September 19, 2019

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Saturday, 02 March 2013 17:20

Armenia: 'Lonely Planet' Selected for Gor Sujyan

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AMPTV, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Armenia within the Eurovision Song Contest is planning their seventh entry for the international competition having taken a year off. An internal selection took place to select the artist, being none other than Gor Sujyan, who is mostly known for being the lead vocalist of the band known as The Dorians, who are also set to be performing throughout the national selection as part of the background team. This will not be the first time that Gor Sujyan will be going to the showcase for the simple reason that he was a backing vocalist to Eva Rivas and her entry Apricot Stone back in 2010 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The last entry that Armenia presented within the international spectacle was Boom Boom performed by Emmy, one of the most popular female stars in the country but the track could not make it beyond the semi-final, finishing in twelfth place with just fifty-four points. Gor Sujyan is set to perform four entries this evening, out of which a professional jury and the public will select the winning entry. The songwriters of the tracks will be announced following the end of the selection in order not to influence the voting but it seems that they come from a mixture of Armenian and foreign songwriters.

The Head of Delegation, Gohar Gasparyan who was also a judge during the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be hosting the show alongside Avet Barseghyan. During the course of the evening, guest performances are expected by Gianluca who will represent Malta with the track Tomorrow as well as Sophie & Nodi who will be representing Georgia with the song Waterfall. Following the release of the lyric video for Tomorrow, Gianluca will be performing the mastered version of his entry this evening. The song selection is set to commence at 18:30 CET and could be watched through the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Truth 

The first song of the evening kicks off and the singer is accompanied on stage by a band for this pop ballad number with a rock touch. The song has a relatively catchy refrain but the overall outcome is not so pleasant. It seems that it lacks something. The audience give a good cheer to the singer who clearly needs to work a bit on his look and perhaps a bit on his stage presence. Not a bad start to the show though. 

No Time

The second song follows suit and he is once again accompanied on stage by the same band. Not even a costume change and it seems that if these are all the song that Armenia is going to go with at the Eurovision Song Contest they will find it quite difficult to do well. This is more of a rock number with no climax at all. Well I guess it can only get better from here on. 

Toy Planet

A soft rock ballad is the third number of the night and indeed the selection does get better. This song suits his vocals more, although he needs to improve his diction on it for it to sound smooth. The song has a nice climax and the guitar solo sounds nice too. Definitely the best song thus far. Nothing extraordinary mind you but good enough and the audience seems to agree. 

Lonely Planet

Well the singer seems to be stuck on different planets but surely the last two songs featuring the planets were the best of the night. It seems that this follows in the same genre as the previous one but this is somewhat more generic. This might do better as it may have a more commercial appeal. The singer seems to be more comfortable in this number and will surely be one of the two favourites tonight. 

The Show (Part 2)

The public televote is now open and the interval act kicks off with the junior representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The band gives a very strong performance of their catchy tune and the audience seem to love this number tat has traditional elements in too. It might possibly be stronger than their actual Eurovision song as this is the best song we have heard all night. The best part of the show for all the Maltese is surely Gianluca's interpretation of Tomorrow in Armenia. Gianluca is introduced to the stage and the song starts off with the lyric video in the background.

Gianluca performs confidently and the audience seems to love the entry clapping along to its tune and some of them singing along to Tomorrow. Gianluca's smile certainly shone through the performance and it seems that his first official outing in foreign shores was a hit. The Georgian representatives follow Gianluca on stage and they perform their power ballad 'Waterfall' which although might have a relatively slow start it picks up and the ending is quite uplifting. Good performance by the Georgian duo. 

Lonely Planet will represent Armenia in Malmo.

Last modified on Sunday, 03 March 2013 12:43