October 24, 2019

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The recent news is that Malta could possibly re-enter the Junior Eurovision Song Contest at the European Broadcasting Union works hard to convince a couple of broadcasters to return to the competition. At the moment, there are only eight confirmed countries but many are on the brink of joining so keep an eye out on escflashmalta.com as we follow the latest developments. We would like to invite you to the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience. Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via www.radiointernational.tv and on Digital Cable 781 & Cable 8.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

Ryan Dolan was selected to represent Ireland at this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the track Only Love Survives which he co-wrote alongside Wez Devine. Unfortunately, the track was not appreciated by the juries and the public on the night of the final mustering only five (5) points and finishing in last place, the second time that the nation had to endure such a fate in recent years, noting this also happened in 2007 when Dervish took to the stage with the track They Can't Stop The Spring. Despite the disappointment at the Pan-European competition, Ryan Dolan has released his debut album entitled Frequency through digital media store, iTunes. The male vocalist had a chat with the Radio International team about the whole experience.


Thomas G:Son, is quickly becoming a veteran of the Eurovision Song Contest noting that he is involved in a number of entries competing in selections all over the continent. He was also one of the co-writers behind the winning entry of the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, that being Euphoria performed by Loreen. GPB, the broadcaster in Georgia commissioned the songwriter to pen an entry and alongside the stylings of Erik Bernholm, he came up with the ballad Waterfall which was typically Eurovision by numbers according to fans. The performance, remiscent of the Ell & Nikki performance did not prove to be as successful as thought of with Sopho and Nodi only managing to qualify in tenth place before reaching a mid-table finish for the country making it the worst result for the nation when competing in the final. Both the songwriter and the performers were interviewed by the team of Radio International.


Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov represented Bulgaria for the very first time back in 2007 achieving fifth place at the Eurovision Song Contest with their entry Voda (Water). BNT, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Bulgaria have been trying to find a solution for the nation to get through to the final of the Pan-European event for the second time noting that they have come extremely close in recent years, finishing eleventh and twelfth in the semi-final round. This year, the renowned duo who had brought them success took to the stage once more with the song Samo Shampioni managing to rack up forty-five points, the same amount of last year but finishing twelfth place failing to get through because of the lack of support from the juries who awarded them last place. The public would have put them through in sixth place. They spoke to the team of Radio International about their previous experience and how they were looking at this years' participation.


The final interview of the week is with the lead singer of the group, Koza Mostra. Illias has been noted for his charm and good looks by several fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. As a matter of fact, Greece is currently in turmoil when it comes to their state broadcaster but despite this, expectations for the nation within the competition will always remain high. Koza Mostra won the right to represent the Hellenic nation by virtue of getting through a national selection process organised by ERT and MAD Television. This was the first time that such a collaboration took place making the event a huge success, drawing huge crowds as guests included Helena Paparizou, Dima Bilan, Alexander Rybak and Marija Serifovic amongst others. This interview focuses on the pressure of one representing Greece. The song which represented Greece, and reached a top ten position at the end of the evening bore the name Alcohol Is Free


There will also be a number of new releases played throughout the three hours, including tracks by Tina Karol, who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006; Didrik Solli-Tangen, representative of Norway at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest; Jessy Matador, French representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest; Maya Sar, the last representative for Bosnia & Herzegovina thus far and last but not least; Kevin Borg who came in second place at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. All of the latest news is also covered during the weekly broadcast noting resources from escflashmalta.com and escXtra where Luke Fisher, the Editor makes a weekly round-up. David Mann will be discussing cover versions from the Eurovision Song Contest. Make sure to tune into this evenings episode of Radio International on the links offered above as we help you get through your post Eurovision depression.

Source: Team of Radio International


Malta and The Netherlands are two (2) of the sixteen (16) countries which have already confirmed participation in next years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Denmark following a victory led by Emmelie de Forest and her entry Only Teardrops. We would like to invite you to the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience. Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via www.radiointernational.tv and on Digital Cable 781 & Cable 8.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

One of the most prolific names to compete in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was definitely Bonnie Tyler, three time Grammy Award nominee for hits including Total Eclipse of the Heart and Faster than the Speed of Light. The eighties star made herself available to the media on several occasions and as a matter of fact, there were a couple of light moments in the press conferences which she gave. The team of Radio International had the opportunity to speak to the artist on her participation with the track Believe In Me as well at the chance of representing the United Kingdom at the international competition which they have not taken seriously for an extremely long time. The result was not that which was expected finishing in nineteenth place with just twenty-three points sending the British Broadcasting Corporation back to the drawing board. 


The second interview which will aired during the course of the evening is with Robin Stjernberg, the representative from Sweden whose entry You was a massive jury favourite as shown in the split results revealed by the European Broadcasting Union. It could only manage a mid-table finish as it was not well received by the audience around the continent neither at home truthfully, keeping in mind that it had not won the public vote during the Melodifestivalen. Robin Stjernberg who was a runner-up on the Swedish Idol by the thinnest wafer of votes possible took in the experience of performing to the European audience at a home setting and has continued with his music career, releasing a brand new track entitled Crime just a couple of days ago hoping to achieve the same chart success with his new track. 


In the meantime, there will be another four interviews during this evenings' showcase, albeit short still of extreme relevance. They will be with none other than; Elitsa & Stoyan who represented Bulgaria with the track Samo Shampioni, Lozano & Esma who represented FYR Macedonia with the song Pred Da Se Razdeni, Moran Mazor took to the stage on behalf of Israel with the track Rak Bishvilo and last but not least, PeR from Latvia whose entry Here We Go did not meet the typical standards of the competition. All of the interviews were conducted during the fortnight of the Eurovision Song Contest in which the Team of Radio International was collaborating with several media outlets, including escflashmalta.com amongst others. 


There will also be a number of new releases played throughout the three hours, including tracks by Blue, the successful boyband from the United Kingdom who went to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest; Cezar, the artist who represented Romania earlier this year; Emmelie de Forest, winner of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest; Jessy Matador, French representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest; Maya Sar, the last representative for Bosnia & Herzegovina thus far and last but not least; Kevin Borg who came in second place at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. All of the latest news is also covered during the weekly broadcast noting resources from escflashmalta.com and escXtra where Luke Fisher, the Editor makes a weekly round-up. David Mann will be discussing cover versions from the Eurovision Song Contest. Make sure to tune into this evenings episode of Radio International on the links offered above as we help you get through your post Eurovision depression. 

Source: Team of Radio International


The Euro Fan Café is the only place in this year's Eurovision Song Contest home-city, Malmö, where it's program is specifically dedicated to Eurovision Fans. After several announcements on what is being held at Moriska Paviljongen (mostly known as Moriskan), here are some fresh new announcements about additions to the packed schedule for this amazing Euro Fan Café that everyone is waiting anxiously for them. escflashmalta.com is proud to support the Euro Fan Café, which is an innovative setup which is seemingly attracting fans already.

The Euro Fan Café Talk Shows

The Euro Fan Café just released the publication of their talk shows. These talk shows are very very interesting to attend. What will happen is that Eurovision fans gets to meet the performers closer and more personal than ever. Rick Jacobs, one if the editors on a companion website of ours www.12points.tv, will be the host of these talk shows. Jacobs was talking about this huge opportunity and great event and he said "As a huge Eurovision fan myself, I am excited to be able to meet with Eurovision contestants past and present. I am going to try to get them reveal their deepest and darkest schlager secrets each nights - who knows what will happen." 

The line up for the Euro Fan Café Talk Shows is as follows:

  • 7th May at 22:00 - Birgit Õigemeel (Estonia) and Roberto Bellarosa (Belgium)
  • 8th May at 22:00 - Despina Olympiou (Cyprus)
  • 10th May at 22:00 - Natália Kelly (Austria) and Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov(Bulgaria)
  • 10th May at 23:00 - Hannah (Slovenia) and Klapa S Mora (Croatia)
  • 13th May at 16:00 - Cezar (Romania)
  • 14th May at 16:00 - Dorians (Armenia)

With this list, more countries are expected to be announced soon so keep an eye on this website to know who of the performers will get his/her own Euro Fan Café Talk Show.

The Biggest Eurovision Quiz Ever

Apart from the Euro Fan Café Talk Shows, it has also been released that the biggest event of the Euro Fan Café will be a quiz! OGAE Sweden (Melodifestivklubben) and Moriskan came to an agreement to create this big quiz about the Eurovision! On the 13th May between 00:00 and 02:00, you can test your Eurovision skills! Obviously, the winner of the quiz will win something! That thing to be won is no other than a ticket to the Green Room on the final night, 18th May, where all the final contestants will be waiting for their performance, relaxing after it, waiting for the result and hopefully jumping up and down with the happiness after the results! The commentary of this quiz will be done by Sweden's stand-up queen Lena Frisk, so insane commentary, difficult questions and lots of laughter are three things surely to be waited for. 


Also, adding to this quiz, it was revealed that four past Eurovision acts are also invited to take part in this marvelous quiz. These artists don't need any introduction as they are familiar names in music industry and mire familiar with Eurovision fans. First one to be named is Bobbysocks. Bobbysocks is a duet formed by Elisabeth Andreassen and Hanne Krogh. Bobbysocks, Norwegian representatives in 1985, won the contest with their song 'La Det Swinge' which translates to 'Let It Swing'. La Det Swinge is written by no other than the magnificent composer/author Rolf Løvland, who wrote 'Nocturne' which was a winning Eurovision song in 1995 too. 


Also, joining Bobbysocks at the biggest Eurovision quiz is Linda Martin who won the 1992 contest. Martin represented Ireland with the song 'Why Me?' Martin was also in a famous band in 70s and 80s called 'Chips'. 'Why Me?' written and composed by Seán Sherrad was the 4th win of a really successive country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Joining these two acts is no other than Hera Björk who was the Icelandic representative in 2010 with her song 'Je ne sais quoi' translating to 'I don't know what'. Lately, Björk won a competition in the United States of America and now has also released her 12th album named 'Because You Can' which the main single of this album, having the same name, peaked at number 21 on the Icelandic charts. The last and not least past act added in nonetheless, one from our own country. 


Adding to these three beautiful acts is Glen Vella who represented our country back in 2011 with his song 'One Life'. One Life ended up 11th in the first semi-final, nit making the cut to the final by just one point. Glen Vella is a certified by Victoria Music and Arts College London in voice. He is one of the most well-known artists in Malta and also, one of the most energetic people that lately participated in this contest bringing his own fashion of nerdy glasses to a trend. One Life was written was written by Paul Giordimania and Fleur Balzan, a writing and composing duo that has taken over Malta with their sings lately.  


A night of Melodifestivalen Stars

As it is quite obvious now that this year's Eurovision Song Contest would be held in Sweden, to be more precised, in Malmö, it is a chance for Melodifestivalen Stars to shine a bit, even though they didn't make it to represent Sweden. On Friday 17th May, a day before the actual Grand Final would be taking place, at 21:00, at the Moriskan, the event called Melodifestivalen Madness would take place. This event is part of the thirteen days packed with over fifty events at Euro Fan Café, where everything related to Eurovision is celebrated. This event is being presented in partnership to scandipop.co.uk. Scandipop is a leading UK website covering pop music from Scandinavia and mostly Eurovision songs. After the live performances, Karl Batterbee, the founder if Scandipop, would play a DJ-Set. He has had residences at G-A-Y London, and Stockholm clubs Torget, Paradise and Summer Nights City. 


There are going to be three live performances by leading artists from Melodifestivalen which will commence at 21:00 on the 17th May. Appearing at Moriskan are no other than Pay-TV. This group is created by a trio of Claudia Cash, Neena Fatale and Chanelle Ferrari. This lady-trio is going to reunite in Malmö to perform their biggest hits. Including to these hits, one notices that they are performing their 2004 and 2005 songs, 'Trendy Discotheque' and 'Refrain Refrain' respectively. The ladies have turned down an invitation from Pope Francis I to make sure to meet their fans at Moriskan. Adding to this, Eddie Razaz is also appearing at Melodifestivalen Madness. Razaz competed this year with his song 'Alibi'. He is mostly known as a competitor in Sweden's IDOL in 2009 who was eliminated at week 6. 


Eddie was also part of the group 'Rebound!' who had several singles such as 'Hurricane' and 'Not Helpless'. The last act to perform at Melodifestivalen Madness is Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is formerly known as 'Love Generation'. This group is another trio made up of Charly Q, Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson and Melanie Taylor. These girls participated in the Melodifestivalen in 2011 with their song 'Dance Alone' and in 2012 with 'Just A Little Bit' where that same year, Loreen was picked to represent Sweden and finally got Eurovision to Sweden. Stockholm Syndrome will sing their singles at this event but will also bring new tracks to Malmö so keep an open eye if you like this girl-trio.

Source: Press Release

Like any other industry, music is known to have a lot of experienced figures who lurk in the shadows either as songwriters, producers or musicians and as a matter of fact, escflashmalta.com has been in touch with three in particular to help assess the entries competing in this years' Eurovision Song Contest. Hailing from the United Kingdom, United States and the Czech Republic, they bring a lot of knowledge to the table. In the second semi-final, seventeen (17) countries will be in contention and in slot number seven (7), the producers have decided to put none other than Bulgaria represented by the broadcaster known as BNT. The nation will be participating in the esteemed international competition for the ninth time and hoping to reach their second final. Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov were selected internally by a selective committee appointed by the respective broadcaster with the song Samo Shampioni co-written by Elitsa Todorova and Christian Talev chosen through a public and jury vote.

Elitsa Todorova was born on 1977 in Varna. She studied music, specialising in authentic folklore singing and in percussions. She attracts the attention of both the audience and the critics with her specific voice - strong, deep-toned, clear and hardy, the tone-quality being one of a beautiful and rich ornamentation. She worked at the State Dance and Music Ensemble in Varna, in the choir The Mystery of the Bulgarian voices, and the Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria choir where she performed authentic Bulgarian folk songs, and compositions in Yiddish and Sanskrit. In 2003 Elitsa Todorova began working with Bulgaria's most popular and renowned drummer and percussionist Stoyan Yankulov. The unique Elitsa Todorova-Stoyan Yankulov Duo turned into a phenomenon in no time. Elitsa Todorova develops a percussions-playing style of her own, combining quick ostinate rhythms on the tarambuka with synhronised tarambuka with synchronised playing and singing. The result is a mosaic of unique vocal movements and impeccable musical improvisations.

She plays traditional percussion instruments in a most non-traditional way. The singer easily mixes traditional folklore with jazz, drum and base, ethno-motifs, classics and spontaneous improvisation. The result is fascinating. In her repertoire Elitsa Todorova plays instruments like the tarambuka, drums, maracas, clavess, old silver coins, shepperd's chimes, horses' bells, a magical thunder-wand, guirro, chimes, but of all musical instruments the best, in her opinion, is human voice. Through combining authentic Bulgarian folk songs with the energy of percussions Elitsa Todorova presents in a most touching way the core, the potency and the emotional power of Bulgarian culture. Stoyan Yankulov was born on September 10th in Sofia. At the age of eight he started taking piano lessons. At the same time he showed interest for percussion instruments. Since a young age he was the base of musical bands as a drummer, and he eventually graduated majoring in percussion instruments. Yankulov plays with rock and jazz bands, with folklore ensembles and with jazz-rock and fusion bands.


Stoyan Yankulov has already won many highly-ranked prizes. He records jazz, pop and ethnic music. This has significantly influenced his unique playing style. He manages to produce orchestral sound on percussion instruments. Sometimes the listener has the impression that there is more than one percussionist playing. "The acquisition of other techniques - from bass, piano or other instruments is useful in this process. For me to play means to communicate", Stoyan describes his very own style. Yankulov breaks and stretches the traditional way of playing drums, tupan, percussion by applying new techniques and non-standard musical ideas. Combining authentic folklore with new ways of expression with percussion instruments Stoyan Yankulov reveals the unlimited variety and emotional intensity of the unique Bulgarian culture. Elitsa & Stoyan have already performed together on the Eurovision Song Contest stage together in 2007, gaining the fifth place in the Final with Voda - the best placing for Bulgaria to date.

Bulgaria does not have too much of a history to look back to within the Eurovision Song Contest noting that this will be their ninth participation in total, having entered the international competition for the very first time back in 2005. Their debut entry entitled Lorraine finished in nineteenth place with just forty-nine (49) points but despite their results improving in later years, they have only managed to qualify just once, and that was in 2007 with the same duo that will be doing the honours this year. Water performed by Elitsa & Stoyan reached fifth place with one hundred, fifty seven (157) points. In recent years, BNT which is the public broadcaster in Bulgaria has been working hard to ensure success and this has been seen in terms of results with Na Inat (2011) and Love Unlimited (2012) finishing in twelfth and eleventh place respectively. The latter was actually joint tenth but after a close review of how the points were distributed, it was Norway's Stay performed by Tooji which got the spot in the final round. 

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 73%

Martin Isherwood: Melodically strong chorus Didn't get the lyrics! Good voice Interesting chromatic melody with strong eastern influences. This track is doing its own thing really with pipes and live drums against a dance track but I doubt it will have sufficient appeal to do very well. A bit crackers really!

Sharon Vaughn: Astounding. Can't wait to see this live.

Stano Simor: I must start off by saying that this track impressed me in the beginning but slowly started to fade after just one minute and this is due to the fact that there were too many genres infused together. The bridge, involving a timpani solo is just too cheap and sounds very cliché continuing to bore me. The duo look to enjoy their performance and this will surely work well on the cameras of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: eurovision.tv


Published in Editorials

Bulgaria is one of the most unsuccessful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest and will be hoping that this years' internal selection in favour of the duo known as Elitsa & Stoyan could change the figure as they compete within the second semi-final with the song Samo Shampioni. Following the results of the national selection, it seemed like the track that they would be performing on stage in the event would be Kismet having managed to take over the public vote, finishing in second place with jury but with copyright issues coming intact, disappointment struck and the broadcaster, BNT had to make a change.

One of the songwriters of the track, Kismet was none other than Jonatan Tesei, a muisician and producer from Argentina. It seems that the individual at hand wanted to make some changes with the track which could not take place in time for the Heads of Delegation meeting next week and thus had no choice but withdraw the song or stick to the current version. The former was the decision taken and therefore, the international community is finally content with the brand new choice considering that many were gobsmacked with the track, Kismet. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: BNT, Eurovision.tv


BNT, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest have internally selected Elitsa & Stoyan to do the honours in the international showcase in the hope of achieving a successful result. It is to be noted that the only time that they did make it through to the final round was back in 2007 when the same duo managed to finish in sixth place within the semi-final before going even one better in the final, achieving fifth place with a 157 points in total. In recent years, the country has flirted with qualification considering that they reached twelfth place in 2011 with Na Inat and eleventh place with Love Unlimited, the latter finishing in a tied tenth place, and eliminated by virtue of the tie-breaker rule.

Elitsa & Stoyan are presenting three entries this evening, all of which they co-wrote alongside a number of collaborators. The tracks are all in the typical sound that one comes to accept from the successful Bulgarian duo staying true to their national language and traditional instruments which many all over the continent have come to enjoy. The broadcaster also revealed a couple of weeks back that the final choice will be decided through both a public and a jury vote, each weighing 50% of the final result. During the evening, there will be Heilsarmee as special guests following their earlier visit to Malta. Due to the fact that Imperija for FYR Macedonia is being reworked, Esma & Lozano have cancelled their visit. You can follow all of the latest proceedings on the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Show (Part 1)

A ceremonial dance in the beginning of the show, maybe being done for the simple reason that they are hoping to achieve a good result in this years' international competition. Men playing drums and being extremely loud whilst dancing to the tune that they are playing. This is actually quite fun and you would feel like joining them at certain points. Their facial expressions are quite unforgettable to be honest! This is quite the start, and never has there been such a weird traditional opening in 2013, so kudos to Bulgaria on that. The camera is clearly not going to be complimentary to the male host but nevertheless, in a black shirt and a black blazer he gets things going.

He speaks of Euphoria by Loreen, the winner of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and we get a guest performance by a young boy. Well, it was surely set to come in at some point, their 2007 entry Voda is being shown through a performance clip taken directly from the Eurovision Song Contest. The jury for this evening is being introduced at the moment whilst it is also revealed that this show is being shown through eurovision.tv as well as our collaborators esctoday.com as well.


The first track of the evening has got to be the weirdest one presented in this years' national selections considering that there seems to be a mixture of rap with traditional folk as many have grown accustomed to from the group. Well, the female of the duo is clad in black, white and red attire. The vocals sound well tuned to be honest but I just cannot understand what they are going on about. That sounded very disappointing to be honest and I just do not know what to write about the performance.



The second track this evening and this seems to be done slightly better considering that the traditional folk is much more evident without the intrusion of other genres of music. Elitsa & Stoyan are clearly enjoying their performances through considering that they have large smiles on their faces. Playing the drums, the bongos, and the bagpipes clearly makes the show interesting. The vocals are much better here and despite the fact that they cannot be really understood, one still gets a sense that this is stronger.


Samo Campioni

Clearly the best track out of three presented this evening, especially when the initial notes of the track are played to the audience in the hall. Elitsa, Stoyan and an additional aid through the bagpipes. The music is quite catchy within this track and makes it a really strong contender with the songs that are currently competing in this years' Eurovision Song Contest. Mid-way through the song, there is a stick-fight in which the lead artists are going at it with the sticks they use to play the drums. The howl is also present but done accurately this time. Brilliant performance, and surely, this has got to be the song!


The Show (Part 2)

Our male host for the evening is back on stage and it seems that the voting is just about to begin noting that the public will have 50% stake. There are three tracks competing, and clearly, there is only one choice, which would aid in qualification as otherwise, Bulgaria would be doomed for yet another year. A recap of the songs is currently being shown to prove this. The drummers who opened the show are back on stage for a second routine whilst the public at home are currently deciding which track they would like to see representing Bulgaria. The public is getting another recap. Well, it seems that folk and trance is also getting some promotion this evening.

The Swiss representatives at this years' Eurovision Song Contest are introduced onto stage. Following a greeting of the Greek representatives, the public are treated to a performance by Poli who represented Bulgaria in 2011 with Na InatThe jury have somewhat agreed that song number three is the one that Elitsa & Stoyan should perform but following the public voting for song number two, it was decided that the public have the stronger share and thus Kismet will represent Bulgaria in the second semi-final alongside Tomorrow performed by Gianluca on behalf of Malta.


On behalf of Bulgaria, Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov took to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest with the track Water, qualifying to the final in sixth place, prior to achieving a fifth place finish at the end of the evening. This was, and remains the best result that the Eastern country has achieved in the music competition and played a huge factor in the decision why the successful duet should be chosen to represent the nation once more. The announcement was made earlier this morning, and was given the heads up by several key members of the Bulgarian music industry. Whilst being internally decided, the track will be chosen through a national selection and this is done in order to keep the people involved in different stages of the procedure.

BNT, the broadcaster has decided to give Elitsa & Stoyan major creative control over the selection of the entry and as a matter of fact, the renowned duo will be presented five entries in compliance with the rules set for by the European Broadcasting Union. An internal expert committee will be selecting the best three entries which would then go on forth to a selection show, taking place on the 3rd March where another professional five member jury and the public will decide on which entry they will be performing at the Eurovision Song Contest in a shared 50% split each. On the 17th February, through the programme Nedelya x3, all of the songs will be revealed followed by the recording of video clips which would be broadcaster on BNT, with the tracks receiving significant airplay on radio stations who are media partners. 

Both artists are extraordinarily happy about the chance that they get to represent Bulgaria for a second time with Elitsa stating ' would like to thank Bulgarian National Television for the invitation and for believing in us. It is an honour for us to show the hard work we have done, our music and ideas at this prestigious European contest.' Nonetheless, Stoyan is also excited about the prospects going onto add 'It is not a question of my happiness about us again taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, this is a great responsibility for us. I cannot guarantee that we will win but we will do our best. I am hoping that everyone who believed that we should have won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 will once again back us.' Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the Bulgarian selection process as soon as it becomes available. with Bulgaria competing in the second semi-final alongside Malta who will be represented by Tomorrow performed by Gianluca Bezzina.

Source: BNT, Eurovision.tv


The 2005 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was surely one of the most notable ones due to the fact that it represented the fifteeth (50th) anniversary of the event but then again it is also known for bringing about two new countries to the family, these being Bulgaria and Moldova but the former is the focus of the topic at hand noting that in eight years, they have only managed to qualify on one occasion thanks to Water performed by Elitsa & Stoyan in 2007 whilst also being close on another two occasions, the first one being in 2008 with Deep Zone & Balthazar who finished in eleventh position with DJ Please Take Me Away and the other one being this year when Sofi Marinova and her track Love Unlimited lost out to the tiebreak rule as Norway received points from another country.

The failure to make it through to the finals of the esteemed music event has seen the broadcaster change their format on a number number of occasions and it seems that they would like to see what the people around Europe believe is going wrong and what they thought went right in order to note down what they will improve just in time for the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will take place in Sweden. The surver of questions which can be accessed here is being coordinated by the broadcaster, BNT as well as OGAE Bulgaria and Eurovision-bg.com. The answers could be sent as soon as possible to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com as we keep you up to date with all of the latest news from the nations which will be competing in the next edition of the prestigious music event.

Source: BNT, Eurovision-bg, escXtra