September 17, 2019

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Wednesday, 02 April 2014 20:24

ESC 2014: An In-Depth Review of Albania

It has become customary for the editorial board to engage professional individuals from the music industry to assess the songs competing in the Eurovision Song Contest as presented to the European Broadcasting Union during the Heads of Delegation Meeting. Martin Isherwood, Deo Grech, Stano Simor and Matt Mercieca from the United Kingdom, Malta and the Czech Republic have been entrusted with the first semi-final, comprising of sixteen songs and set to take place on the 6th May 2014 at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark. Making use of the running order and thus moving onto number #6, we catch up with Albania (RTSH) who will be represented by Hersi and the song One Night's Anger composed by Lako and penned by Papingji.

Hersi Matmuja was born on February 1st, 1990. She has pursued a dual career path, which led her to be successful in both modern and classical music. Despite being still very young, Hersi has already five times participated in the annual Festivali i Këngës, which doubles as the Albanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. This year her song One Night's Anger, originally titled Zemërimi i një nate, did the trick, taking her to the Eurovision stage in Copenhagen! Hersi started her music lessons at the age of eight, taking part in various music events for children. She took music lessons from Professor Luan Bakiu. In 1999 and 2000 Hersi participated in the festival “Çelësi i Artë”, followed by the Festival “Ylberi” in Macedonia in 2001, where she won the first prize. In 2002 Hersi participated in the Children Festival of Shkodra with the song Zogu dhe djali, and she won the prize “Violeta Filaj” in the competition “Ëndërra për muzikën”.

Her first major TV success came in 2005, when she took part in the talent show “Ethet e së premtes”, reaching the top 10 finalists. One year later she took part in the Albanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Festivali i Këngës, youth category, and won the first prize in this category and thus qualified to the final. Hersi kept up her ambition to represent her home country in the Eurovision Song Contet: In 2010 and 2011 she participated again in Festivali i Këngës, and in 2012 she ranked 3rd with the song Kush ta dha këtë emër. On her fifth attempt, she finally won Festivali i Këngës and will thus represent Albania in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. She has collaborated with various composers and lyric’s writers in Albania. Her most notable successes to date were the launching of the video clip to the song Kthehu, and her her collaboration with the singer songwriter Gjergj Leka. She has also participated in two of the most prestigious festivals on the Southern Balkans, Top Fest and Kënga Magjike.

In 2004 Hersi started studying lyric canto in the Artistic Lyceum “Jordan Misja” in Tirana. She studied for one year in the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. She later took part in concerts in the Theater of Opera and Ballet of Tirana and reached the final in the national competition of classical music “Këngët e Tokës”. In 2008 Hersi reached the final in the national competition “Jorgji Truja”. One year later, she started studying at the National Academy of St Cecilia in Rome, ranking an amazing first in the admission competition. In 2010 she ranked first in the musical contest “Ars Kosova”. Hersi has taken part in many concerts like Carmina Burana by Carl Orff in 2010 or projects like “Let’s Britten” in honor of the composer Benjamin Britten that took place in some of historical buildings in Rome in 2013. In 2012 she took part as soloist in the concert in the Theater of Basilica of San Pancrazio in Rome. Last year Hersi took part in several concerts in the Greek Theater in Rome, in Sala Magna in College of Rome, and in the National Museum of Rome, among others.

Albania made their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004 with Anjeza Shanini and the song Image of You finishing in eighth place. The contemporary pop song is still a fan favourite and was until 2012 the most successful entry from the Eastern nation. This is a country which works extremely hard for qualification, something that it has not achieved so much in recent years, noting disappointing results in 2011 and 2013 at the hands of Aurela Gace and Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko. As a matter of fact, when compiling statistics, it seems that the nation has been successful six times out of ten thus far, which is not the most impressive figure around. A revamp of the song to English this time round is seemingly receiving mixed reactions but nevertheless, the performance will surely be polished during the first semi-final, giving Albania another fighting chance.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 35%

Martin Isherwood: Looking at the title I had to play this again to make sure I'd listened to the right song as it seems to bear no relationship to the song at all. Strong folky voice, with a Kate Bush flavour in places. Starts all picking and folky in 6/8 but piles through the changes stopping for no-one apart from an ill-advised and ill-fitting guitar solo after which it takes a bit of a dark rock turn.  Odd! All a bit stream of consciousness like. Unlikely to go anywhere.

Deo Grech: Here comes Hersi with the very first entry which was picked for this year's contest.   I must admit that I didn't like the original version, however, the new improved version is making it more acceptable. Still not in my top 10. Sorry Albania.

Stano Simor: Positive for Albania is already the fact, that even such a small country with a minimum of singers, every year sends out a representant. One Night's Anger unfortunately doesn’t have hit factor, seeking to art. The voice of the singer is not pleasant to listen and I can feel deficit of the authors background.

Matt Mercieca: She sounds like a squeaky Shakira! ..never a good thing! her diction is a little rubbish. as a song its sweet , can’t comment on lyrics as i have no clue what she’s saying. HER VOICE bugs me!


Published in Editorials

Danmarks Radio, host broadcaster of the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has just revealed the running order for the international competition taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Represented by Firelight and the song Coming Home, written by Richard Edwards Micallef, Malta will be opening the second semi-final on the 8th May 2014.

Prior to the announcement of the draw for the running order, Malta had never been given the opportunity to open the semi-final of such an illustrious show. At first glance, one might be shocked but personally I had a strong feeling that this could happen given the diversity of the genres that make up the first half of the second semi-final. Seventh in qualification with the bookies, Coming Home is facing a fate bestowed to the likes of Nije Ljubav Stvar, This is My Life, Run Away and Love In Rewind, all of which have successfully qualified to the final of the continental competition. 

01) Malta: Coming Home - Firelight

02) Israel: Same Heart - Mei Finegold

03) Norway: Silent Storm - Carl Espen

04) Georgia: Three Minutes to Earth - The Shin & Mariko

05) Poland: My Slowanie - Donatan & Cleo

06) Austria: Rise Like a Phoenix - Conchita Wurst

07) Lithuania: Attention - Vilija Mataciunaite

08) Finland: Something Better - Softengine

09) Ireland: Heartbeat - Can-Linn ft. Kasey Smith

10) Belarus: Cheesecake - Teo

11) FYR Macedonia: To The Sky - Tijana

12) Switzerland: Hunter of Stars - Sebalter

13) Greece: Rise Up - Freaky Fortune ft. RiskyKidd

14) Slovenia: Round and Round - Tinkara Kovac

15) Romania: Miracle - Paula & Ovi

It is quite interesting to denote that those entries which opened the second semi-final have proven to be much more successful than those opening the first semi-final. In the meantime, the situation in the first semi-final is even moreso intriguing especially with the first half of the show induated with ballads, despite that they try and preserve themselves as individualistic. Favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest with odds shortening by the second, Armenia is set to open the first semi-final in a bizarre twist.

01) Armenia: You're Not Alone - Aram MP3

02) Latvia: Cake to Bake - Aarzemnieki

03) Estonia: Amazing - Tanja

04) Sweden: Undo - Sanna Nielsen

05) Iceland: No Prejudice - Pollaponk

06) Albania: One Night's Anger - Hersi

07) Russia: Shine - Tolmachevy Sisters

08) Azerbaijan: Start a Fire - Dilara Kazimova

09) Ukraine: Tick-Tock - Mariya Yaremchuk

10) Belgium: Mother - Axel Hirsoux

11) Moldova: Wild Soul - Cristina Scarlat

12) San Marino: Maybe (Forse) - Valentina Monetta

13) Portugal: Quero Ser Tua - Suzy

14) The Netherlands: Calm After the Storm - The Common Linnets

15) Montenegro: Moj Svijet - Sergej Cetkovic

16) Hungary: Running - Andras Kallay-Saunders

One has to remember that ten countries per semi-final will get through to the final show set for the 10th May 2014 at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark meaning that nine nations will be left out in the cold having not been selected amongst the best that the continent has to offer. In the final, the qualifiers will join entries from Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom and host country Denmark who have already been given an extremely late draw following a random draw. Stay tuned to for all the latest news as soon as it becomes available.


In three hours, the public were treated to sixteen (16) original entries, a barrage of special guests, and finally a winner in the form of Herciana Matmuja during the Festivali I Kenges, which took place in Tirana, Albania. The song, which bears the name, Zemërimi I Një Nate and translates into One Night’s Anger was seemingly the favourite of the public, whom despite not having a say in the final results, were showing their support for Herciana throughout the voting process.

The evening, led by Enkel Demi and Klea Huta was actually smooth running and the idea of having an orchestra present during a national final has always been appealing, hence why I am such a major fan of the Sanremo competition. In the line-up, there were two former representatives, both of which achieve dmid-0table placings. Emmelie de Forest, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 as well as Elhaida Dani, winner of The Voice of Italy both performed tracks from their respective repertoires as guests. Herciana Matmuja has built up an impressive fanbase in recent years, and it is important to denote that she did already try to represent Albania once before, with the track, Aty Ku Me Le back in 2012. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: RTSH

Tick-Tock written and performed by Maria Yaremchuk was selected as the first entry for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, on behalf of Ukraine during an afternoon national final but this evening marks a completely different outing as we head to Tirana, Albania for the Festivali i Kenges which is taking place in the Palace of Congress. Preceded by two semi-finals in the past two evenings, there will be a total of sixteen (16) acts competing for the right to represent Albania at the international competition. has selected the Festivali I Kenges as the first national final to cover as brand new year is set to commence in just a couple of days time. There will be able to look forward to during the course of the evening with special guests including none other than this years' Eurovision Song Contest winner; Emmelie de Forest as well as Elhaida Dani, winner of The Voice of Italy a couple of months back. The final result is set to be decided by a professional panel of judges including; Agim Krajka, Aleksander Lalo, Hajg Zaharian, Xhevahir Spahiu, Petrit Malaj, Erjona Rushiti, and Bojken Lako.

Running Order

Zemërimi i një nate (One night’s anger) - Herciana Matmuja

It might not be Sanremo, but nevertheless, a live orchestra is very much available for this national selection and I commend the broadcaster on a stunning setup for this years' competition. Our first performer this evening is wearing a beautiful black dress and seems to have a stunning vocal range, one which is exercised with caution. The song, a pop/rock number hints of a typical sound that one we have become used to. I quite like this though because it is not over done and the aid of the four backing vocalists mid-way through the song give it a special edge. I am surprised, this is actually a very positive start.

Jam larg (I'm far away) - Besiana Mehmeti and Shkodran Tolaj

Our second song this evening is a duet, which vocally does not sound very much different than listening to Anna Oxa and Fausto Leali who had triumphed in the 1989 edition of Sanremo with the song Ti Lascero. The piano at the beginning of the song gives it a special touch and thus far, I have no clue what other media have been writing because this has got to be the strongest Festivali I Kenges ever. I feel like I am watching a repeat of the Georgian performance from this years' Eurovision Song Contest but this works well and I see this one picking a lot of points. A contender, I believe!

Kthehu (Come back) - Luis Ejlli

In 2006, Luis Ejlli represented Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest, and failed to get through the semi-final stage of the competition. This time round, he is presenting a significantly different song and as a matter of fact, is clad in a black suit, and white shirt. A ballad, one which heavily relies on the piano yet lacks clear emotion, at least according to this evenings' presentation. The lighting is very much adapted for the performance with several spotlights behind him creating a wonderful camera effect. Is it me, or does it sound like a speeded up version of Kuula? That ending needs to change as does it's beginning should it win but another dangerous one.

Një ditë shprese (One hopeful day) - Frederik Ndoci

Well, we have travelled on eyear forward, as another former representative tries his luck to get back to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest. The orchestra is in full swing with violins and cellos engulfed by the sound of the piano. Anoter ballad, and the difference here is that I feel the emotion that Frederik is emitting on stage. I must say that the development of the song has really surprised me and I could not imagine this sicilian sound coming on during the performance. Frederik's only flaw is his looks in my opinion, because we have to be frank, he is not getting any younger. In saying that, I think I would select this entry as the winner thus far.

Jeta në orën 4 (Life at 4 o’clock) - Orges Toce

Well, the level has to let up ever so slightly at some point, and it seems that the opening bars of this song are going to prove to be the first disappointment. A middle-aged man wearing something between casual and smart clothing is giving an off-key performance of his entry. The sound used in the verses is very atmospheric but creates the right ambience for a horror story rather than intrigue and that is not a positive sign. The chorus is really strong and should have reflected better on the song but there is something which is not clicking. It was a good run, but after four songs, I have found one which should not be competing this evening.

Me ty (With you) - Klodian Kacani

RTSH might seemingly be sending this entry considering that the camera work accompanies the entry pretty well and could only be simplified as outstanding. Klodian is clad in a smart black tuxedo and everything comes together properly in the chorus when cellos, violins and drums are played together to create a cacophony of sounds. I hear a bit of Josh Groban, Bells of New York City in this song and it does not really matter because the vocals are outstanding. Stunning, I can very much see this being their entry and succeeding in achieving a very high respected position. We have also just received word that #FiK52 is tweeting in the United Kingdom!

Natë e pare (First night) - Venera Lumani and Lindi Islami

I can feel the emotion between the two artists in this duet, and it might very well reflect the meaning of the title. The female artist is wearing a stunning white dress, whilst her male partner is wearing a black suit, with extremely tight pants. The vocals are good, although have turned slightly shouty towards the end of the performance, possibly because they are trying to sing each other off the stage. The song is quite beautiful but come to think of it, vocals have turned horrible, somewhat similar to those of Ell and Nikki. Oh Well! It did not stop them from winning the Eurovision Song Contest. The public seemed to enjoy that an awful lot.

Mikja ime (My friend) - Blerina Braka

As soon as the artist takes to the stage, the first noticeable thing is surely her oustanding choice of attire, think a black and white dress with a see through patch towards the top. The song is a rock-ballad which lacks that something special, possibly in the arrangement because I am very much fond of the vocals, even though she is seemingly trying too much, especially towards the end. I must say, the slow ending brings out a lot of emotional, in a similar vein to that seen by Arisa and her 2012 Sanremo entry La Notte. This was good but nothing to write home about in my opinion.

Ëndërrat janë ëndërra (Dreams are dreams) - Xhejsi Jorgaqi

An uptempo entry is never known to sound particularly amazing with an orchestra and this is somewhat the same despite our leading lady feeling like she has come out of the land of fire in a tight red catsuit, with an accompanying gold belt. You have got to give her points for even trying to perform such a song, especially following some astonishing ballads but I just cannot get a proper feel and I feel like this is the type of song which is very much out of place. The vocals are good, the staging is good but it just does not work!

The Show (Part 2)

After nine songs, the broadcaster has decided to go for a promotional break and that gives me time to fetch a beverage, as typing also becomes a little bit tiring after a while. The promotional break is kept short and that is good because one just needs a breather. Enkel Demi and Klea Huta are back on stage and it seems our budding female host is making the best use of her appearance this evening in a beautiful white gown. Let's continue ...

Kur qielli qan (When the sky cries) - Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija

Another duet, but this time featuring two females, most likely sisters and the song is predominanly pop/rock, very much in the vein of Non e l'inferno by Emma Marrone, winner of the 2012 edition of Sanremo. I must say that the camera work is once more ideal for this performance and helps present the song in a better way than initially expected. I am not too fond of the selection of clothing with one of the girls wearing a beautiful black dress and the other one clad in a black/white jacket, trousers and shirt. It all looks a little bit scruffy and amateurish. I am definitely not a fan.

Princesha (The Princess) - Lynx

It seems that Albania has not actually realised that rock does not stand a chance at the Eurovision Song Contest unless there is a specific gimmick attached to it. This sounds horrible and very much reminiscent of the olden days at the Festivali I Kenges where it was barely bearable to get through the selection process. The guitar solo is much more contemporary than the rest of the song and kudos to the performer for flaunting that rock star look. Once more, this song is very much disappointing in the context of this evenings' line-up and I just cannot imagine Albania selecting this for the international showcase.

Ti mungon (You’re missing) - Marjeta Billo

RTSH are to be commended also on the selection of performers, with almost everyone being on key and somewhat belting out the notes to perfect, as is Marjeta who is currently on stage with what seems to be a slightly traditional costume. The violins are very much what make this song catchy because otherwise, it would have been lost in another electric guitar inferno. It is a good song but it is not catchy and would thus be forgotten at the Eurovision Song Contest if chosen. Then again, with the right arrangement, it could garner a positive placing.

Grua (Wife) - Sajmir Braho

Sajmir, wearing a black shirt and a cream suit takes to the stage to sing a song about his wife, and this is very much similar to the songs presented at the beginning of the evening. One of his flaws is performing with his eye closed, it does put me off despite the fact that it is also seen by many as an emotional element. So, this is a merge between a ballad, pop and rock and somewhat words. It seems like the lyrics have been carefully crafted to fit into the song. The support of the backing vocalists for the chorus has been well thought of, yet I cannot felt but feel like this is an old Albano song. The vocals are really on key, and I cannot fault his performance.

Në zemër (In the heart) - Rezarta Smaja

The postcard accompanying this entry was meant to show us the vocal range that Rezarta occupies in that tiny body which she is presenting to Albania and the rest of Europe this evening. Once more, it is the ballads which garner traction due to the aid of a live orchestra, and one could very much see this song transform into a big ballad. It is dramatic, and builds up into a nice modern tempo, something which the nation does require. With the right arrangement, this song would be very dangeous at the Eurovision Song Contest because thing Albania 2004 meets Albania 2012 and you've got a nice mixture.

Vetëm për ty (Only for you) - Saviana Verdha and Edmond Mancaku

Penultimate track of the evening is another duet, and it seems that the line-up has been very much varied by the organisers. This track is not really my cup of tea, predominantly because the use of guitar and violins together is not working and is trying to present the song as something which it isn't. Also, I cannot really wrap my head around the choice of attire for this performance, noting that there is a jazzy blues feeling from the male counterpart and an r'n'b feel from this partner when the track is very much pop/rock. The least they could have done is coordinated better. Alas, this will not win this evening so not a problem.

Nuk e di (I don’t know) - Renis Gjoka

It has been around an hour and a half, but we are finally listening to the sixteenth and final song and there it seems that I am listening to a re-worked version of She's The One by Robbie Williams, as the arrangement is very much the same. The vocals by Renis are very powerful and you could see that not only is he enjoying the performance, but he is feeling every word of the song. The use of the guitars works well in this rock ballad and the additional use of violins mellows the sound down. Once more, the strongests songs were at the beginning of the broadcast, and let's hope that the right song is chosen as Albania can do very well at Eurovision!

The Show (Part 3)

The hosts are back on stage, and it is weird because the male compere looks very much like the Head of News at the Public Broadcasting Services, Reno Bugeja. We have a promotional break prior to a series of interval acts. We have several interval acts until the jury reveals their choices and the public are seemingly excited to see who they have selected as their representative due to the fact that the general public do not have a say in the final choice. Each of the jury members, with slight difficulty have revealed their results and it seems that Herciana Matmuja is the runaway winner with the song Zemërimi i një nate.

Since 2004, Albania has always been one of the first countries to select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest with the Festivali i Këngës being staged towards the end of December. The winning entry is normally given a makeover in order to fit into the regulations put forward by the European Broadcasting Union, especially with regards to the time constraints. This national selection is the only one of two which still makes use of the orchestra during the proceedings, the other one being neighbour Italy.

RTSH, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Albania within the international competition has just published a list of eighteen (18) names who will be competing for the right to represent the country at next years' Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Amongst those who have already had this coveted honour and will be partaking in the pre-selection once more, there are Luiz Ejlli and Frederik Ndoci who represented Albania in 2006 and 2007 respectively, alas to no success whatsoever.

- Besiana Mehmeti & Shkodran Tolaj

- Blerina Braka

- Etmond Mancaku & Saviana Vierdha

- Frederik Ndoci

- Hersi Matmuja

- Klodian Kaçani

- Luiz Ejlli

- Lynx

- Marjeta Billo

- Orges Toçe

- Renis Gjoka

- Rezarta Smaja

- Sajmir Braho

- Venera Lumani & Lindi Islami

- Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija

- Xhejsi Jorgaqi

At this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Albania were represented by Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko with the song Identitet which did not set the scoreboard alight and finished in fifteenth place with just thirty-one (31) points in the semi-final. Joseph Mizzi, former Chairman of the Public Broadcasting Services was one of the jury members during the competition and had awarded the rock duo, the top score at the end of the evening. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: RTSH

Earlier this month, San Marino confirmed that in next years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, they will be represented by Valentina Monetta for the third consecutive time in hope of the micro-state reaching the final for the very first time considering that they finished in eleventh place with their entry Crisalide (Vola) earlier this year. We would like to invite you to the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience. Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via and on Digital Cable 781 & Cable 8.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

The focus of this weeks' programme in an aim to continuously remind you that the Eurovision Song Contest will be re-starting with the national final season in a couple of months will be a series of interviews recorded during the experience endured in Malmo, Sweden. As a matter of fact, kicking off this round will be none other than Belgium whose entry Love Kills co-written by Jukka Immonen and Iain Farquharson finished in twelfth place with seventy-five (75) points. It is worth noting that this was the second best result for the nation since the introduction of the semi-finals. In 2010, Tom Dice and his entry Me and My Guitar won the semi-final porition of the competition before reaching an extremely positive sixth place. Roberto shot down his critics in reaching such a high placing noting that his stature and reputation in Belgium has risen as expected. In this interview he speaks about his experience and what the future holds.

Despina Olympiou, is one of the most beautiful female artists to have graced the stage of this years' Eurovision Song Contest albeit did not garner favour with either the jury or the public during the night of the semi-final finishing in fifteenth place with just eleven (11) points following her stunning rendition of the track An Me Thimase for Cyprus. CyBC, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Cyprus had internally selected Despina in an effort to cut back on the costs that a national selection entails. Sponsorship was key but unfortunately it was not meant to be. Despina took up the opportunity to continue advancing in her career and this was definitely another experience which she will treasure for many years to come. It is yet unknown whether Cyprus will return to the Eurovision Song Contest next year but definitely hopes that Malta won't be the only Island in the Mediterranean competing in Denmark.

Since 2004, one of the nations to return to the Eurovision Song Contest on every occasion has been Albania, reaching their best result last year as Rona Nishliu took to the stage to perform the track Suus finishing in a remarkable fifth place. Unfortunately, this years' result could not have been any different with Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko garnering just thirty-one (31) points to finish in fifthteenth place, the second worst result for Albania since they entered the Pan-European competition. The song Identitet which Bledar wrote did not appeal to the masses unfortunately, falling under just one genre, that of rock, hence why it suffered. The old school feel also appealed to voting from the region but nowhere else. Albania are seemingly also returning to the competition next year despite the result achieved this time round. Short interviews recorded on the red carpet with the artists from Iceland and Russia will also be aired during the programme.

There will also be a number of new releases played throughout the three hours, including tracks by Tina Karol, who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006; Fabrizio Faniello, two time representative of Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest (2001 & 2006); Krista Siegfrids, representative of Finland at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest; Jessy Matador, French representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest; Maya Sar, the last representative for Bosnia & Herzegovina thus far and last but not least; Kevin Borg who came in second place at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. All of the latest news is also covered during the weekly broadcast noting resources from and escXtra where Luke Fisher, the Editor makes a weekly round-up. David Mann will be discussing cover versions from the Eurovision Song Contest. Make sure to tune into this evenings episode of Radio International on the links offered above as we help you get through your post Eurovision depression. 

Source: Team of Radio International

Since the introduction of the jury and tele-voting system, it seems that the anticipation for the split vote is relatively high by viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest, which this year amassed around one hundred and seventy million according to an earlier press release issued by the official website of the international event. In the past four years, the European Broadcasting Union had released the total points of each entry as given by both the jury and the tele-voting but due to the implementation of a brand new system, they have decided to publish the average placing of each nation through both jury and tele-voting.

The results of the first semi-final were quite predictable to be honest noting that Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest for Denmark was the varage with both the juries and public at large with Russia's entry What If finishing second in both as well. The juries and the public agreed on seven of the ten qualifiers in general witht he jury opting to select Austria rather than Lithuania and the public preferring Montenero and Croatia over Moldova and Estonia respectively. Montenegro have somewhat managed to gather favour with the public whilst Austria still hold the cards in their hands when it comes to the juries stating tele-voting was rigged a couple of years back. 

Denmark - 167 (1 / 1)

Russia - 156 (2 / 2)

Ukraine - 140 (4 / 3)

Moldova - 95 (3 / 11)

Belgium - 75 (7 / 7)

The Netherlands - 75 (6 / 9)

Belarus - 64 (9 / 8)

Ireland - 54 (10 / 6)

Lithuania - 53 (11 / 5)

Estonia - 52 (8 / 13)

Serbia - 46 (15 / 12)

Montenegro - 41 (14 / 4)

Croatia - 38 (13 / 10)

Austria - 27 (5 / 15

Cyprus - 11 (12 / 14)

Slovenia - 8 (16 / 16)

In the second semi-final, things were rather enticing and this was very much what several opinionists had stated when it came to discussing the quality of the tracks competing. As a matter of fact, the jury and the tele-voting agreed on six songs in total, including jury winners Malta whose entry Tomorrow performed by Gianluca managed seventh place with the public.This was a coup for the Mediterranean nation who had never secured any type of first place result in the past. The jury opted to send through to the final acts such as Israel and San Marino rather than Romania and Hungary whilst the public at large preferred Bulgaria and Switzerland to Armenia and Georgia. For the second straight participation, it seems that Armenia is continously losing the public appeal which had originated in their initial participations. 

Azerbaijan - 139 (2 / 3)

Greece - 121 (3 / 2)

Norway - 120 (4 / 4)

Malta - 118 (1 / 7)

Romania - 83 (13 / 1)

Iceland - 72 (8 / 8)

Armenia - 69 (7 / 11)

Hungary - 66 (11 / 9)

Finland - 64 (6 / 10)

Georgia - 63 (5 / 13)

San Marino - 47 (10 / 12)

Bulgaria - 45 (17 / 6)

Switzerland - 41 (16 / 5)

Israel - 40 (9 / 14)

Albania - 31 (12 / 15)

FYR Macedonia - 28 (14 / 16)

Latvia - 13 (15 / 13)

In the final, things somewhat remained pretty much the same noting that the countries which had performed well in their respective semi-finals managed to enter in the top ten with the inclusion of Italy who performed brilliantly in both the jury and the public vote. This was not the case with their entry last year noting that Nina Zilli had managed to get her top ten score thanks to mostly jury support as the public put her in a lower mid-table position. Marco Mengoni and his entry L'Essenziale managed eighth and tenth respectively to finish in seventh place just ahead of Malta whose entry this time round finished in ninth place both the jury and public vote. On average, Spain has managed to finish last in both the jury and the public vote but unfortunately the disappointing result was given to Ireland with Ryan Dolan managing a decent mid-table with the public as opposed to a bottom three with juries. 

Denmark - 281 (1 / 1)

Azerbaijan - 234 (2 / 3)

Ukraine - 214 (6 / 2)

Norway - 191 (4 / 6)

Russia - 174 (10 / 5)

Greece - 152 (14 / 4)

Italy - 126 (8 / 10)

Malta - 120 (9 / 9)

The Netherlands - 114 (7 / 11)

Hungary - 84 (21 / 8)

Belgium - 71 (11 / 17)

Moldova - 71 (5 / 19)

Romania - 65 (24 / 7)

Sweden - 62 (3 / 18)

Georgia - 50 (13 / 23)

Belarus - 48 (22 / 13)

Iceland - 47 (17 / 12)

Armenia - 41 (19 / 15)

United Kingdom - 23 (15 / 22)

Estonia - 19 (16 / 24)

Germany - 18 (20 / 16)

Lithuania - 17 (25 /21)

France - 14 (12 / 25)

Finland - 13 (18 / 20)

Spain - 8 (26 / 26)

Ireland - 5 (23 / 14) has also noted two predominant differences between the jury and the public vote in the final noting that Sweden managed to gather a strong representation thanks to the professional panels in the participating countries managing a third place whilst Romania climbed up the board thanks to the general public. Unfortunately both entries were drowned down by the other half of the score as Sweden could only manage eighteenth in tele-voting whilst Romania was third from last in the jury. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but in the meantime, keep following for news about the local music scene.


Saturday, 18 May 2013 12:04

Eurovision 2013: Voting Order Announced

In years gone by, the running order of the voting process was scheduled in the same manner in which the performances took place but nevertheless, the system was altered a couple of years back when the juries gained their voting priveledges back, and which now undoubtely decide half of the respective result. The European Broadcasting Union would like to make the best possible showcase for the millions of viewers watching all over the world including; China and Australia and therefore, where possible, changes in the leaderboard will be implemented just to create an exciting feeling for all to enjoy.

Valletta, the capital city of Malta will be the backdrop for the voting this evening with the spokesperson being none other than Emma Hickey, otherwise known as Jeremy's love interest in the music video for Tomorrow, which is the entry representing the country in the international music showcase. The song which is co-written by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek with vocals provided by Gianluca got through to the final round following an initial qualification phase held on Thursday. Malta was announced as the ninth country following what seemed to a nerve wracking situation. This evening, during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, Malta will be performing in position number #9.

  1. San Marino (John Kennedy O'Connor)
  2. Sweden (Yohio)
  3. Albania (Andri Xhahu)
  4. Netherlands (Cornald Maas)
  5. Austria (Kati Bellowitsch)
  6. United Kingdom (Scott Mills)
  7. Israel (Ofer Nachshon)
  8. Serbia (Maja Nikolic)
  9. Ukraine (Matias)
  10. Hungary (Éva Novodomszky)
  11. Romania (Sonia Argint)
  12. Moldova (Olivia Furtuna)
  13. Azerbaijan (Tamilla Shirinova)
  14. Norway (Tooji)
  15. Armenia (Andre)
  16. Italy (Federica Gentile)
  17. Finland (Kristiina Wheeler)
  18. Spain (Inés Paz)
  19. Belarus (Darya Domracheva)
  20. Latvia (Anmary)
  21. Bulgaria (Joana Dragneva)
  22. Belgium (Barbara Louys)
  23. Russia (Alsou)
  24. Malta (Emma Hickey)
  25. Estonia (Rolf Roosalu)
  26. Germany (Lena)
  27. Iceland (Maria Sigrun Hilmarsdottir)
  28. France (Marine Vignes)
  29. Greece (Andriana Magania)
  30. Ireland (Nicky Byrne)
  31. Denmark (Sofie Lassen-Kalhke)
  32. Montenegro (Ivana Sebek)
  33. Slovenia (Andrea F)
  34. Georgia (Liza Tsiklauri)
  35. F.Y.R. Macedonia (Dimitar Atanasovski)
  36. Cyprus (Loukas Hamatsos)
  37. Croatia (Uršula Tolj)
  38. Switzerland (Mélanie Freymond)
  39. Lithuania (Ignas Krupavicius)

All of the participating countries in this years' Eurovision Song Contest will be casting their votes, half of them as decided by a panel of professional experts and the other half by the million of people watching in their homes. As one could denote from the list above, there are a number of well known individuals who will be reading out the points of their country, amongst them being; Tooji (Norway), Anmary (Latvia), Lena (Germany), Alsou (Russia) and of course, the most famous one being Nicky Bryne of the former group, Westlife for Ireland. Speculation is running high that Italy did extremely well with the juries last night as opposed to Denmark who might have not scored one of the top results. This is yet to be seen. Stay tuned to for more of the latest news.


Good Evening! Welcome to the live coverage of the first semi-final of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Malmö, Sweden. Members of the European Broadcasting Union had to confirm their participation in the international showcase by December and as a matter of fact, during this period some nations had selected both their artist and entry for the event. Seventeen (17) countries will be performing this evening with seven (7) of them being eliminated at the first hurdle noting that the other ten (10) will be going through to the final stage on Saturday night where they will compete with another ten (10) qualifiers from the second semi-final and the countries which have already qualified due to their respective financial status.

In recent years, social media has become an important tool to get a message across and has been proud to keep you updated through both Facebook and Twitter whilst bringing you exclusive content through Flickr and YouTube respectively. This evening, the special coverage that is annually planned is set to be conducted by our Senior Editor, Antoine Farrugia as well as guests; Davinia Pace, second runner-up at the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest and Christabelle, awarded the Best Solo Artist at the Bay Music Awards for four years running. All of the three are extremely professional in their line of work and their interests in music have been duly recorded over time. Malta is competing in the semi-final this evening we would like to wish the very best of luck to the delegation on stage and also to the one behind the scenes. Follow the semi-final as of 21:00 CET on Television Malta.

The Show (Part 1)

And here it goes! The second semi-final commencing now! What a great introduction! We have the Urban Orchestra dancing to the the official song of Eurovision! It shows the past and what may come in the future. The song has now changed and another musical song is being played by this awesome orchestra. The dancing is magnificent being a bit lyrical and like a box! Also, we can notice the flexibility of the dancers. They went away from a slide and they are running up and down the slide once again leaving splashes of colours behind them on the same slide with every move.

This is totally a different opening and it is coming out as beautiful! The orchestra is still playing the same song just with a more up-tempo beat, now turning to  more hip-hop. They made up a laptop on the same slide and the music is being seen! That was a perfect opening in my honest opinion. Here is Petra Mede once again wearing a different dress. With a black dress with the underneath full gold, she added the gloves. She's being a bit more funny by just comparing herself to many female role models! Petra is talking about the voting system! She's translating into French also since it is another mondial language and a language that is mostly used in Eurovision after English!


As Latvia take to the stage they look interesting and I love the costumes! but the song is very average a feel good song but nothing special about it. Not convinced about the rapping..although, must say that they do have charisma. (Davinia Pace)

PeR from Latvia is the first one up! Please explain the Rhythm is what it means! This is a nice 20 second clip. Here We Go! Shiny dressed guys are now on stage! They are surely enjoying it to the full! Vocals have obviously improved since the national final in Latvia. It seems to me that they're told to enjoy it now. Although, it is turning out better than I thought! Crowd is responding a lot as I can hear! At least they don't have a trampoline, they're jumping way too much for me. The slow-motion part is so so cool! Secondary stage is full with all the participants form Latvia. Stage dive is done today also! I think this may qualify by tele-voting. (Antoine Farrugia)

The beginning of the song sounds like a queen song. Not a big fan of the outfits and how they are moving like Jedward! (Christabelle)

San Marino

Loving the dramatic outfits but why sing in Italian? Very good vocals but there isnt a chill factor at all. Oh no this tune is just horrible, way too cheesy really. Started off great but the song just collapsed for me now(Davinia Pace)

Valentina Monetta is up next for San Marino! After last year, the facebook song, it is a different song, a superb ballad to come! A crowd's favourite from the first beat. Perfect vocals since from the begginning. A great improvement from San Marino since I can remember. She's improvising some things right now, is she crazy? She left the ball on stage now and went to perform. She's clad in a red dress with a black cape all over it which now she takes off as the song gets more up-tempoed! Perfect vocal from Valentina! Perfect look and staging! Last note was a bit off for me though! (Antoine Farrugia)

Her voice is gorgeous like a proper Italian! Not a bad song and love when it changes the beat(Christabelle)

FYR Macedonia

I'm liking his vocals and his outfit very classy. Oh my God she is hilarious but how can you take this seriously? (Davinia Pace)

 with 'Pred Da Se Razdeni' from Lozano and Esma, the gypsy and the pop artist. Lozano's vocals are really good from every rehearsal and even today, they're really really good. He is not wearing his glasses which I find it awkward to look it since I always saw him with glasses. Here comes the ruiner of the song, sorry. She's clad in a really really really big shiny red dress while Lozano is wearing a black modern suit and a white shirt. He's improvising too although his always on key. The Esma part is so good musically, I personally don't like it at all. Too much things going on! Maybe, Macedonia nexy tear decides to send Lozano alone! Not a qualifier, for sure. (Antoine Farrugia)

He has an amazing voice but I wish I could undertand what they re saying! In my opinion she is horrendous though and I would have liked it more if he was the only one singing. (Christabelle)


Whoa! Farid has definitely been complimented by good looks. Im loving him and his song, the creativity of this performance is very clever, he really did think outside the box literally!  This guy has great stage presence ! and his definatley trying to send a message here. Very classy performance and this will do well! (Davinia Pace)

Farid Mammadov with 'Hold Me' is up next for Azerbaijan. It was a great introduction from the Land Of Fire.  Is it only me or the microphone is too loud? The man in the box is surely a perfect chereography. Vocals are spot on without missing any notes whatsoever. I would have liked to see the chereography a bit more since it is absolutely original. The girl is getting on stage with her usual red dress. The song now reaches a point near to perfection. Farid does not seem as scared as he was in the rehearsals at least, he's confident on stage! Noticing, it is Azerbaijan and a brilliant performance, I say it would fit perfect in the top 10! (Antoine Farrugia)

Wow what a beautiful performance! And I love the song!! (Christabelle)


This is vey quirky! and she is a very pretty girl the song has a fun factor and a girly feel thats for sure and she is great on stage , loving the backing vocals outfits and gestures. She is great entertainment but as a song not my type and i reckon it wont get very far in the competition. Did she just kiss a girl!? Thats awesome big risk. (Davinia Pace)

Krista Siegfrids is next with her Ding Dong Team singing Marry Me. She's a beauty queen. Vocally, she's a bit off as from the begginning. She has a perfect camera work clad in her marriage dress! The staging is good but the screens are really too much for me. The chorus is so so catchy and I quite wanna get up and freak out with this song! This song sounds a lot like from a Barbie commercial or something like that but really enjoyable! The fire shots were perfect! I love how she performed it and took many risks on stage including the best one to come. Wearing that dress is already a risk but that kiss was more riskable! Hope the audience likes it! She may qualify I think! (Antoine Farrugia)

What was she thinking wearing that dress??? The song is very catchy but she s not an amazing singer and obviously she s trying her best to give her best performance! (Christabelle)


MALTA!!! gianluca is looking great very smiley as always and such confidence you go Malta! Gianlucas vocals sound perfect and his performance is going great !! his really using the stage space and interacting with the audience and the camera ! best of luck gianluca. (Davinia Pace)

And after commercials, Malta is up next! Cross fingers for Gianluca and his band! Dr.Ginaluca has a pretty awesome 20 second pre show! He is clad in his usual dark orange chinos and a black waistcoat and white shirt. The audience is clapping a lot! He is really enjoying it with that big smile on his face! He is acting the song by just his facial expressions! He's so so relaxed! Vocally he's really good! the stage looks amazing and the backdrop screens are perfect too! When he sings the Oh Oh Oh part the audience joins in! The band is so so happy on the stage they're really enjoying it! gianluca is off on the catwalk where he is connecting with the audience more! He runs back to the stage to join the band on the bench Huge appaluse from the audience! He may bring us a really good result! He should qualify (Antoine Farrugia)

I cant stop smiling he s so cute!!!! Such a fantastic performace when I hear him and look at him he just makes you smile as his smile is contagious! !!! Super gianluca!!!! (Christabelle)


He was amazing! I like a woman playing the drums but the minute she opened her mouth I cringed, this song is awful. (Davinia Pace)

Bulgaria is up next with the drums and nasty vocals form Elitsa. They're enjoying it a lot! Her vocals are already off from the beginning! She doesn't have any breath to sing this fast I think! I like the drums a lot from this one though I think that it is one of the few really bad songs this year. This folk music won't do it for Europeans. Maybe it's just me or her voice is really not nice and today she's worse than rehearsals without even having breath to sing. Glow sticks on drums! These three minutes are never ending! She's not singing? The mask is really ugly sorry Bulgaria! I don't think they'll qualify. (Antoine Farrugia)

Sometimes I wonder if im still watching the Eurovision... the song is not too bad but nothing compared to Malta (Christabelle)


ICELAND, great vocals a very emotional song but I wish he was singing it in English its a tad depressing I must say. (Davinia Pace)

Eythor Ingi is next for Iceland with Eg A Lif. Eythor starts giving his back to the audience. What a beautiful language I must say. His hair is still really long but his vocals are superb tonight as all the other nights but I think the musci is too low. This is a ballad to enjoy after many up tempo songs! This draw is helping Iceland I think! The stage is too blank until the backing vocals reach the stage! The song is getting stronger but it is still the same all throughout. I hink his vocals stands out in this performance alongside with his hair! From jury, he will pass but from televoting not so sure! (Antoine Farrugia)

Again I wish I could understand what he s saying but he has a good voice ... such a simple performance. (Christabelle)


Okay this is just weird I don't get the skirts the high socks , the old guy is kind of cool. As a song this is rubbish not even catchy theres no hope really. (Davinia Pace)

Alcohol Is Free and Koza Mostra and Agathon Iakovidis is up next for Greece. The audience is enjoying it from the beginning they're all clapping. I'm enjoying it here! I like this song awkwardly enough since almost nobody likes it! His voice is too good I think! They're wearing skirts too!! They take up to the catwalk except for Koza whose singing on a stand! This song is so so good but I think that the elderly on stage is a copy from Russia las year which I don't see it as a good take! The instruments glowing is surely amazing too! This is really good, like really really good! They will qualify, for sure! (Antoine Farrugia)

Lively song for sure! Very entertaining but not so sure about the outfits they re wearing! The song is called alcahol free its true they look rather drunk on having fun on stage. (Christabelle)


Israel: I like the tune of the song but she is looking like the mother of fertility what is that dress? and those glasses? I am loving her voice she is giving a very convincing performance. She needs to move around abit even if its just a few steps! (Davinia Pace)

Rak Bishvilo and Moran Mazor for Israel. Ra Bishvilo translates to 'Only For Him' and she is one of the best singers in the competition. A great feedback from the audience since the piano started playing. Moran has a really nice voice and the dress, I don't bother much looking at as many are saying that she ain't dressed nice. This song is just perfect for Mazor, her voice stands out from the others. This is a really nice language to listen to and in songs, it's just really nice! The jewelery may be a bit too much I think. The perect note was spot on too! I think she is making a really good impression for Israel, they should be proud of Moran! Moran will qualify for sure! Best vocals in every competition! (Antoine Farrugia)

The dress does not flatter her figure at all!!!! Though I love her ring and her earrings and her voice is amazing but I again I wish I could understand the lyrics to this song! (Christabelle)


He has a great voice, this song is nice the style is quite current , I am not sure about that scarf, the band are cool but I'm finding it rather boring. (Davinia Pace)

Armenia and Dorians are next with Lonely Planet written by Tony Iommi form Black Sabbath. I quite like this song but unfortunately, they're not getting any good comments. Gor has a really strong voice. This song is coming out not as I thought on stage which is making me feel a bit sad cause I really believed this will qualify. Too many jeans fabric on stage. He was off at points but his riffs are pretty amazing. Fire in the instrumental part, it's a no for me! He is screaming all the way thorugh today. I'm sad for him, he was so much better in the rehearsals. The song is really nice but they won't qualify in my opinion. (Antoine Farrugia)

Really good voice!!! Proper rock star and I love the song! (Christabelle)


I am asleep already. This has nothing to it, it feels like a very lazy song. (Davinia Pace)

This is the worst song in the history of Euroivision with Kedvesem by ByeAlex and Hungary. His glasses are nice but the outfit it's like for going shopping around for me not a Eurovision-stage outfit for sure! I can't listen to this song in any way but it is getting positive feedback but I still believe they won't qualify. Is he copying Roban Lob from Germany with the hat? I hope this won't qualify, it is so so so boring. It just makes me want to run away and not listen at all. This is a big no for me. (Antoine Farrugia)

uch an ordinary guy ... I cant understand why prefer singing in their language and not in english ... though im not a big fan of the song!! (Christabelle)


I love her dress and her hair great effort in appearance , Im loving this song so powerful. I am in love with her and this song , she is a natural, i like this style not cheesy at all and something different to what we have seen so far This will make it through for sure ! (Davinia Pace)

Margaret Berger is up next with I Feed You My Love for Norway. She is getting many many positive comments to winning and top 5. The beginning of this song is certainly amazing and which gets your attenion right away. She's excited, I can hear it in her voice! She's getting more into the performance now! hat dress makes her look like a mermaid for me and the fishtail doesn't help at all. No, not the dance please! It makes her look not an all-rounder for sure. The song is good but it is turning out boring and always the same. Oh it changes to the bridge at least! The last chorus is just great now and it gets back your attention. This will qualify, I believe! (Antoine Farrugia)

She s gorgeous!! And I love the song but I wish she wore a more playful dress! (Christabelle)


Awesome guitar move !! but this song is getting worse as it goes on! (Davinia Pace)

The rock duo is here! Many many smoke on stage, and stabbing on drums which is not pleasant to listen to. The first man's voice is like that all the time don't worry, he doesn't have a sore throat I believe but the second one is fighting to sing on the other hand. So so dull on stage with many many black and little splashes of gold. The guitar is having fire sparkles on his guitar solo which are the interesting part of this act, nothing more! Fireworks? Way too much Albania. Please, don't qualify! (Antoine Farrugia)

This has nothing to do with Lordi if they re comparing it to it !! Lets put it this way not my favourite!!! (Christabelle)


I hate their outfits so dated.. the diction is terrible nice voices but its so so cheesy and I can't imagine this doing well in the competition! (Davinia Pace)

Nodi  Sopho and Waterfall next for Georgia! I like this act a lot, hope it turns out good! Smoke on stage already but now, it makes sense, you feel like you're in another world! The voices are so so strong and they blend together so much for me! Was she off pitch in the first Waterfall? It always sounds off to me. They finally got closer together and are showing a bit of chemistry while their vocals keeps on shining all through out. Smoke and now fire together, it's way too much. somebody is off, I believe it's the woman finding the song a bit too high! Still, I think they will qualify, not sure! (Antoine Farrugia)

I hate their outfits so dated.. the diction is terrible nice voices but its so so cheesy and I cant imagine this doing well in the competition! (Christabelle)


Very catchy tune , the bassist is so cute. This performance is very sweet not my type of song at all but it has something nice about it must be the smiley faces and the bassist  but again NOTHING SPECIAL! (Davinia Pace)

Switzerland of Takasa! The chocolate introduction before is a yum! You And Me, let's go! The intro of the song is superb, it gets your attention right away! The 95 year old man is cute on stage but you're copying Russia last year guys. the male vocals were low and the female's are high and she is squeking the notes. They're so stiff, just a simple line al next to each other. The musci video's song was different! It was full for sure, here it's the demo I think! The song is good but the performance, the look, the vocals and staging is awful. Switzerland, I think I will say bye for you this year, although you're not the worst tonight! (Antoine Farrugia)

I remember this song when they came to Malta ... wasn't a fan then am not a fan now!  (Christabelle)


What is this? oh dear dear vocals are so pitchy! This is confusing and just not right who let this man on stage? (Davinia Pace)

Cezar and his life for Romania. The pop-opera singer of tonight. Dracula on stage! What happened to his voice? Are the dancers wearing anything? Worst song from Romania in the history of Eurovision. No Cezar, if you wanted to do Eurovision, you didn't succeed sorry! Even the song is not nice at all, it's got something huge missing, I can hear it! Fire for reaching a high note is like 1990s now! Oh, so the neighbour countries all got higher Romania and Moldova. Romania, you won't qualify for the first time. (Antoine Farrugia)

Quite a eurovision song but not my favourite his damcers are amazing and his upper range too but it doesnt go with the song at all... and he looka like dracula with that collar! (Christabelle)

The Show (Part 2)

We just saw Petra Mede explaining where the dressing room is located and now we're seeing a recap of all the songs competing. In the meantime, our reviewers this evening have also provided their own qualifiers and these could be seen just below. 

Davinia Pace: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Finland, FYR Macedonia, Israel, Malta, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland

Antoine Farrugia: Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Malta, Norway, San Marino

Christabelle: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Malta, Norway, San Marino.

Petra on the segway in the green room! She meets up with Cezar and she promotes the DVD and CD. Mede is sitting next to your Moran who are talking about when she saw the first Eurovision ever. And Moran says she's celebrating her birthday today! Another comeback from the past like last Tuesday! This is funny more than last semi-final! One of my favourite songs ever from Armenia 'Jan Jan' was played! And Petra just gave us the history of Eurovision in a few minutes! Another recap is now playing! 4 minutes left for voting! Make your desicion right voters, let's not be dissatisfied after a great show! Petra is back on stage encouraging us to vote for the final time! Lines closed now! Europe Stop Voting Now! Darin is now on stage giving an awesome performance as the interval act! Following his is none other than Agnes! And here is the recap of the pre-qualified countries! I strongly believe that the best songs this year come from Big 5 along with Sweden. The qualifiers are as follows;











Tonight! Malta will be taking part in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest following a series of technical and dress rehearsals, the last of which commencing later on this afternoon. The excitement for all of the seventeen participating countries is definitely high and considering the surprises that came about when announcing the qualifiers of the first semi-final, everyone is seemingly on edge to see which songs get through to the final stage. With the countries drawn from all across the continent, it will be hard to predict the full set of qualifiers because there might be someone who sneaks in unknowingly. A non-scientific analysis is seen below to hopefully predict the qualifers of the evening pertaining to two different factions. Remember that will be having a live report conducted by Antoine Farrugia and guest writers; Davinia and Christabelle

In recent weeks, has collaborated with a number of professional personnel from all across the world with vast knowledge about the music industry. The seventeen entries which will be competing in the second semi-final this evening were thoroughly analysed and graded both on an individual basis and also within the context of a competition. The latter scoring system was taken and added to the result of the public poll to create ten qualifers based on the system used at the Eurovision Song Contest which gives 50% weighing to the public and another 50% weighing to a professional jury. We are glad to reveal the results of the qualifiers according to this result in alphabetical order. The system was explained in order to answer any queries with regards to why countries may be missing from the poll on the right hand side of the screen which has now been closed.

There was a general consensus between the public and the professional panel of experts on eight tracks in total whilst noting that both factions predicted a song each which the other did not, leaving a song out in the process which had received the same type of result. In the meantime, out of the six (6) non-qualifiers predicted, both sides agreed on a total of four (4) entries and awarded them no points. would like to denote that this is not the opinion of the website with each of the professional panel as well as the public casting their personal votes. In the second semi-final the panel consisted of Stano Simor, Sharon Vaughn and Martin Isherwood. Stay tuned to our portal in the coming hours for more of the latest news. Remember that Malta will be competing in the second semi-final. All shows will be shown on TVM with commentary by Rodney Gauci and Gordon Bonello.


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