November 17, 2019

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Kylie, a female vocalist whose credits include participation in both the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is back with "Someday Soon", a new single composed by Carlo Gerada to the lyrics of Matthew Mercieca, recently co-responsible for Davinia's radio hit "Ouch!". For several years, Kylie was known as the younger sister of Klinsmann, currently front-man of the band Planet Seed, for the simple reason that he had achieved status on the first time of asking, by virtue of finishing in third place at the 2007 edition of the Malta Song for Europe, behind Olivia Lewis and Trilogy. 

Kylie made her impact in the local music scene by reaching the final of the Malta Eurosong competition in 2009, with her entry "Let It Shine" languishing in a bottom position. It was not a taste of things to come with success following in the next couple of years. In the meantime, "Someday Soon" marks the first original song in English for the female vocalist since the track "Day After Day" which competed in the 2011 edition of the Summer Hit Song Contest, which in turn is making it's return on F Living this weekend. The song, a mixture of genres, is progressive and gives the listener a good vibe. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music scene.

Source: Kylie (Official Facebook Page)

Published in Local Music News is in a proud position to reveal that the line-up for the nationwide concert set forth to take place on the 7th August during The Għaxaq Music Festival is finally complete with the marquee names being those of Gaia Cauchi and Federica Falzon, Malta's representatives at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

La Voix Academy will not only be providing a choir, one which has been witnessed on several occasions including the 2014 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and the Malta International Food Festival held earlier this year in Żabbar but also an orchestra led by Maestro Joseph Chircop, who will in turn be making their public debut.

The rest of the line-up is to include; Maxine Pace, a female vocalist who recently cracked Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D with her debut single "Fed Up"; Shauna Vassallo, a female vocalist who made it through to the live shows of 'Io Canto' on Canale 5 in 2013;  Davinia, a star in her own right having made it through to the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for two successive years, along with making the local radio charts on no less than 5 occasions; Ludwig Galea, Malta's representative at the 2004 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest; Vincenzo Carni, who alongside Federica won this year's edition of 'Ti Lascio Una Canzone' and last but not least; Marco Vito, a vocal coach on programmes such as 'The Voice of Italy' and 'Ti Lascio Una Canzone'.

We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news. The nationwide concert which is taking place on the 7th August 2014 during The Għaxaq Music Festival is one which this portal will cover in great detail by collaborating with La Voix Academy and Ironic PR & Artist Management.


Published in Local Music News

Malta, filled to the brim with talent has produced some scintillating collaborations along the years, but none of them will match up to the expectation of an upcoming combination featuring Gianluca and Davinia. The renowned vocalists, who competed against each other in the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with "Tomorrow", co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat, and "Betrayed" composed by Elton Zarb to the lyrics of Matthew Mercieca, are joining forces on a brand new radio single.

As stated above, collaborations could very much scintillating if given time and dedication, hence why the creative process is currently in full swing. Elton Zarb of Freetime Productions will be responsible for the music, whilst Matthew Mercieca will be responsible for the lyrics. This is a project initiated by Davinia, currently at number #9 on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D, having been as high up as number #3 with her latest single "Ouch!" It is worth keeping in mind that Gianluca represented Malta in the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, achieving the nation's best result in 8 years by finishing in 8th place. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.


Published in Local Music News in collaboration with Ironic PR & Artist Management is proud to present a monthly blog written by Davinia, a two-time Malta Eurovision Song Contest participant, and currently one of the most recognised female vocalists in the country. Since emerging onto the local music scene back in 2011 with "Bottled My Teardrops", a number #1 hit on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D on 89.7 Bay, she has been working in the studio night and day, doing what she enjoys doing the best. With her latest single "Ouch!" composed by Carlo Gerada with lyrics by Matthew Mercieca, Davinia has managed to peak at number #3 whilst maintaining a top ten position for more than a month, signalling that she is still well into form with a bright future ahead.

June!! Known to be the month where everybody finishes exams, the days grow longer, and people are always sun kissed, meaning that happiness is spread quickly. It is also the time for sun, sun, sun, and of course, a couple of parties here and there. Music is still at the forefront of my daily routine, and the music released this past month deserves a round of applause, because it is off the beat. In the meantime though, I would like to thank you ALL for the massive support that you have given my latest single "Ouch!" which has been receiving AMAZING feedback both from YOU the general public as well as radio stations alike. Anyway, enough with the chit-chat, these are my TOP FOUR songs for the month of June!

Shake That - Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt (DE)

This is by far the best tune this month, and everytime it comes on the radio or at a party, I automatically get into a good mood and start dancing :) It has an extremely good vibe and the rhythm is just awesome.

Marilyn Monroe - Pharell Williams (US)

It would have been silly to leave this out of the top tunes of the month, considering that I adore every second of this song. His vocals are so slick on this track that it takes me back in time. That said, it does have a modern twist, and one which will be on several playlists during the course of June and the rest of the summer months.

Solo Dancing - Indiana (UK)

If you have not heard this track just yet, then you are going to fall in love, instantly. It is catchy and addictive, giving the listener a sense of peace and freedom. It is going to be another one of thise massive ones this season, for sure.

A Sky full of Stars - Coldplay (UK)

Coldplay need no introduction in music, and they have indeed done it again. This track is beautiful, making you think of that someone special, and giving you hope that one is in love whatever the circumstances in life actually are! :)

As always stay tuned to my Facebook Fanpage & Twitter Account for status/picture/video/music updates and video updates. My special thanks go to Marc Calleja Bayliss and the whole editorial team at for making this possible, Gillian Attard at La Voix Academy for always supporting me every step of the way the whole team at Ironic PR & Artist Management who have been wonderful these past couple of weeks in setting up my image and last but not least, my family, who have always been there. Stay tuned for another write-up on in a months' time as I announce my TOP FOUR tunes for July, the seventh month of 2014!!!

Published in Editorials

Whilst listening to Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D on 89.7 Bay a couple of years back, I remember one female vocalist in particular. Peaking at number #1 with a debut single is not easy, but this was Davinia, an individual who works hard and never takes no for an answer. Acquiring the attention of songwriters Elton Zarb and Matthew Mercieca, a fruitful collaboration ensued leading to the release of "Feel Good Song" and "Sail Away", successful radio singles.

It was towards the end of 2012 that Davinia tried her luck and sent in a submission to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. "Betrayed" had a Bond vibe surrounding it and the professional panel of judges definitely made the right call by putting it through, eventually allocating it in third place. A debut which led to a top three finish in a year where the festival was seemingly all about Kevin Borg. Davinia has not shied away from the local music scene in the past year, going onto release three singles; "You are my Home", "Brand New Day" and most recently "Ouch!", the latter being a collaboration with Matthew Mercieca and Carlo Gerada.

Today, is proud to present Davinia as the new monthly guest blogger ready to share with you all her top five songs of the month whilst including some tidbits, events which we will follow. This come to fruition after the 1 year agreement with Ira Losco came to a formal end earlier this year. We would like to thank the outgoing blogger for her services as we continue to support her music endeavours. On behalf of Ironic PR & Artist Management, Matthew Mercieca is proud to present Davinia to the editorial team and hope that her attitude towards life, a bubbly one will be shown through her writing. Stay tuned to even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Davinia (Official Facebook & Twitter)

Published in Local Music News

On Monday 12th May, established female vocalist Davinia released her new single 'OUCH!' across the airwaves in Malta. Nevertheless, for those wishing to purchase a copy of the track, it will be available on major digital platforms such as iTunes, Deezer and Amazon as from the 24th May. The track is a collaboration with award-winning Maltese DJ and producer Carlo Gerada, singer/songwriter Matt Mercieca, with mastering by Elton Zarb at Freetime Studios.  The two latter names are responsible for Davinia’s past releases, ‘Sail Away’, ‘Betrayed’ and ‘You Are My Home’.

'OUCH!' is the second release of Davinia in 2014, having previously published 'Brand New Day', the song with which she made it through to the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and was then subsequently released on all major platforms following public demand. With lyrics symbolic to new beginnings, positive outlook and restored hope, Davinia dedicated ‘Brand New Day’ to the LGBT community in support of the passing of the Civil Union Bill in Maltese Parliament. The passing of this bill was celebrated by a mini-concert held in Palace Square last month, and was headlined by Davinia herself. In stark contrast, ‘OUCH!’ adds new colour to Davinia’s already colourful muscial portfolio. 

Known mainly for jazz and soul influenced ballads, this latest offering is a bold move away from Davinia’s past work. Although ‘OUCH!’ talks about a failing relationship, it posseses playful elements, with a beat tailored to a fun and mischevious Mediterranean summer. As a genre, ‘OUCH!’ classifies as Electronic Dance Music (EDM) which at times shifts towards Dance. It is expected to be played at Malta’s top festivals and clubs over summer, including Society and an open air venue, for which details will follow. 

We urge you to stay tuned to even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, for more information above Davinia and her latest projects, please visit either her Official Website or her Official Facebook Page.

Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News

A rollercoaster does not begin to describe the last twelve months that Davinia has been through from her rise to a well known vocalist following her second runner-up finish at the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest to her almost abduction whilst vacationing in Turkey. has been in touch with the vocalists' management over the release of brand new single Brand New Day, which was edited to suit the needs of the national selection, where it received astonishing public support, prior to being awarded with the Critics Award by and ONE Radio 92.7 solidifying the reputation of the track.

On the 2nd April 2014, Brand New Day will be re-released and given a slight touch-up, having be re-recorded by Davinia following such positive feedback, coupled with her affinity to the song, because of a positive message, which helps uplifts the attitude of any individual in a given circumstance. Composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Matthew Mercieca, co-responsible for writing The Start, Malta's winning entry at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, comes Brand New Day. We urge you to stay tuned to Davinia's Official Page on Facebook, Official Website as well as for all the latest news.

Source: Davinia's Team

Published in Local Music News has always represented the best interests of the local music industry, by bringing the public the latest news from songwriters, producers, musicians and artists who have a local heritage whilst also supporting the nations' participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. It has become customary for the portal to organise features in relation to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and therefore, for the third consecutive year, the awards were given, in partnership with ONE Radio 92.7 FM.

Clint on ONE, a flagship programme hosted on Saturday morning by Clint Bajada, the individual who has made the local music scene the centre of his radio strategy, played host to the awards this morning with Marc Calleja Bayliss, Editor-In-Chief of appearing on behalf of the portal to hand out the awards and also answer any related questions. The three (3) coveted awards were all given their prime attention, noting that the professional members of the music industry were assigned the preview videos of the songs, making their selection as if being judges of the actual competition, the public who had the right to select only one (1) song per IP Address, and last but not least, members of the media who had to select the best five (5) and the worst two (2) in rank order.

Basically, it is now time to reveal the full results of all three (3) awards, with the Public Award and Media Award having been presented to Trevor Fenech, representative of Daniel Testa whose One Last Ride written by Stephen Rudden and Lawrence Peter Bridge actually finished in third place during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and the Critics Award going to Davinia and her entry Brand New Day written by Matt Mercieca to the music of Elton Zarb, who in turn was present to accept the award. This was the first time ever in the history of the awards that one (1) artist managed to take home two (2) awards, meaning that there was more of consensus especially when keeping in mind that it was also a track which finished in the top three (3) come the end of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

Media Award; we are proud to have been in contact with almost forty (40) different individuals, each representing a media outlet and each will be noted below. Their aim was simple, to select the most notable five (5) entries and the worst two (2) in rank order. The final tally which you will note below comprises of votes from; Luke Borg (, Eric Nocito (ESC Reporter), Helen C Wood (Radio International), Garrett Mulhall (Eurovision Ireland), Aija Medinika (LTV), Frank Zammit (Stargate Studios), Theofilos Toronidis (ESC Daily), Knut-Oyvind Hagen (NRK), Clint Bajada (ONE Radio 92.7), Ramona Depares (Times of Malta), Samantha Ross (ESC Insight), Tobias Larsson (YLE), Michael Bugeja (Times of Malta), Nathan D (89.7 Bay), Joseph Zammit (, Media Team (Insite), Ian Fowell (eurovisionary), Toni Sant (MMI), Patrick Strouk (, Alasdair Rendall (, Keith Mills (AKOE), David Debono (RTK Radio), Wayne Aquilina (ONE Radio 92.7), Joe Tanti (ONE Radio 92.7), Edward Montebello (eurovisionary), Ian Scerri (, Gabriel Ellul (Media.Link Communications), Darragh Reck (RTE), Ruth Frendo (Gwida), Valentina Rossi (V Squared), Belen Garcia (escplus), Liam Clark (escXtra), Deo Grech (ONE Radio 92.7), Alexandru Busa (, Emma Backfish (escXtra), Jon Lukas (Channel Radio) and Juergen Boernig (Radio International).

One Last Ride - Daniel Testa : 1460 points

Hypnotica - Jessika : 1040 points

Brand New Day - Davinia : 920 points

Coming Home - Firelight : 840 points

City Lady - Ryan Paul Abela : 680 points

Take Me - Pamela : 640 points

Safe - Miriam Christine : 520 points

Pin the Middle - DeBee : 460 points

Just No Place Like Home - Fabrizio Faniello : 380 points

Love Will Take Me Home - Franklin : 380 points

Because I Have You - Amber : 320 points

Let the Sunshine In - Sophie DeBattista : 320 points

Oblivion - Chris Grech : 260 points

Until We Meet Again - Deborah C : 260 points

Some Kind of Wonderful - Wayne William : 260 points

Addictive - Romina Mamo : 200 points

Lovetricity - Christabelle : 160 points

Ten - Corazon : 20 points

Invisible - Raquel Galdes : -20 points

Now and Forever - Andreana : -220 points

Public Award; due to problems with the server capacity and the award, we had been given the ultimatum to close the poll early, but nevertheless, it was important to note that despite this, almost three thousand (3000) individual votes were submitted. It was a different story to last year when Kevin Borg and Chris Grech had been harshly campaigning against one another through social media, with the latter coming out as the victor. The full results as noted below depict a totally different story with a relatively outright winner and an even more representative top three (3).

One Last Ride - Daniel Testa : 581 votes

Because I Have You - Amber : 479 votes

Addictive - Romina Mamo : 258 votes

Hypnotica - Jessika : 240 votes

Love Will Take Me Home - Franklin : 188 votes

Now and Forever - Andreana : 181 votes

Take Me - Pamela : 142 votes

Just No Place Like Home - Fabrizio Faniello : 122 votes

Invisible - Raquel Galdes : 110 votes

Safe - Miriam Christine : 108 votes

Brand New Day - Davinia : 106 votes

Ten - Corazon : 77 votes

Coming Home - Firelight : 52 votes

Pin the Middle - DeBee : 44 votes

City Lady - Ryan Paul Abela : 30 votes

Lovetricity - Christabelle : 28 votes

Some Kind of Wonderful - Wayne William : 26 votes

Until We Meet Again - Deborah C : 24 votes

Oblivion - Chris Grech: 22 votes

Let the Sunshine In - Sophie DeBattista : 16 votes

Critic Award; the voting of five (5) professional individuals from the international music industry. John Scott, Sharon Vaughn, Martin Isherwood, Stano Simor and Greig Watts have been commissioned to review the competing entries, mark them out of ten (10) and published as a percentage online and finally to vote in Eurovision format and send in their personal scores. The chosen individuals all have multitudes of experience in the industry with John Scott working with the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Little Mix; Stano Simor co-writing for some of the most familiar faces in Slovakia and the Czech Republic whilst also being the manager of Mista, a former Slovakian selection runner-up; Martin Isherwood being one of the Headmasters at the Liverpool Istitute for Performing Arts; Sharon Vaughn co-writing for Delta Goodrem, Agnes, The Wanted and Jedward and Greig Watts who in turn is an accomplished songwriter/producer and has worked with The Overtones, Natalia and Kate Ryan amongst others.

Brand New Day - Davinia : 38 points

Take Me - Pamela : 31 points

One Last Ride - Daniel Testa : 27 points

Pin the Middle - DeBee : 25 points

Love Will Take Me Home - Franklin : 24 points

Coming Home - Firelight : 22 points

Just No Place Like Home - Fabrizio Faniello : 22 points

Safe - Miriam Christine : 14 points

Until We Meet Again - Deborah C : 14 points

Hypnotica - Jessika : 14 points

Addictive - Romina Mamo : 12 points

Now and Forever - Andreana : 10 points

Invisible - Raquel Galdes : 9 points

Lovetricity - Christabelle : 9 points

Some Kind of Wonderful - Wayne William : 9 points

Because I Have You - Amber : 3 points

Let the Sunshine In - Sophie DeBattista : 2 points

City Lady - Ryan Paul Abela : 2 points

Oblivion - Chris Grech : 0 points

Ten - Corazon : 0 points

At this stage, we would like to thank all of the people involved in making the awards presented by ONE Radio 92.7 a success, including none other than Mediterranean Ceramics who designed three (3) beautiful trophies, each owing to the identity and brand that this portal has built in the past five (5) years since it's inception. Collaborating with Clint Bajada and ONE Radio 92.7 was also a pleasure and we hope that this fruitful collaboration continues in the years to come. We urge you to stay tuned to for all of the latest news and more exclusive features as the days, months and years go by.

Source:, ONE Radio 92.7, Emil Calleja Bayliss (Image)

Published in Local Music News

The 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is months away but several countries have either confirmed their participation or released their regulations for national selection processes. Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via and on Digital Cable 781 & Cable 8.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

In anticipation of the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the team of Radio International had the opportunity to visit Malta, which hosted one of the most organised national finals to take place in Europe this year. Whilst there, they had the chance to speak to all of the entrants, including a series of special guests, some of which represented the Mediterranean Island in the continental competition in the past. In this weeks' episode, one will listen to interviews held with the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest representative; Miriam Christine as well as her team of songwriters; Emil Calleja Bayliss and Mark Scicluna as well as last years' second runner-up; Davinia with her friend and lyricist; Muxu who also helped co-write Malta's winning entry at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, that entitled The Start.

As the dawn of a brand new season approaches, Radio International will be hosting a brand new feature, one entitled Denmark's Eurovision Song Contest History which will be reflecting on the entries that the Scandinavian nation sent to the annual music competition. David Mann will continue to look at cover versions from the event whilst the latest news from escXtra and will be read out. In the meantime, former representatives of the Eurovision Song Contest are always looking for ways to please their fans and thus new music is being recorded and published throughout the year. Radio International will be playing the most recent singles as sent in by several record labels. We urge you to tune into Radio International this evening at 20:00 CET in order to request your favourite entry from the Eurovision Song Contest and listen to the special features.

Source: Press Release

Saturday, 08 February 2014 18:45

MESC '14: The Grand Final - LIVE

Good Evening! Welcome to the LIVE REPORT of the final of this years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest being staged in Ta’ Qali, an artisan town where the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre is found, a couple of miles away from any form of civilization. Our colleagues in Malta have reported that the rehearsals have been going extremely well and that the Public Broadcasting Services is ready to host a show of the highest quality this evening with our three (3) illustrious hosts and a parade of local and foreign guests.

Ira Losco and Gianluca Bezzina; representatives of Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 and 2013 respectively along with Moira Delia, spokesperson on behalf of the Mediterranean country in the 2006 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest have been selected to coordinate the show, one which will include fourteen (14) acts as selected by the professional members of the local and foreign jury as well as the public vote during the semi-final yesterday evening. It was a relative shock to see two (2) former representatives; Miriam Christine and Fabrizio Faniello fall at the first hurdle especially following their stunning performances.

We are live now!

How could tonight’s final not start with Maltese latest pride, the great Gaia Gauci who won the recent Junior Eurovision that was held in Kyiv, Ukraine. The little princess is joined by a choir of La Voix Academy and the performance is really amazing! We are definately set for an exciting and great evening! The presenters the great Ira Losco and Gianlucca Bezzina are on stage now and making an introduction and explaning about the show. Moira the third presenter is in the audience and looks also stunning. Moira is congratulating Gaia. The members of the jury are also introduced. They are Reuben Zammitt head of the jury, Olga Salamahka head of delegation for Belarus, Nicola Caligore head of delegation for Italy, Ekaterina Orlova from RTR (Russia) and Peter Cossai, Head of Sport Section of PBS. And now we are off for the show!

Lovetricity - Christabelle (Magnus Kaxe / Gerard James Borg)

 Christabelle is opening tonight’s final with this uptemo song from Magnus Kaxe and lyrics from Gerard James Borg. Again Christabelle gives a solid performance so it’s a good opener of tonight’s final. Welldone to Christabelle and the team! If this is a contender for the victory i’m not so sure though but Christabelle did very good!

Some Kind of Wonderful - Wayne William (Wayne Micallef)

Having Wayne on stage is always a certainty of a strong performance. Just like last night Wayne is very confident with his track Some kind of wonderful. A great artist which would surely make Malta proud on Eurovision stage! The question though is this is the track that will lead him to Copenhagen. Could be but that will definately depend on the other performances tonight. And honesty obliges me to say he had better songs in the past. But Prosit Wayne!

Brand New Day - Davinia (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

Davinia was to me one of the surprise qualifiers to the finals. The song is obviously still as cheerful as last night and the singer seems to enjoy her time on stage. Unfortunately i cannot change my opinion that the song is not really going anywhere so i wouldnt go for it as the song for Copenhagen, sorry. But welldone overall for the performance!

City Lady - Ryan Paul Abela (Paul Abela / Ryan Paul / Joe Julian Farrugia)

Ryan Paul Abela is next on stage with a very cheerfull song. I like the enthousiasm of this very sympathic artist which gives again a lot of credits and gave him likely also the ticket to the final thanks to the audience watching at home. I don’t see this either in Denmark but my compliments go to the artist and his team.

Love Will Take Me Home - Franklin (Glen / Beatrice Eriksson / M Frenell / Michael J Down)

 It’s time for Franklin Calleja! He touched me a lot with his last nights performance. And again he gives an extremely performance. What a lot of respect i have for this  still  very young singer The stage act is simple but very effective and you see a singer who gives his all! The guy has such a great career ahead and i wouldnt be surprised if he would be winning the ticket to Eurovision tonight. Hear the applause during the performance, the people love this guy! Franklin is definately one of the topfavourites. Prosit Franklin and the team, i would be proud for my maltese friend to see you in Denmark!

One Last Ride - Daniel Testa (Stephen Rudden / Lawrence Peter Bridge)

And we are going to the next favourite. Daniel Testa already represented Malta at Eurovision in the Junior edition with a great placing. His performance is definately stronger then yesterday so i dont rule him out as one of the main contenders for the winning ticket. Will he make? Let’s see later on but the public seem to love this one too!.

Before we go on to the next song Ira and Gianlucca are threating us on a great intermezzo. What a clever and good show of PBS to have those two great artists as presenters!

Let The Sunshine In - Sophie (Sophie DeBattista / Adam Pakard / Alex Dew)

Funny enough the next artist also represented malta at Junior Eurovision. Sophie is giving a solid performance but like i said yesterday i’m not sure if this song would be the best choice for Eurovision. However all credits and congratulations for the performance and how can you not like such a nice and cheerfull girl!

Oblivion - Chris Grech (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Chris is on stage and proving again he’s a very powerfull singer. The guy definately knows how to sing and has a certain charisma that i can imagine women are attracted too. In terms for Eurovision in Denmark i believe the song might just miss that thing to win for the top places later on. But well done Chris!

Until We Meet Again - Deborah C (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

Deborah C is back in the finals for the third year in a row and it shows that this singer is developping in a very good way. Hard work and singing is clearly paying off! Deborah looks again great on stage. This very happy feeling song is making me smile with Deborah's enthousiasm! Well done Deborah and crossing fingers for the best possible result!

Hypnotica - Jessika (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Another hot favourite, especially amongst the European Eurofans is Jessica The  performance of Hypnotica is again very good with a very interesting choreography. This was surely the work of Gerard James Borg who is always very creative on this, so all my deep compliments on Ger! Should Hypnotica make it to Denmark it will surely be a fan favourite, but we have to think also on the older public and professional juries. Will they taste it as much as the fans? That is to be seen. But well done Jessica!

Take Me - Pamela (Boris Cezek)

And now we go to the angelic voice of Pamela Bezzina! Like yesterday im attached to the screen from the first till last minute and enjoying every second of her performance. What a voice and what great stage appearance, very simply but effective! I can see this just doing copy past to Copenhagen! I am so sure this will fight till the end to get that ticket. Will Pamela finally make it as leadsinger on Eurovision stage? I would be happy for her and Malta would head for a top position in Copenhagen surely! Prosit Pamela!

Coming Home - Firelight (Richard Micallef)

The next act is Firelight with Coming Home. Probably many maltese people will not like me but somehow i didnt expect the song to make it, so prosit on that already. The performance is solid and welldone but still i dont see this as the winning entry that will represent Malta at the Eurovision Songcontest.

Because I Have You - Amber (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Amber is again joined by composer and 1991 representative Paul Giordimaina who also composed the song and who i respect a lot as one of maltese best composers. Amber seems to be less stressed then last night and i must say she looks great performing this melodic tune. However i fear for Amber that she will  have to wait to win the ticket to Eurovision.

Pin The Middle - De Bee (Peter Paul Galea / Debbie Stivala)

De Bee is one of the much rumoured for the victory. I’m so sorry but i dont get this at all. Don’t misunderstand me the performance is solid and the singer is doing a very good job but i still dont feel any chemistry. It still might win though, let the public and jury decide i would say.

So we had all the songs now! The televoting has been opened and we have a recap of all the songs before we go to a long list of interval acts.

Part 2 of the show

Ira Losco is starting the intervalacts and she proves that she is still an amazing artist and looking fabulous! When are you returning to Eurovision Ira?

And we are off for another recap!

Gianluccas is performing now with a new song along with his family, so it’s like the Bezzina group. Before some images were shown from last years festival. And they are off for more, this is sounding really nice! Of course Gianlucca's winning song from last year cannot be forgotten! The audience is cheering a lot! This is why i love the maltese public so much, they cherish their esc artists so much!

Moira is now in the greenroom with all the finalists! Everyone seem to have a great time but surely nerves are very tensed! And off we go again with another performance of Ira again. She followed by a crazy act from Gorg u Pawlu who got fame with their 'Hot and famous' last year, well at least in malta. It looks very funny, but as this is a great show this is a strange act not really fitting in. But it's funny though!

Next one on stage is one of Maltese most popular bands Wintermoods. Great vocals and strong songs i must say, respect!

After Wintermoods we have the Swiss entry Sebalter on stage presenting their song for Eurovision. After that performance which doesnt give much of attention we are off to the winner of last years Eurovision Emelie de Forest who is presenting her new song Rainmaker, the theme of the 2014 Eurovision! She is joined by all contestants and it really sounds great! this is a new hit for Emelie i'm pretty sure!

And off for another commercial break. Will we know the results soon? Let's cross fingers for it!

We are off to the voting!!

The televoting gives 12 to Jessika and 10 to Daniel Testa

the first judge gives 12 to firelight

the russian judges gives 12 to Deborah C!

the italian head of delegation gives 12 to firelight

very different voting!!

the belarussian judge gives 12 to firelight

the head of jury gives also 12 to firelight

So Firelight is the song for Malta. As i told i admit i was totally wrong here but stand my opinion. All the best of luck to malta though!

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