February 20, 2020

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Despite a series of non-qualification attempts, San Marino was one of the first countries to confirm their presence in the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest set to take place in Denmark. Earlier this year, Valentina Monetta took to the stage with the track Crisalide (Vola) composed by Ralph Siegel and penned by Mauro Balestri, finishing in eleventh place, the best result by the micro-state. This was the second time that Valentina had taken on the role of representative having performed The Social Network Song composed by Ralph Siegel and penned by Timothy Touchton, Jose Santana Rodriguez finishing in fourtheenth place the preceding year.

SMTV, broadcaster responsible for the participation of San Marino has signed a pre-agreement which sees Valentina Monetta represent the micro-state for the third time. The artistic director will be none other than Fabrizio Raggi whilst Ralph Siegel will once more pen the entry as has been touted for the past couple of weeks. The announcement will not come as a surpsrise after the Director of the broadcasting house of San Marino had stated that he would be happy to see Valentina give it another shot in 2014. Valentina is the fourth artist ever to represent her country three times in a row following in the footsteps of Lys Assia (Switzerland), Corry Brokken (The Netherlands) and Udo Jurgens (Austria). Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Denmark.

Source: SMTV


Valentina Monetta, a young artist from San Marino who will always be known in the history books for having represented the micro-state on two occasions having donned the same honour last year with her entry The Social Network Song which was also composed by Ralph Siegel. San Marino is one of the few nations which is yet to make it through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest unfortunately and it seems that they have their best shot ahead of them. escflashmalta.com with the help of Fernando Mercieca, part of the Delegation of San Marino this year has managed to get in touch with the female artist and speak to her about a variety of things including last years' representation, her career in San Marino and what she expects out of this years' competition.

This will be the fourth participation of San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest with all of the previous attempts proving to be somewhat futile unfortunately despite the variety of genres put forward by the broadcaster whose internal panel always had a successful strategy in place. As a former representative, what do you believe was the element behind the negative results and what do you plan to do later on this year when you take on the stage of the event once more?

I think that when an artist has to substitute another artist at the last minute , like what happened to me last year, its not a good start to have success. This year I feel more strong and thanks to the collaboration with Ralph Seigel finally I can propose my self and I believe that this is the secret , believing in your self and you respect your art. On the park in Malmo you will see a different Valentina but still authentic who will sing my story with my favourite colour red.

You are the first solo artist from San Marino to try and get your nation into the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, having already taken up the position last year with the track The Social Networking Song co-written by Timothy Touchton, Jose Santana Rodriguez and Ralph Siegel. The final individual mentioned in the list is a veteran of the spectacle and has come up with a second song for you to perform, one which seems to merge together two genres, which are stunning separately yet fuse in wonderfully together. What could you tell us about the song Crisalide (Vola) and the lyrics in Italian which have been written by Mauro Balestri?

Mauro Balestri is a poet 'Crisalide' is like a breath of life, an awareness of a new truth to help us face courage, a positive message to recover our selves.... destroying all the walls that doesn’t let us to believe in ourselves. The Beatles used to say “Let it be” and I say “Fly”.


One of the most positive elements within the Eurovision Song Contest is the number of healthy relationships between competing nations and indeed, Malta and San Marino have grown to enjoy each other’s music through this spectacle. Earlier this year, Gianluca was selected to competing in this years’ edition with the song Tomorrow co-written by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek and as a matter of fact, will be taking part in the same semi- final. What are your thoughts about the Maltese entry and do you think that you’ll both be smiling towards the end of the semi-final?

Volaaaaaaa (Fly) … Gianluca, I hope that we will both go to the final :)

Versatility is the key to every artist and indeed, through the songs that you have presented within the Eurovision Song Contest, you have shown your fans and the general audience that you can perform roughly anything. As a matter of fact, you have already released a solo album which mainly features the jazz genre under the title Il Mio Gioco Preferito (My Preferred Favourite Game) with a trio known as My Funky Valentine. What could you tell us about this studio album and what did it mean to record it?

My album is a celebration of my dream that i had since i was a child, of my work and my passion towards music.


In recent years, several broadcasters across Europe have chosen to select their entries for the Eurovision Song Contest in an internal manner with a panel of judges or even through the delegation responsible for the actual participation. The public is generally appalled by not having a choice with the selection process unfortunately. What is your opinion about this matter and do you believe that the public should start having a say in the selection of representation of San Marino?

Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to do a public selection like other countries do and I do feel sorry about this as it is a very good method to choose the right song ... My colleagues within the Delegation of San Marino know about the possibility how to visualise the material whilst keeping in mind that this is for the Eurovision Song Contest, an event which costs a lot of money. I feel quite fortunate knowing that I have a production team which acknowledges this, whilst keeping in line with the elements of music and professionality. 

Prior to your selection as the representative of San Marino at last years' Eurovision Song Contest, it was quite a stellar year already having had the opportunity to participate within the show Ma Che Differenza Fa, a tribute to the stunning Ornella Vanoni. During the showcase you had the opportunity to show more than your vocal abilities, taking up an acting role as well. Then following your performance at the international spectacle, finishing in fourteenth place, you were selected for a lead role in the music Camelia commission by UNICEF. Such projects are a hallmark in one's musical career and how did you perceive them?

Its a great confimation that I had when I started to choose the patt of what to do... in both shows they did not celebrate my maturity and growth... In Camelia that Crisalide was born.


One of the positive elements which many had foreseen with the entry of San Marino into the Eurovision Song Contest is surely the return of the Italian language as a matter of fact, you will be taking up this idea and executing it during the second semi-final. Italian had not been seen in the event on a consistent basis because of the free language rule and also because Italy had stopped participating. Of course, this changed on their return as they have presented songs partly in English and Italian. What is your opinion on the language choice?

I think that it would be more interesting and authentic to listen to the songs in their own native language, even thought the English version would be potentially great from a commercial aspect.

Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers at escflashmalta.com?

Thanks … my love and my breath is for all of you :)


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Alongside Sweden, Luxembourg is the second most successful country in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest but consecutive disappointing results achieved in 1992 and 1993 respectively saw to their withdrawal. The support between smaller countries has always been evident and in the two aforementioned years, Malta gave the tiny duchy ten points on both occasions. It seems that our long lasting friendship is still appreciated by the rather strong fanbase as the OGAE members have voted Malta's entry Tomorrow performed by Gianluca in second place just behind Denmark whose entry is entitled Only Teardrops and set to be sung by Emmelie de Forest.

Marion Welter, representative at the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Luxembourg was also part of the team of reviewers on escflashmalta.com last year seeing to the entries that competed in the second semi-final. As has already been noted by several online blogs and forums alike, Denmark is the outright favourite with the fans whilst San Marino's entry entitled Crisalide (Vola) is currently in second place overall. At this point in time, there are around nine countries who are yet to pick up any points with some having obtained votes from one country, as has been the case with Malta who has never really done well in OGAE voting along the years. 

  • 1 point - Greece
  • 2 points - Hungary
  • 3 points - San Marino
  • 4 points - Moldova
  • 5 points - Norway
  • 6 points - Sweden
  • 7 points - Netherlands
  • 8 points - Germany
  • 10 points - Malta
  • 12 points - Denmark
The last successful entry from Luxembourg was back in 1988 when they had enlisted the aid of Belgian and Italian singer, Lara Fabian whose entry Croire ranked fourth on the night. Lara Fabian became a huge star in mainland Europe in the years to come and she is very much compared to Celine Dion, who represented Switzerland in the same year with the track Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi achieving victory by a mere one (1) point. We sincerenly hope that they will rekindle their flame for the international competition and return in due course.  We would like you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news in preparation for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest which will be taking place later this month.
Source: OGAE Luxembourg

Yesterday, we were proud to announce that Martin Isherwood from the United Kingdom, Sharon Vaughn from the United States and Stano Simor from Slovakia have been relatively busy in these past couple of weeks listening to the tracks competing in the second semi-final of this years' Eurovision Song Contest. The show which will comprise of seventeen (17) tracks in total is set to be quite intriguing and thus we move on to the slot number two (2) which will be featuring San Marino whose entry entitled Crisalide (Vola) composed by Ralph Siegel to the lyrics of Mauro Balestri, is vocally performed by Valentina Monetta. SMRTV, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of San Marino in the esteemed music competition is hoping to qualify for the very first time.

Valentina Monetta is representing the republic of San Marino for the second year in succession, after having just missed out on qualification for the Grand Final in Baku last year. Valentina Monetta was born on the 1st of March,1975 in the Republic of San Marino. She is the second of two children, her father is from Calabria and her mother is San Marinese. Monetta spent her childhood in San Marino where she attended primary and secondary schools. She then graduated from the high school for arts “Giovanni da Rimini” in Rimini. In her childhood she discovered the love for music, listening tirelessly to various musical styles, creating and forming over time a specific taste. Although she has not dealt with an academic background, she had studied piano and singing by herself, reaching the same professional high quality. 

Starting from 1995, she has been working with the best local musicians, becoming a versatile singer with a great talent for improvisation; her voice is both colorful and versatile, ranging from jazz to melodic Italian, from soul to R&B and pop. Monetta's artistic versatility has allowed her to deal with varied work experience as a singer, actress and presenter, and she even composed the music and written the lyrics to her first solo album, a celebratory work of personal and professional balance, releasing the CD Il Mio Gioco Preferito recorded with the trio My Funky Valentine. In 1995, Monetta started an adventure with her first band Tiberio, and soon thereafter formed the Parafunky. She was also part of the group 2Black, as well as forming the female vocal duo Harem'B. In 2002, with the project Charme, she released the single Sharp, and collaborated with the band Bluesmobile.


In March 2012 she worked with Fabrizio Raggi staging the show Ma Che Differenza Fa, a tribute to Ornella Vanoni in which Monetta shows her singing and acting talent. In August 2012, still directed by Raggi, she was the protagonist of Camelia, a musical commissioned by UNICEF, in which Valentina presented her songs together with covers of some great Italian singers and songwriters. Her most recent experiences are all with her live band My Funky Valentine. Performing live for Monetta is crucial, as she really loves the stage and having contact with the public.She is influenced by her musical idols Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Erika Badu, Caterina Valente and Ornella Vanoni. It is important to note that San Marino have once more opted for an internal selection and one which was made very carefully it seems noting that vocalists presented several bids to represent the micro-state.

This will be the fourth participation of San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest and the third in succession noting that their debut came back in 2008 when the group, Miodio took to the stage for a performance of the song Complice which only managed five (5) points, finishing in a disappointing nineteenth position. They disappeared, withdrawing due to the negative outcome, only to return three years later with Senit whose entry Stand By was predicted to fair well and possibly even qualify. The juries beleived in the song and ultimately gave it a boost but the public did not agree and thus the track finished in sixteenth place with thirty-four (34) points. Last years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest almost saw to the qualification of the country with Valentina Monetta and her entry known as The Social Network Song. The track managed thirty-one (31) points and a fourteenth place but received massive exposure in the lead up to the international spectacle.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 63%

Martin Isherwood: Chrysalis - Fly Nice idea. Lovely voice. Unusual shift from 3 to 4 and from ballad to dance track. Typical of many ESC songs in its use of harmony, but also flavours of 'the day before you came'.

Sharon Vaughn: Lovely energy and clever mid-section composition. I believe this artist when she performs and that is a very important aspect within the performance.

Stano Simor: The genre of this particular type of track has already been presented at the Eurovision Song Contest and therefore, nothing new or revolutionary. Valentina Monetta is a strong vocalist and something positive about this song is that the shift from a ballad to an uptempo is done well and this could very much impress the public and the jury.

Source: eurovision.tv


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