and with a good draw this might actually do well at the Eurovision.

Zoë Alexis Bohorquez – Fire

The third song comes from Zoe and her vocals along those with the backing sound a bit off. I guess that the studio really did not help make this performance better. The hand movements and some parts of the refrain were reminiscent of Kurt Calleja's 'This is the Night'. The song has a Eurovision feel to it and with a stronger performance it can easily do well. I don't think it set the room on fire though but the extra push from Niall Mooney who has great experience in the contest and the help by Donna McCaul who represented Ireland a while back can give this an extra edge but it needs loads of work to achieve a good result for Ireland. Decent.

Ryan Dolan – Only Love Survives

If Ireland think they are heading for a win with these songs, they are under an illusion. This started promising and has some good hooks to it but it lacks something. It sounds amateurish and needs a lot of work if it wins again. The good thing about this is the staging, the rest needs work and loads of it really. It follows along the same lines of a dance number, which we will hear loads of this genre in the upcoming edition of the contest. The vocals were not bad but they need work too. The commentators are definitely watching a different show to the rest of us - everything seems to be great with all the entries when this is clearly not the case and if this is everyone's 'A' game then unfortunately, Ireland is doomed!

Kasey – Kiss Me There

Final act for the evening and even though this is the last song, it feels like it was a very long night. From all the songs we have heard tonight, I guess this is actually the best one but the vocals again sound really weak. The fact that it is another dance song doesn't help and the performance looks somewhat dead. The performance and the vocals need work but I think if they are going for a song that made a slight impact it would be this or song two possibly but then again it looks outdated. Quite dire from Ireland! The nation that gave us some brilliant classics has lost all its plot. Freudian slip by the commentator 'Euro-trash'. He summed up most of the tonight's show it seems.

Level playing field. Well we all know why. None of the songs really stands out tonight. This show is not doing any justice to the Irish selection. If they wanted a Eurovision winner, they could have scrapped the selection and started over. Maybe that would have worked. The voting lines are now open and the regional jury along with the public will decide the winner tonight. Well seeing the recap, there's only one way to go and that is song 2 I guess. Not that is anything special but it is good enough. Will they win with any of these? Definitely not. Will they reach a top ten? Highly unlikely. Will Ireland even make the through the semi-finals? If things don't take a drastic turn, unfortunately they might be staying there.

The show continues and after the so called 'experts' commented about the songs we get a recap of some of the songs competiting in the contest this year. It seems that the Maltese song was not interesting enough for the Irish to put it amongst the mix of their songs. They are still under the illusion that any of their songs can actually do the trick. Oh poor guys, they are so going to be let down. For the interval act, we have the 2006 Eurovision winners Lordi. Quite strange for Ireland to get a foreign act when they have so many different winners but a bit of change always helps especially to get one of the latest winners, if you consider the 2006 Eurovision winners amongst the latest winners. 

The jury awards the top place to Crashing Down with Only Love Survives in second place but it was a tight race with just a two point difference. The tele-vote awards the full points to Only Loves Survives and it pushes Crashing Down to second place. Ryan Dolan wins it and will represent Ireland in Malmo. 


Last modified on Saturday, 23 February 2013 09:30