January 21, 2020

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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 06:17

Malta: Stefan Galea Endorses a More Mature Sound

Stefan, an 18 year old student and music artist, has spent months in the studio working hard on his new sound, vocally and musically. This time he has teamed up with a successful team of local writers who have written and produced various hits for the Maltese market. ‘Escape’ is written by Matt (Muxu) Mercieca and produced by Carlo Gerada. Dance is the genre which best describes this song, setting out to appeal to the club dancefloors. The modern sound gives it a fresh twist, something which is very current in today’s music industry. 

The song puts forward a message of a relationship which is not living up to it’s expectations, and even though the individual seeks to try everything in order to save his relationship, he knows that it is still of no use, which is why he must forget and move on, therefore he must ‘Escape’ from the love he shared with his partner. 

Stefan gained critical acclaim for his debut single ‘Disco Lemonade’ which charted at 12 on the local iTunes charts, and for being a finalist in the Malta Junior Eurosong 2009. He has had the opportunity to perform as a supporting act for Malta's best selling singer/songwriter Ira Losco, the UK pop duo The Cheeky Girls, The beatles tribute band, and also Texanna at the Farsons Great Beer Festival. Last December he also formed part of the cast as a chorus member in the highly acclaimed MADC panto ‘Rapunzelstiltskin’. 

The single ‘Escape’ was mixed and mastered by Elton Zarb, special thanks to Ally for the vocal coaching, with credits to Marlon Polidano for the official press photo and also to the fashion designer, Parascandalo Marco who dressed up Stefan with items from his collection. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music scene.

Source: Press Release


Published in Local Music News

ESCKaz, a Eurovision Song Contest fan-related website has just published the shortlist of forty (40) songs that have made it through to the second phase of the national selection in Moldova following a decision taken by a seven (7) member professional jury. It is worth noting, that the LIVE auditions for each of the respective entries will now take place on the 1st February 2014 at the House of Radio, with TRM, the public broadcaster airing the showcase through a special feed on their official website.

Amongst these forty (40) entries, one in particular is written by a set of Maltese songwriters who are now officially competing in at least three (3) countries. The song bears the name It's All About a Boy and it is performed by Diana Staver and is composed by Elton Zarb and Ally with lyrics by Irishman, Aidan O'Connor. Diana is competing with two (2) songs in the final forty (40) and knows that twenty-four (24) will get through to the semi-final stage of the competition. This song is competing also in Lithuania, making it even more interesting that this track failed to get through in Malta when submitted in 2013 with vocals by singer/songwriter Ally. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: TRM, ESCKaz


Saturday, 15 December 2012 18:25

Switzerland: Die Grosse Entscheidungs - LIVE

It has become somewhat of a tradition for Switzerland to host their national final in December and despite the fact that they are normally the first nation to pick their entry, they have been pipped out of that post this time round due to the fact that Belarus selected their entry last weekend with Alyona Lanskaya set to do the honour with the track Rhythm of Love. Nevertheless, the focus of the evening turns to SF, the main Swiss broadcaster which also represents the largest community in the small nation found in the middle of Europe. Switzerland have not been so lucky at the Eurovision Song Contest despite winning on two occasions, the first time in 1956 with Lys Assia's entry Refrain and the second time round in 1988 with Celine Dion's Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi. It seems that the connection with French has proven successful with most of their other top ten entries also being in the language of love. This evening, there is one song which will be performing in French, another in Italian and the rest in English.

Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow has become the main selection show for the country following a bout of internal selections. The concept was thought up in order to increase popularity of the competition in Switzerland whilst mainly focusing on improving the results especially since they have not managed to succeed on consecutive years with the introduction of the semi-final system. As a matter of fact, they managed to qualify in 2005 thanks to Vanilla Ninja and their track Cool Vibes and then in 2011 with In Love for a While performed by newcomer Anna Rossinelli. Earlier this year, the country was represented by the brotherly duo Sinplus with the song Unbreakable and they will be expected to perform as guests this evening. The final will be featuring nine songs in total, four chosen from the German broadcaster; SF, two chosen from the Italian regional broadcaster; RSI, and and another three internally decided by the French regional broadcaster; RTS. It features a mixture of genres and will surely be well enjoyed by many. You may watch the show through the official website.

The Show (Part 1)

The show has just become with Sven looking dapper in a dark blue suit and speaking in three languages for the introduction representative of the collaboration between the three broadcasters. An international panel of judges from Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Germany and Serbia will be giving their opinion on this evenings' entries but will not decide the result, which is completely in the hands of the Swiss public. An introductory note on each of the respective reviewers is currently being shown. noting that the individuals range from fans to musicians. Sven is now talking to each of the international judges and it seems that the Italian representative is getting a huge cheer. Huge applause for the German representative on the jury as as she enters with a fanfare.

01. Catch Me - Ally

The first performer, Ally presents Catch Me. She starts seated with a hat in her hands. She is wearing a black & white dress. She also has on stage, two backing vocals together with a male dancer are accompanying her on stage. the background is simple, mainly a blue/pinkish colour. Quite a good performance.


02. Bella Sara - Chiara Dubey

The next song is the one of Chiara. this sing is in Italian. Chiara is alone in the middle of the stage. It seems that hats are popular in this festival tonight, she is wearing a black hat together with a black coat. The main colours of the stage are mainly black & yellow picturing the sun. This song has strong vocals & is quite a strong song. the audience in the hall, seemed they liked it.


03. J'Avais Rendez-Vous - Carrousel

The next song is carrousel & the first duet of the night. Both singers are playing an instrument. Accompanying them on stage there is adrummer & a bassist. The main colours of the stage is blue & black.at the bag there was a kind of nature graphics that went well with this song. It is quite an original & different song. They both did a great perfrmance tonight.


04. Do the Monkey - Anthony Bighead

The fourth song is do the monkey. The singer is wearing a costume of a monkey. the song starts in silhouette, reminding usof the nature of where the monkey lives; maybe the jungle? the backing vocals are wearing yellow dresses, & it fits well with the background. The microphone is yellow just like a banana. Together with the singer there are 2 guys wearing as monkeys, dancing together with the singer. Also there is a dj at the back. a great show.


05. You and Me - Heilsarmee

The next song has quite a nice background. lamps are standing by the stage. The singers walk together in the middle of the stage. Together with the singers there are 4 other playing different instruments The backround is black again, together with white light. the singer is wearing like a army captain, all in black. The singer is also in black. One of the guys that played the trumpet is quite old. Quite a nice song with a great catchy melody.


06. On my Way - Nill Klemm 

The sixth song is presented having the main singer in the middle of the stage with a guitar. Three dancers at the back in a linear way are dancing the same moves together with the melody of the song quite similar to the dance used by Kurt Calleja in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. A backing vocal is on the right of the stage. Quite a sweet & simple song.


07. The Point of No Return - Melissa

Melissa starts walking the stage holding two men with a rope. later they burst dancing together with other dancers on stage.Melissa is wearing a green dress. The performance is quite strong. The colours of the stage are blue with many colours flowing with the strong melody of the song. As a performance it reminded me of Carola's Invincible back in 2006. An amazing song.

08. Lève-toi - Nicolas Fraissinet

The singer starts playing the piano and performs his rock-ballad song. At the back there are 2 drummers & 2 guitarists. The main colour of the stage is black, visually we see pictures of the mountains. Vocally the singer is quite strong and he gives a strong performance.


09. Forever and a Day - Jesse Ritch

The singer is in the middle of stage wearing a white suite. At the back 2 backing vocals on the right & other 2 on the left. In the middle of the song he sits on a white box. A dancer dances on this white box. At the back visually we see the fireworks. It is a Bruno Mars style of song. A good performance.
The Show (Part 2)
The entries have officially come to an end and the international panel is discussing the entries that have just been presented whilst Sven announces that the tele-voting and the sms-voting is also open and therefore, as has become traditional in such national selections, a recap of each of the performances of the evening is shown in order to remind the people what choices they have to send to Malmo, Sweden. A commercial break and then, when they return another recap before the discussions commence backstage at the selection. Next up, a guest performance by Sinplus at the tele-voting comes to an end. Focus seemingly turns to Sweden, which will be hosting the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Heilsarmee have been declared as the winners.

For the past two years, Switzerland have become the first nation to announce their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest but this year they will have to settle for being number two actually noting that the week before the national final known as Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow 2013, Belarus would have already picked their entry for Malmo, Sweden. Switzerland have been trying to reinvent their selection process and have achieved more success in the past two years than they had achieved since the introduction of the semi-final which only saw them through to the final on one occasion, that being in 2005 thanks to the Estonian group; Vanilla Ninja and the track Cool Vibes. In 2011, Anna Rossinelli qualified with the song In Love for a While whilst Sinplus and their entry Unbreakable almost did the same feat finishing in eleventh place within the semi-final. The idea of collaborating between the three regional broadcasters is ideal as all factions would be represented and it seems that RSI, RTS and SF have now announced their respective song selections as chosen by the public, an internal jury and even online voting.

Switzerland brings about a lot of multiculturalism and this also seems to be reflected in terms of the languages that the qualifying tracks are actually performed in noting that two are in French, another one is in Italian and the last six being in English. Surprises have always been the case in such selection processes and when the online voting came to an end, several people tried to predict the outcome but it seems that many have been wrong due to the fact that the former winner of the Eurovision Song Contest; Lys Assia was one of the participants who did not manage to make it through this time round despite having been in the finals last year with the track C'Etait Ma Vie. Another former participant at the esteemed event who did not make it through was Magdalena Tul from Poland whose song Jestem had finished last in the semi-final back in 2011. Nevertheless, the ones chosen represent a fair idea of the music scene in Switzerland noting pop, rock, ballads, and that something a little bit different. 

You can press on each of the songs in order to hear the tracks. It is important to note that there are a number of notable names including former Spanish national final contestant Melissa and also German Idol runner-up Jesse Rich amongst others. The Swiss national final for the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be staged at the Bodensee Arena in the city of Kreuzlingen on Saturday 15th December and will streamed live through all of the major Swiss channels. We will be offering our live commentary of the selection through one of our editorial board members who are gearing up to start reporting this coming season. We would like you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the upcoming edition of the prestigious music event hoping that you indeed enjoy every bit of the preparations along with our team.

Source: SF, RSI, RTS