February 20, 2020

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Tuesday, 04 June 2013 15:40

Slovakia: 'Feel The Breeze' with Mista

In 2010, the first runner-up of the national final in Slovakia was Mista with the track Emotions but despite missing out on the opportunity to go to the Eurovision Song Contest, she has had a string of hits including Rock It, Never Hide and Ca$h Out. Achieving success in her native countries including Czech Republic and Slovakia could have been expected but making the charts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. It seems that her management is targetting the Asian market, as Fabrizio Faniello from Malta has done in recent months. 

Mista is back with a brand new track entitled Feel The Breeze, clearly targetting for a younger audience during the summer months. CAP Sounds Publishing, the record label behind Fabrizio Faniello as well as this years' Eurovision Song Contest entries from Azerbaijan and Belarus are responsible for the release of the brand new track. Feel The Breeze is composed by Frank Bülow, produced by Stano Šimor and WAWA and mastered at Globe Studio, Belgium. The official preview video for the song which could be seen below was mostly recorded at the Club Pantheon, in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: Eurovisionary, CAP Sounds


In just a couple of days, the European Broadcasting Union will be officially unveiling the running order for this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals in which Malta will be competing for yet another year as they hope to qualify to the final with Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat with vocals provided by Gianluca. We would like to invite you to the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience. Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via www.radiointernational.tv and on Digital Cable 781 & cable 88.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

One of the most professional selections to take place during this years' national selection season is definitely the Malta Eurovision Song Contest noting that the show was produced at an extremely high quality production apart from the fact that most of the songs could have all been worthy representatives hence forth the public and the jury made different selections. One of the artists which we managed to interview during our annual stay is none other than two time finalist; Deborah C whose entry Love-O-Holic was composed by Johan Bejerholm to the lyrics of Gerard James Borg. The public had somewhat realised that this is a track with potential awarding it sixth place within the tele-voting with the jury giving it a slightly lower position nevertheless, enough to finish within the top ten at an extremely respectable ninth place which is definitely better than last years' disappointment. Deborah C was the winner Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza last September and therefore has been riding a wave of momentum.


Belgium are somewhat similar to The Netherlands with regards to their qualification record at the Eurovision Song Contest having only qualified from the semi-final once having been pre-qualified to the final in 2004 based on the result achieved the year before by Urban Trad and their track Sanomi. Nevertheless, the man who managed to take the nation into the final for the very first time since then was none other than Tom Dice who by his standards was still a newcomer in 2010. He presented a beautiful guitar ballad entitled Me and My Guitar which did not sound of place during the competition and lit the venue up in Oslo, Norway. It finished first in the semi-final and ultimately managed to finish in sixth place when the final results where being read out. It was definitely a coup for the nation who are hoping to reach the final once more this time round with the track Love Kills performed by Roberto Bellarosa. Tom speaks to us with regards to his experience within the music scene, his two successful albums and what lies ahead for him in the future.


There will also be an interview with Joel Bennett, host of W12P, a radio show about the Eurovision Song Contest. Radio International is always keen to present songs during the show apart from the weekly features and therefore, collaborating the two ideas together will see the emergence of Eurovision UnverCover whereas tracks performed at the Eurovision Song Contest will be covered by other singers. The actual tracks will be played first followed by the cover and this will make things interesting. Apart from this feature, there will be new material played on the show by a number of former representatives including Sertab Erener. All of the latest news is also covered during the weekly broadcast noting resources from escflashmalta.com and escXtra where Luke Fisher, the Editor makes a weekly round-up. A round up of the current betting odds of this years' Eurovision Song Contest will be conducted by Alasdair Rendall. Follow the show through the official website and also send your requests through the contact link which is found on the aforementioned website.

Source: Radio International

Cascada fronted by lead vocalist, Natalie Horler got another promotional activity settled as a performance of the song Glorious, the entry for the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Germany took place during this years' edition of the ECHO Awards which took place last night. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk over the general commercial disappointment regarding this years' national selection by nevertheless, the winning entry was as high as number #6 and is spending a fourth week in the top #50 which should definitely count as a positive element. That was only one of the several connections with the Eurovision Song Contest that evolved throughout the course of the evening.

Lena Meyer-Landrut, winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the track Satellite is still going strong in her native Germany with both the album Stardust and the leading single of the same name managing to go up to number #2 in the charts. During the course of the gala, Lena was awarded with the accolade for Best Video whilst she gave a resounding performance of her latest track entitled Neon (Lonely People) which she had also performed during the national final earlier this year. In the meantime, last years' Eurovision Song Contest representative, Roman Lob was also awarded the Best Radio Single by the organising body for his song Standing Still which got Germany to eighth place at the annual event. Cascada will have to keep in mind that in the past three years, the country has managed top ten positions and thus, she might be feeling anxious but if last nights' performance is anything to go by, she seems very much prepared. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: ECHO, Lina Schütze (Image)


Saturday, 08 September 2012 11:15

Germany: Lena Publishes Music Video for Stardust

Following the disappointments that Germany endured for a number of years, it seemed that they finally managed to find a stroke of pure genius getting Stefan Raab to take over the whole selection process and in turn finding a star by the name of Lena Meyer-Landrut who has gone onto achieve success not only in the Eurovision Song Contest with the track Satellite but then even with her following work noting that her debut album peaked at number #1 in Germany and Austria as well as reaching top five positions in Switzerland, Sweden and Greece. In the meantime, award ceremonies have been quite intriguing noting that last year, she was awarded with the Best European Act at the MTV Awards along with two Echo Awards and a Comet Award respectively. Her second album entitled Good News was a moderate success reaching number #1 in Germany and #7 in Austria and therefore, a lot of work is going into her third album hoping she will achieve another chart topping collection in her home country, which remains one of the biggest music markets in the world.

The image above is actually a screenshot from a brand new music video released to support the track Stardust which is being released as the lead single of her upcoming collection which will bear the same name. The song has been written by two well known people in the music industry, these being none other than Rosi Golan and Tim Myers. The former has written tracks for a number of soundtracks for well known television shows including Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries and Ghost Whisperer whilst the latter was part of the popular band OneRepublic and has written tracks for a number of television shows as well including Ugly Better, Hart of Dixie, Army Wives and Grey's Anatomy. This brand new single can be purchased through amazon.de internationally due to their shipping process whilst it will be officially released to Germany music stores on the 21st September through Universal Music Germany who has supported Lena from the beginning of her career noting that her national and international success has surely been benefitting to the label in general. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more of the latest news as soon as it is released.

Source: Official Website


One of the countries to surprise the rest of Europe in the past couple of years when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest has surely been Germany noting that they managed to find a local star with international appeal, so much so that she has won coveted awards at the MTV European Music Awards following her participation in the well known event which has been regaining the credibility which it seems to have lost for a particular period in time. The artist who goes by the name of Lena Meyer-Landrut managed to give Germany, their much awaited second victory with the song Satellite with Stefan Raab along with the broadcaster deciding it would be a good idea to resend her in the following year with a totally different track and the idea did not backfire with Taken By A Stranger finishing in tenth place. Lena is currently putting the finishing touches on her third album.

Her brand new album is going to be completely different from her sophomore release which was a compilation of tracks as performed in the national selection leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The material which will be grouped under the name Stardust has mostly been written by the singer herself and will therefore be her most personal album yet. It is also to be noted that the genre of the songs are very much laid back with a swing and jazz sort of tune, which is somewhat slightly similar to the tracks released within the first album which had the name My Cassette Player. Promotion is going to be extremely important for this album because the Eurovision Song Contest was used as a major springboard for her first two releases but this time round, it is expected that a tour will suffice and make up for the lost exposure. Several members of the media have had the opportunity to listen to eight (8) of the songs on the album and reviews have been quite positive indeed. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news in the coming weeks.

Source: Eurovision.de


One of the countries that missed out on competing in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is Poland citing a number of financial concerns especially after being co-organizers of this years' European Championship in football. The nation did not believe in putting music above sports due to the fact the results have not really been that positive for them in recent years. Their debut way back in 1994 could not have been any better with To Nie Ja sung by Edyta Gorniak finishing in the runner-up position after impressing the juries on the night. It is yet unknown on whether they will be coming back to the competition but early indications seem to follow such hypothesis and one artist has definitely made himself available for the role of representative should the people want him to return.

Marcin Mroziński created a lot of flair in Malta due to the fact that he and Thea Garrett, our representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest became very close indeed and then would ultimately go onto release a single together composed by Jason Cassar and penned by Sunny Aquilina entitled In Our Love. In recent months, the Polish performer has been working on new material, very different than what people are used to and therefore, he would love to share his latest ventures with the European audience. In fact, his exact words are as follows; 'I am ready to do it. My song would be completely different than Legenda. More pop oriented, maybe up-tempo. With a catchy and simple melody. A great, big show with fireworks and good energy.'


Marcin spoke about the way he would see the process in his country developing saying that they should follow the German system used this year and in 2010 which saw to top two ten results actually, one of them being a victory thanks to Lena-Meyer Landrut and her song Satellite. The fact of the matter remains that choosing the artist and then selecting the song for him through a mixture of public and jury vote would definitely work better. The Polish broadcaster, TVP has been very resonante to change and therefore, it might be too late to consider such a system like Unser Star fur Baku but maybe in the future, his ideas might be taken up nevertheless. Honestly, we would definitely not mind seeing Marcin back with a stronger entry this time round. Legenda finished in thirteenth place within the semi-final just one spot below Malta and our track My Dream. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more such news in the coming days.

Source: Eurovision.tv


Safura had to flight to Athens on 7th May but turmoil in the Greek capital forced the Azerbaijani participant to called of her trip. The Azerbaijani artist was poised for intensive promotion in the Greek capital, with numerous high-rated TV and radio shows lined up to receive her. Among others, Safura would’ve appeared in various shows on ERT, Greek public broadcaster, MAD TV, ALTER TV, MEGA Channel, STAR Channel, and ALPHA TV. Safura was also about to meet with the Greek Eurovision representative George Alkaios.

Safura and team were sorrowed from the tragic events taking place in Athens. Greece was a very important country in singer’s promo tour schedule but social and political situation made this trip impossible. Safura sends all the best wishes to her Greek fans and hopes that all conflicts will be solved in near future. Safura hopes to visit the Greek islands after Eurovision 2010 for her summer holidays. For now Safura is getting ready to proceed with her promo tour. She will visit Switzerland, Poland and Russia. Check Safura’s updated schedule and all news about tour at www.eurovisiontalents.com

Source: Konstantin Hudov (Euromedia)

Sunday, 09 May 2010 18:22

Poland: Remixes Galore

Marcin Mroziński, who represents Poland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has prepared a special surprise for his fans just a week before his departure to Oslo. At the request of many DJs and radio stations in Poland Marcin, with cooperation with Mafia Mike, presents 3 remixes of his entry Legenda. We provide them for free use and hope as Marcin Mroziński does that you will enjoy the music.

Preparation of the Polish team to Eurovision Song Contest is well advanced. In the last episode of Marcin’s show ‘Coffee or Tea’ on Friday morning viewers have known among others Dariusz Lewandowski who is choreographer of the performance and a new hairstyle of Polish singer. The weekend continued on final matching of the stage outfits.

On Sunday morning Marcin said goodbye to listeners of Polish Radio One in music program ‘Lazy Sunday’ as well. The Polish Radio One traditionally supports national artists during the Eurovision in special reports. Being the guest of the radio show, Marcin announced that TVP prepares a special weekend devoted to Eurovision and its representative on May, 22-23. He also presented some of this year’s Eurovision entries underlining among others his friendships with Niamh Kavanagh and introducing her music carrier.

And finally in connection with the participation of Marcin in the contest a special postcard will also be published in Poland with his photo and Legenda’s lyrics. Download the material just by clicking here.

Source: Oikotimes.com

Friday, 14 May 2010 23:47

Malta: Thea Garrett leaves for Oslo

The Maltese representative in the 55th Edition of Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Oslo Norway, namely Thea Garrett will be leaving for her destination tomorrow morning with the local press invited to see her off as she makes arrives at 11am. During her time in Oslo, the artist will be rehearsing at least twice during the first week before three dress rehearsals which will follow in the second week.

Thea Garrett had won the Malta Eurosong 2010 competition with overwhelming support from both the professional hailing from European countries as well as the public despite being quite the unknown and relative newcomer to the competition. In Oslo she will be joined by Jes Sciberras who will be playing the part of the seagull, three backing vocalists being Pamela, Jackie Pace Delicata and Nadine Axisa, composer Jason Paul Cassar and lyricist Sunny Aquilina. Recent omens have been quite positive and fans across Europe are seeing Malta as a qualifier within the 8-10th region. The team of ESCflashmalta.com will be bringing you images, video and reports from Oslo to keep you updated on the happenings LIVE.

Saturday, 15 May 2010 00:09

Malta: Bla Agenda goes Eurovision

Eurovision fever has started as today the Maltese contingent heads for Oslo to start the run up for the final night. Tonight Bla Agenda will put you in the mood by presenting the whole contingent and other guests in an animated discussion that will surely interest all those Eurovision fans, and maybe even those who claim to hate Eurovision but watch it none the less.

Thea Garrett will be present to singer he song, along with her backing vocalists Nadine Axisa, Pamela and Jackie Pace Delicata. Also present will be Jason Cassar and Sunny Aquilina, who composed and wrote the lyrics to My Dream respectively. There will also be Jes Camilleri who will accompany Thea on stage. Other personalities are Head of Delegation Joe Dimech, past committee chairmen Robert Cefai and Gaetano Abela, and also Joe Grima.

Source: Press Release

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