January 25, 2020

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Coming Home, written by Richard Edwards Micallef and performed by Firelight has somewhat been given mixed reviews by fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, something that was to be expected with a folk/pop genre. Nevertheless, this also meant that professional individuals will most likely warm up to the song relatively quickly as seen in posts made by the first winner of the international competition, Lys Assia as well as Danish popstar and two-time Dansk Melodi Grand Prix participant, Bryan Rice.

In their ranking of all the entries competing in the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Coming Home ranked in eleventh and seventh place respectively. Malta will be performing first in the second semi-final set to take place on the 8th May at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the moment, Firelight are busy in The Netherlands, getting ready to perform at the Eurovision In Concert where several acts will be making their appearance. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: Lys Assia & Brian Rice (Official Facebook)


Good Morning! escflashmalta.com is always looking for new opportunities to speak to artists who could potentially represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore, we took up the chance to speak to Bryan Rice who will be returning to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix for the second time having narrowly missed out on the ticket back in 2010. This time round, his entry entitled I Choose U is pure pop, a genre which has been presented in the continental competition time and time again. In this interview, Bryan chats to us about his career in music, his life away from music and what his aim in the industry is, amongst other things.

Hi Bryan! Thank you for taking some time from your busy schedule to do this interview with us. Can you tell us how did you kick start your music career and who were your inspirations to start this career? 

You’re welcome, it is my pleasure. My mother says that I have always been singing. That kind of kid who has a song for every moment and every state of mind. Singing is my therapy, meditation, way to express my state of mind etc. So singing is something I have always done, and I have always been encouraged to sing, which is very important! My inspiration would have been myself… I believe that you should follow your dreams and keep trying as hard as you can. If you really want something and work hard, you will succeed.

You participated in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2010 with the song ‘Breathing’ and finished second with a magnificent performance. What encouraged you to try and represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest back then? 

The right song, first of all. And then the fact that I would like to take a step ahead and show people that it’s ok to participate even though you already have a career and songs, it’s a competition with pop music, so why shouldn’t I participate?


Four years later and you are one of the finalists in the 2014 Danish selection with the entry ‘I Choose U’. What made you come back to this competition? 

Trying to achieve a double victory for Denmark? Yes, again it began with the right song. Then Emmelie got the ESC to Denmark and I started thinking that this might be the year for my second try. I was given a silver medal in 2010 and I have always known that one day I should try to turn it into gold. With all your support I suddenly knew that this is the year! Yes, My goal is to keep ESC in Denmark for one more year, that would be historical!

From the snippet which was released this week, one can notice it is a happy and upbeat song. What can you tell us about this entry? 

It’s a pure pop love song as I love them. A song about being hit by real love with 300 km per hour, about finding the one and only and saying it to that person. I’ve tried it myself and it feels so good that I needed to sing about it! The track is uptempo and with a lot of challenging vocal features that I’m looking forward to sing for you. It’s happy and positive and with my choir on stage I want it to make people smile and feel good.


How are you preparing yourself for the final which is due to be held on 8th March? 

I’m focusing very much on my body, voice, sleep, training, eating well, getting massages etc. Just like a sportsman up to an important competition.

What can the fans, who will be watching you in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, expect from your performance of I Choose U? 

I hope to be able to deliver something safe, good looking and sounding, a happy performance with great vocals and positive attitude. A kind of ‘Friends’ mood on stage… furthermore I have something enormous on stage…and I can walk on it!


Although this is your comeback year as a singer, last year we saw you part of Albin’s team which his entry ‘Beautiful to Me’. How does the pressure differ from a composer and a singer in a competition big such as Dansk Melodi Grand Prix? 

There’s a big difference. But to be honest I love being on stage myself the most. But writing for others is also great, seeing them blossom and owing the song is awesome. Being the idea man behind the song, show, styling, light etc is awesome!

You were already a popular artist in the music industry. Do you think it was a risky move to take part in such a competition that eventually would have led to the Eurovision Song contest? 

No, not at all. Everyone knows that I do what I want. It’s my career and my choices. To release a new single and play it for 2 mil viewers in one night is a good choice in my eyes. I know that my supporters have my back, so it’s all good :-) I mean, it’s like the EM in pop music, why shouldn’t I be there?


You have recorded four albums so far in your music career, ‘Confessional’, ‘Good News’, ‘Another Piece Of Me’ and ‘A Piece of Me Live’. Every single you released from these albums was always a hit. How was your experience recording each album? 

Writing and recording is an extremely funny, creative and lovely process. I have been doing it on and off since Breathing and Another Piece of Me, and my fifth album is almost done now. So now I can’t wait to go out and sing live, ‘cause that is what I love the most. Feeling the audience, seeing the smiles and tears...

We recently saw yourself and Guena LG Beat with a song titled Stay Awake. How did that collaboration come about? 

GG wrote me one sommer 2 years ago if I wanted to start a collaboration, and I love trying new things. My life is all about setting out small ships in the ocean an hoping they will grow into big super tankers. Some of them sink, but some grow, and the Guena LG thing is growing fast and now we’re out in many countries including the US with awesome results! These days we’re hoping for a Billboard chart entry soon...


Any plans for a fifth album? If so can you share some details with us? 

Yes, indeed. I’ll never stop! ‘Hear Me As I Am’ is almost done and will be out later this year.

How do you prepare yourself before performing your songs to a huge audience? 

I focus, smile, breathe slowly and try to take it all in. I love being on stage more than not being on stage, so it’s not difficult for me.


Do you have a lucky charm which you take with you on stage?

Not one in particularly. In 2010 my mother gave me a stone, maybe I’ll bring it to Odense as well :-)

If you had to mention one achievement that you are most happy about … which one would it be? 

It must be the fact that I got to live from the one thing that makes me the happiest man on earth, music. I aimed for something and every day I fight to maintain and enlarge my career. Having the fourth most played song in Denmark in a decade (No Promises) is also something that I am proud of.


People and fans know Bryan Rice mostly from your music but obviously, work is not everything. Who is Bryan when you have some time to spare for yourself? 

I am just a man with a lot of things that I want to share with you. With a mission to touch and make a difference for as many people as possible. But also a man that needs to be with my friends and family and do the things that everyone do.

Finally, what would you like to say to your fans and our readers at escflashmalta.com? 

I’m Super! happy for your support. It’s the gasoline that makes my engine running! You’ve made me what I am and I’ll keep on giving you my music. Please join my Rice army at www.bryanrice.com :-) I need you all, and I would love to sing for you! And if I end up in ESC 14, please vote for me, I’ll do my best to make a difference.

Source: Bryan Rice (Facebook & Twitter), Nalle Vikström & Jim Lyngvild (Photo)


Published in Interviews

In 2014, Denmark is set to host the Eurovision Song Contest, following the astonishing victory of Emmelie de Forest and her entry Only Teardrops. Thus, the focus of the public broadcaster; Danmarks Radio seems to be concentrated on that event in particular but nevertheless, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix has officially garnered speed following a press conference which took place earlier today, where snippets of each of the ten (10) competing entries were presented.

Danmarks Radio, the public broadcaster has already made it clear that despite the fact that they will be hosting the event, they are anticipating success on home turf, something which could be achieved with the level of songs presented. Apart from success for the lead vocalist of the winning track, the songwriters will be awarded a total of €13,400 for their efforts. This will be done during the press conference following the national final, which in turn is set to take place on the 8th March at Arena Fyn in Odense. You may listen to the snippets of the competing entries on the Official YouTube Page of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for the latest news.

Source: eurovision.tv / DR


Wednesday, 29 January 2014 03:29

Denmark: Ten (10) Lucky Acts Put forward by DR

In 2014, Danmarks Radio, on behalf of Denmark is set to host the Eurovision Song Contest, having achieved a resounding victory with Only Teardrops sung by Emmelie de Forest in 2013. Prior to the international event, the Scandinavian country will undergo a test run and organise a national final known as the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, which is set to feature ten (10) acts, six (6) of which were selected by an internal panel of judges from eight hundred seventy-two (872) submissions and another four (4) which were invited by the broadcaster as wildcards.

Quality over quantity seems to be the approach in Denmark, one that has proven successful in recent years seeing the nation manage top ten (10) results on three of the past four years including in 2010, 2011 and 2013 with In a Moment Like This, New Tomorrow and Only Teardrops, respectively. There are at least two recognisable names in the selection; those including none other than Danni Elmo and Bryan Rice, who have both been part of the showcase before. The latter was a runner-up back in 2010 with the song Breathing, a hit track in Denmark, peaking at number #3 in the charts and part of a studio album entitled Another Piece of Me.

Your Lies – Rebekka Thornbech (Attlerud / Euren / Arn)

It Hurts – Anna David (David / Lindorrf / Nowak-Zorde / Huffleman / Harwood / Keynes)

Right By Your Side – GlamboyP (Kallenberge / Berlin / Andreson)

She’s the One – Danni Elmo (Engelina / Brown / Vestergaard / Linnet)

Wanna be Loved – Michael Rune ft Natasha Bessez (Jensen / Larsson / Madden / Obika)

I Choose U – Bryan Rice (Jensen / Jorgensen / Crooks)

Cliché Love Song – Basim (Lindorff / Nowak-Zorde / Falt / Basim)

Vi Finder Hjem – Emilie Moldov (Engelina / Brodersen / Larsen / Basim)

Before You Forget Me – Nadia Malm (Nadia Malm)

Feeling the You – SONNY (SONNY / Schjoldan / Lumpkins)

The city of Odense will be playing host to this years’ edition of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix at the Arena Fyn on the 8th March 2014. The choice of date makes Denmark one of the final nations to present or rather select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 which will take place at the B&W-Hallerne Arena in Copenhagen on the 6th, 8th and 10th May. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest developments with regards to the upcoming edition of the international competition along with news from the participating countries.

Source: DR, eurovision.tv


The runner up from the 2010 Danish pre-selection, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, is back with a brand new single. Bryan Rice had placed second after showcasing his brilliant performance of Breathing. Till this day, Bryan has released 3 studio albums titled Confessional (2006), Good News (2007) and Another Piece of Me (2010). Further to those albums he released two non album singled titled For The Love Of The Game (2011), which was the Official UEFA U21 Championship Denmark song and These Arms (2013).

Now he has released a new single in collaboration with the worldly famous DJ Guena LG, who did remixes for Lady GaGa, Mylene Farmer, Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado and has sold over 6 million of remixes. The song is called Stay Awake and is written by Matthew Koma (who has written for Carly Ray Japsen, and ZEDD), DJ Guena LG and Julien Carret. So far Stay Awake is ranked #1 on Greek Radios Greek (Dance category) and #25 in the French clubs. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more of the latest news from several artists all across Europe.

Source: Official Website