September 21, 2019

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Thursday, 18 October 2012 23:29

MESC 2013: Who Is The One To Beat?

As the preparations for this years’ Malta Eurovision Song Contest are underway with the composers, authors and singers finalizing their entries, the common public have already started discussing who they think is the clear favourite to succeed Kurt Calleja in Malmo, Sweden. Big names from the local radio industry have been mentioned throughout but attracting them to the local competition is always challenging but if any of them submit and make it through to the finals they will surely stand a good chance to do well and possibly win.

Albeit this, though it seems that the front runner for this years’ contest is none other than last year’s second runner up Amber. Amber made a name for herself after managing to come second in the local talent show ‘ID’ and from then on she never looked back. She participate in the Malta Hit Song Contest and the year after went on to win the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with Trid Tapprezza. The same year she made it through the semi-finals of the contest with two songs Touch Wood and Catch 22, with the latter making it through to the final stages of the competition. 

Last year, it was Amber’s second time in the contest and she captured the judges’ attention achieving a third place thanks to her power rendition of Answer with Your Eyes. From this experience onwards, Amber was presented with a number of opportunities. She was approached by PBS to accompany Kurt Calleja in Baku as his main backing vocalist. This experience gave her a taste of the Eurovision world and having carried a vital role last year, some people thing that this could be her year; all this assuming that Amber is submitting an entry to this year’s competition but if she does she will surely be the main front runner.

The other favourite will surely be Claudia Faniello who was last year’s first runner-up with her magical song Pure. A lot of people think that Claudia Faniello’s year was last year but if she decides to return to the competition for the eighth time expect her to return with a something strong and original. It will take something special to surpass Pure but Claudia showed what she is capable of achieving last year and few would be surprised if she manages to come back with something even stronger. So, if she returns no one should count her out, especially considering the strong results she’s had in recent years.

The return of former entrants is always possible. Fabrizio Faniello has been trying for a number of times and he has always done well. He is just one of two singers who represented Malta on more than one occasion and if he succeeds, he will emulate Chiara's feat. Other entrants who tried again after their win include; Paul Giordimaina  Georgina, Mary Spiteri, William Mangion, Moira&Chris, Mike Spiteri, Miriam Christine, Debbie Scerri and Ludwig Galea. The return of some of these is remote but others have kept in touch with festivals and haven't ruled out a return. These mainly include Olivia Lewis, Miriam Christine and Ludwig Galea; if any of these return, they will surely pose a significant threat.

Having mentioned the two main front runners one cannot forget other talented individuals who have been participating in the contest for a number of years. The finalists in recent years have all presented strong entries and none should be underestimated in such a competition. After all this is a song contest which should reward the best song at the end of the night and not a popularity contest. Two years ago, an unknown Thea Garrett won the hearts of the local public and the judges’ votes with her power ballad My Dream. So who knows, it might be someone new who can repeat the same feat, although it is not an easy one, surely it isn't impossible. 

Well, there are a lot of questions that are left to be answered, most of these questions will be answered in the upcoming days when the submissions come to a close at the end of this month but until then we have to play the waiting game. We cannot really comment either before we hear the final versions of the songs that will be submitted this year but we would like you to share your views with us on which singer, singers or bands you think should be the ones succeeding Kurt Calleja. In the meantime, keep following for all the latest updates about the local music scene.


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The Malta Community Chest Fund is the largest charity in the country which is proudly represented by His Excellency The President of Malta along with his wife in order to give it more of a dignified stance in the respective aim which is put forward time and time again. The largest event which benefits this organization takes place around this time in the form of a spectacular showcase of local talent known as Rockestra involving live music played by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Sigmund Mifsud. There is a general promise that the event would be bigger each year and thus far, the promotional adverts that have been shown are making it look like the most astonishing showcase that has been put up. This year, the date has been set for Saturday, 15th September with the venue being the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre, home of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year.

The line-up for this years' showcase is as impressive as it has been in recent years but then again, it has to be noted that the flair of artists from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest continues to increase with the inclusion of three time representative, Chiara joining the likes of Claudette Pace, Glen Vella and Ira Losco as well as other talented individuals from the Malta Eurovision Song Contest including former runner-up Richard Edwards who will be joining the flaming haired Mikaela and the mellow vocals of Ivan Filletti. Seated tickets are already sold out and therefore, only standing tickets are available at €10 for Adults and just €2 for Children. It has to be noted that all of the money will be going directly into the funds of the Malta Community Chest Fund which require a lot in terms of daily running fees. You can purchase your tickets either by accessing the official website. We urge you to get your tickets as soon as possible with proudly supporting this event for yet another year.

Source: Official Website

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Saturday, 28 July 2012 03:50

Malta: A Successful Story in Songwriting

Maltese songwriters have gradually been improving with time noting that it does take a lot of talent to prepare a song and ultimately find the right singer for it but one of the teams that has managed to do just that is surely the one made up of composer Jason Paul Cassar and lyricist Sunny Aquilina who are of course related to each other through family noting that the latter is the father-in-law of the former. Looking back at the history of the Malta Song for Europe, you would not see their names in contention in a number of consecutive years because their tracks take dedication and are submitted when they believe the time would be right for them. The very interesting fact with this team is that they have managed to compete in the finals on more than one occasion whilst having been winners more than once as well. This feature will be looking through at the successes of the team.

The very first successful time of the collaboration was their initial songwriting project entitled The One That I Love performed by an astonishing and still extremely green Chiara who took to the stage of the Malta Song for Europe giving a masterclass performance without having anyone join her on stage. She showed up more experienced acts such as  Claudette Pace, Miriam Christine, Marisa D'Amato, Marvic Lewis and Georgina to finish as the winner. The element was kept when they went to the Eurovision Song Contest noting that the extra addition was a high number of candelabras which added to the performance in the long term giving it that special power which it might have needed to create an intense and romantic atmosphere. The song would go onto finish in third place and was the closest in winning the competition for the country and therefore remains in many hearts, as the best song ever to come out from the country.

Their second flair at writing in the Malta Song for Europe competition would come in 2003 when the duo reunited on a track entitled Love Will Shine Forever, the debut entry of singer/songwriter Rosman Pace and one which would give him the best placing he would ultimately achieve noting that he has continuously managed to rank in the top ten on a number of subsequent occasions. This track was completely different from their first songwriting experience because the fact of the matter remains that it hit the right note with the juries and the people on the night by virtue of making it to the final round. It was the first year with the semi-final and therefore, no guarantee was existent on whether acts would make it through to the final. Rosman has continued to perform with his last experience in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest coming back in 2011. They managed to discover yet another intriguing name here.

Following the success with finding acts such as Chiara and Rosman, the bar was being set extremely high indeed but then again, it seems that they have always managed to find new talent when people might be doubting what the country holds in terms of musical prodigies and next up comes Kevin Borg who was a young teenage male from Floriana with a soft vocal that always brought out the best in terms of emotions. Their first try together would ultimately take place during the Malta Song for Europe in 2006 with You're My Dream which is a typical Maltese ballad involving a very soft percussion and a touch of guitar. This would be a good first outing with the song finishing in eight place just as good as Rosman had done three years before but the difference here was that the song was once more quite different. They would return the following year with the song Whenever which would be in a similar style. Accompanied by Jason on the piano, the track romped to fourth place. The next year, he would have been the ultimate favourite but faith had it that Kevin would go abroad to Sweden, compete and then win Idol, signing a contract with Sony Music and making a number of diverse contacts.

The list continues to grow but nevertheless, their next triumph and the last one recorded thus gat has to be te one that would come in the Malta Eurosong competition of 2010 when Thea Garrett and her astonishing ballad entitled My Dream came to life. The strong artist had been relatively unknown to the music scene having only made a couple of appearances in television programmes, rather reality shows but still having had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Gigi D'Alessio during a trip to Italy. Jason Paul Cassar and Sunny Aquilina had not written a song for the festival in three years and therefore, the expectations were quite high. They entered the festival hoping that they would do well and it seems that they knew what it would feel like to finish at the top once more because Thea not only won the jury on the night but also the tele-voting beating much more popular names including the likes of Glen Vella, Tiziana Calleja, Lawrence Gray, Eleanor Cassar and Claudia Faniello. The song did not qualify through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in twelfth place but it was still a relatively good result.

Published in Local Music News

One of the most important assets in the music industry is definitely experience and we have gone onto talk to one of the most experienced performers from the local sector in the form of three time representative Chiara who up till now has also released four studio albums, three of which are of original material and the other one featuring a number of cover versions. In the past couple of months, Chiara has been reinventing her musical taste noting that she has gone onto a current sound, one which is being played on the radio. She has also joined the cast of entertainment on the programme Ħadd Għalik hosted by Angie Laus on Television Malta (TVM). She has found some time to answer some of our questions about her career in the past, present and even the future!

In the past couple of months, the local music scene has continued to grow in strength and prowess and it seems that this idea has spurred on a lot of people to work even harder. One of the most interesting careers which is still developing to this day is yours noting that you have very much changed since 2009 by virtue of taking up a brand new genre, one which shows a completely different image to what many have become used to over the years. What could you tell us of this sudden change and you should we expected an album any time which would maybe correspond to the new you?

Well, change is something that all of us have to go through and I embrace it always, this change came on me slowly, step by step and as you say now I find myself far from where I began but I am in a good place, I like the way I am singing now and it gives me as much satisfaction as my old ballads did.  To be honest albums are always on my mind and I was thinking that all the songs I did in the last couple of years should actually be put on an album to be more reachable to my fans as well, so I cant say I’m not thinking of it.

Your rise to fame commenced during the 1995 edition of the Ghanja tal-Poplu competition when you had entered the competition with the track ‘Ismaghni ftit Habib’ composed by Jason Paul Cassar and penned by Sunny Aquilina. This was just the beginning though because despite the fact that the song had a strong message, you returned with an even more iconic track in the form of ‘It-Tlett Ibliet’. Competing against some of the countries’ leading talent, you still managed to achieve the results but looking back at the beginning, would you consider taking part in a festival in which you would have to perform in Maltese again or is that part of your career completely over?

Malta is my beloved country so singing in Maltese gives me a certain satisfaction. I love to sing in Maltese but taking part in festivals is over for me. Obviously The Eurovision for me is just part of my life and “Chiara” so I am not talking about it. I would go to Eurovision even tomorrow if I had the chance as it is such an important part of my life and carreer and also as I am a big fan. But competing in other festivals, I don’t think I would be comfortable doing that anymore.

Entering the Malta Song for Europe for the first time in 1998, you were gunning up against some of the most notable names in the local music industry at the time including former representatives Georgina and Miriam Christine Warner as well as notable runner-up Claudette Pace yet the track that you presented entitled ‘The One That I Love’ composed by Jason Paul Cassar and penned by Sunny Aquilina was the one that made the upset and ultimately, the decision did pay off because Malta was just a couple of points away from winning in Birmingham. What can you recall of winning over here on our shores and being so close to victory abroad?

It was overwhelming, I still think back today and feel all the astonishment I had that night, and still feel the grandness of what happened to me. I feel that that night, maltese people opened a door for me which gave me so much, It was what made me fall in love with the festival and what gave me all my fans around Europe who today, after all these years have become personal friends, so it is a very deep emotion for me to think of the festival in 1998. the victory was very close and up till today when I watch the last part of the festival of 1998 I still half expect Macedonia to give Malta 12 points and we win..but unfortunately it never happens!

When asked about the possibility of future participation back then, you never discounted it and therefore, when you submitted two tracks to the competition in 2005, the people were somewhat excited to see what you were ready to bring to the table this time round. Both of the tracks being ‘Angel’ and ‘Sail Away’ would make the album cut and are still very much favourites of the public but you had to take up a song which you believed could take you all the way and chose the former. Do you believe that your second song would have been received differently by the respective viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest?

I can never say how it would have been, I think I made the right choice with Angel.  Being that I wrote angel myself for me it was very special and I am always very glad to be able to transmit this special feeling to the audience in front of me, I know that today Angel is special not just for me but for a lot of people around Europe too.

We are moving forward in time and this brings us to your final participation up to this point in time as you made one final return in 2009 with the track ‘What If We’ composed by Marc Paelinck and penned by Gregory Bilsen. When speaking about this participation, you cited that it was clearly representative of your fathers’ wishes and ultimately when it won in Malta, the track was received well. In the semi-finals of the foreign competition, you made it through to the final stage for the first time since 2004 when Julie & Ludwig had done the honour with ‘On Again .. Off Again’. Three years on, many people believe that the track was not as strong as other material that you have presented to the competition but would you have done anything differently or do you believe that you were in the right?

In this industry you sing because you love singing but you have to be loved by your audience or else the sense is gone out of what you do, so I never say I was in the right, obviously it is a matter of opinion and my fans opinion is very important to me.  What if we at that point in my life was very strong for ma, also because of the emotions wrapped around the passing of my father so I would not change a thing. Although I do agree with most of them that probably the remix of What If We would have been more effective but as you know it is very difficult to change a song after you have won a national selection with it.

The Public Broadcasting Services have seemingly shown increased attention to the participation of Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years having taken up the competition under their wing directly and initiating a former format to the national final, one which includes both a semi-final and a final round giving the majority of the weighing to a panel of jury, most of which are foreign. Nevertheless, the issue lies at hand that despite this, the favourite of the public has triumphed two years in a row due to the fact that he achieved a respectable top three placing by the same professionals. Do you believe that the system needs to be altered in order to have more of a representative feel?

I feel that the Maltasong is becoming more and more professional and I like the fact that they are always changing and keeping up with the times.  I feel that the people’s opinion is very important as when we go to eurovision its people like maltese in other countries who will then vote for our song, true if you are famous here it helps, but this happens in all the countries not just in malta and we always have the jury to balance it out so I don’t think I would alter anything just now. Some countries go out of their way and get singers from all over the world to try and win the festival, again it is a matter of opinion and of how strongly the country would like to actually win the Eurovision at the end.

Keeping in line with the present, just a couple of weeks ago, Malta was rerpesented int he Eurovision Song Contest by Kurt Calleja and his band who performed the tune ‘This Is The Night’ written by Johan Jämtberg, Mikael Gunnerås and the main performer himself. During the semi-final, there had been a lot of talk that the performance was crucial to whether our country could qualify for the very first time since you had done so in 2009 and when the eighteen (18) semi-finalists had performed, many had been saying that we had a very good chance and ultimately, we did qualify only to suffer a disappointing result in the final, one place better than you had achieved. What was the difference from one performance to another in your opinion and what is your view about the winning entry?

Euphoria for me started the race with a lot of advantage, It is a song that captures you immediately when you hear it and in my opinion it was a full set of things which made it win. Sweden have been working really hard for the past years to win , the song is an amazing piece, the production of the song put Euphoria above all the others in the festival and Loreen is captivating on stage, her presence steals your attention for the whole duration of her song. It was just the winner without doubts.  As for the performance of Kurt, I must say that the performance of Thursday was amazing, they were very concentrated and it showed, i felt personally that Saturday was a little bit different but I do understand that the pressure and all the responsibility of the final night can play tricks on you, so I still think they did really well also on the final night.

Chiara has been involved in a number of projects in recent weeks noting that the past year has been quite busy with activities both on local and foreign soil bringing about people of different countries together to enjoy your music. One of the most recent activities that comes to mind is a tribute to the Late Whitney Houston in a concert in which you featured as a guest performer to the lead performer of the evening being none other than former Malta Eurosong runner-up Eleanor Cassar. Each experience is surely a different one but what do you draw from each one and do you have anything coming up in the weeks and months to come?

I am now preparing to go to Germany for a concert I will do there with Hera Bjork from Iceland and other Eurovision singers.  For me every performance gives me a new memory to be proud of, by now I have come to know so many singers who I love and I am very proud to say I sang with them. When I sing in Malta its always more special as my Maltese audience is my family and I want to give them my best , also singing with singers like Eleanor and other maltese singers for me is more special and emotional as these singers are actually my personal friends so for me it is honour when I am asked to take part in such concerts.

This years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has just finished but many countries are already preparing for the next one which will be held in Sweden. The Public Broadcasting Services is yet to formally announce their participation even though it seems that the positive showing this year would be enough to consolidate our future in the competition. Should the rule of the former participants be lifted, would you be tempted to the return and hopefully represent Malta for a fourth time in the competition and if so, would you fuse the elements that you have encompassed throughout the years together or would you take one style and make sure it is well represented?

As I always say if I was given half a chance I would go back to eurovision tomorrow!! I love the festival and it would be a great honour for me to be entrusted with this important task to represent my country once again. I have also been asked by other countries quite a lot of times to represent them in the Eurovision but till now I am still waiting for another chance to represent my own Malta before I actually go for someone else. But I can never say I will never go again, It is a wish of mine to be there amongst the fans once again. As for the style, it would depend on the particular place I would be at the time so I can’t say what it would be.

Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers at

There is one thing I always say to my fans and I will always repeat, and it is THANK YOU , for everything you have given me, for the chance to share my music and emotions with you and the luck of getting to know you and love you so much. Richness for me is not money, it is the collection of people who surround you in your life, and  you make me richer every year and I will be grateful forever. I promise to always do my best to make you proud of being my fans.

Source:, JJ Chircop Photography

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Malta just happens to be a country found in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea but nevertheless over the year, it has been noted that we have a lot of talent despite our size. The results achieved at the Eurovision Song Contest during the years reflect those of bigger countries and made us contenders each and every year but then again with the competition growing and moving all around the continent it became more difficult but nevertheless, one does not give up and we have also managed to do well on sporadic occasions noting the success achieved by Chiara back in 2005 with the song Angel. 

Since the introduction of the semi-final system way back in 2004, we have managed to get through to the final round on three occasions, the last time being of course just last week when our very own Kurt Calleja and his track This Is The Night did what Chiara did during her third appearance in 2009 with the song What If We and what Julie & Ludwig had done in 2004 with their entry On Again .. Off Again. The level of the local competition in recent years has really grown but nevertheless, there has been a lot of talk in Malta on whether we should attract well known artists who will from their background experience do well. There are quite an interesting number of performers who are proud to call themselves as nationals of this country and yet have not put their name forward for the event despite being a huge showcase which has been creating a number of careers especially in recent years since the victory of Norwegian native Alexander Rybak with the song Fairytale followed by an even more noteworthy win by Lena-Meyer Landrut for Germany with the song Satellite

It seems that the number one name to be considered at this stage is none other than that of Kevin Borg. Kevin is of course one of the most popular singers in the country after winning the Swedish Idol just a couple of years back seeing him succeed with his debut album as well as with his single releases. He is one who knows the country well and would receive the same heartfelt reception if he competed at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. During his stint on Idol, he even had the opportunity to duet with American Idol winner; Jordin Sparks on her hit song No Air and was definitely not phased by her stardom. To this day, Kevin has continuously been on the go by appearing in a number of musical productions such as High School Musical amongst others whilst currently being busy in the studio recording a number of tracks for his upcoming album which is yet to be given a release date.

In Malta, it seems that if one does not succeed, then he tries again until it is finally right and this would be the same with the second name that is being mentioned. Chiara has already represented the nation on another three occasions, the first being in 1998 with 'The One That I Love' finishing in third place, the second being in 2005 with 'Angel' finishing in second place and the final one coming in 2009 with 'What If We' ranking in twenty-second place. The possibility of going for a fourth time is somewhat unexplainable at times but nevertheless both locals and foreigners would not mind her having another go at the competition because they know that with the right song, she can definitely succeed. She has been working hard on her comeback and has shed a lot of weight and she can manage to get a track like one which she has from her 2005 album entitled 'Here I Am', then she might just do extremely well abroad.

Another two names which I have been picking around through a number of message boards and comments from people all around the country are those of Ira Losco and Natalie Gauci. The former is someone who has already represented the country way back in 2002 with the track '7th Wonder' achieving second place during her stay in Tallinn, Estonia. Following her return though, Ira decided to take up a brand new management deal which has seen her transform from a Pop Princess to a typical Pop-Rock Chic and this has been quite an interesting change as she has gone onto release five studio albums and two compilation albums. She is currently working on her new material, which will surely be vying for a number of awards on the music scene once it comes out. On the other hand the latter is a former winner of the Australian Idol competition whose debut album peaked at number #11 on the charts with her first major single Here I Am hitting number #2 position on the charts. Both are current and extremely credible and it would be great to see one of them in contention.

The Public Broadcasting Services are yet to confirm our participation for 2013 but nevertheless, we are optimistic as Malta has taken part every year since 1991 and has also managed to reach positive results on most occasions. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will be taking place in one of three major cities in Sweden. We would like to thank you for your renewed faith in our web portal in the past couple of weeks and hope that you will continue visiting in the weeks and months to come as well.

Source: escflashmalta

The Beland community has always been the one to organize different events that help promote local talent and attract locals to their events. It all started back in 2006 with the concert Alive and from then onward they never looked back. Last year they took the initiative of organizing a week full of concerts with different number of guests throughout the week. was on site for most of the days and the crowd just got bigger and bigger with each passing day; surely something the organizers hoped for from the start. This meant one thing – the event was a huge success and when you have a successful formula you stick to it hence why the Beland Music Festival is BACK. 

The festival will open on the 12th of May and will come to an end on the 20th of May and if last year’s event is anything to go by, this year’s festival will probably be better and even bigger. Slowly it is establishing itself as one of the event all the lovers of local music look forward to, in fact a number of people have been asking about the festival for quite some time. For the second straight year, the festival will take place in the Market Square in Zejtun and like last year it will take the form of an open air concert which will run for nine straight days. Each and every day has a special theme or a special act assigned to it which also includes a foreign tribute band of one of the biggest bands that ever existed.

Saturday - 12th May at 20:30

Winter Moods Live

Supporting Act: The Crowns


Sunday - 13th May at 10:00

Wheelspin Car Show

‘Belt l-ghannejja’ - Maltese folkloristic music (Ghana) will be performed by local folk singers and guitarists, with Kelinu Cutajar (Is-Superstar) 


Sunday - 13th May at 12:00

‘Belandfest’ - Marathon of entertainment with activity for all the family and many attractions including dance shows, animation teams and music performances. There will also be the mobile Blood Donation Unit to encourage people to donate blood and save lives. 


Sunday - 13th May at 20:30

‘Delicata Wine Night’ - Live concert by Cash & band, Planet Feed and Antz Walking.


Monday - 14th May at 20:30

‘Nostalgija’ - Special concert gathering most of the well-known local singers together to perform live their Maltese classics that have been entertaining the public over the last four decades. Amongst the artists taking part are Freddie Portelli, Bajzo, Georgina, Christian Arding, Bartolo Sisters (daughters of Sammy Bartolo), Tony Camilleri, Joe George and Mike Spiteri, all live with the Band of Mro. Paul Abela. 


Tuesday - 15th May at 20:30

‘Malta Pop Show’ - Pop concert with Malta's most famous Pop singers, including Claudia Faniello, Gianni, Richard Edwards, Fabrizio Faniello, Muxu, Christabelle, Urban Echoe, Keith Dance Studio and more. 


Wednesday - 16th May at 20:30

‘Think Floyd - The Definitive Pink Floyd Experience’; International Live tribute show of the legendary group Pink Floyd. 


Thursday - 17th May at 20:30

‘The Green Gathering’ - Exactly one month before the feast of Zejtun, all the Beland family and feast enthusiasts will meet at Market Square for this big gathering. 


Friday - 18th May at 20:30

Airport Impressions Live

Supporting act: Dry Connections


Saturday - 19th May at 20:30

‘Alive The Concert’ - A big concert with Malta's best voices, including Chiara and Glen Vella.

(UEFA Champions League final will be shown on Big Screen). 


Sunday - 20th May at 19:15

Zejtun Youth Mass


Sunday - 20th May at 20:30

‘Beland Spectacular’ - The grand closing of the week, with the Beland Band in the leading role in a live concert with a number of famous singers, namely; Mary Spiteri, Lawrence Gray, Thea Garrett, Mikaela, Wayne Micallef, Eleanor Cassar and Raquela. 

One can see the festival as an opening to the summer months activities as other activities take place all around the island during the summer months but most of them would not be held on such a grand scale. To organize such a massive event is not easy and Beland would not have been able to provide such a field with different artists were it not for the support they found from their sponsors. The event is free of charge but those in attendance are encouraged to give a small donation that will go directly to Puttinu cares as for another year, the event is being held in aid of Puttinu Care which works for such a noble case. So remember from the 12th of May to the 20th of May your entertainment spot should be in Zejtun at the Beland Music Festival. is proud to support this event in fact aiding in the production of the 'Malta Pop Show'. Stay tuned for more information.

Source: Facebook Official Page, The Beland Music Festival

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