September 17, 2019

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Saturday, 01 February 2014 21:45

Switzerland: 'Hunter of Stars' by Sebalter Chosen

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After many years of Switzerland's participation, we welcome Sebalter to join the list of participants for Switzerland. After a tough decision and a tight competition we had the final verdict from a joint public and jury decision. The country has not reached the final for the past two (2) years and will be trying their luck with a young singer/songwriter, Sebalter and his entry Hunter of Stars. During the Entscheidungsshow, he had the pleasure of performing two songs, one which he will be performing at the Eurovision Song Contest and Wake Me Up, the hit track from world renowned DJ, Aviici.

Hunter of Stars, most noted for the whistling and the violin, caught people's eye from the very beginning being so different than the others. Reminiscing Alexander Rybak, I think that this young man here has quite good potential for Copenhagen, come next May. The song is totally something new to the Eurovision Song Contest, on which hopefully viewers won't take it as a joke and actually support. Sebalter is a multi-tasking performer, having to sing, whistle, play the violin and at some point even the drums. His rendition of Wake Me Up made me surer that he was the right decision for Switzerland. It was a tough competition having singers from all over the world against him, notably Nico Colonna.

Ending up second was Yasmina Hunzinger with her amazing vocals on I Still Believe. We hope that Switzerland have made the right decision tonight and will hopefully get out of the stuck-in-semifinals period. I hope the best for Sebalter and Switzerland. Stay tuned for further information about Switzerland and every other competing country this year. It is important to denote that Sebalter will be one of the guests during the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest where he will be meeting up with one of the entries competing against him considering that Malta and Switzerland are both competing in the second semi-final. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Source: SRF