December 10, 2019

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Monday, 15 April 2013 01:27

Cyprus: Reviewing the track 'An Me Thimase'

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A set of professional individuals in the music industry were enlisted by to assess each of the competing entries in this years' Eurovision Song Contest in both an individual and collective manner apart from passing general comments from their point of view. All of the information is obtained from the official website of the international spectacle and indeed, pertaining to the running order as decided by the producers, Cyprus will be performing in slot number fourteen (14) from the sixteen (16) entries which will be competing during the first semi-final. CyBC, the broadcaster resposible for the participation of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest will be represented by the song An Me Thimase composed by Andreas Giorgallis to the lyrics of Zenon Zindillis with vocals provided by Despina Olympiou.

Despina Olympiou was born and raised in Limassol in Cyprus. However she studied in London where she obtained her degree in piano and music theory. Olympiou started singing professionally in 1992 and she collaborated on stage, with great Greek performers such as Charis Alexiou, Giorgos Dalaras, Mimis Plessas, Marios Tokas, Glykeria, Demetris Mitropanos and Michalis Hadjiyiannis. Her debut album was released in 2000 entitled Ton Mation Sou I Kalimera (The good morning of your eyes). Her single Vale Mousiki (Put some music on) was released in 2003 and it was certified platinum. Her second album entitled Ehoume Logo (We have a reason) was released in 2004, and her third album entitled Afto Einai Agape (This is love) was released in 2005. Her single Pes To Dynata (Say it loud) which was a great success was released in 2007 and there followed her fourth album entitled Mazi Horista (Separated together) which was certified gold. 

Her album Mia Stigmi (One moment) was released at the end of 2009 with eleven songs, the music which was composed by Michalis Hadjiyiannis. She went on tours in collaboration with top singers in the United States, Australia and Europe, singing in famous theatres and concert halls. This year, she will participate in the Eurovision Song contest representing her country with the song An Me Thimáse (If you remember me). Andreas Giorgallis studied music and sound engineering in London. His career begun in 1988, as a producer and sound engineer. In 1996, Giorgallis was the composer of the song Mono Gia Mas (Only for us) performed by Constantinos Christoforou, with which Cyprus participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. Zenon Zintillis was born in Nicosia and studied and worked in the United Kingdom His song represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Context in 1998 in Birmingham as a lyricist with the song Genesis performed by Michalis Hadjiyiannis.

In recent years, internal methods of selection have become increasingly popular for the simple reason that less funds are spent, especially in the midst of an economic crisis. Thanks to a series of private sponsors, Cyprus was one of the nations to ensure their participation in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Ultimately, they selected Despina Olympiou who is a star in both Cyprus and the neighbouring country of Greece with their music industry somewhat in unison. She will be following in the footsteps of Ivi Adamou who was also chosen internally but had a song selection, one which was not really required with both the public and the jury agreeing that La La Love was the way to go. The choice was extremely well respected even in foreign waters because not only did it manage to make it through to the final but also surpassed Greece. Commercial success was also achieved in Scandinavia. 

Cyprus is one of the countries which is yet to succeed in the Eurovision Song Contest noting that despite thirty (30) participations, their best result has only been a fifth place finish. The first time that this happened was back in 1982 when Anna Vissi performed the song Mono I Agapi but it would only be followed fifteen years later when Hara & Andreas Constantinou took to the stage with their rendition of Mana Mou. It also happened once during recent times with Lisa Andreas and her entry Stronger Every Minute did the same honour in 2004. Since the semi-final system was inaugurated, the country has failed to deliver positive results on a consistent basis but nevertheless, one has to point out that in the past three years, there have been two qualifications, followed by mediocre results in the final. Despina Olympiou will be hoping to follow this successful feat as she performs her entry in Sweden to millions of fans all over the world.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 43%

Magnus Kaxe: I love the acapella intro which is unusual for Eurovision. Unfortunately the song develops into a rather boring song. Please skip that horrible drum loop from the second verse and on-wards. Overall the production sounds cheap and not well worked-through. If it hadn't been for the acapella intro this song would only get 1 point from me.

Lina Eriksson: Extra points for singing in greek, and it goes well with the song. But still the song itself doesn't appeal to me. It feels like I've heard it a thousand times before and I wasn't too impressed the first thousand times either. Good singer, good voice. Production out of date.

Matt Mercieca (Muxu): I like this one, its sweet and simple, its a ballad, but this has that new vibe in it, so it doesn't sound dated. I wish i knew what she was saying, but the strings in the production are beautiful, and yet again a key change, which i seem to dislike so much.


Last modified on Monday, 15 April 2013 01:40