December 13, 2019

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One of the most important elements in scripts adhering to the programmes that appear on local television screens is surely national identity because one must have pride in order to success. An audience could easily be captured if the story-line is proven to be realistic and thus relatable to real life and this is something that has been envisioned by Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa who have taken on the challenge to write a drama about teenagers and the society around them. Nevertheless, what has been seen to be different in D.R.E.A.M.S is the idea of getting the points across through the medium of original songs, composed by Maestro Ray Agius who has co-written some of the most iconic tracks in the industry. The closest series from an international standpoint is seemingly Smash starring Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty as they are the ones with original songs. Rewind Productions in collaboration with Television Malta will be airing the seventeenth episode this evening. 

In this evenings' episode, it seems that most of the storylines continue to add up although that does not mean that complications won't be revealed, far from it. Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) and Antoinette (Annalise Psaila) have been playing around with several issues as of late and it seems that their relationship might take another turn for the worse having learned of a meeting with Brandon's brother, Damian (Andre' Mangion). The real reason of this rendez-vous so to speak is still up in the air but nevertheless, it was set up by Tiffany (Kristen Camilleri) who is going out of her way to make sure that the relationship goes up in flames. Speaking of Tiffany, could it actually be that she is dissapointed over her scheming or is she enjoying everything as two people who had actually been in love continue to drift apart due to her involvement? This is unknown but nevertheless, the fact that her household is always relatively tense due to her fathers' mental incapabilities, it might be proving to be an escape route.

On the other hand, one has to remember that Brandon and Antoinette have the same group of friends who have been seemingly missing in these past couple of weeks but has someone managed to get a drift of what's happening, willing to expose Tiffany and her foul play? That will be seen this evening but not before attention turning back to the adults, most especially Gloria (Joanne Busuttil) and Robert (Andre' Penza) whose rocky marriage continues to deter relatively quickly since the revelations of what happened during their time in college. Gloria was pregnant but in her last appearance, she revealed that she had lost the child following the stress that she has been put under. She is currently trying to re-invent her life, one which might not include Robert at this stage. Whilst people face their rocky relationships, Finnigan (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) is still in prison and it seems that there will be some sort of panic this evening, one which might encompass more than just a character. The reasons for which this might happened are unknown. Nevertheless, all will be revealed tonight on Television Malta at 20:45 CET.

Source: Rewind Productions,

Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 14:20

Malta: Let the Revelations Continue This Evening

During the summer months, there had been a growing sense of impatience between fans of the series who have once more become inclined to know the latest about every particular character with many even asking what happened to others who might have not been seen in recent weeks but in actuality, things unfold at a relatively normal pace had it been everyday life and that is why patience becomes an extremely important virtue. Writing becomes part of a person rather than a daily chore and this is surely the case when it comes to the individuals behind the weekly music drama series, with Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber working in unison to create something which teenagers could ultimately relate to within their daily lives. It is imperative that television is seen as a means of how to get particular messages across and being shown on the national television station is definitely a positive. Rewind Productions will be hosting their eight episode of the second season of the music drama D.R.E.A.M.S this evening on Television Malta just after the eight o'clock news.

It has been noted that the present could easily be a reflection of the present and this is surely the case within the storyline that involves the supposed love triangle that involves Robert (Andre Penza), Sue (Ruth Sammut Casingena), Cynthia (Stephanie Attard Vella), Gloria (Joanne Busuttil) and Edward (Manuel Cutajar). It seems that Sue is in some manner trying to rekindle her emotions towards Robert who confronts her and tries to have a conversation with her with the details somewhat mysterious but just as this was set to go further, they are easily interrupted by Cynthia who stops by for a surprise visit. Back to the sixth form, it seems that things are heating up on several levels, the first with Saidah (Drizilla Bakoush) and Keith (Leander John Schembri) who have now officially went out on a date and have learned several things but ultimately, were her friends right about him and how will his character evolve within the general storyline? That is yet to be scene but focus in this episode will be on the day of the election with Chloe (Michela Dalli) and Jade (Rachel Genovese) going head to head against each other. There is clear rivalry going on between them but will one of them win or will there be yet another upset? Another point of attention is in prison with the inmates faces some issues and with somebody somewhat getting hurt. In fact, the focus will is none other than Frances (Sabina Attard) whose former history will be revealed this evening. Stay tuned to and watch Television Malta at 20:40 CET this evening for another thrilling episode of D.R.E.A.M.S.

Source: Rewind Productions

Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 06:45

Malta: Let the Storylines Continue into Week Six

The younger demographic has several technological means to learn about key issues that make up society in present times but one has to note that effectiveness plays a pivotal role and that is why television is somewhat still extremely important. The means of watching such a platform has been taken through a number of elements because one can watch programmes through their smart phone or even their computer system.  This is the sixth week since the return of local music drama series; D.R.E.A.M.S and therefore, the story seems to be heating up and the pieces of the puzzle are now combining into one another with the hope of creating a picture, one which many could relate to through their personal lives. The focus of the past week has surely been purely on music due to the submission process of the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the results set to be announced at the end of the month. Nevertheless, the attention diverts slightly on this Wednesday with the series returning for another week. The script of the series is written by Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber whilst the music for the songs that are broadcasted each week is done by Maestro Ray Agius.

One of the key elements of the second series is surely the constant fighting between Robert Soler (Andre Penza) and Gloria Soler (Joanne Busuttil) over a supposed affair which many viewers will recall to being only true in a slight manner. Evidence unfortunately has not managed to portray the situation in the best possible manner and it has become more a case of words. At the sixth form, things are heating up even more with the election candidates including Philip Roger Triganza (Damian Buhagiar), Chloe Stafrace (Michela Dalli) and Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese) all seemingly garnering votes making it to be an extremely close race. Going back to the focus of the storyline at the moment it seems that during this episode, Robert Soler also goes back home but there seems to be a particular reasoning behind this, maybe the pregnancy. According to our intelligence, it seems that this episode will be quite intriguing and will leave everyone at the edge of their seats in order to learn the fate of several storylines and characters. All of the questions will be answered by watching the sixth episode of the second series of D.R.E.A.M.S which is airing on Television Malta at 20:40 CET every Wednesday.

Source:, press release, Rewind Productions, Evelyn Saliba La Rosa, Michael Vella Haber