December 14, 2019

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Singer Stage; the Malta International Festival for Pop Singers is being organised throughout the course of the weekend featuring artists from; Serbia, Italy, Russia, Croatia, Poland and Malta. The competition organised by KK Productions kicked off last night with artists split up into five (5) categories, out of which a number have qualified into the final stages taking place during Saturday and Sunday.

The first jury comprised of former Malta Eurovision Song Contest participants; Rosman Pace and Nadine Bartolo as well as four time Bay Music Award recipient, Christabelle and entertainers; Ryan Borg, Ramona Galea and Josmar. was represented on the panel by myself, Marc Calleja Bayliss as Head of Jury. The event, taking place at the City Theatre in Valletta, just a couple of kilometres away from the Mediterranean Conference Centre is being hosted by a foursome of comperes; Ronald Briffa and Svetlana Muscat for Friday and Sunday with Jade Cini and Owen Bonnici taking care of the proceedings on Saturday evening.

A foreign jury will be taking shape during the rest of the weekend as artists are selected from each of the respective categories. The focus of the editorial team will be on just one artist, who will receive the Award which in 2012 was awarded to Alexia Fenech. Former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Kurt Calleja along with upcoming band; The Madhatters will be special guests of the final two nights of the competition. Stay tuned to this portal for all of the latest news.

Source: KK Productions,

Published in Local Music News

The festival will open on the 10th of May and will come to an end on the 17th of May and if last year’s event is anything to go by, this year’s festival will be better and even bigger, in fact they have moved the festival from their normal location to Bulebel. Slowly it is establishing itself as one of the event all the lovers of local music look forward to, in fact a number of people have been asking about the festival for quite some time. Each and every day has a special theme or a special act assigned to it which also includes a foreign tribute band of one of the biggest bands that ever existed.

Friday - 10th May at 21:00

Kevin Borg Live in Concert

Supported by: Glen Vella, Pamela, Barber’s Cut & Paul Curmi Dance Studio 


Saturday - 11th May at 21.00

Ira Losco Live in Concert

Supported by: Planet Seed & The New Victorians


Sunday - 12th May at 20.30

Pop Hits & Maltese Classics

Eleanor Cassar, Stephanie Zammit, Georgina, Franklin Calleja, Chris Grech, Olivia Lewis,

Luisana Bartolo, Nadine Barolo, Charlotte Bartolo & Gillian Attard’s Children Choir 


Monday - 13th May at 20:30

Red Electrick, The Riffs & The Crowns


Tuesday - 14th May at 20:30

The Green Gathering

Tarcisio Barbara, Kirstie Barbarbara, Kurt Galea, Naomi Balzan, Katoushka Mifsud, Malcolm Camilleri, Kirstie Balzan

Feast songs: Eleanor Cassar, Gillian Attard, Alexia Fenech, Stephen Mizzi


Wednesday - 15th May at 20:30 

Guns 2 Rose – Tribute Band

Supported by:  Fuse Box & Harriet Cohen


Thursday - 16th May at 20:30

Eurovision Song Contest – Second Semi-Final on a Big Screen (Malta’s Night)


Friday – 17th May at 20:30 

Bon Jovi Tribute

One can see the festival as an opening to the summer months activities as other activities take place all around the island during the summer months but most of them would not be held on such a grand scale. To organize such a massive event is not easy and Beland would not have been able to provide such a field with different artists were it not for the support they found from their sponsors. The event is free of charge but those in attendance are encouraged to give a small donation that will go directly to Puttinu cares as for another year, the event is being held in aid of Puttinu Care which works for such a noble case. So remember from the 10th of May to the 17th of May your entertainment spot should be in Zejtun at the Beland Music Festival. Stay tuned to for more information.

Source: The Beland Music Festival Facebook Page

Published in Local Music News