January 28, 2020

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 19:30

MESC 2014: Reviewing the track 'Ten'

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In 2014, the Public Broadcasting Services, responsible for Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest decided to conduct a national final with just twenty (20) entries, rather than the typical twenty-four (24) which many had become accustomed to in recent years. Promotion is always vital, and escflashmalta.com has sent each entry to a professional panel of individuals in the music industry, who have in turn passed on their comments. This year, we have asked the likes of John Scott from the United States, Martin Isherwood from the United Kingdom, Sharon Vaughn from the United States but based in Sweden, Stano Simor from the Czech Republic and Greig Watts from the United Kingdom to do the honours. Today’s review is centred on Ten composed by Paul Giordimaina to the lyrics of Fleur Balzan with vocals provided by Corazon.

Corazon, known to many as a singer/songwriter is partaking in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for a third (3rd) consecutive year, having previously reached the final with Mystifying Eyes and My Stranger Love in 2012 and 2013 respectively. It is fair to say that the vocalist has achieved most of her success in her mother tongue, competing in the prestigious L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival on five (5) occasions, and being crowned winner three (3) times with the tracks Hawn Jien (Here I Am), Tal-Aħħar (The Last Time) and Mill-Għajnejn ta’ Tifla (Through the Eyes of a Girl). She wrote both the music and the lyrics to those songs, and most recently showcased her own work in a debut album bearing the name of her first successful song, Hawn Jien. Apart from being a vocalist, Corazon has shown outstanding qualities in the entertainment sector, having hosted L-Għanja tal-Poplu back in 2010 and also given the chance to host the daily television programme, TVPM on Television Malta.


Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan, known to be experienced songwriters in the local music scene, and having already been granted the opportunity to pen a representative entry for Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, that being One Life performed by Glen Vella in 2011. Nevertheless, their success at the selection stage of the competition is unprecedented, having finished as the first runner-ups on at least three (3) occasions, kicking things off with Take a Look performed by Olivia Lewis in 2004, moving onto Someday sung by Eleanor Cassar in 2009 and ultimately finishing off with Just a Little More Love by Glen Vella in 2010. Paul, also a singer, took to the stage on behalf of Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest alongside Georgina back in 1999 as they galloped to sixth place with the song Could It Be composed by Paul Abela with lyrics by Ray Mahoney.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 46%

John Scott: Nice performance and the song is pleasant. But it doesn’t go anywhere and leaves no impression at all.

Martin Isherwood: Ok voice - not particularly strong. Nice idea of counting up from 1 to 10 but it doesn't really come off, as the references to the numbers are flimsy at best: e.g. '8 is a message of hope - nine the end of a hurdle'? The chorus is ok but nothing special. She may be aiming for Ten, but I doubt she'll get anything like it in this competition

Sharon Vaughn: In order for a song like this to work, it has to be Paul Simon brilliant. This one didn't approach that level for me.

Stano Simor: Corazon, that type of artist who immediately draws you in. She has an extremely pleasant and teenage colour in her voice. The chorus is infectious and the backing vocals do their bit brilliantly. The lyrics sit the song and performer well and the transposition at the end was very good indeed.

Greig Watts: Feels a little too ordinary again for me, doesn’t have the impact of some of the others in the song or production, the singer delivers it well, but for me this is falling into the just ok category.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services, escflashmalta.com


Last modified on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 19:34