November 12, 2019

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Sanna Nielsen, runner-up at Melodifestivalen back in 2008 with the track Empty Room co-written by Bobby Ljunggren and Aleena Gibson, is considered to be the artist to beat at next years’ Swedish extravaganza, according to national bookmakers who are already taking money prior to the presentation of the actual songs. For the very first time ever, Sanna is not working with Bobby Ljunggren and has turned to Fredrik Kempe, Hamed "K-One" Pirouzpanah and David Kreuger. The latter individual was responsible for Westlife’s hit track If I Let You Go.

Whilst bookmakers have a habit of pointing out the obvious, it is important to denote that the next three (3) artists in line to represent Sweden, according to the general public are YOHIO, runner-up at the 2013 edition of the Melodifestivalen; Anton Ewald, another finalist at this years' Melodifestivalen and Helena Paparizou, representative of Greece and winner of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. At this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Robin Stjerberg represented Sweden with the song You co-written by Linnea Deb, Joy Deb and Joakim Harestad Haukaas. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Oddschecker

SVT, the national broadcaster in Sweden, and responsible for the nations' participation at the Eurovision Song Contest organised a press conference yesterday afternoon in order to announce the names of the entries, songwriters and artists competing in the final two semi-finals of next years' edition of the Melodifestivalen. The format, albeit unchanged, will include four (4) semi-finals, a second chance round and the final, all of which will be spread out over six (6) weeks. At the end of this period, new careers will commence whilst renowned stars will find solace in hit singles. The only other competition to produce similar results is Sanremo, as competing entries are known to make the official singles chart for several weeks after the showcase.

Sweden are organising their national selection following a triumphant organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest and they might have already set their sights on success pertaining to the second list of artists revealed by Christer Bjorkman during a Press Conference. Whilst there are no names who have been to the Eurovision Song Contest in this list, there are a couple of fan favourites who have made the final cut including; Alcazar who managed to reach stardom status all over the continent with their song Crying at the Discotheque as well as Not a Sinner Nor a Saint which could have been a Swedish entry due to being in a former edition of Melodifestivalen. Other outstanding names are those of Shirley Clamp and Linda Bengtzing who are clearly set to be a treat to the fans in whatever genre they might represent.

Semi-Final 3 (Gothenburg)

All We Are - State of Drama (Werner / Sandqvist / Gullhamn / Hallifax)

Around the World - dr alban & Jessica Folcker (dr alban / Erizson / Kjellholm)

Burning Alive - Shirley Clamp (Ljunggren / Ubeda / Vaughn / Wikstrom)

Busy Doin' Nothin' - Ace Wilder (Wilder / Joy Deb / Linnea Deb)

Echo - Outtrigger (Joy Deb / Linnea Deb / Malmberg Hard af Segerstad)

En Enkel Sång - CajsaStina Åkerström (CajsaStina Åkerström)

Red - EKO (Linnea Deb / Joy Deb / Anna Lidman / Lundberg / Ottosson)

Yes We Can - Oscar Zia (Kempe / Kreuger / Pirouzpanah)


Semi-Final 4 (Örnsköldsvik)

Blame It On the Disco - Alcazar (Kempe / Kreuger / Pirouzpanah)

En Himmelsk Sång - Ellinore Holmer (Rosenberg / Sanner / Schmalenbach / Wikstrom / Aly)

Fight Me if You Dare - I.D.A (Albin Nicklasson / Laine / Frick Sveen)

Hela Natten - Josef Johansson (Bostrom / G:Son / Johansson / Thyren)

Hollow - Janet Leon (Kjellholm / Jansson / Winter)

Natural - Anton Ewald (John Ludvik)

Raise Your Hands - Ammotrack (Jari Kujansuu / Johnasson / Kindbom / de Bruin)

Ta Mig - Linda Bengtzing (Nicke Borg / Jojo Borg Larsson) has noted that there are several interesting options, based on the reputation of such artists and songwriters who have been given the opportunity to participate in next years' edition of the Melodifestivalen. Also, we would like to congratulate regular contributor, Sharon Vaughn who has worked with the likes of Agnes, The Wanted and Delta Goodrem who will be competing with three (3) songs, including with one of the early fan-favourites. Sharon Vaughn will be joining the Critical Eye feature for the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: SVT

National selections all over the continent are coming to an end especially when considering that the month of March started just a couple of days ago. This years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be needing a lot of improvements in order to be elevated in quality but several broadcasters know that in order to do well, their tracks need to be slightly altered and the final versions presented to the European Broadcasting Union will surely denote this element. We would like to invite you to the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience. Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via and on Digital Cable 781 & cable 88.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

Sweden will be hosting this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and during the past weekend, attention turned to the host nation for the simple reason that they were organising the final of Melodifestivalen and the Team of Radio International was on hand so chat with most of the finalists competing. We had the absolute pleasure to speak to the winner, Robin Stjernberg who came from the second chance round with the song You. The performer who was a runner-up on the show Idol a couple of years back is also working with first runner-up of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Kevin Borg on his latest album and is represented by Lionheart Music Group. In the meantime, the runner-up of the competition was Yohio with the track Heartbreak Hotel whom despite being the favourite of the public, had to settle for second place due to the disappointing result given by the international jury. Other interviews were carried out with David Lindgren who performed Skyline, Anton Ewald who sang the song Begging, Sean Banan who choreographed Copacabanana and last but not least Louise Hoffstein, the only female who graced the stage with the song Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream.

The Melodifestivalen has always been one of the most prestigious events in Europe and therefore, the interval acts and people who give out the scores tend to be somewhat renowned either in the country or in the community of the Eurovision Song Contest. During the course of the evening, the interval was none other than Carola, who represented Sweden in the 1983, 1991 and 2006 edition of the international competition winning in 1991 with her performance of Captured by a Lovestorm. She performed her signature tune and first national hit, the 1983 entry entitled Framling which has been reworked for 2013. On the other hand other interviews will be transmitted, one with the hosts who were Gina Dirawi and Danny Saucedo, the latter being the first runner-up of the Melodifestivalen in 2011 and 2012 and last but not least an interview with Christer Bjorkman, the executive producer of Melodifestivalen and one of the organisers of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The final interview which will be played this week is from the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 as Marilena who performed the track Overrated composed by Philip Vella to the lyrics of Gerard James Borg speaks about her participation.

Radio International is always keen to present songs during the show apart from the weekly features and therefore, collaborating the two ideas together will see the emergence of Eurovision UnverCover whereas tracks performed at the Eurovision Song Contest will be covered by other singers. The actual tracks will be played first followed by the cover and this will make things interesting. Apart from this feature, there will be new material played on the show by a number of former representatives including Patricia Kaas. All of the latest news is also covered during the weekly broadcast noting resources from and escXtra where Luke Fisher, the Editor makes a weekly round-up. A round up of the national finals thus far is set to be conducted by Alasdair Rendall. Follow the show through the official website and also send your requests through the contact link which is found on the aforementioned website.

Source: Team of Radio International

Sunday, 03 March 2013 17:30

Sweden: MF 2013 Running Order Unveiled

SVT, host broadcaster of this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has to pick an entry for the upcoming international showcase but many believe that the standard in the 2013 Melodifestivalen did not really live up to the expectations. Ten entries will be vying to represent Sweden at the upcoming edition of the competition having qualified through semi-finals and a second chance stage. It is important to denote that whilst there are a number of expected tracks in the selection process, it seems that variety was the initial idea behind the whole general concept and that is why, people might sceptic about the ones competing this coming Saturday evening.

There seems to have been a general consensus amongst fans that most of the best songs were left either in the second chance or the semi-final stages of the competition and that does not really bode well for a country which will need to show that following a victory, they could achieve another really strong result. Nevertheless, the varied line-up is definitely going to prove difficult to both the public and the international jury who will be casting their vote in a weeks' time. For the past two years, Malta has been a part of the foreign jury although the nations involved this time round have yet to be revealed by SVT, the broadcaster. Below you could see all of the ten finalists within their respective running order.

  1. Tell The World I'm Here - Ulrik Munther (G:Son / Bostrom / Munther)
  2. Skyline - David Lindgren (Fuentes / Nordenback / Fast)
  3. Falling - State of Drama (Werner / Hallifax / Gullhamn / Hallifax)
  4. Begging - Anton Ewald (Kempe / Malmberg Hard af Segerstad)
  5. Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream - Louise Hoffsten (Hoffsten / Bjurman / Orn)
  6. Bed on Fire - Ralf Gyllenhammar (Gyllenhammar  / Wilhelmsson)
  7. En riktig jävla schlager - Ravaillacz (Jennstig / Goldkuhl / Dorsin)
  8. Copacabanana - Sean Banan (Lindholm / Samadi / Blomberg / Larsson)
  9. You - Robin Stjernberg (Stjernberg / Deb / Deb / Haukaas)
  10. Heartbreak Hotel - Yohio (Fransson / Lundgren / Larsson / Goranson) 
The editorial team had the opportunity thanks to Lionheart Music Group to speak to one of the finalists in this years' edition of the Melodifestivalen, Robin Stjernberg who is currently working on his first original album alongside a number of songwriters, amongst them the Maltese singer/songwriter Kevin Borg, runner-up of the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest. He is currently fifth in the Betting Odds which makes him an outside bet, and a dark horse on Saturday. We would like to wish him the very best of luck amongst the other contestants. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news and tune in next week as we cover the event as it happens through our editorial team member, Javier Leal.
Source: SVT
Monday, 19 November 2012 12:55

MF 2013: First Sixteen Acts Revealed

Melodifestivalen has earned quite a positive reputation over the years for providing a number of intriguing moments in music noting that there have been a number of tracks which have earned some of the top accolades during the respective year in which they had been presented within the competition. There is a lot of hype about next years' selection process due to the fact that Sweden will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest following the victory of Loreen with the track Euphoria. Earlier this morning, SVT which is the broadcaster in charge of the competition in the Scandinavian country revealed the first sixteen acts that will be competing in the 2013 edition of Melodifestivalen, those which make up the first two semi-finals with the last set of contestants set to be revealed today week.

Aftonbladet and Expressen have been pretty much into the selection process for quite some time and this is because the showcase has been dubbed to be the biggest music event that Sweden is known to produce hence forth, it does get the people talking. Amongst the list of names that have been announced today, some have been accurately predicted but others were more of a surprise. In fact, songwriters have become more common so to speak but then again, collaborations this time round are thought to be very different according to a number of sources who are close to the competition. Below we are publishing the first names that have been presented to the public, local and foreign media earlier this morning in a special press conference.


  • Burning Flags - Cookies 'n' Beans (Fredrik Kempe)
  • Gosa - Marie N'Diaye (Johan Åsgärde, Mattias Frändå & Mary N’Diaye)
  • Heartbreak Hotel - Yohio (Johan Fransson, Tobias Lundgren, Tim Larsson, Henrik Göranson, Yohio)
  • Paris - Jay-Jay Johanson (Jay-Jay Johanson)
  • Porslin - Anna Järvinen (Björn Olsson, Martin Elisson)
  • Skyline - David Lindgren (Fernando Fuentes, Henrik Nordenback, Christian Fast)
  • Vi Kommer Aldrig Att Förlora - Eric Gadd (Eric Gadd, Thomas Stenström, Jacob Olofsson)
  • We’re Still Kids - Michael Feiner & Caisa (Michael Feiner, Caisa Ahlroth)

Source: SVT