January 28, 2020

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Thursday, 27 March 2014 15:25

ESC 2014: An In-Depth Review of Armenia

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It has become customary for the escflashmalta.com editorial board to engage professional individuals from the music industry to assess the songs competing in the Eurovision Song Contest as presented to the European Broadcasting Union during the Heads of Delegation Meeting. Martin Isherwood, Deo Grech, Stano Simor and Matt Mercieca from the United Kingdom, Malta and the Czech Republic have been entrusted with the first semi-final, comprising of sixteen songs and set to take place on the 6th May 2014 at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark. Making use of the running order and thus starting at number #1 is Armenia (AMPTV) who will be represented by Aram MP3 and the song Not Alone written by Garik Popoyan.

One of the most hardworking, smart and positive personalities of Armenian Music Industry and Television, Aram Mp3 will be presenting Armenia in Copenhagen at Eurovision Song Contest. Being famous for the ability to sing songs of a wide vocal diapason and having a good sense of humour, Aram is also known as a person of contrasts and surprises. When he appears on stage one doesn't know what to expect – a unique live concert or a good comedy show. Despite spending most of his time on stage and pretty tough schedule, he considers himself a family man feeling very much attached to his charming wife Anna and charismatic son Arno. Appearance on different national TV channels, regular club concerts and acting in various humorous performances, made Aram a well known singer-songwriter, musical comedian and showman.

The same year, 2007, he became the winner of the most popular TV Show of The First Channel of Armenia, “2 stars”. Going deeper into the music industry and professionally developing his singing talent, Aram Mp3 started series of live jazz and blues concerts in the clubs of Yerevan, along with recording singles and releasing music videos. Being noticed for the outstanding and quick success in his career, he was invited to host famous TV Formats such as “X- Factor”, “Armenian Idol”, “My name is”, and “Power of 10”, which brought him more fame. Currently he is a member of the most popular “Vitamin Club” project, a comedy show broadcast weekly on Shant TV. Every month Aram gives live concerts with bands in popular music halls of Yerevan singing his own singles and also unique covers of famous hits.


In 2006, Armenia presented their first entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, that entitled Without Your Love performed by André, which finished in eighth place, a ranking which would remain their best position until just two years later when the pop princess Sirusho finished in fourth place with the song Qélé Qélé. Since then though, it has not been an easy task to compete in the international event, going onto fail in the semi-final stage of the competition in 2011 when Emmy and her entry Boom Boom were not considered impressive to get through to the final. This led to a one year break, not only due to the negative result but even because the competition took place in Azerbaijan, a country which does not have positive foreign relations.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 80%

Martin Isherwood: You're all alone, You're not alone.  Not sure I'm following this.  Nice voice if a little serious. Interesting song structure  Very well done track, nice big ballad to start the effective feel change to the dubstep type beats, great sounding strings and brass. Starts like Lionel Richie's Hello. Great track, probably get lost in the Eurovision melee.

Deo Grech: I must admit it I am biased here....as I fell in love with this song from the very first time I listened to it.  This song stands out from the pack as it has a strong build-up from a mellow piano-ballad to a dramatic second part, supported by the powerful strings at the background.  Only down-side is that it will be the show opener...but I am sure it won't be forgotten that easily.

Stano Simor: Esoteric ballad that has a sufficiently strong chorus. The production is of a very high quality and one could sense the pleasant timbre, both of voice and general composition. Dubstep is good, but only for the bridge or the end of the song .If it's on a whole other half ,it is very annoying.

Matt Mercieca: I love the piano, and his voice, and the way the song builds up! (STRINGS!!!) sometimes lyrics are a little bit weird, but other than that the song is brilliant, and it just keeps getting better and better, OK now I am really loving this song! It’s a good way of showing how a Eurovision song can still be commercial! Dubstep part is a little out-dated but it works over here! Go ahead Armenia! Loving it!

Source: Eurovision.tv


Last modified on Thursday, 27 March 2014 15:50