February 21, 2020

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 02:15

Malta: Reminiscent Ira Losco Keeps Options Open

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Malta’s most successful female artist, Ira Losco seems to be reminiscing about her Eurovision experience back in 2002 in Tallinn, Estonia. She was the first ever Maltese artist to get Malta so high up the scoreboard in second place behind Latvia. Undoubtedly, Ira is surely one of the very few artists who managed to her reputation and a solid career after the Eurovision Song Contest. Alongside her management she was wise enough to use the experience as a springboard to other things and her career took off from there.

She has released six albums after her Eurovision triumph and the material in each and every album reflects Ira’s life, feeling and her gradual maturity. This is something helped her evolve as an artist especially since she started writing her own songs – making her material somewhat biographical. Her down to earth approach and her professionalism, apart from her great tunes, have always been two traits which are surely the reason why Ira is still popular up to this very day.

Her latest album came out early this summer and this was seen as Ira Losco’s comeback into the local scene since she hadn’t released any new material in quite some time. She was still ever so present into the scene with different gigs, television appearances and shows but she was always seen singing her old material. Her album released marked, one of the busiest summers in Ira’s career. Her new songs invaded the local airwaves and her videos achieved thousands of views.


Her comeback has been a solid one and one would assume that she is once again at the peak of her career yet again but we never know what to expect from the local starlet. A lot of music critics and die heart fans believe that Ira Losco is Malta’s best bet at getting the Eurovision Song Contest on our islands for the very first time and few would blame them - with a fresh sound, great image and a solid management team behind her she would be a great bet of doing extremely well.

This could serve up as a spring board to hit the foreign market once again and use the experience as her springboard to it. After her initial success, Ira never actually hinted that she would be interested in doing Eurovision again and a number of people would say that for some time she tried to distance herself from it. Few would blame her as the Eurovision was not seen in high regard with a number of people but the situation slowly changed and some of the biggest production houses became interests in it. Loreen’s international success had a lot to do with it and slowly the perception about the contest is changing.


With the Maltese submissions closing in exactly a fortnight from today, yesterday Ira Losco took her Facebook page and posted a photo with the following caption: “13 yes THIRTEEN years have passed since I represented Malta in Estonia.... Just 12 pouts away from the title!!! Whenever I'm asked if I would ever do it again... I never say no... But it would have to be the right time. Do you think I've changed much from the picture?” So the big question is… Does Ira think this is the right time? 

Well one would assume, that she might think it is. Why would she randomly post a photo of her adventure back in 2002, a fortnight before the submissions close? Malta is a Eurovision mad country and to have the local star teasing her fans and her followers in this manner, one would assume that she is up to something. It is rather obvious that this is all speculation but one thing is sure – Ira Losco seems to be interested. 

It might not be this year or the next, but you never know. Her career is riding a high wave of success here in Malta – it would be a great way to channel this success to the foreign markets through the blessed Eurovision Song Contest! Maybe one day we’ll get to hear ‘Malta – 12 Points’ and the show will close with ‘See you next year in MALTA’ but if this ever becomes a reality who is going to be the HERO to achieve this feat? Will Ira Losco manage if she decides to give it another shot?

Source: Official Facebook Page


Last modified on Wednesday, 16 October 2013 14:50