February 21, 2020

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Ira Losco, Malta's representative at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest, has just launched a new music video to accompany her 6th single ‘Dead or Alive', from her album ‘The Fire”. The singer/songwriter has been lying low for a few months in anticipation of this release, which has yet again, given her fans much to talk about.


The video was shot in Manchester with Video Ink, the dynamic team who also directed her number 1 single ‘The Way It’s Meant To Be.’ Fans will be surprised to see a very different Ira performing in the mysteriously beautiful Morecambe Winter Garden Theatre built in the 1800s. Ira also had to brave the icy January cold on Morecambe Beach, in yet another scene in the video.  Two fighters in silhouette represent the internal conflict, which Ira sings about in the track. 

“Dead or Alive’ is, lyrically, one of the darkest tracks on the album. It is a track which underwent a major change during its recording. Originally the song had a more country approach, but once I heard Howard’s (Jagged House) take on it we both knew this was the way to go.  It is a high-energy song, which many of the fans kept insisting should be a single when ‘The Fire’ came out, and they were right, it totally works” said Ira Losco. 

The singer/songwriter  is currently about to enter the recording studio to start work on her new album in preparation of another busy year ahead. Howard Keith added “ Ira’s determination to try out new things and to avoid repeating herself makes her very unpredictable as an artist. It’s not the easy road to take but artistically I would say far more rewarding. I would like to thank all the endorsements supporting our ideas with a special mention to Vodafone for their collaboration on this video“.

Ira Losco’s latest album ‘The Fire’, which is still in the top 10 iTunes album charts since its release in March 2013, can be purchased from all digital portals. Fans are asked to visit Ira Losco’s popular YouTube channel, and Official Facebook Page where they can find more info about the artist as well as the latest news. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music scene.

Source: Press Release, Benjamin Stanton (Photo)

Published in Local Music News