January 19, 2020

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Thursday, 03 October 2013 10:44

Malta: October's Favourite Tunes by Ira Losco

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Whilst September was one of the busiest months for Ira Losco as she prepares for the autumn/winter schedule, she has been kind enough to continue her collaboration as set forth between escflashmalta.com and Jagged House. The former Eurovision Song Contest representative on behalf of Malta, is one of the most recognised female vocalists in the country. Last year, following an extended period of time off, Ira Losco returned to the local music scene with the track What I'd Give which won her several accolades. Soon after, the launch of both the album entitled The Fire and the second single, bearing the name The Person I Am featuring guest vocals by David Leguesse. The third single off the album entitled Me Luv You Long Time recently got a music video, one which has almost amassed a quarter of a million views.

This month was CRAZY!!!! I didn’t have time to breathe, why doesn’t a day have 48 hours instead!!! I also fell late with submitting my TOP5 as you may have realised! However I’m super proud of the reception of my Video Me Luv u Long Time. The video has gone over 200,000 in just two weeks!! It hit the number 1 spot after 2 weeks of its release too. Good times!!! Welll done once again to ALL involved in the production of my music video namely The Bigger Picture. Here go my top 5 this month!

Phillip Phillips - Gone Gone Gone (USA)

This guy’s name makes me think, what he went through when he was at school. It’s a right div’s name. But it also has a cool ring to it. Lol  I really like the positive energy this song has. It reminds me of a thousand other songs released this year, but just more credible and honest.  Considering he is the product of the Eleventh Edition of America’s  Pop Idol.

Lorde - Royals (New Zealand)

I don’t know why but this girl’s cool and composed style reminds me of Suzanne Vega, vocally she is in the league of ‘SIA’ and ‘ Florence and The Machine’ (in the studio please note). I love the way the beat drops in this track. The last track which had a similar vibe in my opinion was ‘Jem’s’ They. I seriously think her album is gonna be the bomb. It’s the kind of music you come home to, pour a glass of wine, get tipsy and moon people from your balcony to.

Coldplay - Atlas (UK)

I just LOVE the piano on this track. My God can Coldplay write an amazingly dark piano line and make it work in pop. I’m not a HUGE fan, however I can always find myself listening to their songs on repeat, just to wait for my favourite chord, arpeggio, vocal delivery. I haven’t watched The Hunger Games yet, to which this is the soundtrack to apparently … dunno what I’m waiting for, rain and clouds, for a dvd afternoon I guess…oh yes and being slightly less busy heheh!

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (USA)

I’m not a fan of Miley. I don’t dislike her, I just never liked her music because it wasn’t directed towards an audience my age. However this track is unbelievable. The video did its purpose. She wanted people to take note, they did. Hammer licking..CHECK, underwear shot…CHECK…swinging naked on a wrecking ball…CHECK ….I guess people everywhere now knows who Miley Cyrus is…even those who would’ve never cared. The song is extremely well written to be the smashing power ballad it needed to be on her new album.

Bastille - Things We Lost in The Fire (UK)

The Londoners ‘Bastille’ are my Top choice. I just love these guys. They remind me of a more posh and pop toned down version of ‘The Bravery.’ I love their effortless way of writing a great pop song.

THIS Friday I will be playing LIVE at the KSU Campus Fest. Can’t wait to see you all there!!!! We will be hitting the stage at 22:30HRS. Entrance is FREE and I will be holding Meet & Greet sessions after the performance. Looking forward to meeting all of you!!! As always stay tuned to my facebook Fanpage for status/picture/video/music updates and BRAND NEW VIDEO updates THIS weekend!!! IF you still haven’t watched the brand new video yet I suggest you click on the link below and become a subscriber to my youtube channel!!

Join the FANPAGE which boasts over 40,000 Likes. For those of you who STILL haven’t purchased The Fire … you can do so by clicking here. My Special Thanks this month again go to One Studios, Nexos Lighting, The Atrium, Clinton at Hair Factory, Justin Brincat, Drew Warhurst, Godiva Topquality Hair, Lynne Salomone Reynaud and Brigitte Gauci Borda Dancers, Matthew Pace, GUESS Jeans Malta and FCM Bank.


Last modified on Thursday, 03 October 2013 11:28