February 17, 2020

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On the 17th and 18th April 2015, at the Republic Hall in the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the Public Broadcasting Services will be staging ‘Amber in Concert - Warrior’, a spectacular event which will serve as a farewell concert to Malta’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Joined by a 40-piece orchestra, inaugurated in December during ‘A Night at the Theatre’, under the direction of Maestro Paul Abela, composer of “Could It Be?” (Eurovision 1991), “In a Woman’s Heart” (Eurovision 1996) and “Another Summer Night” (2001), Amber will have the opportunity to perform several songs LIVE whilst accompanied by a variety of supporting artists, all of whom are instantly recognisable in the local music scene.

Joe Cutajar (Eurovision 1972), Franklin Calleja (Malta Eurovision 2013, 2014, 2015), Kurt Calleja (Eurovision 2012), Gianluca Bezzina (Eurovision 2013), Christabelle (Malta Eurovision 2014, 2015), Gaia Cauchi (Junior Eurovision 2013), Federica Falzon (Junior Eurovision 2014), Luisana Bartolo (Malta Eurovision Backing Vocalist 2012), Ivan Grech (Lead Singer of WinterMoods) and the Southville Dancers have all been given supporting act roles.

If you have not yet obtained your tickets for the event, and do not want to miss this event, then make sure to visit the official website of the Mediterranean Conference Centre. ‘Amber in Concert – Warrior’ tickets for the 17th April are still available, noting that the Public Broadcasting Services only added this date, after the high demand on the previous standalone date. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: tvm.com.mt


Wednesday, 01 April 2015 01:24

Malta: Amber Hints Vienna Stage Presentation

The Maltese representative has been busy with her preparations for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest and the team behind her has been working hard in making the 2015 experience a positive one. Amber is working hard with her vocal coaches, lyricist and composer in making sure that she delivers a strong performance on stage. 

A lot of rumours have spreading around about Amber’s presentation and something which always catches the attention of a lot of people is certainly the outfit for the final night. The whole team behind the song has been working hard in improving on every sector and has taken each and every comment on board to ensure that the song has the desired visual impact needed to impress on the Eurovision night.

Something that a number of people criticized during the final night back in November was that her outfit was too common and far too dark especially with the general setting of the stage for the song. In fact after a number of consultations with industry professionals, the team is working on making sure that she will impress with what she would be wearing on the actual night.  In a recent interview, Amber quoted saying that she will be a true warrior. 

This interview generated loads and loads of interest and Amber was heard saying ‘off air’ that the team got the inspiration from ‘Xena the Warrior Princess’ hence the reason why she is working daily on her fitness routine, in order to look the best possible way. It seems that the team of designers will be taking a modern take on the warrior princess’ costume as they clearly want to highlight that Amber is a good warrior who is there to inspire others.

Whether the outfit is the best way to highlight this is yet to be seen but it is surely something on the right track. Malta and its people have proved to be warriors over the years, decades, centuries and it is believed that Maltese history will be taking the forefront for Malta’s visuals on stage with numerous sights and locations. Amber is going to be Malta’s gladiator in Vienna and she will truly represent Malta, its history and its beliefs by one dynamic performance.

No matter what the result would be, Malta this year is being represented by a strong independent woman with strong beliefs who loves ghost hunting and judo… one would never know but these two hobbies can surely come in handy in Vienna. Maybe she will have the opportunity to communicate with Mozart’s spirit who will give her some guidance in order to secure herself the victory whilst she fights her way thanks to her judo skills against some of the competitors.  

Update: On behalf of escflashmalta.com, we would like to wish Amber and the Maltese delegation the best of luck for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. We trust that the team is surrounded by the right individuals in ensuring that Amber's outfit and stage presentation is of high caliber. Those who were left wondering whether Amber will be ghost hunting in Vienna and using her judo skills against them, rest assured she will definitely be focused on the task at hand. For yet another year, we have brought you a light article for April Fools Day - always good to have a laugh on such days.

One thing is for sure, Amber will be Malta’s true warrior in Vienna as she will dress, look and act like one. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Malta’s participation in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.


At the end of 2014, the jury and public agreed unanimously that "Warrior", written by Elton Zarb and Matthew Mercieca with vocals provided by Amber, would represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria. The journey is heading into it's final stages, as the female vocalist has been busy with the music video launch, the release of the digital single on iTunes and Spotify, and most recently the recording of the postcard.

The introductory clip, shot by the host broadcaster of the international event, ORF is split up into two parts, the first part set in the silent city of Mdina, Malta's former capital city, and the second part set in the picturesque town of Zell Am See, a ski resort in Austria. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Malta's participation in the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Television Malta


Published in Local Music News

Warrior”, composed by Elton Zarb, to the lyrics of Matthew Mercieca (Muxu) with vocals provided by Amber, has been given an extensive revamp, in preparation for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is set to take place in Vienna, Austria on the 19th, 21st, 23rd of May 2015.

In a Press Conference, held at the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) Creativity Hub, the female vocalist, Amber was visibly overcome with emotion, as she introduced the final product, which the gathered media had long been waiting for, in anticipation. The new version of the song, worked on by Manolito Galea, Elton Zarb, Gordon Bonello, Arturo Pellegrini and Kevin Abela, will be the final version, as sung in front of millions of people.

“Warrior” is about dealing with the difficult challenges in life, and having the strength to overcome obstacles. The preview video is extremely faithful to every word of the song as the interpretation represents the changing mood from negative to positive. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: tvm.com.mt/eurovision


Back in November, following the successful duties as host nation of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, "Warrior" composed by Elton Zarb, to the lyrics of Matthew Mercieca (Muxu) with vocals provided by Amber, was selected as Malta's entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

Since then, with the support of Arturo Pellegrini, Manolito Galea, Kevin Abela, Gordon Bonello and composer Elton Zarb, the music of the song has been re-worked, or rather strengthened, in order to give the song more depth. This brand new version, along with the accompanying music video will be officially launched on Monday 9th March at 16:00 CET at the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) Creativity Hub.

In a first for Malta in recent years, the music video does not have an accompanying storyline, with the song being the sole focus, noting that every lyric was taken into consideration to assure that the graphic is fully representative. Given the fact that there were a lot of special effects, including items being smashed, most shots were taken with just one taken, with no manoeuver space. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: tvm.com.mt/eurovision


"Eurovision Talk", a 15-minute segment, featuring guest panelists from renowned websites which cater to the latest news from the music scene, inter-related to the Eurovision Song Contest, will start airing on Strada, the most watched television programme on Saturday afternoon.

Hosted by Wayne Aquilina every Saturday between 12:40 pm and 15:00 pm, "Strada" is a programme where youths discuss a spectrum of subjects. It aims to shed light on various topics, whilst acquiring different opinions, based on facts and life experiences. Instead of solely providing debate, it is enhanced through entertainment slots provided by LIVE unplugged sessions, creating a truly vibrant and unique atmosphere.

Due dilegence is to be given to the Maltese Delegation, specifically Gordon Bonello for the support required in putting on this weekly slot. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria.

Source: ONE Television


Published in Local Music News

Following a series of successful music productions in the past years, Spiteri Lucas Entertainment is back in town with yet another spectacular music production not to be missed by one and all. “BEATLES and OLDIES in Concert”, the latest addition to Spiteri Lucas Entertainment’s already impressive portfolio of spectacular productions to date, will be staged on Saturday 24th January at 19.30hrs and Sunday 25th January 2015 at 18.00hrs at the Catholic Insitute Theatre, Floriana.

This production promises to be an entertaining show for all the family and will surely give its audience the opportunity to relive the excitement and great memories of post war music and its protagonists. Act One will feature hit tunes from some of the most legendary artists of all time such as Cliff Richard, Bill Haley and the Comets, Charles Aznavour, Sandie Shaw, The Supremes, Claudio Villa, Paul Anka, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamon and Elvis Presley. 

The second part of the show will pay tribute to one of the most popular and successful bands of all time – The Beatles. Twenty hits including “She Loves You” “Eleanor Rigby”, “Love me Do”, “A Hard Day’s Night”, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” “Ticket to Ride”, “Let it Be”, “The Long and Winding Road”, “Something”, “Can’t Buy me Love”, “Obladi Oblada”, “Yellow Submarine”, and “All You need is Love” amongst others will be interpreted by some of Malta’s best performers.

For this musical show, Spiteri Lucas Entertainment has assembled a highly talented cast with the likes of Amber fresh from her success in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Ludwig Galea, Dorothy Bezzina, Debbie Scerri, local Elvis tribute artist Redent Falzon, Ivan and Krista Spiteri Lucas, together with Neville Refalo who is also responsible for a 40 strong children’s choir that will also perform in this show. Other singers taking part in the show include Kurt Cassar, Abigail Critien, Julie Pomorski, Maria Abdilla, Michela Galea and Kaya.

All artists will be accompanied by a live seven piece band under the direction of musical director Mark Spiteri Lucas who is also responsible for all musical arrangements to be performed throughout the show, while Celaine Buhagiar and her Dancel Dancers are responsible for Choreography. Kurt Spiteri Lucas is responsible for technical direction while Ludwig Galea is responsible for artistic direction.

Part of the proceeds from the show will go to Id-Dar tal-Providenza. Book online on www.istitutkattoliku.com or www.activemalta.com. Alternatively you can buy your tickets from the Catholic Institute Theatre Booking Office: 21 238 429, Catholic Institute Bar: 21 242 551, or phone on Hotline: 9989 668, 9946 8429. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Press Release


Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 09:22

2014: Another Year Filled With Successful Stories

Every year brings with it a number of events, festivals and lots of new material that many appreciate and play over and over throughout the year. The editorial board of escflashmalta.com decided to have a look back at the main highlights of 2014, the year that saw two Malta Eurovision Song Contest competitions, the annual competition l-Għanja Tal-Poplu and Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, the return of the Summer Hit Song Contest and also the Junior Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malta. There were quite a number of events that kept our site busy and also our readers on the lookout for the next event. 

The year started off with Firelight emerging victorious at the Malta Eurovision with their song ‘Coming Home’, the band came together for the Eurovision Song Contest but looked beyond the festival. The Micallef siblings came together along with their friends and gave us the country folk pop entry. One would not say it was a shocking win because some critics did tip the song on doing well, but surely surprised a number when it emerged victorious over public favourites Jessika, Daniel Testa & De Bee. The band managed to reach the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in May and Richard Edwards’ composition received good airplay in a number of countries in Europe. This kicked started their career with new material being released recently and a number of gigs in Germany.


After the Malta Eurovision, it was time for the scene to focus on a local festival in Maltese. A festival that has been going for a number of years and has a good following thanks to the importance it gives to the themes of the songs. The outright winner of the festival was the song ‘Jien Ma Naħdimx’ interpreted by the relative newcomer Karen DeBattista. Mark Scicluna & Rita Pace’s composition was a hit from the get go and after it won the song received substantial airplay on a number of radiostations. The powerful lyrics were surely the reason behind its success; the message portrayed in the lyrics shows the work done by housewives which is normally not appreciated by the other members of the family. It was surely the stepping stone for Karen DeBattista who was participating only  in her third festival in three years and after this success she also managed to reach the finals of the Malta Eurovision with ’12, Baker Street’.


The much awaited return of the Summer Hit Song Contest was imminent and many were happy to see that this festival was finally back, after a break of nearly three years. The winner of this edition was Domenique who although still relatively young, she has cemented herself as one of the established artists in the local music scene. Domenique always expressed her love towards festivals and is a popular face in a number of local competitions in Malta. ‘Back to...’ a composition by Mark Scicluna & Emil Calleja Bayliss managed to scoop the top prize in this festival and many commented that Domenique’s strong interpretation thanks to her experience in these competitions was vital in this win. The song was always seen as a strong entry but many saw it as a contender after the stunning celebrity duet Domenique delivered alongside Rosman Pace – a unique factor to this competition.


The annual Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza saw an influx of songs related to the fifty year anniversary of Malta’s independence and even though competing authors were free to write on different subjects, this one proved to be the most popular. The result was surely unexpected as the song which was highly tipped on winning the competition finished in fourth place whilst the young and upcoming star Michela Galea won the judges hearts with her rendition of ‘Mixja Li Bdiet’ a subtle song that speaks about the stages Malta has been through since its independence fifty years ago. Renato Briffa & Alfred E. Baldacchino surely did their homework right as they write a catchy tune, with subtle lyrics that embrace the country’s vision of independence and gave it to an apt, fresh and confident performer who delivered the song strongly. It was a well deserved win for the teenager who won the first festival in her first major competition.


Two other winners who emerged in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza were Kurt Cassar who won the New Talent Section and Kayley Cuschieri who triumphed in the inaugural edition of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza Junior. Kurt Cassar reached the finals of the prestigious event and went on to win his section with the song ‘Inservi’, a composition of Elton Zarb, Gillian Attard & Emil Calleja Bayliss. The song was well received from the start and many saw it as a potential winner as the whole package stood out from the rest of the field. This surely opened the horizons for Cassar. On the other hand, Kayley Cushcieri is a known face in the music circles but she surely left a lasting impression when she triumphed with the song ‘Għannaqni’ - an emotional heartfelt song that speaks about a daughter begging her mother to hug her instead of abusing her; another strong message written by Rita Pace to Mark Spiteri Lucas’ composition.


The biggest highlight this year for the local industry has definitely been the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The event was the biggest live broadcast the national broadcaster has put up and Malta was represented by the talented soprano Federica Falzon who rose to fame after winning the  popular Italian show ‘Ti Lascio una Canzone’. Federica Falzon had the opportunity of a lifetime performing at such a esteemed event in front of her home crowd and she surely made the most of it as she delivered an excellent performance of 'Diamonds' finishing in a prestigious fourth on the night. Many local fans though would love to see the return of the pre-selection show for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as this would involve the audience at home choosing their junior representative and also be the perfect showcase for up and coming talent – something which sadly is not given as much prominence as it should.


Given that Malta was hosting the Junior Eurovision, it came to no surprise that the PBS announced that the Malta Eurovision will be brought forward this year. It caught the singers and songwriters a bit off guard and this showed in the number of submitted entries but many critics argued that the quality of songs in the finals was the best it has ever been. Although a tough competition, Amber emerged as the clear front runner and after two strong performances on both Friday and Saturday night it was a unanimous decision by the judges and the public vote that she should be the next Maltese representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. She conquered the festival with Elton Zarb & Muxu’s composition ‘Warrior’ which so far has been well received from abroad. The song is expected to be enhanced and many are looking forward to hear the finalised version of the next Maltese representative.


After all that one can realize that it has been quite a year and if one would think that everyone is currently taking a break, one would be mistaken as in November the committee of L-Għanja Tal-Poplu issued its regulations so the year will be once again kickstarting very soon although the first major festival of 2015 is expected in March and not in February like last year. This is due to having the Malta Eurovision a few months earlier. A festival many would love to see its return would definitely be the ‘Festival Internazzjonali Tal-Kanzunetta Maltija’ which saw its return in 2013 but seems that it was put aside for 2014 because of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. A real pity because it gave light to a number of new Maltese songs in the last edition these include Olivia Lewis’ winning entry ‘Hawn Mill-Ġdid’, Mark Tonna’s ‘Poeta Bla Kliem and Dario & Grecia’s ‘Solitaire’. Maybe 2015 would be a year were one gets to celebrate through more competitions and more songs to feast the keen Maltese music lover. 


On behalf of the editorial team of escflashmalta.com, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year filled with joy, health and success in whatever your heart desires. We urge you to keep following escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene in 2015. All the best.  

Source: escflashmalta.com


Published in Editorials
Thursday, 18 December 2014 15:53

Malta: Charity Song features Ensemble of Stars

In the past couple of years, charity has been one of the most pivotal aspects in the creation of a state, which while somewhat limited in resources, is not lacking in generosity, with record funds being targeted and achieved every year. "L-Istrina" is the most important charity event, with funds given to various organisations.

As a means of supporting this noble gesture, a theme song is recorded, and what is intriguing is that several familiar faces make an appearance, all in the face of charity. This year, the song is entitled "Int Min Int", and is composed by Dominic Cini to the lyrics of Giovann Attard with production entrusted to Elton Zarb of Freetime Productions.

"Int Min Int" features the vocals of; Amber (ESC 2015), Dominic (MESC 2015), Renato (ESC 1975) , Ina Robinich, Federica Falzon (JESC 2014), Gaia Cauchi (JESC 2013), La Barokka, Mary Spiteri (ESC 1992), Mary Rose Mallia, Noel Zarb, Georgina (ESC 1991), Janvil (MESC 2005-2006, 2009), Josmar, Iona Dalli (MESC 2015), Lawrence Gray (MESC 1998, 1999, 2001-2004, 2010, 2012, 2015), Ludwig Galea (ESC 2004), Deborah C (MESC 12-14).

We urge you to watch, and donate during this year's edition of "L-Istrina" as it is aired on Television Malta, ONE Television, NET Television, F Living and Smash Television during the traditional "Boxing Day", otherwise also known as the 26th December, the day following Christmas. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: L-Istrina (Official Page)


Published in Local Music News

In February, female singer/songwriter Ira Losco had the opportunity to co-host the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest alongside Gianluca Bezzina. This was the role of a lifetime, and one which they were asked to reprise for the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, an opportunity which they jointly declined due to other plans, including Gianluca's participation with L-Aħwa and the possibility of Ira Losco's return to the competition.

In a recent interview with Wiwibloggs, Ira Losco went on record stating that the timing of a possible participation in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest was inadequate with two singles yet to be released off her latest studio album "The Fire", before work on new material officially commences. Seen as a massive means of exposure to the international music market, the singer/songwriter does not rule out a possible return in 2016, but only with the right song.


Following Amber's victory at the 2015 Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Ira Losco sent out a message of congratulations to the whole team of "Warrior", including Elton Zarb and Matthew Mercieca, stating that it was a deserved victory, and she will be backing the whole entourage. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2015 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place in Vienna, Austria.

Source: Wiwibloggs, Allen Venables (Photo)