December 14, 2019

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Tuesday, 09 April 2013 03:00

Radio International: Spotlight Shines on Scar

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Tomorrow, co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat with vocals provided by Gianluca will be performing in sixth position within the second semi-final of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmö, Sweden. This was decided by the producers of the international spectacle who are working in accordance with the European Broadcasting Union in order to ensure a stunning evening filled with original music representative of each country. We would like to invite you to the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience. Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via and on Digital Cable 781 & Cable 8.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

Malta are yet to win the Eurovision Song Contest managing to finish in second place on two occasions, the first time in 2002 with Ira Losco and her entry 7th Wonder composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg as well as in 2005 with Chiara and her self-penned song Angel. Nevertheless, that does not mean that they are not putting their best efforts to work noting that this time round, they are seemingly giving the opportunity to Gianluca and his song Tomorrow as mentioned above. During the selection process, we had the opportunity to interview most of the finalists along with some of those who failed to make it through to the final. One of the former acts though were surely the group Scar who are well known in the country with a string of radio successes especially off their latest album, Breaking Radio Silence which included their award nominated track, White Lie. The interview with singer/songwriter Konrad Pule encompasses the past, present and the future. They competed with a track entitled Superstar.

Portugal will not be taking part in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the broadcaster responsible for the participation, RTP caught in financial struggles and issues of privatisation but nevertheless, we expect them to return in due course. The country has never managed to finish on top of the leaderboard of the international spectacle and their last two participations were non-qualification attempts unfortunately. Filipa Sousa and her entry Vida Minha did not have the appropriate draw to carry her through to the final because the song was truly magical. We had the opportunity to speak to the former representative about her participation as well as her respective career at the moment. Nevertheless, this will not be the only interview from Portugal and this is due to the fact that we also had the chance to speak to one of the contenders in the 2012 national selection, Gerson Santos with his track Redescrobrir Portugal. Unfortunately the track was not well received and did not do well in the final, only managing one (1) point but nevertheless, that does not take away from the talents of any individual.

There will also be an interview with Rene Romkes, organiser of the Eurovision In Concert. Radio International is always keen to present songs during the show apart from the weekly features and therefore, collaborating the two ideas together will see the emergence of Eurovision UnverCover whereas tracks performed at the Eurovision Song Contest will be covered by other singers. The actual tracks will be played first followed by the cover and this will make things interesting. Apart from this feature, there will be new material played on the show by a number of former representatives including Lara Fabian. All of the latest news is also covered during the weekly broadcast noting resources from and escXtra where Luke Fisher, the Editor makes a weekly round-up. A round up of the current betting odds of this years' Eurovision Song Contest will be conducted by Alasdair Rendall. Follow the show through the official website and also send your requests through the contact link which is found on the aforementioned website.

Source: Radio International

Last modified on Tuesday, 09 April 2013 02:57