December 14, 2019

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Saturday, 01 March 2014 18:26

Romania: Selecția Națională 2014 - LIVE

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Buna Seara! Romania will be making their selection for this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest during the course of the evening with twelve (12) acts competing for the right to represent a nation yet to win the continental competition. There has been a lot of media exposure in recent months, due to the financial difficulties that the country was facing, but nevertheless, they decided to continue their participation in an event which has brought success to the country on several occasions; including not too long ago in 2010 when Paula & Ovi finished in third (3rd) place with the song Playing With Fire.

TVR, the Romanian public broadcaster will be airing the selection process through a webcast being transmitted on the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest. The winner will be decided by both the general public and a professional jury, each having a 50% stake in the final result, in a fair and democratic manner. This year will mark the start of something new for Romania noting that a brand new Head of Delegation has taken over from Dan Manoliu as well as moving the selection process to Brasov. In the meantime, it is worth noting that following the success of Cezar and his entry It’s My Life in 2013, the nation received well over two hundred (200) submissions in the short space of a month.

The Show (Part 1)

... and our female hostess for the evening is on stage, wearing a beautiful lilac dress, very reminiscent of the one worn by Miriam Christine during the 2014 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Now, we can hear the theme of the European Broadcasting Union, as it is stated that the winning entry of the evening will represent Romania in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Well, it seems that we have another two hosts, and they clad in much more formal wear, noting that the male is wearing a black suit, and the female is wearing a beautiful black gown. All of the artists have been wished Good Luck and we could now get on with the show!

Paula Seling & Ovi - Miracle

... the favourites of the selection are on first, and having already been to the Eurovision Song Contest, they seem to have an edge over the rest of the field. First things first, it seems that TVR have invested a lot in the stage effects noting the smoke machine is used to full effect along with a number of holograms. Wearing black, they are somewhat dull compared to the rest of the stage. The vocals are strong, and this is definitely a contender. Towards the end of the performance, they take to the front of the stage and communicate well with each other and the cameras.

Bere Gratis - Despre mine şi ea

I must start off by noting the studio version of this entry as to being in my top five (5) songs presented this evening but nevertheless, the LIVE rendition does leave a lot to be desired although, I believe that the problem lies within the horrid mix of sound coming across on television. The lead vocalist is wearing a black suit, with white markings. He is joined on stage by a band and the overall effect comes across brilliantly. The vocals were really strong but I cannot see that in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The dAdA - Unpredictable

You are Beautiful! The first phrase of the song, for which we thank him. The lead vocalist is joined by a band on stage on stage and there seems to be a magician on stage, who seems to have turned fire into paper. A smidgen of rap has now been included in the song, although I do think it does hold up well to the earlier tune. The magician is clearly the highlight of the show, as I believe that the whole performance is relatively misunderstood, due to the fact that it should be in English.

The Zuralia Orchestra - You Know

In 2013, the Zuralia Orchestra had an entry which was one of my favourites, something which I definitely cannot say about this years' song which seems to be a fusion of dance, folk and rap although funnily enough, the performance this even works. The staging kills the performance, but I honestly understand that the group has gone for a national hit and one which will manage to crack the charts. The vocals are good and the camera work is quite effective but the song seems to come to an abrupt ending.

Vizi Imre - Kind of Girl

Loving the introduction in which the iPad is used rather than actually appearing in one of the normal postcards. It seems that Ryan Paul Abela's song has been lent to Romania, albeit re-produced and re-worked to accomodate the music scene better. Clad in purple trousers, a white shirt and a black blazer, along with a top hat, it seems that Vizi is close to going mad after a girl. I would seriously love it if Romania goes for this type of song. Brilliant entry and clearly one of the best thus far.

Anca Florescu - Hearts Collide

Written by one of the members of Hotel FM, Hearts Collide is one of the most modern entries being presented in this years' selection in Romania. Anca is wearing a salmon pink dress, and is joined by three (3) male dancers. The diction is comprehensible and the performance looks good on screen. At the back, I noticed two (2) female backing vocalists. The vocals are stunning and Anca Florescu is enjoying her time on stage. I believe this is the best song in the competition and regardless of the outcome this evening, will be a major hit!

Silvia Dumitrescu - Fiorul iubirii

One of the oldest participants in this years' national selection is Silvia and she brings a touch of pop/rock which is very similar to the song being presented by Albania. Wearing a black dress, with her shoulders baring all, she has a strong vocal range, and is clearly enjoying her time on stage, which is bathed in red and dire throughout the whole performance. The staging is kept simple but is very effective!

Renée Santana feat. Mike Diamondz - Letting Go

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull have seemingly entered the Romanian national selection, but then I look at the screen and seemingly see Kristina who represented Slovakia in the Eurovision Song Contest and then realise that this is Renee. The music is extremely modern and somewhat suits the needs of the charts but nevertheless, tried a little bit too hard in my opinion, leaving no room for experimentation. The vocals are over the top and the final result is the kitchen sink and more!

Ştefan Stan feat. TeddyK - Breathe

Stefan, one of the favourites this evening, having previously won The Voice of Romania, is clearly making full use of the special effects provided; smoke throughout the whole performance which is moving from one (1) side of the stage to the other. The vocals are contained, and are kept in tune throughout. The staging is beautiful and honestly, I could see this doing well in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Naomy - Daca Tu Iubeşti

Blagoslov from the Serbian selection in 2013 is the first song that comes to mind whilst listening to this entry from Naomy. Wearing very heavy make-up but complimenting the choice of outfit in a wonderful symmetrical manner is the vocalist who is joined on stage by one female backing vocalist towards the back of the stage. A pop/rock ballad, similar to the songs performed by the late Mia Martini, this is wonderful but definitely unsuited for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Mirela Vaida Boureanu - One More Time

In a floor-length red gown, Mirela is joined on stage by two (2) female vocalists, a female accordion player and a couple; male and female dancing. The best way to describe the music would be as a lullaby but it is done in a manner where I could see it competing in a competition, maybe not a national song competition. The vocals were incredible and the staging was wonderful but again, this would not succeed in the international competition.

Sal - Hardjock

Our final entry this evening is a mixture of four (4) genres; pop, rock, folk and dance and it seems that this creating a headache for quite a couple of people. The lead vocalist is definitely having a fun time on stage but nevertheless, not many people are especially with the camera work being so tiring. The choreography on stage is also mad and there are no words which could be used to describe this entry except ... pollution!

The Show (Part 2)

Our main hostess of the evening opens up the tele-voting portion of the competition before following it up with a recap of the twelve (12) songs in contention this evening. We are back after some commercials with another recap of this evenings' entries. I believe that there are four (4) real entries in the running. A standing ovation for one of the most popular personalities in Romania. We just had a quick look at the tele-voting and suddenly it seems that Vaida is winning that portion of the competition with Paula and Ovi in second place and Anca Florescu in third place. Now, a variety of special guests, or rather back dated performances from the Golden Stag festival which Romania might be thinking of re-inventing.

... we have a winner .. Miracle by Paula & Ovi!

Last modified on Saturday, 01 March 2014 21:14