January 18, 2020

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France, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zeleand and Poland have been touched by the beautiful vocals of Patricia Kaas throughout the years noting that the material released since 1988 has managed to climb into the charts and eventually peak in several top ten positions. Her last effort entitled Kabaret was reissued in 2009 during the time of the Eurovision Song Contest with the inclusion of the track Et S'il Faillat Le Faire and managed to hit the top ten in three respective countries despite being her lowest charting album in France thus far. She is looking to change that though as she begins to give her audience a glimpse of what to expect as she covers the legend that is Edith Piaf in a brand new album of covers recorded with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Following six consecutive non-top ten results, France was desperate to do well and getting Patricia Kaas to represent her country in Moscow was quite the coup for France 3 and she did it brilliantly, ultimately achieving eight place having done extremely well with the jury and placed within the upper mid-table when it came to tele-voting. Her latest collection entitled Kaas Chante Piaf will be officially released on the 5th November and she is promoting it with a huge world tour which will take her to one hundred and fifty (150) different events. In the meantime though, one of the songs off the album entitled Hymne à l’amour has already been released and will be sent to major radio stations in due time. There is quite a lot riding on this album especially in France who glorify the likes of Edith Piaf but since the last collection from Patricia was not as successful, she will be hoping to hit the top ten once more. Have a listen to the track below and stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news in the coming weeks.

Source: Charts in France


Patricia Kaas, the voice behind the song Et S’il Fallait Le Faire, which represented France at the 2009 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow and finished in the eight (8th) position, is planning on making a comeback next fall.  The new music project is the result of two years of hard work, which will pay tribute to the world renowned French artist Edith Piaf, will develop into a world tour of the symphonic album.

November 2012, the 50th anniversary from Piaf’s death, will mark the official launch of this project, entitled Kaas chante Piaf meaning Kaas Sings Piaf.  Initially, Kaas will release an album consisting of twenty (20) cover versions accompanied by a symphonic orchestra of 80 musicians in London, where Kaas hopes to revive some of the most influential Piaf songs, such as Non, je ne regrette rienLa vie en rose or L’Hymne à l’amour, for instance.  The album is arranged by Abel Korzeniowski. He has emerged quite strongly in the Hollywood music scene, after being nominated for a Golden Globe for his work on Tom Ford’s A Single Man while also having composed the music for Madonna’s second feature-film W.E. The album is slated for release on the 5th November 2012.

Kaas will kick off her world tour of more than 150 concerts in London’s Royal Albert Hall, followed by several of the most prestigious venues in the world, including Berlin’s Admiralspalast, New York’s Carnegie Hall, Moscow’s Opereta and Paris’s Olympia. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news coming from former artists who made it to the Eurovision Song Contest in the coming days, and weeks.

Source: Patricia Kaas Official Website