February 21, 2020

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CyBC, the public broadcaster responsible for the participation of Cyprus in events organised by the European Broadcasting Union is expected to confirm the selection method for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, in which the island is making it's return.

A collaboration between CyBC and MAD TV Cyprus will be initiated, in a bit to bolster the standing in terms of song and production quality. Whilst the two broadcasters will be working hand-in-hand, a similar tandem to the one used by Greece, record labels will not be involved according to insiders. Very little has been revealed as of yet but we understand that the competition is open to international songwriters but at least one of them must be Cypriot. 

The aim is simple, Cyprus would love to win the Eurovision Song Contest or at least come close to achieving the success achieved back in 2004 with "Stronger Every Minute" performed by the one and only Lisa Andreas. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter as a successor to Despina Olympiou will be selected through a high profile public selection.

Source: Oikotimes


CyBC, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest announced their withdrawal from the event taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark following a lack of funds but it seems that their position is being re-thought following a sponsorship offer made by private broadcaster, Sigma Television. The Deputy Chief of the broadcaster, Dimitri Tokaris is quoted as saying 'we are willing to produce the national selection and the nececcary expenses for the song and the artist like MAD Television did for Greece last year ... it's never too late for CyBC to change their minds, there's still time'.

Despina Olympiou was internally selected to represent the Mediterranean Island at last years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with her entry An Me Thimase backed by Universal Music Greece. There were a couple of financial complications in the lead up to the event but the major record label did not intend for their artist to be embarassed and thus stepped into help. Unfortunately, the track did not fair so well finishing in the penultimate slot within the semi-final. It is important to denote that whilst the country has never won the Eurovision Song Contest, they have managed to finish at a peak position of number five (5) on three occasions, the last of which being back in 2004 when Lisa Andreas and her song Stronger Every Minute was rumoured to have won the secret jury vote. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: Showtime-cy.blogspot.com


Thursday, 03 October 2013 11:35

Cyprus: CyBC Missing Out on Eurovision in 2014

Cyprus, following in the footsteps of Croatia has decided against participating in the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The reason is relatively simple, and was echoed at one point last year when Universal Music Greece had to interfere and safeguard the interests of Despina Olympiou who had been internally selected to represent the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus with the track, An Me Thimase. Unfortunately, despite an impeccable performance, the song did not manage to get through to the final and that could have also been another reason behind the withdrawal.

escflashmalta.com has the pleasure of speaking to Evi Papamichael, the Head of Delegation last month who stated that no decision had been taken but nevertheless, it was an eventuality which the country had to face sometime or other due to the severe economic crisis. CyBC, the national broadcaster in Cyprus, responsible for the participation for the Eurovision Song Contest have cut down their budget substantially and this event is not the only one which has been cut down from the schedule. This marks the third time that Cyprus is absent from the international spectacle, having also missed the editions of 1988 and 2001 respectively. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: CyBC


CyBC, the national broadcaster responsible for the participation of Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest is yet to make a formal decision with regards to whether they will be present in Copenhagen, Denmark. Earlier this year, the Mediterranean Nation was represented by Despina Olympiou and her song An Me Thimasai which unfortunately failed to make an impact and languished in fifteenth (15th) place with just eleven (11) points in total. This could be very much one of the reasons why the nation might opt out of the competition at least for a year but nothing is certain at this stage.

escflashmalta.com had the pleasure of speaking to Evi Papamichael, the Head of Delegation for Cyprus in recent editions of the Eurovision Song Contest who stated that 'no official decision has been taken yet' opting not to answer on whether CyBC is leaning more towards a yes or a no. Cyprus is one of the countries to compete at the annual competition which is yet to record a victory with the best results obtained being a fifth place on three occasions; in 1982 with Anna Vissi and her song Mono I Agapi, in 1997 with Hara and Andreas Constantinou with the track Mana Mou and the most recent one being in 2005 when Lisa Andreas took to the stage with the melodic Stronger Every Minute. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: escflashmalta.com


Earlier this month, San Marino confirmed that in next years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, they will be represented by Valentina Monetta for the third consecutive time in hope of the micro-state reaching the final for the very first time considering that they finished in eleventh place with their entry Crisalide (Vola) earlier this year. We would like to invite you to the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience. Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via www.radiointernational.tv and on Digital Cable 781 & Cable 8.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

The focus of this weeks' programme in an aim to continuously remind you that the Eurovision Song Contest will be re-starting with the national final season in a couple of months will be a series of interviews recorded during the experience endured in Malmo, Sweden. As a matter of fact, kicking off this round will be none other than Belgium whose entry Love Kills co-written by Jukka Immonen and Iain Farquharson finished in twelfth place with seventy-five (75) points. It is worth noting that this was the second best result for the nation since the introduction of the semi-finals. In 2010, Tom Dice and his entry Me and My Guitar won the semi-final porition of the competition before reaching an extremely positive sixth place. Roberto shot down his critics in reaching such a high placing noting that his stature and reputation in Belgium has risen as expected. In this interview he speaks about his experience and what the future holds.


Despina Olympiou, is one of the most beautiful female artists to have graced the stage of this years' Eurovision Song Contest albeit did not garner favour with either the jury or the public during the night of the semi-final finishing in fifteenth place with just eleven (11) points following her stunning rendition of the track An Me Thimase for Cyprus. CyBC, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Cyprus had internally selected Despina in an effort to cut back on the costs that a national selection entails. Sponsorship was key but unfortunately it was not meant to be. Despina took up the opportunity to continue advancing in her career and this was definitely another experience which she will treasure for many years to come. It is yet unknown whether Cyprus will return to the Eurovision Song Contest next year but escflashmalta.com definitely hopes that Malta won't be the only Island in the Mediterranean competing in Denmark.


Since 2004, one of the nations to return to the Eurovision Song Contest on every occasion has been Albania, reaching their best result last year as Rona Nishliu took to the stage to perform the track Suus finishing in a remarkable fifth place. Unfortunately, this years' result could not have been any different with Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko garnering just thirty-one (31) points to finish in fifthteenth place, the second worst result for Albania since they entered the Pan-European competition. The song Identitet which Bledar wrote did not appeal to the masses unfortunately, falling under just one genre, that of rock, hence why it suffered. The old school feel also appealed to voting from the region but nowhere else. Albania are seemingly also returning to the competition next year despite the result achieved this time round. Short interviews recorded on the red carpet with the artists from Iceland and Russia will also be aired during the programme.


There will also be a number of new releases played throughout the three hours, including tracks by Tina Karol, who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006; Fabrizio Faniello, two time representative of Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest (2001 & 2006); Krista Siegfrids, representative of Finland at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest; Jessy Matador, French representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest; Maya Sar, the last representative for Bosnia & Herzegovina thus far and last but not least; Kevin Borg who came in second place at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. All of the latest news is also covered during the weekly broadcast noting resources from escflashmalta.com and escXtra where Luke Fisher, the Editor makes a weekly round-up. David Mann will be discussing cover versions from the Eurovision Song Contest. Make sure to tune into this evenings episode of Radio International on the links offered above as we help you get through your post Eurovision depression. 

Source: Team of Radio International


The Euro Fan Café is the only place in this year's Eurovision Song Contest home-city, Malmö, where it's program is specifically dedicated to Eurovision Fans. After several announcements on what is being held at Moriska Paviljongen (mostly known as Moriskan), here are some fresh new announcements about additions to the packed schedule for this amazing Euro Fan Café that everyone is waiting anxiously for them. escflashmalta.com is proud to support the Euro Fan Café, which is an innovative setup which is seemingly attracting fans already.

The Euro Fan Café Talk Shows

The Euro Fan Café just released the publication of their talk shows. These talk shows are very very interesting to attend. What will happen is that Eurovision fans gets to meet the performers closer and more personal than ever. Rick Jacobs, one if the editors on a companion website of ours www.12points.tv, will be the host of these talk shows. Jacobs was talking about this huge opportunity and great event and he said "As a huge Eurovision fan myself, I am excited to be able to meet with Eurovision contestants past and present. I am going to try to get them reveal their deepest and darkest schlager secrets each nights - who knows what will happen." 

The line up for the Euro Fan Café Talk Shows is as follows:

  • 7th May at 22:00 - Birgit Õigemeel (Estonia) and Roberto Bellarosa (Belgium)
  • 8th May at 22:00 - Despina Olympiou (Cyprus)
  • 10th May at 22:00 - Natália Kelly (Austria) and Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov(Bulgaria)
  • 10th May at 23:00 - Hannah (Slovenia) and Klapa S Mora (Croatia)
  • 13th May at 16:00 - Cezar (Romania)
  • 14th May at 16:00 - Dorians (Armenia)

With this list, more countries are expected to be announced soon so keep an eye on this website to know who of the performers will get his/her own Euro Fan Café Talk Show.

The Biggest Eurovision Quiz Ever

Apart from the Euro Fan Café Talk Shows, it has also been released that the biggest event of the Euro Fan Café will be a quiz! OGAE Sweden (Melodifestivklubben) and Moriskan came to an agreement to create this big quiz about the Eurovision! On the 13th May between 00:00 and 02:00, you can test your Eurovision skills! Obviously, the winner of the quiz will win something! That thing to be won is no other than a ticket to the Green Room on the final night, 18th May, where all the final contestants will be waiting for their performance, relaxing after it, waiting for the result and hopefully jumping up and down with the happiness after the results! The commentary of this quiz will be done by Sweden's stand-up queen Lena Frisk, so insane commentary, difficult questions and lots of laughter are three things surely to be waited for. 


Also, adding to this quiz, it was revealed that four past Eurovision acts are also invited to take part in this marvelous quiz. These artists don't need any introduction as they are familiar names in music industry and mire familiar with Eurovision fans. First one to be named is Bobbysocks. Bobbysocks is a duet formed by Elisabeth Andreassen and Hanne Krogh. Bobbysocks, Norwegian representatives in 1985, won the contest with their song 'La Det Swinge' which translates to 'Let It Swing'. La Det Swinge is written by no other than the magnificent composer/author Rolf Løvland, who wrote 'Nocturne' which was a winning Eurovision song in 1995 too. 


Also, joining Bobbysocks at the biggest Eurovision quiz is Linda Martin who won the 1992 contest. Martin represented Ireland with the song 'Why Me?' Martin was also in a famous band in 70s and 80s called 'Chips'. 'Why Me?' written and composed by Seán Sherrad was the 4th win of a really successive country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Joining these two acts is no other than Hera Björk who was the Icelandic representative in 2010 with her song 'Je ne sais quoi' translating to 'I don't know what'. Lately, Björk won a competition in the United States of America and now has also released her 12th album named 'Because You Can' which the main single of this album, having the same name, peaked at number 21 on the Icelandic charts. The last and not least past act added in nonetheless, one from our own country. 


Adding to these three beautiful acts is Glen Vella who represented our country back in 2011 with his song 'One Life'. One Life ended up 11th in the first semi-final, nit making the cut to the final by just one point. Glen Vella is a certified by Victoria Music and Arts College London in voice. He is one of the most well-known artists in Malta and also, one of the most energetic people that lately participated in this contest bringing his own fashion of nerdy glasses to a trend. One Life was written was written by Paul Giordimania and Fleur Balzan, a writing and composing duo that has taken over Malta with their sings lately.  


A night of Melodifestivalen Stars

As it is quite obvious now that this year's Eurovision Song Contest would be held in Sweden, to be more precised, in Malmö, it is a chance for Melodifestivalen Stars to shine a bit, even though they didn't make it to represent Sweden. On Friday 17th May, a day before the actual Grand Final would be taking place, at 21:00, at the Moriskan, the event called Melodifestivalen Madness would take place. This event is part of the thirteen days packed with over fifty events at Euro Fan Café, where everything related to Eurovision is celebrated. This event is being presented in partnership to scandipop.co.uk. Scandipop is a leading UK website covering pop music from Scandinavia and mostly Eurovision songs. After the live performances, Karl Batterbee, the founder if Scandipop, would play a DJ-Set. He has had residences at G-A-Y London, and Stockholm clubs Torget, Paradise and Summer Nights City. 


There are going to be three live performances by leading artists from Melodifestivalen which will commence at 21:00 on the 17th May. Appearing at Moriskan are no other than Pay-TV. This group is created by a trio of Claudia Cash, Neena Fatale and Chanelle Ferrari. This lady-trio is going to reunite in Malmö to perform their biggest hits. Including to these hits, one notices that they are performing their 2004 and 2005 songs, 'Trendy Discotheque' and 'Refrain Refrain' respectively. The ladies have turned down an invitation from Pope Francis I to make sure to meet their fans at Moriskan. Adding to this, Eddie Razaz is also appearing at Melodifestivalen Madness. Razaz competed this year with his song 'Alibi'. He is mostly known as a competitor in Sweden's IDOL in 2009 who was eliminated at week 6. 


Eddie was also part of the group 'Rebound!' who had several singles such as 'Hurricane' and 'Not Helpless'. The last act to perform at Melodifestivalen Madness is Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is formerly known as 'Love Generation'. This group is another trio made up of Charly Q, Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson and Melanie Taylor. These girls participated in the Melodifestivalen in 2011 with their song 'Dance Alone' and in 2012 with 'Just A Little Bit' where that same year, Loreen was picked to represent Sweden and finally got Eurovision to Sweden. Stockholm Syndrome will sing their singles at this event but will also bring new tracks to Malmö so keep an open eye if you like this girl-trio.

Source: Press Release

A set of professional individuals in the music industry were enlisted by escflashmalta.com to assess each of the competing entries in this years' Eurovision Song Contest in both an individual and collective manner apart from passing general comments from their point of view. All of the information is obtained from the official website of the international spectacle and indeed, pertaining to the running order as decided by the producers, Cyprus will be performing in slot number fourteen (14) from the sixteen (16) entries which will be competing during the first semi-final. CyBC, the broadcaster resposible for the participation of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest will be represented by the song An Me Thimase composed by Andreas Giorgallis to the lyrics of Zenon Zindillis with vocals provided by Despina Olympiou.

Despina Olympiou was born and raised in Limassol in Cyprus. However she studied in London where she obtained her degree in piano and music theory. Olympiou started singing professionally in 1992 and she collaborated on stage, with great Greek performers such as Charis Alexiou, Giorgos Dalaras, Mimis Plessas, Marios Tokas, Glykeria, Demetris Mitropanos and Michalis Hadjiyiannis. Her debut album was released in 2000 entitled Ton Mation Sou I Kalimera (The good morning of your eyes). Her single Vale Mousiki (Put some music on) was released in 2003 and it was certified platinum. Her second album entitled Ehoume Logo (We have a reason) was released in 2004, and her third album entitled Afto Einai Agape (This is love) was released in 2005. Her single Pes To Dynata (Say it loud) which was a great success was released in 2007 and there followed her fourth album entitled Mazi Horista (Separated together) which was certified gold. 

Her album Mia Stigmi (One moment) was released at the end of 2009 with eleven songs, the music which was composed by Michalis Hadjiyiannis. She went on tours in collaboration with top singers in the United States, Australia and Europe, singing in famous theatres and concert halls. This year, she will participate in the Eurovision Song contest representing her country with the song An Me Thimáse (If you remember me). Andreas Giorgallis studied music and sound engineering in London. His career begun in 1988, as a producer and sound engineer. In 1996, Giorgallis was the composer of the song Mono Gia Mas (Only for us) performed by Constantinos Christoforou, with which Cyprus participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. Zenon Zintillis was born in Nicosia and studied and worked in the United Kingdom His song represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Context in 1998 in Birmingham as a lyricist with the song Genesis performed by Michalis Hadjiyiannis.


In recent years, internal methods of selection have become increasingly popular for the simple reason that less funds are spent, especially in the midst of an economic crisis. Thanks to a series of private sponsors, Cyprus was one of the nations to ensure their participation in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Ultimately, they selected Despina Olympiou who is a star in both Cyprus and the neighbouring country of Greece with their music industry somewhat in unison. She will be following in the footsteps of Ivi Adamou who was also chosen internally but had a song selection, one which was not really required with both the public and the jury agreeing that La La Love was the way to go. The choice was extremely well respected even in foreign waters because not only did it manage to make it through to the final but also surpassed Greece. Commercial success was also achieved in Scandinavia. 

Cyprus is one of the countries which is yet to succeed in the Eurovision Song Contest noting that despite thirty (30) participations, their best result has only been a fifth place finish. The first time that this happened was back in 1982 when Anna Vissi performed the song Mono I Agapi but it would only be followed fifteen years later when Hara & Andreas Constantinou took to the stage with their rendition of Mana Mou. It also happened once during recent times with Lisa Andreas and her entry Stronger Every Minute did the same honour in 2004. Since the semi-final system was inaugurated, the country has failed to deliver positive results on a consistent basis but nevertheless, one has to point out that in the past three years, there have been two qualifications, followed by mediocre results in the final. Despina Olympiou will be hoping to follow this successful feat as she performs her entry in Sweden to millions of fans all over the world.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 43%

Magnus Kaxe: I love the acapella intro which is unusual for Eurovision. Unfortunately the song develops into a rather boring song. Please skip that horrible drum loop from the second verse and on-wards. Overall the production sounds cheap and not well worked-through. If it hadn't been for the acapella intro this song would only get 1 point from me.

Lina Eriksson: Extra points for singing in greek, and it goes well with the song. But still the song itself doesn't appeal to me. It feels like I've heard it a thousand times before and I wasn't too impressed the first thousand times either. Good singer, good voice. Production out of date.

Matt Mercieca (Muxu): I like this one, its sweet and simple, its a ballad, but this has that new vibe in it, so it doesn't sound dated. I wish i knew what she was saying, but the strings in the production are beautiful, and yet again a key change, which i seem to dislike so much.

Source: eurovision.tv


Published in Editorials

 A number of interviews with artists competing in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest are currently being set up by the editorial board noting that we already had the pleasure of speaking to Robin Stjernberg courtesy of Lionheart Music Group. He was still competing in the Melodifestivalen at the time but nevertheless, You ended up making it through to the second chance, and then also the final where it topped the international jury vote and came second with the public. In the meantime, our second interview in the build up towards the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden is with Despina Olympiou who will be representing Cyprus with An Me Thimascomposed by Andreas Giorgalli to the lyrics of Zenon Zindillis.

Cyprus will be participating in this years’ Eurovision Song Contest for the thirty-first time and unfortunately, there has not been a victory despite a number of positive showings with the best results being obtained in 1982 with the track Mono I Agapi performed by Anna Vissi, in 1997 when Hara & Andreas Constantinou sand the song Mana Mou and in 2004 with Lisa Andreas who sang her heart out during her rendition of Stronger Every Minute. All of the aforementioned were fifth place finishes. Why hasn’t Cyprus reached the top three or rather won according to your opinion and how will you try to change that?

Many may be the reasons why Cyprus’ has not achieved one of the first three places. The thing I care about most, is singing for you and reaching out to you with the only way I know. My song is the means and my purpose is not to change anything but keep participating in such a beautiful music event as Eurovision is, with honesty and love.

The track that you will be performing at this years’ edition of the international showcase entitled An Me Thimase is an emotional ballad which translates into If You Remember Me and it is composed by Andreas Giogallis and penned by Zenon Zindillis. Both of your songwriters have previous experience at the competition and not only that but they have managed to reach the top ten as well, in 1996 with Mono Yia Mas performed by Constantinos and in 1998 with Genesis sung by the extremely popular Michalis Hatzigiannis. What advice have they passed on and why did you select this particular song?

They both have faith in me and this is something that makes me content as a professional singer but as a person as well. The suggestion for my participation in this contest made earlier this year, came from their own initiative. My decision to represent my country was positive because I believe in the song and everything that it represents. With my experience on stage and their experience off stage, I believe that we make a good team.


You first entered the music scene back in 1992, which just also happens to be the year in which I was born but nevertheless, your solo debut album came out eight years later in 2000 and bore the name Ton Mation sou i Kalimera. The music was well appreciated and as a matter of fact, you moved to Universal Music Greece, which is still your record label to this day. With this company you have recorded five more albums including Vale Mousiki, Exoume Logo, Auto ine Agapi, Pes to Dinata and Mia Stigni. Does each studio album represent you at that particular point in time and what lies ahead in your future as a vocal artist?

I am very pleased with my career so far and each and every album I have released till now, represents a little piece of my soul , my being, and who I am. I feel that I still have a long way to go and a lot to discover. Music helps me look into my self, helps me express my needs, my concerns and share my feelings. Music is my comfort. I feel blessed for having a profession that makes me feel this way. Till now I had a contract with Universal, but from now on I am free to decide how and with whom I want to work with. My song An me thimase will be released by Sony Music. I already have a new album ready to be released and will do so soon.

Malta is competing in the second semi-final as opposed to Cyprus which is competing in the first semi-final yet nevertheless, could potentially faceoff each other within the final stage. Have you heard the song Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat with vocals provided by Gianluca and if so, what were your thoughts about it?

I heard all of the songs and I really liked yours! I find it very refreshing in its concept. It’s a smart and fresh music production. I believe in simple things which are made with love and respect.


Last year, Cyprus managed to make it through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest having earned a lot of exposure in the lead up to the competition because the entry La La Love was being played in clubs all over the continent and ultimately this saw to the success of the track by Ivi Adamou in the Scandinavian charts. An Me Thimase is a considerably different track and therefore the performance has to be appropriately planned before hand. What do you have in store for the public at home when it comes to the live performance on the night of the semi-final?

Surely it’s a totally different song from La La Love. We intent to present it as best possible according to it’s music context. My appearance on stage will match what my song represents, the rest is mr Klitos κlitou job, who is the director of CYBC and have trust in him.

The music video for An Me Thimase was one of the first to be officially presented to the international media and it seems that one could honestly sit back and enjoy the sights. Preview videos have become essential means of promotion over the years but nevertheless, some of the so-called favourites including Denmark and Norway have decided to go for the performance of their national selections rather than recording another clip. What was the aim behind the music video from your end and do you believe that it is important to have such a tool at your disposal?

I am in favour of the live presentation on stage, which is what Denmark and Norway presented in their video clips . My produsers as well as CYBC, desided that is best we proceed in filming a video clip, for a better way to promote the song. You enjoyed the sights as you said and that’s nice to know. We hope you enjoy the song as well when i will be on stage in Malmo, and I hope to take you with me on a trip into the colours of Cyprus for those three minutes.


Greece and Cyprus share a strong bond especially when it comes to ethnicity and as a matter of fact, your entry will be performed in predominant Greek. Last year, Cyprus managed to do better than Greece in the final standings for the first time in years, albeit by a couple of points. This year, Greece are sending a band in the form of Koza Mostra with the addition of Agathon Iakovidis with the song Alcohol Is Free having won a national final which included four entries and which you witnessed having been invited as a special guest. What were your thoughts on the show in general and what is your opinion on the winning track?

Yes, indeed we have a strong bond something that you all realised from the points we give to each other every year. I was invited to the Greeks finals in which I performed as well. It was a very lively show, with many guests and past Eurovision winners. People were there to applaud and support the music. As for the Greek song it appears to be differed from the rest, it combines the old with the new element in Greek music and in lyrics as well as their characteristic presentation.

Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers at escflashmalta.com?

First of all I would like to thank you for the interview and your support. I wish good luck to all the contestants but most of all I wish for everyone to enjoy the chance of coming together in one place at one time and singing as one. I am glad to see how many people love music, which is the reason we meet and we share our songs. After all memories and strong emotions are all we really possess.


Published in Interviews

CyBC, the national broadcaster in Cyprus, also responsible for the participation of the Mediterranean country in the Eurovision Song Contest has seemingly been placed in a difficult situation pertaining to the economic state of the nation at this moment according to several critics. Nevertheless, the rumours of a withdrawal from this years' edition taking place in Sweden following the victory of Loreen with the track Euphoria were officially dismissed soon after they emerged. In thirty (30) participations, Cyprus has managed to contest the final on twenty-five (25) occasions, which is definitely a fair statistic.

CyBC announced earlier this year, that for the second consecutive time, their selection would be internal and indeed, it was revealed that Despina Olympiou would be representing her country with the track An Me Thimase composed by Andreas Giorgalli and penned by Zenon Zindillis. It will be be performed in the second half of the first semi-final. The song is a beautifully sounding Greek ballad which has been kept in it's original form for the simple reason that the lyrics are pretty much impossible to translate. Whilst the betting odds are somewhat unfavourable, people are getting the feel that with the correct staging and draw, this could be a dark horse and qualify. This would be the first back to back qualification for the nation who managed to make the final last year with the track La La Love performed by Ivi Adamou, even performing better than Greece for the first time in years. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: CyBC, Showtime


CyBC, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Cyprus within the annual Eurovision Song Contest is known to be extremely cash strapped but nevertheless went about an internal selection with the aid of several private companies. Their representative at the competition is none other than the stunning Despina Olympiou who will be performing the track An Me Thimase during the first semi-final. As has been the case in the past couple of years, brand new versions and official videos are currently being presented and whilst sifting through the tracks on viral website, YouTube, we came across the preview video for the Cypriot entry.

During the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Cyprus managed to perform better than Greece noting that their entry La La Love performed by Ivi Adamou finished in a mid-table position following qualification. This time round, many believe that their participation could very much be an uphill struggle for the simple reason that the song might not actually be everyone's cup of team but in my opinion has a stunning charm around it carried by the grace of an elegant performer whom we should be speaking to in a matter of days. We would like you to view the video clip and stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: CYTA Mobile


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