January 20, 2020

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Friday, 09 August 2013 16:05

Norway: NRK Unveil a Revamped Melodi Grand Prix

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Margaret Berger, and her entry I Feed You My Love finished in fourth place at this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest seeing the Scandinavian country of Norway return to an elite position. The project manager of the Melodi Grand Prix, Vivi Stenberg spoke to tabloid, VG Lista with regards to the upcoming edition of the Melodi Grand Prix which will still have the traditional three semi-finals with the difference that they will be held in the same city. NRK, the broadcaster in Norway is moving away from the traditional selection process used by Sweden and will hope to stand on their own as they create this brand new format.

Usually, twenty-one (21) acts used to compete within the Melodi Grand Prix but it seems that the new system will incorporate fifteen (15) acts and thus will see to five (5) weekly performances with three (3) acts getting through to the final, most likely set to take place within the Oslo Spektrum. Vivi Stenberg has spoken in favour of the reduction of entries 'We now have to think, even moreso than before, that every song in the running has winning potential'. Some of the competing entries will be available online in order to get the fans interested in the selection procedure. The most popular songs will make it through to the Melodi Grand Prix but has not been decided whether they would be in the semi-final or the final. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about Norway and their participation within the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Source: VG