November 20, 2019

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 22:00

Eurovision 2013: First Semi-Final Qualifiers

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The first semi-final of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest might have proven to be a slightly subdued affair in terms of song qualify but nevertheless, the host broadcaster being SVT should be commended on the production of the show. There were a total of sixteen performances in this evenings' showcase and when it comes to analysing the qualifiers into greater detail, it seems that the typical blocks which have become popular at the Euroviison Song Contest might be breaking down with the respective divisions in the running order as created by the producers. covered the show through a live commentary with Emil Calleja Bayliss, Claudia Faniello and Simon Casey.

On their fifth participation, Montenegro have not managed to get through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest but what is surprising is that their neighbours, Serbia who have always been in the final apart from one occasion, have also failed. Moje 3, one of the most popular groups in the country were being coached by Marija Serifovic and thus this is quite a disappointing result. In the meantime, the other two countries from the Former Yugoslavia also failed to get through, these being Croatia and Slovenia. The other two countries which did not get through were Cyprus and Austria, the latter of which has not managed for two consecutive years and the former following a pretty successful year in 2012. 

  • Estonia - First Half
  • Denmark - Second Half
  • Russia - First Half
  • Ukraine - Second Half
  • The Netherlands - First Half
  • Belgium - First Half
  • Belarus - First Half
  • Moldova - First Half
  • Ireland - Second Half
  • Lithuania - First Half

Belgium and Lithuania were definitely the surprises of the evening with many not predicting them to qualify but nevertheless, their generic entries were met with great reception and might have been aided by the late draw. There were a number of expected qualifiers, including none other than Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Moldova and Ireland with the ones in the toss-up definitely including Belarus and Estonia respectively. Stay tuned to for coverage of the second semi-final dress rehearsals later on in the afternoon as Gianluca rehearses Tomorrow with his team on behalf of Malta. It is important to denote that the second semi-final will be covered on our portal by Antoine Farrugia, Davinia Pace and Christabelle.


Last modified on Tuesday, 14 May 2013 22:13