November 14, 2019

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On the 15th November, Malta will be hosting this year’s edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and all the information making up the spectacle is being presented during the course of the day at the Heads of Delegation Meeting organised by the European Broadcasting Union and the Public Broadcasting Services. After confirming earlier reports of the 16 participating countries, a spectacular stage has now been presenting, noting that this will not only be used for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014, but also for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which is being held on the 22nd November.

Designed by Claudio Santucci, of the Milan-based company Gio’Forma, the concept is that of origami, inspired by the triangle found in the logo of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest logo. John McCullagh, the Creative Director states “It’s a very flexible and easy to use shape” adding that “the ancient art of Origami shows us how something simple can be transformed into something much more complex with just a little patience, practiced, and understanding. Our origami set is, therefore, the blank canvas on which the delegations can tell their story”.

At the event,  which will be featuring newcomers; Italy, Montenegro & Slovenia as well as returning countries; Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria & Cyprus, Malta will be represented by Federica Falzon and her entry “Diamonds” co-written by Elton Zarb, Matthew Mercieca, Federica Falzon and Gillian Attard. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook & Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Junior Eurovision Song Contest (Official Website)

On the 15th November, Malta will be hosting the 12th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest within the Marsa Shipbuilding, under the watchful eye of the Public Broadcasting Services and the European Broadcasting Union.

Vladislav Yakovlev, executive supervisor on behalf of the European Broadcasting Union, who is currently in Malta for the upcoming Heads of Delegation Meeting, set for Tuesday, has recently gone on record stating that the competition “it’s looking like we’re going to have 16 countries taking part this year, which is a great number and I’m very happy to welcome many country both into and back into the Junior Eurovision family”.

Whilst Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Malta, Netherlands, Russia, San Marino, Sweden and Ukraine will all be returning back to the competition following their participation in 2013, It is worth noting that there are several countries who are returning after an absence of one year or more such as; Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Serbia. There is a third group of countries who will be making their debut and thus participating for the very first time and these are; Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia

7 out of the 16 participating countries have already made their entry public, whilst another 5 have revealed the names of their entries, which will in turn be made public in the next couple of days. You will find all the information listed down below.

Armenia: Betty – People of the Sun

Belarus: Nadezhda Misyakova – Sokol

Bulgaria: Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim – Planetata na Detsata

Cyprus: Sophia Patsalides – I Pio Omorfi Mera

Georgia: Lizi Pop – TBA

Italy: Vincenzo Cantiello – Tu Primo Grande Amore

Malta: Federica Falzon – Diamonds

Montenegro: Masa Vujadinovic & Lejla Vulic – Budi Dijete na Jedan Dan

Netherlands: Julia – Around

Russia: Alisa Kozhikina – Dreamer

San Marino: The Peppermints – Breaking My Heart

Slovenia: Ula Lozar – TBA

Sweden: Julia Kedhammar – Du Ar Inte Ensam

Ukraine: Sympho-Nick – Pryyde Vesna

Serbia and Croatia, 2 of the last countries to reveal their return to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest are yet to make a formal announcement with regards to their artist or entry choices, whilst Georgia and Slovenia have yet to reveal the name of their entry. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook & Twitter for all the latest news from the world of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Junior Eurovision (Official Website),

Earlier this afternoon, the European Broadcasting Union made public their selection for both host city and venue of the 2015 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Conchita Wurst and her entry "Rise Like a Phoenix" written by Mason, Patulka, Zuckowski and Maas gave Austria a second victory at the esteemed international victory, noting that it was eagerly awaited considering that the other one took place almost 50 years ago. Vienna, capital of Austria, has been selected as the host city of the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, following a bidding process which lasted several months and saw three cities battle it out towards the end.

ORF, the host broadcaster and the EBU, organising committee also confirmed that the venue will be the Wiener Stadhalle with an overall capacity of approximately 16,000 people. Set to take place on the 19th, 21st and 23rd May 2015, the Vienna was seen as the right choice as it is "the city of music and arts in the heart of Europe", according to Alexander Wrabetz, Director General at ORF who went onto add that "together we will do everything to assure a successful 60th Eurovision Song Contest". We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.


It seems that the European Broadcasting Union and the Public Broadcasting Services are working extremely well together to ensure that this year's edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is successful considering that 12 countries have already confirmed participation.

This is the same number of countries which had participated in the 2013 edition which took place in Kiev, Ukraine although it seems that a couple of more participating nation will be either making their return or their debut according to circulating rumours. Apart from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Ukraine who all took part in the 2013 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, there will also be the debut of Italy and Montenegro, as well as the return of Cyprus and Serbia.

Gaia Cauchi, a student of La Voix Academy and a client of Ironic PR & Artist Management was the winner of the 2013 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with "The Start", a song which she co-wrote with Elton Zarb, Gillian Attard and Matt Mercieca. Fast forward a couple of months, and Malta will be using the same formula as Federica Falzon who holds the same credentials will be representing the country with a song written by the same aforementioned trio. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2014 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Junior Eurovision (Official Website)

Earlier this afternoon, the European Broadcasting Union and the Public Broadcasting Services held a joint press conference in order to address the format changes with regards to the 2014 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. During the same period, Anton Attard, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Broadcasting Services and Executive Supervisor for the European Competition presented the vision that the Maltese broadcaster has, including how local schoolchildren will be involved.

Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev spoke to the assembled press about the history of the competition, as well as the format changes that have been introduced recently to increase the number of participating countries. Anton Attard, CEO of PBS, will be the Executive Producer of the 2014 Edition. He presented Public Broadcasting Services' vision for this year's competition in Malta, including how local schoolchildren will be involved.

Apart from #together being unravelled as the slogan, the Public Broadcasting Services also published the logo, which as you may see above, is designed on the elements of the Maltese eight pointed cross and its different segments are connected together in such a way that specific shapes are created. The dynamics of the connections make the logo clever, changeable and challenging. The colour palette is bold and dynamic and takes its inspiration from the richness and diversity of the Maltese landscape: Sand, Sea, Stone, Grass, Sky, Dusk and Sunset. 

The harmonious blend of colours provides flexibility and vibrancy to all communication materials. At this stage of preparations, 7 countries have confirmed participation; Belarus, Georgia, Malta, The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine whilst there are several rumours about the possible debuts of Hungary, Italy and Ireland. We urge you to stay tuned to even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2014 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malta.


During the voting of both the semi-final and the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, there is always an entertainment act which takes to the stage and try to ease the tension slightly whilst keeping the public bouyant. Television broadcasters have a tendency to show advertisements during this time unfortunately but nevertheless, the public should enjoy what this years' host broadcaster, SVT has prepared with a multi-tude of performers set to take to the stage for more singing performances. 

During the first semi-final, which will see sixteen (16) countries compete for ten (10) slots being offered in the final, there will be none other than Loreen, winner of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest who will be performing a new version of her winning entry Euphoria co-written by Thomas G:son and Peter Bostrom. This brand new version will involve a childrens' choir who will also be doing sign language. It will be similar to her Melodifestival guest appearance earlier this year but even bigger. Loreen has become one of the most notable winners of the international spectacle with the single achieving platinum status in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Darin, a former participant in both the Swedish Idol and Melodifestivalen has been enlisted to be a guest performer during the second semi-final in which Malta will be competing. As a matter of fact, Darin has already hit the music market in Europe with two of his albums charting in Finland and Germany whilst managing five number #1 hit albums in Sweden. You're Out of My Life, his Melodifestivalen entry charted at number #3 in 2010. Joining him there will be Agnes whom people will definitely remember through her smash hit, Release Me co-written by contributor, Sharon Vaughn. Signed to Universal Music Sweden, her latest collection of original songs entitled Veritas, released in September peaked at number #3.

In the final of this years' Eurovision Song Contest, the special guest, somewhat expected really will be none other than Carola, the woman who has represented Sweden on three occasions, the first time in 1983 with Framling, finishing in third place, second time with Fangad av en Stormvind in 1991, finishing in the top position and last but not least with Invincible back in 2006, managing a fifth place finish. Carola is an icon in Sweden and it has been revealed to the media that she had known she would be the interval act during the final when she was the interval act at the Melodifestivalen Final. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: SVT

Good Morning! All of the delegations competing in the semi-finals have arrived at this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest on the fourth day of rehearsals because the shows' first technical runs will officially come to a close today as the press centre will officially open as from tomorrow. Following a somewhat error free two days, yesterday posed a couple of problems in terms of sound quality where Malta and Bulgaria were involved although all of the issues were fixed as the runs went along. SVT, the host broadcaster is very well organised and thus are keeping their reputation in tact. Some of the camera shots requested by delegations will be executed during the second rehearsal which will be completely open to the scrutiny of the media. in collaboration with Eurovision Ireland, escXtra and Radio International are bringing you all of the latest from the rehearsals. thanks to Juergen Boernig, the Head of Press is currently also processing a couple of video interviews with artists who will be representing their country at the Eurovision Song Contest and some of those uploaded include Ryan Dolan from Ireland and Dina Garipova who will be represent Russia. In the meantime, you may also have a look at our photo gallery whilst staying up to date through both our pages on Facebook and Twitter. Today will mark the conclusion of the second semi-final and therefore, we continue see through the competition that Gianluca will be facing during the Thursday showcase. We would like to remind you that the second semi-final on will be commented upon by Antoine Farrugia, Senior Editor as well as Davinia, second runner-up at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and four time Solo Bay Music Award winner, Christabelle.


One of the few uptempo numbers in this years' competition in a genre that is rarely submitted into the Eurovision Song Contest, that being Ska. The backdrop itself is made to look modern during the performance with the colour scheme used being a mixture of dark and light colours, for example black with yellow. Koza Mostra along with Agathon Iakovidis are dressed very casually for the first technical rehearsal so it is rather unknown whether this will be their attire for the night of the semi-final. The group have their instruments with them and this is all still funny and very much enjoyable. It is a rather good start to the day and one definitely cannot lament about the actual vocals, which are solid throughout each run.


Translating this from the stage of the national final to the Eurovision Song Contest has been rather effortless considering that ballads should benefit from the lighting. Moran, who has been seen as the artist with the least fashion sense on the choice of the attire at Kdam is seemingly set to use the same dress for the international showcase. There is no gimmick in this particular track with Moran standing in the middle of the stage and belting out her beautiful ballad. She is joined on stage with two backing vocalists and this is all sounding extremely well on television. The addition of a pianist suits the songs as well and one cannot fault any decisions taken in the performance because this should qualify with relative ease.


Their return was much more anticipated when people where discussing the possibility of a return from Sirusho but it was then revealed that The Dorians would be honouring the country. The song itself is not bad and is written within a specific genre, that being a rock type of ballad with the emphasis on the former considering that it was indeed written by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. The vocals in this one are strong and one would definitely not mind listening to it after the beauty of Israel but nevertheless, it does come across as slightly dull and boring. We know it's relatively early but then again, the energy seems to be missing in every run, hence why this is branded as dull. Nevertheless, this is Armenia competing in a weaker semi-final, so it will qualify!


A song which I personally like to listen to especially if I would like to relax a bit. ByeAlex will not be alone on stage, as he will be joined by two backing singers, one of which will also be playing the guitar. Following Armenia, this also seems rather dull in terms of performance or maybe it seems that the artists forgot to bring their 'A-Game' to the rehearsals. The idea of just standing there on this stage does not really work especially if you're presenting a mid-tempo kind of track. Some people have choreographies with their ballads, so certain things have be to be thought of well. The backdrop is the music video, the one with the cartoon and that is a nice element to the song. I am not sure on what this will achieve but it might be on the border to qualify.


It just so happens that I have just received the promotional disc accompanying the entry from Norway in this years' Eurovision Song Contest. Our colleagues in Malmo have come forward that after two run throughs, Margaret Berger is having some issues with her in-ear monitor, similar to the problems that Malta faced yesterday. Funnily enough, this always seems to happen following the break. Margaret is clad in the same dress she was wearing at the Melodi Grand Prix, with some minor adjustments but nevertheless, why change a winning package. The vocals are troubling, even in the second run through where the technical issue has been sorted out. The only differences that one could note from the national final is that there are three backing vocals on stage.


Rock! The first word that comes to mind when this entry comes up on my iPod and even though this genre can be melodic, I cannot find anything positive with regards to the track. It was one of the worst entries during the national final in my opinion especially in comparison to around five entries which could have represented them. Nevertheless, this will be picking up the specific vote of people who might not be in tune with the Eurovision Song Contest but love this kind of music. Across the screens, this is a bit messy but nothing that cannot be fixed whilst the vocals fit in accordingly with the music. Coming after a pretty disappointing rehearsal from Norway is helping them out a bit. Still can't see this qualifying!


In this weak semi-final, the average song would definitely sound better and not too many songs can actually sound worse after Albania. The beauty of Georgia lies within the vocals of Sophie & Nodi, noting that the spark between them seems real and very much alive. In each run-through, despite having some fine tuning issues, the vocals have been beyond perfect. The female artist is clad in a long white and light blue dress, along with a couple of sparly bits on the shoulders whilst the male is wearing a typical suit. There are three backing vocalists, all female and one of them having joined Olivia Lewis back in 2007. The backdrop as expected features a waterfall.  This is definitely qualifying and could, with the right draw make an Azerbaijan 2011 impact.


For some bizarre reason, this is currently doing well in terms of polling numbers despite not really setting the betting odds on fire. The staging is pretty much kept the same as it was during the national final but since the loss of the uniforms and their actual name, the whole performance has started to fall flat. One of the most positive elements about this is definitely the vocals but they also seemed to tire out after just a run or two. Switzerland will most likely not be in the final for the second consecutive year and probably hitting the latter part of the table towards the end. Rather disappointing as the chorus of the song is quite catchy yet it is just not coming across, at all!


Cezar seems to have taken the path of the devil in terms of this performance but nevertheless, he is also sporting a cruxifix, so that could be something to consider both as 'art and gutsy' at the same time. He is clad in a black, long coat, slightly metallic-looking and showcasing his phsique after receving various compliments from the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. Whilst not being lifted in the air throughout the performance, there is something that sees him lift up but it seems that he is indeed just moving forward. The effect on camera is stunning. The vocals are as expected, good but don't know whether Europe will go for this. It seems to be a marginal qualifier, possibly taking a spot from someone who fails.

SVT, the broadcaster responsible for hosting this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest are doing everything in their power in order to ensure that they will be remembered, as has been the case in the past where innovation has been key. Abba, winners of the 1974 international showcase were touted for a re-union earlier on in the season but plans were quickly shot down by the male members of the group, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson who have reached a compromise to co-write a track which will serve as the anthem for the spectacle. Apart from the actual composition, world renowned dance artist, Aviici has taken care of the production and therefore, it will surely be a stunning piece of music.

The song which has been aptly entitled We Write The Story will be officially performed for the first time on the night of the final set for the 18th May where twenty-six (26) countries will be competing against each other to win this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Benny and Bjorn spoke to the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest about the track stating 'Martin Österdahl and Show Producer Christer Björkman presented us beautifully with SVT’s vision for the contest. This led us on to the assignment to collaborate with Avicii on a piece on mutual understanding and fellowship. It’s a lot of fun and very inspiring.'  Martin Österdahl spoke of his delight that the trio accepted and promised that it would surely be a great track for the people to enjoy during a night where tension will be running high. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest as soon as it becomes available.


It has become somewhat of a tradition that the European Broadcasting Union host a special press conference, the day following the first semi-final and that was seemingly upheld actually with Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor; Sietse Bakker, the Event Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Annika Nyberg Frankenhaeuser; the new Media Director and also Adil Kermu who is representing the host broadcaster, Ictimai. The main revelation made is that the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be staged on Tuesday 14th May, Thursday 16th May and the final being on Saturday 18th May 2013.

The press conference dealt with a number of issues this year but ultimately proved that mostly the result was positive last night. The fact that Azerbaijan had to build a brand new venue was intriguing and it was finished just a couple of weeks ago. The tele-voting returned back to the fifteen minute slot as people were still voting during the recaps. The sound and the visuals came across well but then again there was an issue with the Romanian performance even though, Mandinga still managed to qualify with their song Zaleilah. The voting was very diverse in terms of how it came about and whilst both the jury and the viewers at home agreed on eight countries, they did not agree on the final two, one which qualified by merit of the tele-voting and one which made it through because of an astonishing jury placing. 
There was a lot of buzz on social media last night with five trending topics about the Eurovision Song Contest all night and some half a million followers on Facebook. The European Broadcasting Union is also working on an archive project of each edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and the first phase is to be completely very soon. The use of this will be made most likely in 2015 when the competition will be reaching it's sixtieth (60th) anniverary. Discussions with various broadcasters are currently taking place over how a special show could be organized. One other interesting thing is that future contests might be organized on a more smaller scale than they are at the moment in order for each country to be given the chance to host with schedules shortened to have room for economic space as well.